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HENAN ARNORS VALVE,.LED OFFICE ADD: 903 Room, Building B,76# Zhengbian Road,Zhengzhou city ,Henan Province China TEL: +86 18595859444 Http://

Company Profile Henan Arnos Valve Co., Ltd. is a non regional group company in China and a national new technology enterprise. It is a professional valve company integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. It is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of first-class products, focusing on solving the difficult problems of valves under severe working conditions, and continuously manufacturing industrial valves with world advanced level, Provide customers with all-round best solutions and strive to become a "world-class industrial valve supplier from China". Arnos mainly produces various soft seal butterfly valves. The company has been committed to the valve manufacturing industry for 15 years, accumulated rich experience in valve production, established a valve manufacturing plant in 2007, and began to expand the international market in 2010. Its products are exported to all countries in the world. In order to better develop foreign trade business, in 2021, we established Henan Arnos Valve Co., Ltd. with a variety of valves in the product system. Arnos valve's core products include flange butterfly valve, cast steel turbine wafer butterfly valve, handle wafer butterfly valve, butterfly check valve and fluorine lined butterfly valve. All products comply with international standards and have been strictly certified. Most products have been recognized by CE, NF, UL, FM, API, 3a and PED etc. Due to high quality, competitive price and professional service, our products have been exported to more than 200 countries such as Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have been creatively defining new standards for water valves. Welcome to join us and start win-win business cooperation!

DI Valve plate handle wafer butterfly valve

Aluminum handle stainless steel butterfly valve

Aluminum handle wafer butterfly valve

Stainless steel flange butterfly valve

Aluminum handle fluorine lined butterfly

WCB Wafer butterfly valve

Stainless steel turbine wafer butterfly valve

Double half shaft Miloch plate butterfly valve

Stainless steel fluorine lined butterfly valve

Turbine wafer butterfly valve

All stainless steel wafer butterfly valve

Stainless steel plate fluorine lined butterfly valve

Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve

Turbine flange butterfly valve

Pneumatic flange butterfly valve

Electric wafer butterfly valve

Electric flange butterfly valve

Rising stem hard seal gate valve

Gate valve with extended rod

Grooved dark rod soft seal gate valve

German standard F4 dark rod gate valve

Noise elimination check valve

New type check valve

Mini-resistance slow closing check valve

Mini-resistance butterfly check valve

Mute Check Valve

Grooved Rubber Flap Check Valve

Rubber Flap Check Valve

Grooved check valve

Threaded single port exhaust valve

Double port exhaust valve

Single port exhaust valve

Compound exhaust valve

High speed exhaust valve

Y type filter

Flexibility connector

Anti-back-flow equipment


Filter pressure regulating valve

Valve shaft

PTFE valve seat

Indicator switch turbine head

Turbine head

Polymer bushing

Stainless steel valve plate

Q type electric actuator

Pneumatic actuator

Manual transmission

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