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Parent and Student Handbook
Parent and Student Handbook DISD Mission: DISD Vision: Educating all students for success. Dallas ISD seeks to be a premier urban school district.

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Since 2004 Affiliated to CBSE

Website: Phone : +97444676701/2/3


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The Vision and Mission of our School From the Principal’s Desk Welcome Note from the KG Coordinator Academic Supervisor’s Frame Kindergarten Mother Teachers Co-Scholastic Teachers The Fun Hours My School Attire Foodie time Expected behaviour & Safe Guarding Medical Condition/ Diagnosis/ Certificate /Washroom Training. About Birthdays/books /Stationeries Communication & Parent Teacher Meeting

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Overseas family Holiday ,Away from School Daily Journey in the School Bus & Behavior on the Wheels Car Pickup /Stay back School counselor/Health and Wellbeing Guide- lines KG Curriculum Highlights /Literacy/Handwriting /Numeracy/Knowing the World Morning Togetherness/ Parent Morning/Circle Time


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Speech with flair/Playing with my friends



Keeping fit/ Techniques to- wards Self – Defence / Sing in Tunes


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Reviews- Home Practice/ Learn More through Websites General View/ Parent Teacher’s Meeting / Weekly Review / Thrilling Tuesdays Carnival at KG /KG Day & Grandparents Day

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The Vision and Mission of our School

Our Vision

To nurture a global citizenry on the principles of intellectual and aesthetic excellence in the service of humanity, common good on the path of truth and enlightenment and to be instrumen- tal in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030, as a part of the Global Vision.

Our Mission

To provide students with opportunities to acquire dynamic 21st century skills, com- petencies, discipline and innovativeness and to empower them to be capable of protecting environment, promoting moral and cultural values, preserving traditions and safeguarding the security and equal opportunities of all.


My Birla Kindergarten

From the Principal’s Desk Mr. Harish Sanduja Reading and comprehension speed of children is a good parameter to project the learning trajectory of children. So we must pay due attention to reading speed of our student. Dear Parents, Education is the key that opens doors of Independence. As parents we sometimes are perplexed about how to handle our kids.I feel that as parents we are the role models for our children. We must be aware that generally we provide following types of environments for children at home. •

Judgemental Environment: This is the time when we are in a teaching mode with our children and continue to access their progress and behaviour. Sometimes this environment never ceases to end. At all times children remain under strict inspections and assessment. Example: Child may be doing something and we will take it as teaching moment and we may associate our goals along with the experience that child is going through to make sure that child learns. Mostly we are also successful in teaching and judging if the child has learnt what he or she was intended to do by our interactions as parents.

Non Judgemental Environment : This environment is mostly there when children play amongst themselves in a park or if they play with grandparents or try to teach them something that they have learnt in the class or from their mother. In this environment children are more confident and imitate what they might have learnt in a Judgemental environment. As parents we may not like this environment much but it is a must for children and we should make an effort to give this non Judgemental environment to children as in this environment the learnings are deeper.


My Birla Kindergarten

Content Consumer Environment: Here the child uses the content of Youtube, Cartoon Network or a gaming platform in this environment the biggest danger is that the child uses mostly visual stimuli and does not get the opportunity to speak or express. Younger children who are passing through the age of Linguistic skill development this turns out to be very dangerous as they lose out on the opportunity of using words to associate them to make sentences and express themselves. This may lead to a child who is less expressive.

I feel that parents have to be aware of these types of environments and make sure that we provide the first two more often than the third one. Warm Regards Mr.Harish Sanduja Academic Director - Principal


My Birla Kindergarten

Welcome To Birla Kindergarten Welcome to Birla Kindergarten. We look forward to work with you, to ensure your child has a happy, positive and successful couple of years at school. Your child is about to make a new beginning. You may anticipate 2 years of great wonder, enthusiasm, and engagement as your child meets new friends and enjoys a wide variety of experience in a safe, nurturing and exciting environment conducive to learning and development. We have created this parent booklet to help and ensure your child’s entry into Kindergarten is both joyful and smooth. This contains basic information you will need and want to know about your child’s KG curriculum, activities, and requirements at Birla Public School. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of Teachers and Classroom Assistants work together to moti- vate and engage the children. This involves observing and assessing the children and their interests to ensure they feel valued, supported and challenged in all areas of our rich curriculum. As your child’s first teacher, we pledge to keep you informed of classroom expectations and your child’s progress. We urge you to become involved in the numerous activities available at Birla for you and your child. Working together, we will continue to nurture your child’s curiosity and natural wonder for the world and all of its opportunities. Developing positive communication between home and school is essential in Kindergarten. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, The school Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Supervisors, School nurse or me with any questions you may have. We look forward to making the next two years a memorable and productive one for you and your child. Ms. Josephine Fernandes KG Headmistress


My Birla Kindergarten

Academic Supervisor’s Frame

Ms. Marziya Fazal Patka

Ms. Elizabeth John

We all want our children to grow up with a positive attitude, confidence and to acquire the necessary life skills at the appropriate time. It’s essential for us to provide a loving and caring environment for our children if we want them to learn accordingly and attain the prescribed goals. At Birla Public School, we aim at providing the best possible kind of education for our children. To make this possible, we have a team of dedicated teachers to carry out the shared beliefs of good schooling at Birla Public School.


My Birla Kindergarten

Ms. Asiya Mamsa

Ms. Kyzil Abraham

Ms. Sheeba Menon

Ms. Halina D’ Souza

Ms. Linda Anil

Ms. Lisa Paul

Ms. Molly Marshal

Ms. Naina Pinto

Ms. Neetha Subhir

Ms. Preeti Advani

Ms. Raji Dilip Kutty Ms. Rosemary Rodrigues


Ms. Ida Sonia Lewis

Ms. Merlin James

Ms. Niruba Alin

Ms. Rubeena Jabeen

My Birla Kindergarten

Ms. Salma Ishaque

Ms. Viji Valsakumar

Ms. Sarah Qurishi

Ms. Shabeena Vahid

Ms. Nazma Khatoon

Ms. Lissy Lukose


Ms. Susan Sabu

My Birla Kindergarten

Co – Scholastic Teachers Ms. Doce Amor

Mr. Krishnan Kutty

Ms. Lugunliu Pamei

Assistant Teachers Ms. Mili Gupta

Ms. Anjali Hariharaputhran Iyer



Ms.Pallavi Singh

My Birla Kindergarten

Virtual/ Blended learning Instructions Considering the current pandemic situation, school has adapted Virtual/blended learning.

The Fun Hours

KG Check In & Check Out Children should be at school by 7: 00 am. Timetable that has been shared will be followed everyday from 7:00 a.m. till 11:30 a.m.


My Birla Kindergarten

My School Attire As all children wear the same clothing, it is important that you take the time to label your child’s new uniform with their name. Make sure your child comes to school dressed in proper school uniform. Children should wear full uniform. Boy – Grey shorts, white shirt (half sleeves ), tie, belt, white socks, and Black Velcro shoes. The winter uniform includes white (full sleeves) a sweater, Trousers (full length) and a blazer. Girls – Grey pinafore, white shirt (half sleeves), tie, belt, white socks, and black Velcro shoes white hair band /rubber bands and white leggings. The winter uniform includes a white shirt (full sleeves), a sweater, and a blazer. The winter uniform should be worn from November to February. On all formal occasions. Regular uniform with Blazer. On the last Thursdays of every month children will follow the color code for the month mentioned in the year planner, towards the end of the Almanac. Please keep/send an extra set of dress and undergarments everyday in the bag which will be used as per requirement. Uniform is mandatory during the virtual/ blended learning.


My Birla Kindergarten

Physical Education Attire Your child will have one PE lesson each week. On PE days children will come to school dressed in their PE uniform. Karate Attire Your child will have one Karate lesson each week. On Karate days children will come to school dressed in the Karate uniform. Jewellery No gold jewelry is allowed in school. No glass bangles or anklets are permitted for girls. If your child still wears these, despite the instructions, no one in the school will be held responsible for its loss. Only a pair of studs is allowed, not danglers. ID Card Parents must ensure that their child wears her/ his ID card once the students comes to school.


My Birla Kindergarten

Foodie Time We encourage parents to ensure that children eat a good breakfast before coming to school and are given healthy snack food to eat at school. Ensure that you don’t give your little one's food as per the Quantity she/he can not eat.

A small lunch towel or napkin should be sent.

Send the required cutlery along with their snacks.

Children who stay back after 11.30 a.m. can bring an- other light snack with them. Stay back only for valid reasons are allowed. Note: Due to the current pandemic situation stay back facility is suspended.


My Birla Kindergarten

Yummy, Yummy in My Tiffin

Children are given opportunities to eat their healthy snacks and play outside every day, once the school starts functioning regular. Suggestions for your child’s healthy snack:         

        

Fresh fruit and vegetables. Dried fruit – with little or no added sugar. Frozen fruit – smoothies or popsicles. Fruit cups and canned fruit – in natural juice or light syrup. Broccoli and Cauliflower – cut into small florets. Dips – serve veggies with fat-free ranch, bean dip, guacamole, hummus, or salsa. Dry roasted soybeans – Fun to eat and easy to serve. Bread or Bagels – choose whole grain or whole wheat. Cereal – Look for cereals with no more than 8 grams of sugar/serving. Cheerio’s, Grape Nuts, Raisin Bran, Frosted Mini Wheats. Crackers or Pretzels – choose whole grain or whole wheat. Fruit or Vegetable Muffin – Choose low in fat and sugar, if baking, replace oil or eggs with applesauce Granola and Cereal Bars – choose lower sugar, whole grain versions. Popcorn – Try low-fat and add parmesan cheese or non-salt spices. Rice Cakes – Try brown (whole grain) rice. Tortillas Whole Wheat Pita Bread or Pita chips. Hard Boiled Eggs. Beans – Make bean dips like refried bean dip or hummus.


My Birla Kindergarten

 Yogurt – Look for low-fat and moderate in sugar and consider using plain, low-fat yogurt and serving with fruit or a touch of honey.  Cheese – string cheese and slices or cubes of cheddar or American cheese.  No junk food is allowed.  Idly/ Dosa with sambar or chutney.  Puri/ Chapattis Sabji  Upma  Dhokla  Any other Indian snacks are allowed.  Each and every child should carry a napkin and a spoon to be used during snack time.

Water, Source of Life All children must bring a sturdy water bottle to school every day. As we live in a very hot climate it is important that children drink plenty of water to ensure they are well hydrated.


My Birla Kindergarten

Expected Behaviour SafeGuarding

The welfare of the children in our care is of paramount importance to the school. Medical Conditions Please inform the school nurse if your child has a longterm medical condition that needs constant medical attention. (Eg: Allergies, Diabetes, Severe Asthma, Epilepsy). A meeting between the teacher, parents and the school nurse will be arranged regarding the child’s individual care plan in school. Medical Diagnosis The nurse does not diagnose conditions or illnesses. For medical diagnosis, the child’s parents should consult a doctor. Medical Certificate After a child is injured, hospitalized or diagnosed of a communicable disease, we will request for a Medical Certificate that the child is fit to attend school. Washroom Training Please train your child to use the washroom. We have assistants who escort the children to the washroom. Please refrain from sending your child in pamper. If your child is in the habit of soiling his/her clothes, please send an extra pair of clothes daily.


My Birla Kindergarten

About Birthdays

Children are permitted to wear party outfits on their birthdays. Only one or two chocolates to be distributed to the children as a treat in the class only. Gifts like toys, key chains are not entertained. We do not encourage cutting and distribution of cakes on Birthdays.

About Books All the books once received from the stores should be neatly covered with a transparent sheet. Do not cover with brown paper. Labels should be pasted on each and every book mentioning name class and section. All books will be kept in the class and sent only for Home practice.

About Stationery

All the stationary items provided by the school along with the art & craft material that has been distributed to the parents should be maintained well.


My Birla Kindergarten

Communication All the communication with the class teacher can be done through the mail. Any kind of correspondence with the teacher should be via email. In case of emergency , parents make a phone call to the teacher. Please check the student’s Almanac every day for school circulars. Sign all the acknowledgment slips and send them back to school, once the school starts regularly. Once you read the circular, please remove it from the Almanac and maintain it in a file, if any information is to be sent back to the school, please do it in time. Please keep a track of the events,color code, competitions in the year planner towards the end of the Almanac.

Parent/Teacher Meetings Parent will have an opportunity to meet with the teacher to discuss the child’s class work and share observations, impressions, questions in order to deepen the understanding of the child virtually . Any clarification regarding the child should be done officially through the class teacher.


My Birla Kindergarten

Overseas Family Holidays If you intend to take your child out of school for your annual family holiday, we ask that you notify the school prior to your departure. Please send a mail to the class teacher with a copy to KG Headmistress and Academic Supervisors. We ask that you avoid trips of this kind whenever possible. If your family takes a vacation, please use winter and summer break.

Away From School Daily attendance is important for the young child as it helps to build a strong rhythm and community and also demonstrates the importance of school. If your child is unable to attend school on a particular day due to illness or extenuating circumstances, we request that you inform the school on the morning of the absence by emailing your child’s class teacher. Application for leave should be addressed to the class teacher with a copy marked to KG Headmistress – [email protected].


My Birla Kindergarten

Daily Journey in the School Bus Birla Public School provides bus transport for children living in Doha. All buses leave the school at 11: 20 a.m as a routine. Your child’s teacher will make the necessary arrangements to ensure your child safely boards the correct bus at the end of the school day. Children will be issued with a laminated bus tag which states the child’s home address and the bus number they are to travel on. This will be attached to their school bag. Please do not remove this tag. If your child is cared for after school by a childminder or family friend, please provide us with their name and phone number. It is for the school safety that parents meet their KG children outside their accommodation as they return from school. Any child who is not met by their parent or a nominated adult will be brought back to school and parents will be called to pick up their child from school. On occasion, you may wish to collect your child instead of sending them home on the bus. We ask that you inform your child’s class teacher on the same day by email before 8:00 am or by writing a message in your child’s Almanac. Note: Due to the current pandemic situation transport facility is suspended.

Behaviuor on Wheels All children are expected to show exemplary behavior on school buses. The school behavior policy will be enacted should any complaints be received. Children are reminded regularly about safety procedures on and around buses.


My Birla Kindergarten

Car Pick Up If you wish to collect your child after school, you must park opposite the school building before walking in to meet your child. This is the only area that you may park to collect your child at the end of the day. Out pass, duly signed, to be handed over to the security at the gate while leaving the school. Stay Back in the Play Pen After class facility is available from 11.a.m. until 1.30p.m. For students of KG Section. Kids will be kept under the supervision of assistants. Please send an extra snack box. Note: Due to the current pandemic situation stay back facility is suspended.

School Counsellor, Our Special Friend We’re the counselors at Birla. We have an extremely active counseling department that strives to meet the social and emotional needs of our students. We have worked with children of all age groups and enjoy watching them thrive. We work with parents and teachers to help bring out the best in the child. We are available weekdays and look forward to meeting you, if you have a concern regarding your child, be it handwriting, social skills, or their behavior.

Health and Well Being Guidelines Nurse’s Room Nurse’s Contact Number E – Mail Address Working Hours

Located in Room .No.019 +974 50101824 [email protected] 7:00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.


My Birla Kindergarten

Emergencies In case of an emergency wherein, your child has to be taken to the hospital, you will be informed immediately and will be requested to come as soon as possible. The school nurse will remain with the child until a parent/guardian arrives. For non-emergency cases (fracture, wounds, fever), you will be requested by the school nurse to collect your child from the reception/nurse’s room. If requested, you must come to collect your child or arrange another authorized adult to do so. Please do not forget to sign the out pass at the reception. If the child is sick, please do not send him/her to school. In case of any queries concerning your child’s health, you can directly contact the school nurse.

Nurse’s Slips Every time your child is sent to the nurse’s room for nonurgent cases (temperature check, wound dressing, minor injuries), a note will be put in the communication book to inform you about the assessment and treatment done. Please check your child’s Almanac for the nurse’s note.


My Birla Kindergarten

KG – CURRICULUM HIGHLIGHTS New Learning Through Thematic Approach During their kindergarten stage 2 at school, it becomes extremely important for stu- dents to develop the right attitude, a willingness to learn and an understanding of the world around them. The Curriculum has been designed to nurture multiple intelligenc- es like linguistic or verbal intelligence, logical or mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, sports, and music to focus on all areas of child development. They need to know, understand and develop the ability to experiment, explore and discover as part of their schooling across all the areas of learning. To develop the characteristics of effective learning these key characteristics are es- sential for becoming an independent learner.

CharaCTErISTICS OF EFFECTIVE ThEMaTIC CHARACTERISTICS OFlEarNINg EFFECTIVE THEMATIC LEARNING Learning through fun Identify and apply (Experiential learning)

Learner and Learning Centric Encouragement

Imagination and creativityCritical thinking

• Learning by doing.

• Visual, auditory, and kinaes- • Imagine stories by taking thetic learners. roles.

• Providing opportunities and experiences within and beyond • Trigger their attention and cu- • Using a variety of ways to exthe classroom. press ideas and feelings. riosity to learn. • Integrating learning through • Actively encouraging the • Sharing their response. themes. learners for the construction of knowledge. • Develop critical thinking to deal with challenges. • Sharing real-life experiences. • Being involved and focused. • Inquire and think out of the box.


My Birla Kindergarten

At this Kindergarten level, your child will be learning to develop social, language, physical and academic skills. Your child will be learning these skills, acquiring knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through these areas of Learning and development. Children should mostly develop 3 prime areas :  Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Personal, social and emotional development are possibly the most prime areas of learning in the Kindergarten stage 2. This is the age at which children learn the skills they need, to become actively involved in the world around them.  Personal development is about how children come to understand who they are and what they can do.  Social development covers how children come to understand themselves in relation to others, how they make friends, understand the rules of society and behave towards others.  Emotional development concerns how children understand their own and others’ feelings and develop their ability to be empathetic – to see things from another person’s point of view.  Language and Communication: Early language and communication skills are crucial for children’s success in school and beyond. Language and communication skills include the ability to understand others and express oneself using words, gestures, or facial expressions. Children who develop strong language and communication skills are more likely to arrive at school ready to learn.


My Birla Kindergarten

 Physical Development:

Physical Development aims to develop a child’s movement and handling skills. At this age, the child is steadily growing and developing. Staying physically active during this developmental phase will strengthen the fundamental skills needed to lead a healthy and active life as an adult. The fine and gross motor development is an essential part of the child’s physical growth and wellbeing. The child needs to obtain a proper pencil grip and to develop this fine motor skill the activities like drawing, cutting, coloring, and pasting are really helpful.The gross motor skills include eye-hand coordination, run, jump, skip, hop and throw, catch and kick the ball. These prime areas are the most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning. As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in the specific areas given below. These are: English/ Literacy Math/ Numeracy EVS/ Knowing the World


My Birla Kindergarten

English/ Literacy Learning at any level should be fun, but during early years, the fun learning can give lifelong benefits to children, because they can express themselves more capable, they can listen more attentively and they have a broader vocabulary to understand what is being said to them. Their hand-eye coordination is better and so writing skills become easier for them. They are already on the way to successfully in acquire literacy skills. Handwriting The children of Kindergarten follow the Marion Richardson Script.


My Birla Kindergarten

This script is well known in the area of writing development. This handwriting requires movement of hand and arm which is easy for children, so young. In KG 1, students start with attempts to draw patterns and shapes with the help of thick crayons, and slowly graduate to pencils depending on individual pace. By the time they are in KG2, they start to work more with pencils on ruled sheets with 4 lines for each row. The process of handwriting is made interesting by introducing the patterns such as up down, standing lines, sleeping line, lumpy and bumpy patterns in a story form. Children enjoy these links and take positively to the task of writing a pattern on sand and grains. We have high expectations about the way your child should present her/his work and encourage him/her to have a sense of pride in it. For students who tend to require more time in attaining proper letter formation, tasks are adjusted accordingly wherever possible. At the same time, a constant and consistent effort is maintained to guide the child towards strengthening of handwriting skills.


My Birla Kindergarten

Math/ Numeracy Numeracy involves skills that aren’t always taught in the classroom – the ability to use numbers and solve problems in real life. It means having the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life. Numeracy is as important as literacy. In fact, it's sometimes called ‘mathematical literacy’. We need both skills to function in modern life.

EVS/ Knowing the World “Knowing the world”, is concerned with the exploration, investigation, and development of an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of local and wider environments. It provides opportunities to engage in active learning, to use a wide range of skills, and to acquire open, critical and responsible attitudes. Each EVS subject plays a distinctive role in fulfilling the aims and objectives of this curriculum area. Me and My Plant

Children take pleasure in sowing seeds, watch them grow and take their plants home with pride.


My Birla Kindergarten

Morning Togetherness It’s a time to be together early in the morning to start the day with a prayer inculcating values through morning talks.Children also learn a number of various action songs and dances related to the topics held in the classroom. They learn discipline, physical exercise, listen to important announcements, inculcate public speaking and gain encouragement by receiving awards in front of all through our morning assemblies.

Parent Morning Parents also involving the Morning Assembly which is called as Parent Morning. Parents will asked to coordinate the Class Assembly under the guidence of class teachers. Students will be able to showcase their hidden talents with parents support through the parent mornings virtually. Note: Due to current situation all the assemblies are conducted virtually.

Circle Time During Circle time we give ourstudents a sense of community with other kids of their age and enhance their social skills and improve their attention span. We believe that starting with circle time helps to introduce the topics and plans for the day.


My Birla Kindergarten

Through Fingers and Paint

The children in school enjoy arts and crafts. They learn to draw by following the step by step instructions given by the teacher. Children learn to create and draw patterns and mix colors. Through art and craft activities children are given an opportunity to use their imagination and creativity.

Story Enactments Enactment or a play can be defined as a type of play where children are assigned roles, and then act them out. It is a time when they break through the walls of reality, pretend to be someone or something different from themselves, and dramatize situations and actions to go along with the roles they have been assigned to. This remains an integral part of the developmental learning process by allowing children to develop skills, like being confident, exposure to perform according to ability etc. Field Trips The field trips are organized to give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Students visit different educational facilities to learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner than they do in school. The field trips exposures children to the world and helps to explore and learn about the things in the environment and their neighborhood. Note: Due to current situation the field trips are conducted virtually.


My Birla Kindergarten

Speech with Flair Poetry allows kids to put language to use. They learn new words and it becomes a medium for expressing ideas and emotions. Children learn to actively participate in the poems through actions and expression. It helps them to develop communication skills as they gain fluency of language. Playing with my friends –On Campus Virtually . The games are planned by the teachers, these are the structured games in which the child has to understand and follow the rules of the games. The child will learn to wait for his turn and develop the team spirit. Once the school starts functioning regularly children also gets to play in the play area every day. Besides, we have ‘Play Corner’ for our children where they pretend and play as adults in the kitchen, hospital, shopping mall, bank, etc.


My Birla Kindergarten

Keeping Fit

Through physical education, the teacher aims to develop students' physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to use these to perform in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Technique Towards Self – Defence

Through the Karate lessons, we focus on helping children to learn at an early age the principles of self-respect, respect for others, self-control, and violence prevention strategies. The teacher teaches the basic techniques or fundamentals of karate movements.

Sing in Tunes

Music is a very practical subject, in which the making and creating of music through using voices, singing, using instruments and technologies is central to a child's learning experiences. We teach children to sing in their daily assemblies and in the classroom according to the topic done in class.


My Birla Kindergarten

Review – Home Practice Home practice will be shared with the parents after each topic completed in the class.

DAYS Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

KG 1 & 2 Literacy Numeracy Knowing the world Literacy Numeracy

Learn More through Websites

Fun and interactive games to help children at KG with literacy topics. List of literacy websites for 4-11-year-old students, including games and activities. ml A fun and interactive game to help children at KG with their recognition of phonics. ndex.shtml


My Birla Kindergarten

Supports both Literacy and Numeracy Fun and interactive games to help children at KG with numeracy topics. List of numeracy websites for 4-11-year-old students, including games and activities and Maths Games for KG. racy.shtml mes_for_ks1.htm Try this progressive range of mental maths activities to sharpen recall of key number facts. More games for children to practice the skills of blending and segmenting. Resources such as flashcards for sounds and high-frequency words can be downloaded here . Fabulous interactive games for learning High-Frequency Words and recognizing sounds.


My Birla Kindergarten

General View Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.

Parent Teacher’s Meeting We have meetings scheduled 4 times a year (Virtually) to discuss your child’s learning and progress. The meeting dates are shared in your child’s Almanac. These interactive meetings are useful, where you can share your views and listen to the teacher’s positive feedback and find solutions to academic or behavioural problems.

Weekly Review Review of the students will be shared by the class teacher every week regarding child’s progress via email. Note: Due to current situation all the below activities will be conducted virtually.

Thrilling Tuesdays Kindergarten students will have fun filled learning through experiments, and hands on activities.


My Birla Kindergarten

Carnival at Kindergarten

Kindergarten will celebrate Carnival where the parents will be invited to witness and learn the different things that their ward has learned throughout the year. This activity will have literacy stall, numeracy stall, photo booth stall, games stall, art & Craft stall, food stall, etc. where both the child and the parent will take part in the various activities.

KG Day We don’t only focus on child’s academics, but we promote the holistic development of the child, therefore we showcase our student’s talents on a special Day where each child is able to exhibit his or her talents to their parents.

Grandparents Day Grandparents are warmth personified. To talk about them is like talking about the sun, its warmth, its importance, how far a single sun reaches out to engulf and embrace anyone and everyone. We at Birla celebrate Grandparents Day to honor and respect all the grandparents of our students.


My Birla Kindergarten

Annual Sports Day The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on kindergarten Sports Day. The children participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship. Everyone’s a winner at kindergarten with children guaranteed to win at least a couple of medals for their efforts. Sports Day is an all-day activity held early in the calendar year when the weather is coolest. Kids are grouped into color-coded teams and participate in a variety of individual and team sports events and games. Parents are invited to join the kids. Creative Hands at Work - Exhibition

There is no doubt that arts and crafts are fun activities for kids. Be it coloring with crayons or making miniature statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami or designing a handmade birthday card, there are several arts and crafts activities, which will enhance the interest of the children and exploit their artistic potential at school.


My Birla Kindergarten

Hats Off to our Graduates! Our KG 2 students grow and learn so much that it is simply amazing. We make sure the last day of their kindergarten is significant. We make our students and their parents know that their time in kindergarten was precious and that we valued every second of it. We offer our students and parent the chance to celebrate the closing of their kindergarten years and the beginning of new experiences to come.

Note: Due to current situation Graduation Day will be conducted virtually.

Mementos for KG 1 Achievers We award KG 1 students with mementos at the end of their academic year to give them the foundation of confidence and self-esteem to conquer more in their near future.


My Birla Kindergarten

Awards Students will be awarded with token of appreciation for the best behavior in the class. Children will be encouraged in their respective classes for their tremendous progress for nonacademic activities on a day to day basis or as required. The certificates will be given by the Class teachers to the children every alternate month (4 times in a year).

Star of the Week This great incentive is used to help build the classroom community and allow students to get to know one another. During the school year, each student will have the opportunity to be the Star Student for an entire week. Being a Star Student is more than just having a fancy title for a week. Our Star Student is given special privileges and opportunities to celebrate how special he or she is.


My Birla Kindergarten

Attendance Matters The attendance rate is important because students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school consistently. It's difficult for the teacher and the class to build their skills and progress if a large number of students are frequently absent. To encourage regular attendance, we have monthly attendance award for the class and for the child at the end of the year for 100% attendance. Note: Due to current situation the attendance award has been suspended till further notice. For additional events, please refer to the school Almanac

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My Birla Kindergarten

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