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A story about giving hope and shining a light on each person in a difficult time. Animals and jobs are created by the af
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Story Transcript

APRIL 5, 2022

An EDsnapian Story A story about giving hope and shining a light on each person in a difficult time

From the EDsnapian Desk to the EDsnapian Community


On an ecological farm close to the suburbs of Paris, France, the US-based ecologist team of Freddy the sheep, Leopold the bunny, and Earnest the dog are preparing themselves to visit the local children’s hospital. The team was visiting Sam, Marcy, and Andy, a sheep family of three and soon to be four. Sam, Marcy, and Andy live together with their good friend Isa the dog, Bugs the bunny, and Wolf the wolf. Freddy, Leopold, and Earnest are very excited for their visit to the hospital as they will meet all the other animals who provide care and support to the children in the hospital. For many years Sam, Marcy, and their close friends have delivered their food products to the hospital. Wolf the wolf is in charge of operations management; he makes sure that the hospital kitchen staff receives the correct amount of colored, healthy foods. Sam is working part-time at the hospital as a janitor, while Isa the dog is the CEO of the hospital. Andy, who is too young to have a paid-job, and his mom Marcy both work as volunteers at the hospital. Today is a very busy day at the hospital, as it is the “Animal-Parade 2022 Day”. This annual celebration coordinated by the EDsnapian local community is a day full of hands-on STEAM activities for the young patients and their families. Shauny the sheep, Beau the bunny, Raggydo and Spring the dogs, Maisie the Fox and the bunnies Alice and Bugs started with the preparations several weeks ago. Everyone has been up since early in the morning to make sure that the day will run smoothly. The local team of volunteers is in close coordination with Fleecia Sheep, who is the hospitals’ general therapist, and Houdini the bunny, the one-and-only performance artist on staff.

Houdini is also the quality control manager for all food products entering the hospital. He and Casper the dog, head of the hospital security team just got off a zoom-call with the co-owners of a local Parisian bakery: Wooly the sheep, Russell the bunny, and Rocky the dog.They told Houdini and Casper that they decided to close their store for the day and are planning on driving their 3 company trucks to the hospital to help and hand deliver the 1000+ French pastries to all patients, their families, and the local volunteers. For many weeks, Spicy the sheep and Cotton Tail the bunny have been working with the children and their family members to adjust to “life in the hospital” by singing songs and reading stories to the patients. They have also been practicing the art of folding paper and creating origami projects. Thanks to Athena the dog, head of the hospital’s communications team, a master coder and problemsolver, all TV channels in the hospital and the local TV stations are tuned in to this free webinar. In addition, family members who cannot or are not allowed to be in the hospital, due to being immunocompromised are able to e-attend with their electronic devices. So which origami shapes are these 2 amazing volunteers, Spicy and Cotton Tail going to fold? The first shape will be a heart. All participants will need to write 3 words on their heart what they are thankful for at this moment. The second shape will be the origami crane. Based on the legend of Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes, the aims of this Animal-Parade Day hands-on workshop event are to fold at least 1000 cranes and to create a connection among both the patients and their families and the locally-based community volunteers with the ultimate goal of giving hope and shining a light on each person in a difficult time.


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