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Story Transcript

Design 393 A2 Portfolio Eli Young 2021

Project 1.1

Found Typography

Project 1.2

27th Letter

Project 1

Eli Young DES 393 A2 2021

Project 1.1 involved finding and photographing forms of letters in everyday objects, relating them to different styles of type and identifying the characteristics of the type such as: serifs, x-height, stroke weight, etc. Project 1.2 involved creating a 27th letter for the alphabet that follows the characteristics of a chosen font and integrates into the visual style effectively at different sizes. P1.3 included kerning a given word, as well as using type to convey the word’s meaning and finally using photographic techniques to convey both the word and it’s meaning by creating visual cues.

Found Typography P1.1 - Different styles of letter forms in objects and nature.


27th Letter P1.2 - Isolated and alphabet-integrated letter following Baskerville type style.


Project 2

Text and Photo Variations

Project 3

Project 2 Project 2.1 began with practicing concept ideation by using mind maps. This process led us to choose a theme that would carry out through the remaining projects. The theme I developed was “Romance.” This section of the project involved combining different styles of formatting such as alignment, hierarchy, format and typeface to convey the given theme.

Booklet Layout

P3 Booklet Layout - Front and back cover for booklet including full-bleed image.

Project 2.2 focused on photography skills and using visual language to convey the theme of the project. These photographs were combined with the text variations to create dyads that highlight the structure, communication and tone of the images.

Eli Young DES 393 A2 2021

Project 3 Project 3 focused on layout and formatting.The process involved creating a booklet using text and photographs to communicate the theme continued from Project 2. This project focused heavily on the use of grids to format the booklet and maintain visual consistency. My booklet included original photos from Project 2 that have been edited to create richer and more engaging compositions. I created type specifications that I felt conveyed my theme, and stuck to a limited colour palette to avoid making the book overly busy.

P2 Photo-Type Dyads - Example of photograph and corresponding typographic solution.

Typographic utilizing negative space.

First double page booklet spread.



Project 3

Booklet Layout

Project 3 Grid Dimensions

Second double page booklet spread.

Booklet Layout


Page: 11x17" Margins: Top (6p0) Bottom (6p0) Margins: Left (6p0) Right (3p0) Columns: 12 Rows: 12 Gutters: (1p0)


Body Text: Cambria (11pt) Leading: 16


Heading: Cambria (24pt)


Subheading: Cambria Italic (16pt)

Captions: Cambria (11pt)

Pull Quotes: Gabriola (26pt)

Page Numbers: Cambria (9pt)

Eli Young DES 393 A2 2021

Example of type styles and grid system from booklet spread.



Third double page booklet spread.


Example of type styles from P3 specs-sheet.



Course Reflection

Course Reflection

Eli Young DES 393 A2 2021

Some things I learned in this course include the various characteristics of type and how they affect the visual tone of media. I also developed a better understanding of photography skills such as digital retouching, and strategies for effective digital editing to create text, images and print media.

I also enjoyed the way the material of this course was laid out. One of the most helpful resources was the live schedule that gave specific instructions for course work on an easy to read timeline.

Something I would have done differently in this course would have been to start ideation and Something I enjoyed about this preparatory work early. Having course was developing my skills backup resources (like taking with Adobe programs. While I extra photos for something like had a basic understanding of Project 2,) would have been Photoshop and Illustrator going beneficial to me as it leaves in, these projects taught me so more wiggle-room to make many useful skills for creating changes as the work progresses. digital and print media that looks When I found myself struggling professional, particularly when it to stay on track with the project comes to using a grid system dates, my preparatory work was in InDesign. not as involved,

leaving me to make the best of what I had, rather than creating the best work I could.

would not have if I had not entered a designfocused course.

Another thing I would have done would be backing up my work digitally from the start. In the beginning of the course I had a technical issue that caused a lot of work to be lost and I learned very quickly that having work saved in a recoverable format will save a lot of time and stress if and when issues like this happen.

I feel that I have much more confidence in creating digital and print media efficiently now, which is a great skill set to develop as an artist. I am grateful that I chose to enter the course and look forward to practicing these skills even more in the next one.

Overall I have found Visual Communication Design to be extremely beneficial to developing my skills as a visual arts student. I have learned valuable techniques I otherwise


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