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Light Brown White Black Collage Art Personal Interests Zine (1)

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issues (Expl ained with turtle


How do we harm the environment?

is our t Earth aging e n a l p en the e dam Even wh e, we continu we ignore m only ho e it`s because me human b y it. Ma age that so ment, so... m n the da o to the enviro d actions

If we keep producing plastic, the amount of garbage increases.

(the turtle is not happy)

If we keep leveling up the air pollution, the people´s health gets worse.

(and the turtle doesn't want sick humans)

If we keep throwing toxic substances into the seas, rivers and lakes, all species on Earth seem affected.

(Species like turtles)

Large steps to the planet’s health

own by our ig d e t c e f b f a anet is caused by the l p r u o All specially h it, actions, in general. deal wit ake s o e t i r o t s s u , d ig in d m age is b teps an The dam to take big s environmental we need cts against the e big proj So… . g harmin

If we reduce our water consumption, we will protect the home of the species which live in the seas, rivers and lakes.

(The turtle´s home is protected)

(The land turtles are happy)

If every person on the Earth plants a tree, the deforestation levels will reduce.

If we implement laws and politics against the industrial over waste, we will be able to save cities and towns which have been affected by environmental crisis, like Quintero. (The turtle doesn´t like Quintero´s state)

Daily actions to help the Earth person about big plans. Every the lp Of course, it’s not all ke small actions to he on this planet can ma little environment!. ke a change with some ma n ca u Yo s! ye , So e Earth. daily actions to help th ?. at th But, how can you do

If I were you, I would start saving water by taking shorter showers, for example.

(turtles love to take a quick bath)

If I were you, I would start using my bike rather than my car.

(Turtles have their own method of transportation)

If I were you, I would start saving energy by disconnecting the electronic devices when I’m not using them.

Turtles, like many aquatic and terrestrial species, suffer day by day the consequences of the action of man :(.

Decide to start the change, because...

"happy turtles are happy humans"

produced by Isidora Magazine Barrera Muñoz, Maísa Carrasco De La Paz & Bárbara Cortés Milla Class M3C, September 15th 2022

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