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0. Zero Defects Reference PFMEA Index (1)
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6.0 Coating


Reference PFMEA 6.1.1 Al and Cr diffusion Ref. PFMEA 6.1.2 Platinum Plating Ref. PFMEA 6.2.0 EB PVD Ref. PFMEA v2 Panel Heading 6.3.0 Metal Spray 6.4.0 Manual Paint Ref. PFMEA - v3 7.1.0 Casting- Injection Ref PFMEA

7.0 Aerofoil Casting

8.0 Additive 9.0 Assembly 10.0 Specialized Process 11.0 Automation

Reference PFMEA corresponding to: Aluminium and Chromium Diffusion Operation Platinum Plating Operation Electron-beam physical vapor deposition Operation Metal Spray Operation Manual Paint Operation Injection subprocess as part of the Casting Operation Wax Trimming subprocess as part of the Casting Opera7.2.0 Casting - Wax Trimming Ref. PFMEA tion 7.3.0 Casting - Pinning Ref. PFMEA Pinning subprocess as part of the Casting Operation Wax Assembly subprocess as part of the Casting Opera7.4.0 Casting - Wax Assembly Ref. PFMEA tion 7.5.0 Casting - Shell Ref. PFMEA Shell subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.6.0 Casting -Top and Tail Ref. PFMEA Top and Tail subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.7.1 Casting - De-Wax Steam Autoclave Ref De-Wax in Steam Autoclave subprocess as part of the PFMEA Casting Operation 7.7.2 Casting - De-Wax Flash-Fire Ref. De- Wax by Flash-fire subprocess as part of the Casting PFMEA Operation 7.8.0 Casting - Pre-Fire Ref. PFMEA Pre-fire subprocess as part of the Casting Operation Mould Preparation subprocess as part of the Casting Oper7.9.0 Casting - Mould Prep Ref. PFMEA ation 7.10.0 Casting - Cast Ref. PFMEA Cast subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.11.0 Casting - Knock-Out Ref. PFMEA Knock-out subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.12.0 Casting - Cut-Off Ref. PFMEA Cut-Off subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.13.0 Casting - Core Leach Ref. PFMEA Core Leach subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.14.0 Casting - Emery dress Ref. PFMEA Emery dress subprocess as part of the Casting Operation 7.15.0 Casting - Abrasive blast Ref. PFMEA

Abrassive blast subprocess as part of the Casting Opera-

7.16.0 Casting - Vibro-Polish Ref. PFMEA 7.17.0 Casting - Etch Ref. PFMEA 7.18.0 Casting - Part Mark Ref. PFMEA 8.1.0 Metal Injection Moulding Ref PFMEA 8.2.0 Laser Powder Bed Ref. PFMEA 9.1.1 Blind Rivet Ref .PFMEA 9.1.2 Solid Rivet Ref .PFMEA 9.2.0 Balancing Ref. PFMEA 10.1.0 Bonding Ref. PFMEA 10.2.0 Screen Print Ref. PFMEA 10.3.0 Diffusion Bonding Ref. PFMEA 11.1.0 Part Marking Ref. PFMEA -v2 11.2.0 Robot Polish Ref. PFMEA - v2

Vipro Polish subprocess as part of the Casting Operation Etch subprocess as part of the Casting Operation Part Mark subprocess as part of the Casting Operation Metal Injection Moulding Operation Laser Powder Bed Fusion Operation Blind Rivet Operation Solid Rivet Operation Balancing Operation Adhesive bonding Operation Screen Print Operation Diffusion Bonding Operation Part Marking Operation Robot Polish Operation

For further information contact Ian Riggs and Alberto Martin E-mails: [email protected] [email protected]

Reference PFMEA Process Index, description and how to get access to them

©2018 Rolls-Royce Corporation. All Rights Reserved. This document and the information embodied herein is the property of and proprietary to Rolls-Royce Corporation, and shall not, without prior written permission of RollsRoyce Corporation, be used or disclosed in whole or in part to third parties. This legend shall be included on any reproduction of this document in whole or in part.

This document contains information which is proprietary and confidential to RollsRoyce and may not be used or reproduced, in whole or in part, or communicated to any person not employed by Rolls-Royce, without the express written consent of Rolls-Royce.


Process Index and Description The tables in this document cover the majority of the processes for which Rolls-Royce will create a Reference PFMEA. If a process is not in these tables, Rolls-Royce will not create a Reference PFMEA for it, unless expressed otherwise. Note that some processes PFMEA’s are still WIP and as a consequence some processes may be consolidated.

How to get access to Rolls-Royce Reference PFMEA’s In order to get access to a process Reference PFMEA,: 1-Go to Rolls-Royce Global Supplier Portal (GSP) https://suppliers.rolls-royce.com/GSPWeb/ appmanager/gsp/guest 2- Go to “Supplier Documents” 3- Click on the “Drive for Zero Defects” section. 4- If the process you are looking for, is not in the GSP is because the documents are Export Controlled and/or contain Rolls-Royce Intellectual Property. Access to these documents will be given through your local Rolls-Royce MEP’s/ SQM’s.

Reference PFMEA 1.1.0 Milling Ref. PFMEA 1.2.0 Drilling Ref. PFMEA 1.3.0 Turning Ref. PFMEA 1.0 Machining 1.4.1 Profile Grinding Ref. PFMEA 1.4.2 Cylindrical Grinding Ref. PFMEA 1.5.0 Broach Ref. PFMEA 2.1.0 TIG Ref. PFMEA 2.2.0 EBW Ref. PFMEA 2.3.0 Plasma Weld Ref. PFMEA 2.0 Welding 2.4.0 Resistance Weld Ref. PFMEA 2.5.0 Inertia Weld Ref. PFMEA.. 2.6.0 LFW Ref. PFMEA 2.7.0 Brazing Ref. PFMEA 3.1.0 Laser Drilling Ref. PFMEA 3.2.1 Flatbed Laser Cutting Ref. PFMEA 3.2.1 Multi Axis Laser Cutting Ref. PFMEA 3.0 Non3.3.0 Laser Welding Ref. PFMEA Conventional 3.4.1 EDM Die Sinking Ref. PFMEA Machining 3.4.2 HSEDM Ref. PFMEA 3.5.0 ECM Ref. PFMEA 3.6.0 Waterjet Cutting Ref. PFMEA 4.1.0 Final Stamp Ref. PFMEA -v2 4.2.0 Hot Creep Forming Ref. PFMEA -v2 4.3.0 Super Plastic Forming Ref. PFMEA 4.0 Forging / v2 Forming / Heat Treat4.4.0 Cold Die Forming Ref PFMEA - v2 ment 4.5.0 Press Break Ref. PFMEA -v2

Note: Some of the processes may be added to the GSP in the following weeks. Moreover, in this same section in the GSP, you can find a PFMEA Practitioner Guide that has been created according to the Aerospace Standard AS13004 and will serve as guidance through the process of creating a Part Specific PFMEA using Reference PFMEA’s as building blocks.

5.0 Surface processes

Reference PFMEA corresponding to: CNC Milling Operation CNC Drilling Operation CNC Turning Operation CNC Profile Grinding Operation CNC Cylindrical Grinding Operation CNC Broaching Operation Manual TIG Welding Operation Electro Beam Welding Operation Plasma Welding Operation Resistance Welding Operation Inertia Welding Operation Linear Friction Welding] Operation Brazing Operation CNC Laser Drilling Operation CNC Laser Cutting - Flatbed Operation CNC Laser Cutting - MultiAxis Operation CNC Laser Welding Operation Electro-Discharge Machining by Die Sinking Operation High Speed Electro-Discharge Machining Operation Electro-Chemical Machining Operation CNC Waterjet Cutting Operation Final Stamp Forging Operation Hot Creep Forming Operation Super Plastic Forming Operation Cold Die Forming Operation Press Break Forming Operation

4.6.0 Post Weld Heat Treat Ref. PFMEA -

Post-Weld Heat Treatment Operation

5.1.1 Vibro Polish Ref. PFMEA 5.1.2 AFM Ref. PFMEA - v7 5.1.3 Drag Finishing 5.2.1 Descale (Ni) Ref PFMEA -v3 5.2.2 Alpha Case Removal -v2 5.2.3 Decontamination -v2 5.2.4 Chromic Anodise -v2 5.2.5 Electrolytic Etch (Ni Etch) -v4 5.2.6 Immersion Etch (Ti Etch) -v2 5.2.7 Aqueous Wash Ref PFMEA - v2 5.3.1 Shot Peen Ref PFMEA -v2 5.3.2 Deep Cold Rolling Ref. PFMEA 5.3.3 Vapour Blast Ref. PFMEA

Vibro Polish Operation Abrasive Flow Machining Operation Drag Finishing Operation Descale for Nickel alloys Operation Descale for Titanium alloys Operation Decontamination Operation Chromic Anodise Operation Electrolytic Etch for Nickel Alloys Operation Immersion Etch for Titanium Alloys Operation Aqueous Wash Operation Shot Peen Operation Deep Cold Rolling Operation Vapour Blast Operation

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