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Family Law A Husband’s Guide to Matrimonial Disputes (WITH CASE LAWS OF HON’BLE SUPREME COURT AND HIGH COURTS)

• Domestic Violence • Divorce • Maintenance • Multiple Maintenance • Child Custody • Quashing 498A • Transfer of Case • Perjury

Navin Kr Agarwal Manoj Agrawal

Family Law A Husband’s Guide to Matrimonial Disputes (WITH CASE LAWS OF HON’BLE SUPREME COURT AND HIGH COURTS)

This book contains selected judgements on multifarious matrimonial issues where in the husband has been able to establish the cruelty by the wife resulting in denial of maintenance, able to get the divorce and quash 498A proceedings. This book also compiles judgements wherein the wife has made false allegations and was later exposed; fighting multiple maintenance proceedings;  winning transfer petitions and child custody cases, etc. Husbands are not ATM machines. Men are not Born Criminals; Women are not Born Saints. Navin Kr Agarwal Navin is a professional and works with an MNC. By education, he is a Chartered Accountant as well as LLB. He hails from a family that’s deeply steeped in law and the related field. He is passionate about topics of finance, law and mythology.  This is Navin’s first book. He loves listening to music, and at the same time, enjoys watching animation films apart from action movies. Manoj Agrawal A Management Graduate with a degree in law. Known as a ‘Management Guru’ with more than 20 years of corporate experience, Manoj is now a practising lawyer and a Management Consultant. He is passionate about law and justice, and endeavours to give a human face to law and justice. Price 396

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