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Would you like branded apparel that promotes your business while also being sustainable? Do you want high-quality, custo
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Denver, CO Sustainable Customized Business Apparel: Branded T-Shirts & Polos

Are you looking for custom apparel for your Denver business, but are conscious of the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing?

Then look no further than Corporate Images' range of recycled clothing from major brand names.

The company’s collection of sustainable clothing items includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies from companies such as The North Face, Sport-Tek, Port Authority, and District.

All of the products in the clothing range are made using 100% reclaimed fabrics for a lower impact on the environment while offering you the high quality you want.

Each item of clothing offered by the company is made from reclaimed materials, which reduces both the need for sourcing the raw materials required for production and the amount of water needed for dyeing.

For a single t-shirt, this process can save the waste equivalent of six plastic bottles and six weeks of showers.

All of the brands working with Corporate Images offer their own unique style and eco-friendly support. These include The North Face’s sustainable outerwear collection of vests and jackets that aim to combat climate change by offsetting emissions and Port Authority’s c-free polos, hats, zip-jackets, and hoodies that are all carbon neutral.

A spokesperson for Corporate Images said, “When you choose to buy apparel with lower environmental impact, you’re doing your part to create a demand for high-quality products that make a difference.”

Promote the message of sustainable living and your Denver business with customized apparel from Corporate Images' branded clothing range!

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