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My Journey in Understanding the Self Submitted by: Mylene Caingay BECED11-A Submitted to: Mrs. Vilma Duka

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements Week 01 : what is Understanding the self Week 02 : Creative Introduction of oneself Week 03 : What philosophy says about Self Week 04 : What science says about Self Week 05 : Me-Volution Week 06 : The Sexual Self Week 10 : Few of My Favourite Things Week 11 : The Many Pieces of Me Week 12 : Encouraging Active Citizenship in the Baranggay Week 13 : Reflection on Digital Self Week 14 : What are your Goals in Life Week 15 : Reflection on the Stress in Life Week 16 : Design your Self-Care-Plan Reflection Dear Future Self

Acknowledgements I would like to give my very big thanks to my prof. in this subject which is mam dux , because she made this subject much easier and fun to learn, she made us alive every thursday when it is her time to teach us, she doesn't leave us in classroom without a happy smile and a new learnings that we will surely remembered, she doesn't let us feel the boredom. i would also wanted to thanks my friends for giving me motivation everyday to do my assignments and my very best, and to attend class though my laziness is striking, they're tje reason why i wanted to attend class everyday because they made me feel happy and the bond we had for a whole day is wholesome, treasured memories. I also want to give thanks myself for giving her best for everyday tasks, for attending class everyday and complying assigned assignment, she's surely happy for what achievements she did for a whole semester.

Week 01: What is Understanding the Self

1. What is Understanding the Self? - Understanding the self is discussing about what are the different factors that shaoes self and discover 'more' about you. 2. Why are you in this subject? - Im in this subject because i think it is really a part of our journey as a student. 3. Is it important in curriculum? -YES 4. How will it help you as a student and as a person? - as a student it helps me understand and discover something that came from a subject, as a person it helps me develop and be more aware about my attitude to people and know how to act towards them.

Week 02: Creative Introduction of oneself

Mylene Caingay future educator of BECED11-A - 21 yrs old - August 30, 2001 - Virgo - came from catholic school - a badminton player - Reading - Writing - Listening to music - Sleeping - hates messy things - Talkative and Jolly person

Week 03 : What philosophy says about Self

- The philosopher i chose that i think I'm related to is Gilbert Ryle, his concept of mind ' i act therefore i am' just like i do always, think before speaking out something, I don't want to hurt someone's feelings because of my words and i believe mind is the one who made mistakes first before doing the act, words is the most hurtful things you can do.

Week 04 : What Science says about Self

Week 05 : Me-Volution

Week 06 : The Sexual Self Do you AGREE or DISAGREE? Why? Defend your answer.

We cannot control sexual urges

➢ DISAGREE, I believe that this urges only derives you because of what are the things you’re

imagining, you do not feel this naturally if you don’t think of something lustful or in a sexual


• our sexuality is purely biological

➢ DISAGREE, because I believe that if you are born as a girl it’s not because you inherited it from

your ancestors who have a bloodline of girls in their families and same as being a boy, you are

born with that sexuality because of how the genes of your parents combines.

Sexual orientations embody cognitive, affective and behavior domains

➢ AGREE, orientations can help a human learn things about their sexualities and gender type, and how they will act to our society regarding to their sexualities.

We are born with sexuality

➢ AGREE, we are all born having our own genitals attached to our body that makes us characterized as a girl or a boy.

Sex and gender are the same

➢ DISAGREE, i believe SEXUALITY is the genitals, or reproductive organs that characterize as a girl

and a boy GENDER is the role that pointing as what does a girl must do in a society and what

does a boy must do in a society.

Week 10 : Few of My Favourite Things

Week 11 : The Many Pieces of Me

Week 12 : Encouraging Active Citizenship in the Baranggay

Week 13 : Reflection on Digital Self

Week 14 : What are your Goals in Life

Week 15 : Reflection on stress in your life

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Week 16 : Design your Self-Care-Plan

Reflection: My reflection about this subject is i learned a lot about knowing self, I learned the others point of view of others too, and of course our prof is also an effective teacher so i also learned from her and her teachings. I thought i know myself but entering this class makes me more knowledgeable and confidently found out that there's still things i didn't know about me.

DEAR FUTURE SELF: It's not our dream course but you did great and that's what is important, keep aiming for goods and stop thinking negative about yourself, God didn't put you in this course if it doesn't suit you goodluck for all the things you do, and always have a good heart to all.

Teacher Mylene

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