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//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Welcome to the GLOBAL PLANNING Team!I can’t think of a more exciting time to be in Planning. Led by our consumer-first vision,we’re revolutionizing planning at Nike. To win with our consumers, we need to be asinnovative as our product and as agile as our brand. We work in a fast-paced,collaborative environment that’s focused on taking the organization to the next level. Andthat’s led by world-class talent like you.At Nike, we live by our Maxims. In the first 90 days, I highly encourage you to Be aSponge and Master the Fundamentals. Go through the on-boarding material on this site,be curious, and ask questions of your manager and team members.I can promise that you will grow and learn at an accelerated pace in the coming weeksand months. This job will stretch you strategically and professionally in directions youwill find thrilling and challenging. Don’t worry, we have your back. We are a team - adiversely experienced, solution-oriented, collaborative, fun-loving, and high-performingteam. And, now you are one of us.So glad to have you on our team,Amy WhiteVP, Global Planning GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / WELCOME

ABOUT THIS PLAYBOOK //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Our goal is to welcome, guide, and support you in amplifying your success in your first week, month,quarter, and beyond. The areas outlined below will help organize your journey through this toolkit. Youcan save this toolkit to your desktop for quick and easy access to information, tools and links.This toolkit includes general onboarding information as well as Global Planning specific onboarding. Itis intended to be a complement to the Global Onboarding (GO) site ( For thebest onboarding experience, you should leverage the information on the GO site in partnership withthis binder.SECTION 1: GLOBAL PLANNING OVERVIEWSECTION 2: YOUR PLANSECTION 3: DEVELOPMENTSECTION 4: TOOLS & RESOURCES GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / ABOUT THIS PLAYBOOK


GOT ORG STRUCTURE ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Nike, Inc.’s organizational structure is an ever-changing thing. The Global Operations and Technology (GOT) organizational structure is no different. Make sure you talk with your manager about the structure, how it fits together and who does what, where. Also, see where your team fits in and how you can best navigate the Nike matrix. GLOBAL OPERATIONS & TECHNOLOGY ERIC SPRUNKGLOBAL SHARED SERVICES GLOBAL LOGISTICS GLOBAL SOURCING CONVERSE CHIEF SUPPLY & PROCUREMENT & GEO OPERATIONS & MANUFACTURING CHAIN OFFICER HANS VAN ALEBEEK MIKE BREWER GERRY ROGERS VENKATESH ALAGIRISAMY GLOBAL PLANNING GLOBAL REAL ESTATE WORKPLACE DESIGN TECHNOLOGY & CONNECTIVITY AMY WHITE TBH JIM SCHOLEFIELD PATTY ROSS ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING NICK ATHANASAKOSGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / OVERVIEW

GLOBAL PLANNING ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Nike, Inc.’s organizational structure is an ever-changing thing. The Global Planning organizational structure is no different. Make sure you talk with your manager about the structure, how it fits together and who does what where. Also, see where your team fits in and how you can best navigate the Nike matrix.GLOBAL PLANNING GLOBAL PLANNING X-CATEGORY PROCESS OPERATIONS AMY WHITE TREVOR REMBE HECTOR ARIAS GLOBAL PLANNING S&OP INNOVATION CATEGORY GAME PLANNING NIALL O’KELLY ANDRES GARRO LIZ RODGERS HURLEY INTEGRATION LIESJE HUGHESGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / OVERVIEW

NIKE FISCAL YEAR & SEASONS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FISCAL YEAR SEASONSNike’s Fiscal Year begins on June 1st and ends May 31st. Our Nike’s Fiscal Quarters do no align with our Brand Seasonal Quarters are as follows: Calendar. Our Seasons are: Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 SPRING SUMMER FALL HOLIDAY JUN SEP DEC MAR JAN APR JUL OCT JUL OCT JAN APR FEB MAY AUG NOV AUG NOV FEB MAY MAR JUNE SEP DECGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / OVERVIEW

NIKE CATEGORY GAMEPLAN //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Category GamePlan is Nike's integrated, enterprise-wise process to develop, align, and execute the holistic Brand and Category Visionfrom Concept to Consumer.WHEN WAS IT LAUNCHED? HOW LONG IS THE PROCESS? WHAT KEY BUSINESS STRATEGIES ARE ENABLED? WHO IS INVOLVED?2007 90 • PRODUCT INNOVATION & ALL (FOR SP09) EXCELLENCE WEEKS/SEASON FUNCTIONS • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT CATEGORIES MODEL GEOGRAPHIES • INTEGRATED MARKETPLACE VISIONGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / OVERVIEW

NIKE PRODUCT CREATION TIMELINE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////From idea to consumer.1 PRE-SEASON IDEATION 2 CONCEPTING 3 CATEGORY LINE PLANNING 4 BRIEF TO DESIGN 5 TECH PACK HANDOFFNXT innovation In-category ideation. Creating a product Product management Design hands over all theMarket travel/inspiration How can we make the offering. What does the gives design the brief for details for their productresearch. athlete better? athlete need? seasonal product needs. for the season.What is the next big Pencils down.thing?6 PRODUCT PROTOTYPING 7 PROD & MERCH GLOBALLY 8 MERCH GLOBAL & GEO 9 PRODUCTION READY 10 GO TO MARKETMultiple rounds Category teams show their Global merchandising Product specs final so Sales team bringsprototypes to obsess lines to merchandising. makes assortments for factories can start Category product storiesperformance, form, and What will Nike look like each geography. production. to life.craft. globally? What will Nike look like in Product is ready to beWear testing as needed. each region? sold to the accounts.GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / OVERVIEW


MY ONBOARDING TEAM //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////If you are an employee, you are a leader. This is your MANAGERopportunity to begin by leading your own development. Toamplify your success there are key players available to support Primary coach and guidethe different aspects of your experience. during your experience; oversees the process andMANAGER clarifies expectations.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADMINISTRATIVE & PEER COACH TECHNICAL SUPPORTPEER COACH Teammates who share_______________________________________________________________ Resources to help ensure their experience and help_______________________________________________________________ you have what you need to you fill in the blanks. be productive.SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT ME______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FRIENDS/SOCIAL CONTACTS MENTORS SUBJECT MATTER_______________________________________________________________ EXPERTS_______________________________________________________________ Advisors outside your team that provide Masters in their field,MENTORS perspective and off_______________________________________________________________ advice and support. these folks offer need-_______________________________________________________________ to-know expertise.ADMIN & TECH_______________________________________________________________ FRIENDS/SOCIAL_______________________________________________________________ CONTACTS Informal network to provide social support and help you connect to the broader community.GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN DEVELOPED THROUGH YOUR NETWORK

FIRST WEEK //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////These next four pages show programs and general things to think about when you’re getting settled intoyour role. The timeline suggested is flexible so feel free to go at your own pace – talk with your managerabout how to prioritize each item for what’s best for your overall experience. WEEK 1 / NEW HIRE ORIENTATION  Attend Running Start (may vary by Geo)  Complete New Hire paperwork  Meet your manager and team  Meet your peer coach  Visit Global Onboarding at NikeU and follow checklists:  Sync calendars and review weekly meeting cadence and attendance with your manager  Explore Zero (Nike’s Intranet)  Complete NikeU Global Onboarding Survey (may vary by Geo) GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN

FIRST 30 DAYS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MONTH 1 / KNOW THE RULES  Take the Nike, Inc. Global Supply Chain Training (available on NikeU at  Review Department Policies/Procedures (e.g. time off requests, communication methods, etc.)  Review Department/Business Unit goals and current priorities/strategic goals  Review organization structure and key contacts  Review the Global Planning Strategic House  Order your Nike, Inc. corporate credit card through your Finance department  Order your cell phone through your local HR resource at  Learn how to book a conference room through Corporate Services  Review the CFE process overview online course on NikeU  Review the CFE framework and individual goals with manager  Check in with your peer coach GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN

FIRST 60 DAYS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MONTH 2 / MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS  Review each phase of Procurement Strategic Initiatives & Imperatives with your manager functional team owner from each stage  Work with your peer coach to better understand Nike history, products and department processes. Discuss any corporate training and development  Complete “KEEP IT TIGHT” – NikeU  Complete “PLAYING FAIR” – NikeU  Read “INSIDE THE LINES” – NikeU  Manager checkpoint on CFE goals GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN

FIRST 90 DAYS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MONTH 3 / TRAINING  Finalize goal setting on CFE form  Reach agreement with manager on Business Goals, Creating Team Success Goals, and Individual Development Plan  Indicate on CFE form that you have read Inside the Lines  Attend Pregame - NIKE U Preregistration required  Meet with critical partners Category, Finance, etc.  Go to and explore the latest news and information via: o Nikepedia o Nike News o WE portal o Read up on Nike history at o CFE process overview online course  Review career mapping with manager  Check in with your peer coach GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN

DISCOVER NIKE, INC. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////We know you are eager to jump in and start the work. Here are some plays you can do to help you masterthe fundamentals, and questions you can ask your manager or peer coach.PLAYS  Review the HR site  Review Inside the Lines (the NIKE, Inc. code of ethics) Explore Zero – Zero is our intranet and a lifeline for new hires. It  Explore NikeU - your single destination for learning at Nike provides news, updates, resources, contact information, and much, much moreQUESTIONS TO ASK  How do I book a conference room?  What do I need to know about security and building access? Where’s the nearest printer? The outgoing mail?  What should I wear to work? What are the best sources of information and ways to  What are considered “competitor products”?  How can I get involved in the Nike community? stay up-to-date? What are the best ways to communicate with my team? Where are the best places to eat or go out after work? What are the expected work hours? Is it really OK to work out in the middle of the day? How do I log in to my computer and access key applications (Outlook? WebEx? Other?)?WHAT I’VE LEARNED  The family members allowed to get product discounts are:  Payday is: My employee number is: My telephone number is: The number for Desktop Support Is: (for assistance with my computer and phone)GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN

DISCOVER YOUR TEAM //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Strong relationships, teamwork, and collaboration are critical to what we do. Take an active role in buildingthose connections that will help you as you continue on your journey at Nike.PLAYS Take time to get to know your team members and build relationships  Attend all-employee events Explore the employee networks and attend a network event or meeting  Volunteer your special expertise for a Nike event Network with other departments. Focus on those who might influence  Sign up on your local Nike social media site (such as be able to support your work and join a community. Seek opportunities to get involved and meet people with similar interestsQUESTIONS TO ASK How can I make connections in other departments? Who do I need to meet with regularly and keep apprised of my work? Who else should I meet or include in my network?WHAT I’VE LEARNED The activities I may want to get involved in are:GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN

DISCOVER YOUR ROLE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////It‘s important to learn the structure of the company, how work gets done and your role in the big picture.PLAYS Complete the Nike Core Competencies online training, including the  Review department organization charts and business strategies competency self-assessment  Keep a list of terms and acronyms you hear and keep asking questions  Meet with subject matter experts Complete Discovering CFE online training (Coaching for Excellence is our performance-management process) Enroll in learning opportunities related to your function. Check out your function’s U site on NikeUQUESTIONS TO ASK  How would you describe the Nike matrix?  What systems and processes do you need to learn? Who are your key stakeholders your team works with?  Where is your development found on NikeU? What is a challenge your team typically faces? What are your role’s most critical work priorities?WHAT I’VE LEARNED Our key leaders include: What are 3 goals you’ve set for your Individual Development Plan (IDP)?: On your team, who is one of your Peer Coaches? Subject Matter Experts (SME)?GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / YOUR PLAN


FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

NOW4UFUNCTIONAL DEVELOPMENT//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////In order to attract and grow talent we are committed to investing in our organization’s professionaldevelopment. This means evolving our approach and creating a portfolio of developmentopportunities. NOW4U is a development program which focuses on building functional capabilityacross global supply chain operations and partner organizations. NOW4U helps the organizationraise its game by developing its most important asset, our people. Visit the NOW4U digital networktoday! GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

COMPETENCIES //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Competencies are a critical part of development at Nike. Our leaders have outlined the most importantcompetencies for Global Planning, along with the building blocks for those competencies (see nextpage). For more information on competencies at Nike, check out the Nike HR site. GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

BUILDING BLOCKS //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Below are the critical competencies and building blocks identified by Global Planning leadership. GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

COACHING FOR EXCELLENCE ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Nike’s annual performance management process is called Coaching for Excellence (CFE). Did you know that effective performance management has a proven positive impact on individual employee and team productivity? It does, up to 30%. The CFE process provides a positive impact by:  Reinforcing business priorities and shared values  Providing objective, relevant feedback to you  Recognizing and rewarding your performanceCFE TIMELINE Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 70/20/10 - HOW WE LEARN1.Business Goals – by May 31st Nike’s 70/20/10 framework provides the foundation for your onboarding experience. Developing the skills to succeed in your new role can happen in the follow ways:2.Individual Goal Setting and Code of Ethics Review - by June 30th 70 LEARN BY DOING3.Individual Development Planning – by August 31st Jump in, start the work and learn from these critical experiences.4.Mid Year Review – by January 31st 20 LEARN FROM OTHERS Connect with others for coaching and mentoring.5.Year End Review – by June 30th 10 STRUCTURED LEARNING6.Rewarding Performance – July & August Learn from an instructor, podcast, webinar and books. 7.Ongoing Coaching and Feedback – All YearYou can learn more about CFE by taking the quick walk-thru on NikeU: PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

CFE & IDP ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Maintaining a dynamic career path, and developing a portfolio of skills and achievements is necessary in order to grow along with NIKE's business. Understanding your strengths, interests, and motivations provides a framework for managing your career and professional development goals more effectively. Individual Development Planning (IDP) is part of the CFE process and provides employees with the opportunity to achieve their individual development goals and aspirations. GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT



LEARNING EXPERIENCEUSER GUIDE////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// WHAT HOW WHERENike’s 70/20/10 learning principles COMPLETING YOUR 70/20 COMPLETING YOUR 10 Your single destination for learning for all Nike, Inc. You canidentify where you learn within your Think about how you can: Talk with your director about the access a variety of developmentrole: critical experience you can only get opportunities that will both help  Lead, Coach, Drive & Inspire by being in your role. Discuss your you in your current role and over 70% = learning through experience Teams work cross functionally & with your your career. 20% = learning through others team. Use these experiences to fill 10% = learning through training  Practice Excellent Communication out your Learning Path. ACCESS NIKE SPECIFIC AND & Influencing Skills HARVARDU (H4U) COURSES THE FOLLOWING ARE TOOLS  Develop/Communicate Strategies AND RESOURCES AVAILABLE ON Find courses that can fuel your NIKEU THAT YOU MAY FIND growth in subjects like: CRITICAL EXPERIENCE HELPFUL:  Strategic Thinking  Manager Excellence Functional learning is prepopulated  Developing Employees  Manager90 with required learning and  Goal Setting  Career Building suggestions around functional,  Development Planning professional and leadership & And many more! management programs relevant to Worksheet your role and function.  Coaching for Excellence  Be a MultiplierGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

COACHING & 1:1 MEETINGS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// It is important to have regular check-ins with your manager, especially during your first 90 days. Discuss what makes sense for you. Weekly? Bimonthly? Monthly? Whatever the cadence, take an active role in building this important relationship. You may also have regular check-ins with a peer coach or other coworkers during your first 90 days. These meetings will provide other opportunities to ask questions and seek feedback. TIPS FOR 1:1 MEETINGS GLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT

NIKE HRManagers play a critical role in One of your first tasks as a new This workshop provides the Become familiar with the Nikecreating the right environment manager is to think about the fundamentals necessary for HR Site which includeswhere people can grow to be needs of the individuals and developing talent, teamwork, information on each of yourtheir best, this ensuring we are team you manage. Set time and diversity at direct reports and is used toable to achieve our business aside to get to know the team – NIKE, Inc. process employee-relatedgoals.. individually and collectively.  Understanding and own your transactions such as job or Lead: Drive organizational Topics to discuss include team salary changes. The HR site norms, communication styles, role as a NIKE, Inc. manager contains helpful policy and excellence. business goals, job and leader process information for Coach: Create alignment, accountabilities, personal  Increasing your knowledge managers. interests and professional and skills regarding the art manage team performance, development. and science of managing You can get questions answered by an reward and celebrate  Creating a network and HR representative through HR Direct: success; learning from other [email protected] Drive: Plan, land, and grow managers. talent; Inspire: Inspire the culture of Visit our site to sign up the NIKE, Inc. brands; NikeU Leadership &Management Portal is yoursingle destination for learningas a manager at Nike. Trackyour employees’ developmentand help empower your team tounleash their potential. Find theresources you need to Lead,Coach, Drive and Inspire!Find out more at the NikeU Leadership &Management Portal: PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / DEVELOPMENT


ONLINE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////This list of tools and resources connects you to Global Onboarding and Nike’s internal training site thesesites will help enhance your experiences and resources to help you get started.GO (GLOBAL ONBOARDING) SITE NIKEUGO is an online resource dedicated to amplifying your NikeU is your single destination for learning. This onlinesuccess in the first 90 days. It includes helpful information resource is dedicated to connecting you to trainingand is divided into three sections: New Individual, New resources across Nike. It highlights training by function,Manager and Onboarding Team. Within each section you Career Development resources, Leadership & Managementcan view content by Global, Geography or affiliate. training and much more.Visit GO at Visit NikeU at PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / TOOLS & RESOURCES

THE MATRIX //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////You may have heard the term already in one-on-ones or casual conversation; but what is the matrixand what does it mean for your new role and you? Read more about the matrix on the GlobalOnboarding site: IS A MATRIX ORGANIZATION?In the simplest terms, at NIKE we use the term matrix to refer to our organizational structure. Manycompanies use a vertical structure with individual contributors reporting to managers, who thenreport to directors, and so on to create vertical teams aligned to a single function (e.g., Operations).However, a matrix organization involves multiple solid (direct) and dotted (indirect) lines ofaccountability and creates cross-functional groups to quickly solve problems through team action.WHAT IS THE MATRIX AT NIKE?NIKE embraces this more complex approach and is organized into groups that support productengines, sport categories, geographies and functions. At any given time different aspects of yourjob may be accountable to different groups; you could report directly or indirectly to more than oneindividual or team.PRODUCT ENGINE CATEGORY GEOGRAPHY FUNCTIONGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / TOOLS & RESOURCES

ACRONYMS //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////What are they saying?! Nike is full of acronyms, and Global Supply Chain has a handful as well! Hereare the most common acronyms, for a full list visit Nikepedia.ACCR- Amplified Category Concept Review GM- General Manager PLM- Product Line ManagerAPD- Apparel Product Director GPM- Gross Pricing Margin PPS- Product Process SystemAPLM- Associate Product Line Manager GTM- Go-To-Market PPU- Price Per UnitBB- Basketball HOH- House of Hoops PR- Proto RequestBKK- Airport code for Bangkok, Thailand HSE- a factory PSP- Profit Sharing ProgramCAD- Category Assortment ICM- Integrated Color & Merchandising QBR- Quarterly Business ReviewCAF- Category Assortment Finalization IDCR- Integrated Design & Color Review RLF- Regional Line FinalizationCAM- Category Alignment Meeting JWN- John Wayne Naekel ROI- Return On InvestmentCCD- Category Creative Director KB24- Kobe Bryant, who wears #24 RTV- Return To VendorCFL- Category Footwear Lead KD- Kevin Durant SAMM- Seasonal Alignment & Merchandising MeetingCIA- Category Information Analyst LBJ- short for LeBron James SCU- Supply Chain UniversityCKO- Category Kick-Off LDP- Landed Price SDS- Standard Department StoresCMVP- Category Mission, Vision, Position LPF- Line Plan Finalization SG- Sporting GoodsCOE- Center Of Excellence LY- Last Year SIL- Seasonal Initiative LaunchCSP- Category Sales Projections MDS- Moderate Department Stores SIM- Seasonal Integration MeetingCSR- Category Strategic Review MMX- MerchManX, the new system replacing PPS SMM- Senior Merchandise ManagerCTE- Compete, Train, Express MR1, MR2, MR3, MR4- Margin Reports SOL- Sh*t Out Of LuckDD- Design Director NA- North America SP13- Spring 2013DTC- Direct-to-Consumer NAC- a factory SYC- a factoryEMA- Emerging Markets NCAA- National Collegiate Athletics Association TWC- Tiger Woods CenterESPP- Employee Stock Purchase Program NKE- Nike’s Stock Symbol VLP- Visual Line PlanFOB- Freight On Board NSW- Nike Sportswear VMLP- Visual Merchandising Line PlanFPD- Footwear Product Director PAMM- Product Approval & Merchandising Meeting VP- Vice PresidentGC- Greater China PCC- Product Creation Center WE/CE- Western Europe/Central EuropeGCAL- Global Category Apparel Lead PDF- Portable Document Format YKK- a zipper manufacturerGDP- Global Demand Plan PDX- Airport code for Portland, OR YSC- a material vendorGLOBAL PLANNING ONBOARDING PLAYBOOK / TOOLS & RESOURCES

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