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MISSION STATEMENTOur mission is to Influence Practice and Promote Value-based Growth . Our students willrecognise, understand, and uphold the social relevance of business decisions, includingwithin the underserved sections of society.We uphold this mission because we recognise our twin roles – as a responsible memberof Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and as a responsive member of Indian society at large – andlook at ourselves in a wider context as a ‘Beyond MBA’ institution.We will accomplish our mission through:(a) Learner-centric pedagogy that will emphasize attitudes, including spirituality, and skills as much as knowledge;(b) Exposing students to value-based growth in underserved parts of our communities;(c) Synthesis - in our intellectual contributions and curriculum - of competition - based western efficiency and collaboration-centric eastern ethos; and(d) Intellectual contributions aimed at influencing practice.In our students, we recognise a predisposition and willingness to be a doer first. Wealso emphasise sensitivity to the social footprint of business actions and the role ofspirituality in a balanced approach to decision making.In our faculty members, we recognise a commitment to delivering outstandinglearner-centric pedagogy by taking advantage of the personal and residential natureof our programmes. We also require them to create and disseminate knowledgeaimed at influencing practice.As a community, we realise these objectives through integrity, self- accountability,professional discipline, and hard work.We value operational freedom and uphold an entrepreneurial, agile, flexible, andcollaborative culture.

FROM THE Dear Corporate Leader,DEAN’S DESK I take great pride in introducing you to the Post Graduate Programme In Management (PGPM) at the S.P.Dr. Banerjee’s interests include Marketing Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR).Strategy, Behavioural Economics and SPJIMR consistently ranks among the top 10 business schools in India. This is a result of our innovativeInnovation. He holds a BTech from IIT pedagogy and practice oriented approach, wherein we not only equip students with the knowledge (toolsBombay, an MBA from IIM Calcutta and and techniques) to lead, but also foster the attitude and skills to leverage that knowledge in practice. Wea PhD in Management from the Carlson have a strong ‘learning through doing’ element in our programme and our students are equipped to handleSchool of Management, University of unstructured situations and stay the course.Minnesota, USA. A quest for all-round excellent and continuous improvement is a consistent hallmark of top business schools. On this count, we share commonalities with the best institutions in management education. However, our programme is different from other competing programmes in the following ways: a) We typically take in students with 5 or more years of experience. The consequence is that each student has had time to acquire in-depth experience in one functional area and has had some exposure to cross functional interactions. b) While we teach subjects in functional areas, one emphasis that underlines all courses is the ‘business is business’ approach. We teach students early into the programme that there are no marketing problems or finance problems, but business problems with specific dimensions. We equip students to see all the cross functional linkages and thus prepare them for decision making at senior management levels and beyond. c) We have a policy of recruiting a mix of traditional academics and senior industry leaders as faculty. This results in an optimal mix of theory and practice in what is taught. We thus meet industry’s growing need for lateral hires with a cross functional perspective, which often cannot be met purely by internal hires. “The class of The programme participants stand out in terms of diversity of background, 2016 stands out in talent, depth and organisational maturity. Previous batches of this terms of diversity programme have been enthusiastically welcomed back by industry into of background, strategic positions. talent, depth and organisational I invite you to be a part of our placement process for the PGPM Class of 2016. maturity.” Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, Dean, SPJIMR

TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout SPJIMR ...................................................................................................06Leadership Team ..............................................................................................07About PGPM ......................................................................................................08Programme USP ................................................................................................09Programme Structure .......................................................................................10Programme Architecture ...................................................................................11Leadership through Character Building ...........................................................12International Immersion ...................................................................................13Samavesh ..........................................................................................................14Co-curricular Student Initiatives ......................................................................16Batch Statistics .................................................................................................17Guest Speakers ................................................................................................19Our Recruiters ..................................................................................................20Batch Profile - Finance .....................................................................................25Batch Profile - Information Management .........................................................32Batch Profile - Marketing .................................................................................77Batch Profile - Operations Management ..........................................................94Faculty .............................................................................................................117Alumni Testimonials .......................................................................................118Achievements .................................................................................................119Placement Committee ....................................................................................120

ABOUT PROMOTING VALUE-BASED GROWTH SPJIMR SPJIMR propounds that individuals need to build the right blend between concern for their own welfare and social good. Thus the institute encourages development of a co-operativeBharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) was outlook that recognizes the value of sharing and mutual respect. This is emphasized ininaugurated in 1981 by the then British Prime Minister Rt. Hon’ble Margaret Thatcher. the curriculum through practical experiential learning as well as by example.As one of the Asia’s finest business schools, consistently ranked among the top 10 inIndia, SPJIMR has persistently built on its unique strength of imparting high quality SOCIAL RELEVANCE AND RESPONSIVENESSmanagement education through pedagogic innovations, encouraging business-academia SPJIMR seeks to incorporate within its management curriculum strategies for innovativeinterface and emphasizing on its twin objective of Influencing Practice and Promoting business practices and social values through the integration of corporate socialValue-based Growth. responsibility programmes.INFLUENCING PRACTICE CO-OPERATION AND COLLABORATIONThe initiatives and innovations at SPJIMR aim to influence industry practices and therefore The advent of globalization has brought in its wake an increased collaboration forbe a participant in reshaping the nation. The learning imbibed through a flexible and heightened social, economic and environmental benefit. Through collaborative effort,versatile curriculum develops in students, not only a capacity for analysis and judgment, it is possible to optimize the use of limited resources, leading to more appropriate andbut also an innate ability to relate to social problems and then draw upon their own relevant business practices. SPJIMR strongly advocates collaborative efforts for achievingresources for understanding and action. higher than normal returns from investments. NETWORKING As a management institute, SPJIMR encourages its functioning within a wider social and cultural environment with an emphasis on critical socio-economic processes that are shaping businesses today. SPJIMR endeavours to amalgamate these diverse perceptions and demands in order to generate a more relevant and significant management education for India. In this respect, SPJIMR attempts to be seen as a major trendsetter in management education today. PGPM Class of 2016 6

ADVANTAGE LEADERSHIP The Leadership team of the SPJIMR TEAM PGPM comprises of Dr. Suresh G. Lalwani, Professor of FinanceConsistently ranked among the top 10 B-schools in India at SPJIMR, as the ChairpersonInnovative pedagogy that focuses on the changing global scenario and Dr. Anjali Malik as AssociateFocus on influencing practice and value-based growth Programme Head.Pragmatic blend of western efficiency and eastern ethosFaculty with rich academic and industry experience About Dr. Suresh G. Lalwani,Located in Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India Chairperson:Extensive industry interaction and integrationApproved by AICTE and accredited by AMBA UK Dr. Suresh G. Lalwani is Professor of Finance at SPJIMR and teaches a range of courses extending from the foundation level to specialisations. During his academic tenure, Dr. Lalwani has been the Head of the Finance Area and a panelist at several 4RANKED industry seminars along with prominent central bankers and financial market professionals. He has authored a number of th articles and cases that have been published in reputed journals and financial dailies He is a member on the Advisory Council for the Finance Academy of the Mahindra Leadership University, an initiative of the Mahindra & Mahindra group. He has also in 2015 been on the advisory council of other academic and industry organisations. He was a co-founder and promoter of ‘Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association’ (FIMMDA), which is a ‘partner in growth’ for RBI in bond, money and derivatives 5 markets. Dr. Lalwani brings to bear in his academic role vast industry exposure of over 25 years in banking and financial 7 markets. In addition to discharging various responsibilities as a senior banker, he has functioned as ‘Group Head – Money 10 Markets’ in the L&T group and as ‘Fund Manager & Chief Dealer (Money Markets)’ for Bank of India. 15 Dr. Lalwani is an avid music and Bollywood enthusiast, an interest that often sees him take to the stage in his many interactions with students. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 About Dr. Anjali Malik, Associate Programme Head: Dr. Anjali Malik, Associate Professor at SPJIMR in the Marketing area, brings around 16 years of experience in academics, training, consultancy, research and industry. She holds a Doctorate in Marketing from University Business School (UBS), Chandigarh. She has experience in sales and account management in the industry. She has earlier served as a Professor of Marketing at the IILM Institute for Business & Management, Gurgaon, Haryana, and Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi. She has conducted several training programmes in the area of Customer Relationship Management and marketing strategy for industry in collaboration with PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Delhi and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Gurgaon. She has authored several research papers in refereed international journals and national journals of repute including International Journal of Business & Emerging Markets, International Journal of Electronic Business, South Asian Journal of Management and Metamorphosis. She is also empanelled as a peer reviewer for South Asian Quality Standards (SAQS) with the Association of Management Development Institutes in South Asia (AMDISA). PGPM Class of 2016 7

ABOUT CHAIRPERSON’S PGPM MESSAGESPJIMR’s Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is a one year programme* targeted at professionals with “ Dr. Suresh G. Lalwani,at least five years of work experience. The Programme commences with a 3 months blended learning followed by a Chairperson, PGPM12 months full time residential component. This programme has been accredited by All India Council for Technical Recruiter needs are the focal pointEducation (AICTE) and the Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK. SPJIMR perceived the need of the industry for thought of everything that we do in the PGPMleaders in middle level management and successfully endeavoured to create the PGPM course. The programme in its programme. The emphasis is on shaping ourtwelfth year has challenged the paradigm of conventional part-time courses for working executives. high quality intake into middle-level talent that possesses not only solid exposure andTHE KNOWING, DOING, BEING FRAMEWORK in-depth functional capabilities but also cross-functional skills and breadth in theOur unique PGPM programme focusses on enhancing the functional and managerial capabilities, thereby making understanding of business and its growththe participants a complete professional ready to take up a leadership position. The programme will ensure that drivers. We believe that such middle-levelthe participants are equipped to see cross-functional linkages and thus prepare for decision making at a middle talent forms the backbone of organizationalmanagement level and beyond. At SPJIMR, we stress on honing the skill sets with a unique three - pronged approach growth and that it is our responsibility asof Knowing (Knowledge), Doing (Skills) and Being (Attitude). Though due importance is given to classroom learning, a top business school to fulfil this criticalthe effort is made to build suitable stimuli into non-classroom learning. The participants will benefit from our globally need of industry.acclaimed and award winning value based leadership modules like Assessment and Development of Managerialand Administrative Potential (ADMAP), the Personal Growth Lab (PG Lab), the Development of Corporate Citizenship PGPM Class of 2016 8(DOCC) and the Science of Spirituality (SOS). Along with theoretic classroom inputs, the programme encourages theparticipants to constantly be in touch with the industry and industry trends, through live projects, cases, guest speakerseries and mentorship programmes with the Industry leaders. Our Annual conclave - Samavesh brings top businessleaders on campus to interact with our students.INDUSTRY NEED / PARTICIPANT’s NEEDThe rapid growth of business has presented the need for a very large number of senior and middle level managementprofessionals in most companies. They are required to have a general management perspective with focused domainexpertise on the businesses they serve. There exists a huge gap between the current demand for such professionalsand their availability. The PGPM programme helps in accelerating their growth and add value to their careers in a shorttime. The programme is rigorous, challenging, and intense. It encourages learning beyond classroom discussions andprepares participants to analyse situations quickly and apply skills to real business scenarios.* PGPM is an AICTE approved programme having a One Year Full Time Residential Component. This is preceded by a 3-month Offcampus Web learning’ component. In aggregate, the programme is of 15 months duration.

PROGRAMME Course of Independent Study (CIS)USP PGPM participant undertakes CIS projects or assignments with aThe internationally accredited PGPM is known for its sharp focus in company as a consultant. This provides participants with a uniquedelivering social sensitivity, global relevance and value-based leadership opportunity to augment the domain based knowledge that consolidatesskills through innovative pedagogy, active international exposure and a on the participant’s work experience along with the learning from theseries of other initiatives. programme. Participants work closely with the industry in solving real-time problems, thereby getting a new perspective on business practices.INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME ARCHITECTURE BLENDED LEARNINGSPJIMR’s PGPM focuses equally on Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Participantsreap the benefits of SPJIMR’s globally acclaimed and award winning value-based The three-month online pre-foundation course covers basic managementleadership development modules like the Assessment & Development of Managerial courses and gear up the participants for the programme.& Administrative Potential (ADMAP), the Personal Growth Lab, the Development ofCorporate Citizenship (DOCC) and the Science of Spirituality. BATCH DIVERSITYCAREER ACCELERATION TO GENERAL MANAGEMENT The PGPM participants come with diverse industries and domains, such as BFSI, Technology, Defence, Healthcare, Auto, Energy and severalThe program seeks to draw on the experience of participants with the objective other sectors.of enabling participants with the objective of enabling management roles. Profilemapping helps participants identify roles and good positions at the next level. PGPM Class of 2016 9INTERNATIONAL IMMERSIONThe PGPM program’s InternationalImmersion module provides studentswith an opportunity to pursue advancedcourses in their area of specialization.To impart super specializations, theinstitute has partnered with leadinguniversities such as New York University-Stern School of Business, MichiganState University – Eli Broad College ofBusiness, University of Texas Austin-McCombs School of Business and CornellUniversity – Samuel Curtis JohnsonGraduate School of Management in theUnited States.

PROGRAMMESTRUCTUREAt SPJIMR, we focus on the Attitude (To Be) and Skill (To Do) aspects of managementeducation as much as the Knowledge (To Know) aspect. Though due importance isgiven to classroom learning, the effort is made to build suitable stimuli into non-classroom learning, on which the participants can base their own self-developmentarchitecture.Program Module Interactive Online General DOCC Specialization International Elective Sessions Managment May-Jun Courses Immersion period Oct-Dec Social Jun-Aug SepPeriod Oct-Dec Classroom Execution - The ‘Knowing’ PhaseGM IGM II GM IIIImpact ProBono - The ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’ phaseJan-Feb Feb-April April-MayProjectInformation with NGO Management Pre- Mid Year BreakManagement FundamentalsAdvancedGeneral Electives Foundation Final EvaluationBasic and Advanced Courses2FinanceSpecializationCareer Strategy Marketing with partner Courses Personal Growth Lab Operations Financial Science of Spirituality B-schools Accounting Administrative Strategy Live projects Marketing Micro- economicsDuration in weeks 12 Industry & Alumni Interaction 11 3 12 6 6 8 8 6 PGPM Class of 2016 10

LEADERSHIP INITIATIVES STRUCTURE @ SPJIMR Expected Outcomes Learning Objectives Processes Impact on Thinking-“BEING’’(Vichara) Impact on Actions-“DOING’’ - Permit self-assessment and - Assessment of individual attributes development of key managerial skills and admin personality - Recognize importance of implementation - In uence without power - Learning by observationADMAP & feasibility - Make decision and implement within - Classroom sessions on administrative - Self development skills through constraints of time and resources theories & frame works experience analysis - Report writing- documenting experiential learningDOCC - Develop a balanced personality - Improve the e ectiveness and e ciency - Getting sensitized and developing sensitivity - Inculcate right attitudes and values in of NGOs, by providing them towards hardships of living in rural India - 2 weeks in an NGO based in a ruralScience Of future managers, non-self centeredness implementable managerial inputs - To learn that management principles areas of India Spirituality - Gratefulness for being privileged - Highlight the signi cance of CSR are universally applicable - Accommodative Nature in the corporate sector - Appreciate the need for contributing - Workshop based on interaction with to the society Swamiji on Bhagwad Gita in - Greater objectivity; recognize - Ability for self-re ection and introspection - To apply the ASSOCHAM framework to the management and its relevance one’s subjectivity - Living a balanced life Living intelligently organization and showcase the good work - Debrie ng and Q&A with faculty - Contentment done by esteemed organization - Maturity - Conceptual inputs and discussion of key - Enhance spiritual quotient and in organizational behavior theory and research - Self con dence turn enhance Emotional Quotient about personality and behavior - Acceptance of oneself and others - Equanimity in unfavorable Circumstances - Insights about one’s personality and behavior - Integration of one’s thoughts, feelings, by guided use of psychological instrumentPersonal and actions - Greater comfort in working and collaborating - Better understanding of oneself and one’s - Three-day o -site experience of personal discovery, Growth Lab - Becoming a better person and an e ective with others e ectiveness in interacting with others relationship and team building through guided manager - Expanding the repertoire of one’s skills in - Develop insights about one’s behavior outdoor and adventure activities dealing with people and situations and relationships - Personal learning paper documenting re ections of - Link concepts and experience to derive experiences and linking them to one’s personal goals personal learning for growth and development PGPM Class of 2016 11

PROGRAMME ARCHITECHTURE SEMESTER I SEMESTER IIWeb Management Accounting CREDITS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CREDITS Learning Micro Economics - IT Strategy Quantitative Methods - I 1 - IT Business Development FINANCEGeneral Marketing Management - I 1 - IT Consulting Management Management I 1 - Data Analytics - Corporate Valuation Total 1 - Technology & Services Management - Derivatives & Risk Management People and Performance - I - Outsourcing Strategy Management - Project Finance Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis 4 - Business Intelligence Systems - Mergers & Acquisitions Science of Spirituality - Enterprise Systems - Managing Banks And Financial Institutions Quantitative Modelling 0.5 - IT Product Management - Debt Securities and Treasury Management Macro Economics & Business Environment 1.5 - Developing a Digital & Social Strategy - International Finance Managing IT 0.5 - SMAC for Business Transformation - Financial Risk Management Operations Management 0.5 - Strategic Business Process Analysis - Marketing of Financial Products & Services Learning Management - Workshop - IT Project Management - Advanced Corporate Finance Managerial Computing using Dashboards & 1 - Cloud Computing - Financial Modelling, Private Equity (Workshop) Reports Workshop 1 - E- Commerce Case Method Workshop 1 - Enterprise Mobility - Big Data Visualization using Tableau Total - Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF Marketing Management- II 6 - Buyer Behaviour MARKETING OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Corporate Finance - Logistics And Supply Chain Management People and Performance- II Legal Aspects of Business 1 - Sales, Business Development & Key Account Management - Project Management Design ThinkingGeneral Financial Markets 1.5 - Strategic Marketing - Manufacturing Planning & Control Management II ADMAP 1 - Strategic Brand Management (IMC) - Management Science Business Research Methodology 1 - International Marketing - Services Operations Mangement - Strategic Marketing of Innovation & Technology Businesses - Strategic Cost Management Total 1 - Services Marketing - Operations Strategy 0.5 - Capstone Project - Lean Enterprise Decision Science 0.5 - Pricing International Business - Marketing Research Business Policy and Strategy 1 Business Consulting Decision Making through Simulation 7.5 Specialization 9 Business Negotiation - Workshop 1 International Track - Advance Specialization 3General Business Communication 1 1 Management III 1 Integrated Specialized Exam 6 Total 0.5 General Electives DOCC 1 - Game Theory for - E Commerce - Mergers and Acquisitions - Marketing Engineering - Global Performance Comprehensive Exam 0.5 Business Strategy - Key Account Management - Financial Modelling for EXCEL Leadership 1 - Advanced Business - Business Analytics - Blue Ocean Strategy - Managing IT Financial - Behavioural Economics 6 Consulting - Banking & Financial - International Finance Imperatives - Big Data Visualization - Services Management - Micro Economics of Institutions & Marketing - International Economics - Critical Thinking 1 Competitiveness - Project Finance - Customer Relationship - International Trade - Supply Chain Practices - Digital Marketing Management and WTO and Simulations 1 GRAND TOTAL (SEMESTER I & II) 44.5 PGPM Class of 2016 12

INTERNATIONAL COURSE OF IMMERSION INDEPENDENT STUDY (CIS)SPJIMR is one of the few if not the only B-School Course of Independent Study (CIS) is a unique and unconventional method of industryto send the entire batchof PGPM participants for a engagement along with academia. It represents an opportunity to the participants tothree-week international immersion programme at explore a topic in depth in his area of special interest by working as a consultant on asome of the best known global business schools. project or an assignment with the industry. It makes possible the integration of severalThe four specialisations visit different schools fields of study in searching for the solution for a real time industry problem/project. Foreach noted for leadership in the chosen area, for an empirical work, it provides valuable experience in the research process in the definitionadvanced courses. The immersion is coupled with of a problem, in the search for relevant data, in the analysis of the data and in deriving theopportunities to work on a live project, making the conclusions and implications of the data for the problem under study.teaching-learning process that much more relevantfor the participants.Marketing: BENEFITS TO THE INDUSTRY:Birbeck, University of London; USC Marchall School of Business, USA, Samuel Curtis Johnson Complex implementation issues can be dealt with innovative ways as programSchool of Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA. participants bring in fresh thinking and the latest concepts. Enables evaluation of the candidate over a longer period of time compared to the limited durationInformation Management: of interviews during the placement period, thus reducing the probability of non suitability or placement issues.MCombs School of Business, University of Texas, USA. BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTS:Finance: Enhances the functional learning of participants and enables them to understandBirbeck, University of London; NYU Stern School of Business, USA; Samuel Curtis Johnson the rolesand functions within the organization.School of Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA. Participants establish a connection with the employer and they benefit from a hands-on opportunity to apply their managerial learning.Operations Management: PGPM Class of 2016 13The Eli Board College of Business, Michigan State University , USA

SAMAVESH“Samavesh” when translated to English is “Assimilation”. Assimilation is the act or their solutions, exchange best practices and most importantly what it takes to runprocess of absorbing information and experiences. This is precisely the intention businesses successfully.behind the annual industry-academia conclave – Samavesh – organized by the This year, Samavesh is was held on 13th and 14th of May, 2016 at the SPJIMR campusparticipants of the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM at SPJIMR, in Mumbai and hosted 6 conclaves – Operations, Marketing, Startup, Consulting,Mumbai. In this summit, virtuosos from the industry and academia get together Information Management and discuss contemporary business issues and answer some of the momentous A major chunk of the conclave was held in panel discussions and question-answerquestions prevailing in today’s business world. Business leaders from various format. This cleared many myths in the minds of students, updated their knowledgedomains share their experiences with the academicians and students on various and invigorated them to focus on certain critical aspects of management. The industrytrends & future of the business landscape. Such knowledge sharing provides food leaders presented their expectations from the current PGPM batch as managementfor thought to the students who are the future leaders of our country. practitioners. Just like the pollination of flowers, this conclave was an importantOver the years, this summit has witnessed distinguished business leaders, exchange of ideas and thoughts between Industry and academia. The event confirmedspanning various domains, share their insights into real world business problems, the faith of the Indian industry on SPJIMR as a leader in management education. PGPM Class of 2016 14

SAMAVESH 2016OPERATIONS MARKETING STARTUP CONSULTING INFORMATION FINANCE CONCLAVE CONCLAVE CONCLAVE CONCLAVE MANAGEMENT CONCLAVEANALYTICS & EMERGING EMERGING TRENDS IN PHENOMENON OF DEALING WITH CHANGE - CONCLAVE EVOLVING ROLE TECHNOLOGIES DIGITAL MARKETING INDIAN STARTUPS – THEIR REALIGNING CONSULTING OF CFO AS A PRACTICES FOR A RAPIDLY REIMAGINING BUSINESSES - FOR TRANSFORMING SUSTAINABILITY AND THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIC PARTNER SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIVE POTENTIAL CHANGING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT WAY Mr. Amish MehtaMr. Hardeep Singh Ms. Namrita Mahindro Mr. Amiya Pathak Mr. Ajay S Nair Mr. Milind Tasgaonkar Chief Financial Officer,CEO, Senior General Manager, Director - Product Management CRISIL LimitedVulcan Express Pvt Ltd, Mahindra Group Twitter & Founder of ZipDial Partner, Performance Head - Cloud Business and Alliances(Logistics arm of Snapdeal) Improvement Advisory Practice, NetApp Mr. Deepak C. Rathi Mr. Nitin Bhate Mr. Gaurav Mehta EY IndiaMr. Kartik Shankar Mr. Prasad Routray Financial Controller (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Ashwin Ballal nuFuture Digital (India) Ltd. -AVP - Head of Procurement, GE South Asia OLX South Asia Vice President & Business Head, A Future Group VentureNestle India Partner, Management Consulting, Bharti Airtel Ltd. Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari Mr. Kashyap Vadapalli KPMG India Mr. Nalin JainMr. Naveen Rajan Mr. Satyen Jadeja Chief Growth Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Prasad Kurup Financial AdvisorGlobal Supply Chain Transformation Ask Me Group Industry Leader and Associate, El Toro Investment CorpConsultant, Hewlett Packard Partner - Strategy & Analytics,IBM Director - Analytics IBM Mr. Ramesh Bhaskar Mr. Kiran Murthi India - Global Business Services Mr. Sujit VaidyaDr. Milind Patil Mr. K. Sridhar Head of Industry - FMCG, CEO, Mr. Vivek Shrivastava Vice President &Associate Vice President, Google Vice President - Jio Money Chief Financial Officer,Manufacturing & Supply Executive Director - Data & Analytics Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. The Walt Disney Company IndiaChain Services, Dr. Ashita Aggarwal Mr. Rajesh Sawhney Technology Consulting, PWCTata Consultancy Services DK Venkatesh Prof. Prem Chandrani Professor, Founder & CEO, Prof. Prem Chandrani SVP - DeliveryDr. Sajeev George Head - Marketing Department, GSF India Professor, Chairperson - SPJIMR Professor, Chairperson - Global Delivery Head - Insurance, International Relations,Associate Professor, Prof M. Suresh Rao International Relations, VirtusaPolaris HOD Finance,Head - Operations Management, Prof. Nitin Ghadiyar HOD Finance, SPJIMRSPJIMR Professor Chairperson - SPJIMR Dr. Anil Vaidya Professor, Marketing Center for Entrepreneurship Mr. Anand PandeyMr. Anand Pandey SPJIMR SPJIMR Mr. Anirudh Srinivasraghavan Professor, Head - Information Management Founder,Founder, Mr. Siddharth Jain Sr. Consultant, SPJIMR Apna MediaApna Media Bain & Co. Program Manager, Prof. Oscar J. D'Souza Branding and Communications Amdocs Professor, Information Management SPJIMR PGPM Class of 2016 15

BUSINESS CONSULTING CLUB CO-CURRICULAR STUDENT INITIATIVESConsulting being the prime career choice among the PGPMstudents, this club aims to prepare them better through guest ENTREPRENEUR CLUBlectures, alumni connect and skill development workshops.The club activities include case interview preparation Entrepreneur club is a platform for PGPM students to launch their business ideas. Throughsessions, targeted networking and providing valuable insights Entrepreneur club we strive to gain non-classroom knowledge and experience on entrepreneurshipinto consulting industry. and provide opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs. We invite successful entrepreneurs to share their insights on what works and what doesn’t for a start-up. Workshops are conductedBUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CLUB to bring hands-on experience about implementing business ideas. The club also provides opportunities to validate business ideas, business models and provide mentoring & fundingTechnology’s significance on businesses is tremendous as it helps them to adapt and sustain support as required. The spark is within everyone and we provide the fuel for this VUCA world. At PGPM, we have students from diverse backgrounds belonging to variousdomains and technologies. The technology club is a student driven club where students share THE CINEPHILE FILM CLUBtheir technical expertise with others which helps them understand various technologies and itsuse from a business angle. Any technology which is not used to add value to the business is of no In the words of legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, “No form of art goes beyond ordinaryuse, and the technology club’s main focus is to create a thought process among students to utilize consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul.”technology in order to benefit business. The club’s activities include domain specific sessions on Good films bring people together; convey powerful truths in a universal language (like art &various technologies by students, alumni speakers and guest speakers from the industry. music) and thus lead to limitless and very often unimagined experiences, both for self and society, and broad as well as minute insight into the human psyche. In every country in the world, cinema has the power to delight and create delusions, often simultaneously. This makes it an incredibly rich complementary source of management education. Now in its second year, the Cinephile Film Club continues to delve into the vast ocean of film archives and showcase works of exceptional merit - in the process imbuing the leaders of tomorrow.VISHWAS, A CENTRE FOR COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT SPEAK UPVishwas is a space that is dedicated to the wellbeing of the participants. In today’s environment, Amongst the plethora of activities undertaken by the students of PGPM 2016 what stands out is thechallenges move far beyond an occasional crisis. There are constant changes on the passion and enthusiasm by which the official speaking club (christened Speak Up!) is run. The clubprofessional and personal front, which make demands on one’s intellectual and emotional has 60 active members. Club meetings take place on a weekly basis. Nominations for speaking atresources. Vishwas provides a platform that actively addresses and builds & ‘cope-ability’; the next club meeting are opened a week in advance and all the slots are usually filled up within ahelps our participants immensely in the long run. day or two. We follow the internationally renowned ‘Toastmaster’ model in our club. Accordingly we follow a fixed order for our activities. Impromptu speeches, prepared speeches and presentations are some of the items that have been covered at the club. Going forward we have plans to conduct debates, mock interviews, mock networking meets and panel discussions. There is a structured feedback given to each speaker at the club. A record of this feedback is made and sent to all the members at the end of the meeting. Since this is done for each meeting, any speaker can refer to this record to see how his / her performance has improved over a period of time. PGPM Class of 2016 16

BATCHSTATISTICS 2016 3%Iron 3% Telecom 4% Product Development 3% Marketing & 17% & Steel 19% Power 4% General Communication 3% FMCG & Utilities Project & Program3% Automotive Management & Strategy Management 3% Oil & 4% KAM 17% Software Gas 5% Operations Development 9% Consulting Incoming Industries 7% Supply Chain Incoming Roles 13% 10%Retail Management 18% BFSI 7% Business Others 13% Others Development 8% QA/QC 16% IT / ITES 11% Business Analyst 29 18 132 680 AVERAGE FEMALE MALE AVERAGE 17 AGE PARTICIPANTS PARTICIPANTS GMAT SCORE PGPM Class of 2016

years of 40 Students Experience 2006 Marketing 8% 26 Students PGPM Class of 2016 18 2004 2003Average 960 2008Experience ALUMNI 2007 7yrs NETWORK 2005 2011 2009 2010

GUEST YEAR 2015 Mr. Ahmed Aftab Naqvi Mr. Ashok Mehra SPEAKERS SparkNext, Global Head, Business Change, TCS Mr. Ishwar Jha, Idea Generation Workshop Change ManagementYEAR 2016 CEO, Zee Entertainment, IPO WorkshopMr.Avinava Banerjee Mr. Joseph Mahendran Mr.Indrajit SanyalDirector of Big Data at Hindustan Unilever Ltd Mr. Manish Dhameja AVP, Black & Veatch Corporation Director & Head, Systems Integration, Ericsson Mr. Omkar Phadnis MD, Standard Chartered, Banking - Changing Overview of Management & Engineering Consulting Creative Disruption in the Networked AgeManaging Director of Accenture Operations LandscapesMr. Rahul Roushan Mr. Vidur Vyas Mr. Suraj ShenaiFounder and Editor of website Mr. Nilesh Sangoi Sr Director Marketing, Pepsico Regional Marketing Manager, Pernod Ricard India Mr. Harsh Kumar CTO, Meru Cabs, Case Study of Meru business Understanding Marketing in the Dark Markets ofPartner IBM Consulting Mr. Amit Kumar Indian alcoholic beverage industryMs.Mansi Tripathy Mr. Nalin Jain Co-founder and COO, Rejuvenate Solutions Pvt.Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India Finance Director, Ltd, Entrepreneurship Mr. Sreenivasa Chakravarti Volkswagon, Understanding Business Challenges Head of Manufacturing - ITG group, TCS Mr Avinava Banerjee Mr. Uday Jena Group Manager, D&E Marketing Analytics, Uniliver, Mr. Toshan Tamhane Director and Treasury Head, Societe Generale Analytics & Trend Corporate Finance and Private Equity Practice, Financial Markets McKinsey Ten Tests of Strategy Mr. Ganesh Subramanian Mr. Mahesh Gaikwad Myntra Analytics & Digital Marketing AVP, Business Development, HCC concessions Private Public Partnership Ms. Deepa Sapatnekar LinkedIn, Networking on LinkedIn Ms. Rajeshwari Ramachandran WIPRO Corporate HR, Corporate presentation Mr. Arun Sawhney design MD, Ranbaxy, General Strategy Mr. Nihar Rao Mr. Mukul Krishna CIO, Hathway cables and datacom, Big Data in Senior Global Director, Telecom - How Telcos can use it for creation of Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan” new Business streams General Strategy Mr. Samit Datta Mr.Joe Fristensky Head Global Supply Chain Management, Piramal Partner, VP - ICT , Frost & Sullivan Enterprises Ltd, Supply Chain Management General Strategy Mr. Radhesh Kanumury Country Lead, Global Entrepreneur Program, IBM, Internet of things Mr. Satish Kashyap Co-Founder Algo Engines, Internet of things Mr. Rathin Lahiri CMO, Meru Cabs, Analytics in Meru Cabs Mr. Mahesh Manghnani TBD PGPM Class of 2016 19

OUR Ess DEE Aluminium Ltd Mahindra Comviva Shapoorji Pallonji RECRUITERS Exl Services McKinsey & Company Siemens Ltd Facebook India Microland Snapdeal3i Infotech Fleet Ship Musigma SodexoAccenture Business Services FlipKart India Nazara Technologies SpancoAccenture Strategy Ford India Pvt Ltd Pepperfry Sutherland Global ServicesAmazon Development Center Frost & Sullivan Pricewaterhouse Coopers SyntelAmazon Web Services GE India Prime Focus Technologies Tata Consultancy ServicesAmdocs Genpact Pubmatic Time Capital LtdAnthellio Geometric global Raymonds Trident GroupAtos Consulting GEP Worldwide Reliance Industries Ltd Valcon Management ConsultantsBarclays Health Google India Reliance Infocomm Vodafone IndiaBDO Consulting HDFC Bank Reliance Jio Wipro IndiaBharti Walmart Hero Moto Corp Renault Yes BankBirla Sun Life Hi-Radius Renoir Consulting Zensar Tech LtdBMGI Hunt Partners SAB Miller ZS AssociatesBrillio Technologies IBM SAP India Zycus InfotechBristlecone ICICI Bank Sapient Consulting Ltd ZyngaCapco Technologies IndiabullsCapstone India Infosys Ltd Outgoing Industries 2015 8%Citi group Infrastructure Debt Fund Manufacturing/CMS Computers Limited Intellecap 27% Supply Chain LogisticsCoca Cola ITC Foods Ltd ConsultingCognizant Business Consulting & Jbara Software 5%Cognizant Technology JDA Software 48% TelecomCredit Suisse JP Morgan Services India IT & ITESCrisil Jyoti Structures Ltd 4%Cummins KPIT Cummins e-CommerceDamco KPMG Advisory Services 4%Dark frames L&T ECC Banks/ Financial InstitutionsDatamatics L&T InfotechDell International services Larsen and Toubro 3%Diamler India(CV) Mahindra and Mahindra IT ProductEnzen Global Solutions Pvt LtdEricsson Global Services Pvt Ltd.Ernst & Young PGPM Class of 2016 20

Class of 2016 PGPM Class of 2016 21

CLASS OF 2016 PGPM Class of 2016 22

FINANCE PGPM Class of 2016 23

PGPM Class of 2016 24

INDEX - FINANCESr. No. Student Name Domain Function Total Experience in Pg. No. Months1 Adil Sabuwala Banking Wealth Management 120 262 Amresh Jha Banking Credit functions 72 263 Deepak Koul BFSI Consulting 108 274 Harsha Atluri Banking Corporate advances 62 275 Lovekush Shah Consulting Financial Assessment 78 286 Nikhil Pathak Investment Banking Risk Management 114 287 Nimish Kanvinde Financial Consolidation SAP - FICO/BPC Consultant 74 298 Swapnil More ITES Software Quality Assurance 90 29 PGPM Class of 2016 25

ADIL SABUWALA AMRESH JHA 9 years and 8 months of 5 years and 11 months of experience between wealth experience in credit, branch & investment management management & forex with and overall business various banks Administration Past Employers: Axis Bank, Past Employers: Barclays, Canara Bank, South Indian Bank Deutsche Bank, Designer Candles & Oleo Chemicals, Life B.E.,Electronics Engineering,Nagpur University Incorporation Total Exp: 71 MonthsBMS,Finance,Oriental College of Commerce & Management Area Credit Manager, Credit Appraisal of SME loans, Axis BankUniversity of Mumbai. Total Exp: 116 Months - Appraised/sanctioned loans of INR13 Cr. in 2 months against the target of INR 5 Cr. in absence of sales andService Relationship Manager, Client Servicing, Barclays operations division in the department- Key point of contact for HNWI clients for all wealth management requirements - Set up EEG department at new location (Siliguri), catering to business clients of Sikkim, North W.B and Assam- Managed clients with total AUM in excess of INR 900 Cr.- Prepared credit proposals and disbursed large ticket loans to a sum of INR 400 Cr. Manager, Section Head for Advance Section,Circle Office Canara Bank, Canara Bank- Tracked and managed client’s investment portfolio as per their risk profile and investment objectives - Underwrote various segment of loans viz. construction, manufacturing, service, home loans, personal loans,Service Assistant, Client Servicing, Deutsche Bank auto loans, and project finance- Opened investment account for HNWI - Ensured timely sanction of loan, smooth communication between the branches and circle office, on time- Coordinated with operations team for client’s investments database management- Managed foreign currency inward and outward remittances submission of the statements by reducing the processing time by almost 70 percent- Product research assistant - Organized credit camps at branches and added INR 50 Cr. of new business in the credit portfolio of the circlePartner - Manager, Family Business - Manufacturing Hand-made Designer Candles & Oleo Chemicals, Branch Manager, Branch Head, South Indian BankLife Incorporation - Successful branch management by ensuring nil customer/staff complaints- Overall management and running of candle manufacturing business - Transformed a loss making branch into a profitable branch within a year after taking charge by adding up- Procurement of raw material, negotiate with suppliers, production planning & execution, HRM- Marketing, sales and management of retail outlet core business mix of INR 52 Cr. and bulk business mix of INR 713 Cr. in FY 13-14- Client sourced and acquired through various resources, modes of communication, and trade events - Credit monitoring of the loan/limit accounts to effect nil NPA branch- Partnered with various logistics service providers for smooth movement of material and improved operational efficiencyInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Responsibility of managing clients with total assets in excess of INR 500 Cr. - JAIIBStrategy Consulting, Corporate Finance, SME, - CAIIB(Treasury Management)Investment Banking, in a short span of 2 years in a private wealth management industry Retail loans, Audit, Branch - Certification in KYC&AML,BCSBI and SME from IIBFAsset Management - Promoted to a client facing role within 1 year of joining the Management,Trade Finance, Credit Risk, Treasury, Credit PGPM Class of 2016 26 private wealth industry Analysis, Derivatives - Have single-handedly run a manufacturing business

DEEPAK KOUL HARSHA ATLURI 8 years and 8 months of experience 5 years and 2 months experience at with 2 years of international experience State Bank, experienced in handling largely in BFSI, manufacturing, travel- large-ticket lending to corporates tourism-hospitality domain. Expertise in and last held the branch manager project management, business analysis, assignment, with the responsibility of application development/support, and managing a profit centre of the bank audits primarily catering to banking clients Past Employers: State Bank of India, State Past Employer: Tata Consultancy Services Bank of HyderabadB.E.,Electronics & Communication Engineering, MIET,University of Jammu B.Tech.,Electronics & Communication Engineering,Amrita Vishwa VidyapeethamTotal Exp: 104 Months | International Exp: 24 Months Total Exp: 62 MonthsAssistant Consultant/Project Manager, Project Management , Tata Consultancy Services Deputy Manager & Branch Manager - Banking, State Bank of India- Managed a project team of 10-14 associates working in mortgages area for a UK banking customer - Headed a single officer rural branch (business portfolio of about INR 20 Cr.) with a team of three- Responsible for team management, stakeholder management, problem/incident management, risk management- Ensured 100% compliance on all the SLAs and KPIs throughout this tenure, initiated best practices like subordinates, thereby gaining experience in independently managing a branch - As a credit officer, handled accounts of clients from diverse industries like cement, manufacturing, mentor-mentee pairs and W3 (wednesday workshop of wizards) to build key competencies in team and ensure high standards of delivery infrastructure (roads, power) etc, with an overall business portfolio of about INR 3,810 Cr- Managed a team of 30 associates working on UAT for key client initiative of transition from Citrix shell to VDI - Liaised with infrastructure clients (road & power projects) and processed their day-to-day transaction environment, post UAT also managed the roll out of VDI to 500 associates- Responsible for end to end on-boarding process of business analysts for client’s BA practice requests that included TL/TRA account withdrawals (average of INR 100 Cr. per month), after due-diligence- Responsible for quarterly revenue projections for account and helping with new RFPs and necessary approval- Single-handedly led the application support, application development, business analysis in the business area for - Conducted inspections, consortium meetings, stock audits in respect of all working-capital accounts the client (accounts pertaining to cement, manufacturing & power industries) under our control - Prepared and assisted in presenting various notes, reports and proposals pertaining to 15 corporate accounts to the competent authority/committees within tight timelines, on a daily basis Probationary Officer - State Bank of Hyderabad, Banking, State Bank of HyderabadInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - TCS Gems - Best Project Manager AwardIT Strategy Consulting, - TCS UK & Ireland - ‘Rising stars award’ for top performers Financial Asset Management, Risk - Received a perfect 100/100 annual appraisal score in all yearly appraisals at SBI and wasDomain Consulting, Business - TCS Gems - Star of the quarter award, On the spot award (2 times) Management, Financial Analysis, promoted as a branch head of an SBI Nidumolu Branch, a rural retail single-officerDevelopment - TCS Gems - Certificate of appreciation for project management & Financial Modelling, Corporate/ branch, within four years of service. Project Finance, Credit Analysis, internal audits (appeared on TCS BFS wall of fame) Banking, Strategy, Consulting and - University Gold medallist in B.Tech (ECE) - All India Rank 138 in 3rd National Science Olympiad (1st in J&K) Business Analytics - An Erasmus Mundus - selected and participated in EURECA project funded by the European Commission - ICET 2014 Examination, A.P. (Combined), State level 20th ranker - IIBF CAIIB certified and also completed six certificate courses PGPM Class of 2016 27

LOVEKUSH SHAH NIKHIL PATHAK 6 years and 6 months of experience 9 years and 11 months of experience in due diligence, feasibility in capital markets, broking, lending, assessment, policy research, HNI and NRI services with specialties business development and in market and credit risk, product management consulting in energy management, and business analytics & environment sectors Past Employers: Credit Suisse India, Tata Past Employers: Arcadis India, Gensol Securities, Edelweiss Broking, HSBC Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. Investdirect, ICICI SecuritiesB.Tech.,Applied Petroleum Engineering,University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Chartered Accountant, ICAI | Risk Management, GARP (US)Total Exp: 78 Months Total Exp: 119 MonthsAssociate Consultant, Energy & Environment, Arcadis India AVP - Risk Analytics, Investment Banking, Credit Suisse India- As a part of cross functional team, worked on consulting assignments in energy & power sector - Handled a team of 7 analysts for evaluation and analysis of credit risk exposures under Basel framework- Worked on a number of due diligence studies in the area of renewable energy assignments for lenders- As part of an MNC program was responsible for risk & financial assessment of potential clients AVP - Head Risk, Capital markets, Tata Securities - Managed risk for retail & institutional broking for client margins worth INR 500 Cr. in equities and derivatives in terms of potential sales, risk assessment, past financial performance, debt situation, growth potential and market reputation Senior Manager - Risk, Capital Markets, Edelweiss Broking- Extensively involved in managing client accounts, developing strategies for business development, - Credit risk analysis for loan against shares for ESOP and HNI customers worth INR 2000 Cr. researching on the policies in pursuit of developing a new business area and presenting services to - Market risk & stress testing for customer portfolio (customer base approx. 50000) potential clients- Experienced in working with clients such as UN, JICA, KfW & DMRC Asst. Manager, NRI Services, HSBC Investdirect- Experienced in identifying problems & developing relevant value propositions for MNC clients - Launched NRI product for equities and derivatives along with setting up distribution network in HSBC bankConsultant, Gensol Consultants India Pvt Ltd for cross sell.- Carried out financial assessment of more than 20 wind projects - Break-even target achieved in 6 months i.e. 4 months ahead of schedule- Developed business for renewable energy division for western India- Developed upcoming markets of power trading & REC certification Chief Manager, Product Development, ICICI Securities - Product development and business analytics for IT implementation - Tie up with US broker dealer for investing in US markets for resident Indians - 1st in IndiaInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Received letter of appreciation from Delhi Metro for high quality services - Certified financial risk manager from Global Association of RiskManagement Consulting, - Conceptualized and implemented first ever climate change mitigation Credit Risk, Market Risk, RiskStrategic Consulting, Consulting, Product Development, Professionals (GARP - US)Investment Banking, General project for Government of Belize Wealth Management, Mutual - Set up real-time market risk monitorManagement Funds, Derivatives, Equities, Investment Banking, HNI, Private Banking, Strategy PGPM Class of 2016 28

NIMISH KANVINDE SWAPNIL MORE 6 years and 2 months of experience in 7 years and 5 months of professional SAP consulting and business analysis. experience in quality assurance in Specialized in SAP-financials and the domains of identity management BPC. Worked in IBM, TCS and Reliance and databases.Expertise in project Infrastructure. Worked on transfer pricing, management, process improvement product development, and SAP projects for and customer engagement clients from USA, Sweden, and India Past Employers: SailPoint Technologies Pvt. Past Employers: IBM, Tata Consultancy Ltd.,BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd. Services, Reliance Infrastructure B.E.,Information Technology Engineering,Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering,B.Tech.,Electrical Engineering,VJTI,Mumbai | ICWA - Intermediate,Institute of Cost Accountants Mumbai | Passed CFA Level III, CFA Institute | Total Exp: 89 Monthsof India. Total Exp: 74 Months Associate Lead, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, SailPoint Technologies India Pvt LtdSenior Consultant,SAP, IBM India - Trained and guided 18 QA members on new features in 20 applications that were part of our strategic product- Responsible for finalizing business requirement documents and solution delivery - Conducted proof of concept for new integrations and features, and demostrated the integrations to project management- Responsible for all the interactions during the client engagement- Responsible for delivering SAP solution of business planning and consolidation team, customer-support,sales team and product manager - Created knowledge articles and shared them with implementation and other teams to expedite resolution of customerSystems Engineer, SAP, Tata Consultancy Services- Worked with subject matter experts of KPMG to to understand transfer pricing requirements of multi-national and in-house technical issues - Resolved customer issues and helped product manager to set up infrastructure for integrations to demonstrate new organizations and OECD guidelines related to transfer pricing- Worked on transfer pricing solution development, aimed at suggesting near-acurate transfer price and provided features to customers - Groomed junior members for quality assurance and customer issues resolution all the necessary reports and dashboards- Responsible for preparing business requirement documents during various client engagements in SAP landscape Junior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd.- Led functional teams in different projects - Performed quality assurance on products integrated with five different types of databases- Worked on requests for proposals (RFPs) and conducted multiple client demos - Performed research for the implementation of new features - Resolved customer issuesAssistant Manager, Energy and Utilities, Reliance Infrastructure - Improved QA processes- Responsible for seamless performance of power transmission and distribution network in MumbaiInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Award for timely delivery in a critical project with multiple client - Passed all three levels of CFA certification in the very first attemptStrategy Consulting, escalations (year 2015 in IBM). Capital markets, Financial - Spot Award (SailPoint Technologies)Business Analytics, Product - On the spot awards for outstanding performance in multiple projects Derivatives, Corporate Finance, - Customer Champions Awards and Flex Group Special Award for QAManagement, Business Strategy, InternationalDevelopment, Business (years 2012, 2013 and 2014 in TCS) Business and Finance, and (BMC Software)Analysis, Financial Services, Business DevelopmentInternational Busines PGPM Class of 2016 29


PGPM Class of 2016 31

INDEX - INFORMATION MANAGEMENTSr. No. Student Name Domain Function Total Experience in Pg. No. 1 Abhishek Choudhary BFSI BI and Analytics Months 37 2 Abhishek Ghorai Telecom Technology Consulting 72 3 Abhishek Kumar IT Infrastructure/Cloud Business Analyst 4 Ajay Thomas Justin BFSI Software Engineering 74 37 5 Akhilesh Ganesh Telecom Business Analyst 6 Akshay Ahuja BFSI Software Engineering 64 38 7 Amartya Sarkar IT Products Process Excellence 8 Anand Sinha Energy and Utilities Project Management 98 38 9 Anand Upadhyaya Public Services Software Engineering 10 Anubha Kachhawa BFSI Software Engineering 76 39 11 Anuj Kumar Talwar BFSI Project Management 12 Anurag Pandey Telecom/Analytics Business Analyst 65 39 13 Arnob Das Energy and Utilities Quality Assurance 14 Arpan Maheshwari SAP/CRM Functional Consultant 75 40 15 Ashish Batra IT Products Product Development/Mgmt 16 Ashish Deepankar Telecom Project Management 101 40 17 Ashish Parakh IT Products Software Engineering 18 Balaji Bose Healthcare BI and Analytics 63 41 19 Bunu Karki Telecom Project Management 108 41 87 42 71 42 63 43 72 43 65 44 120 44 72 45 111 45 65 46 PGPM Class of 2016 32

INDEX - INFORMATION MANAGEMENTSr. No. Student Name Domain Function Total Experience in Pg. No. 20 Debajyoti Das Months 46 21 Debi Prasad Roul Communication, Media and Hi-Tech Product Development/Mgmt 72 22 Debopriyo Sanyal 23 Deep Baveja BFSI Project Management 88 47 24 Gopal Iyer 25 Gourav Pruthi ERP Business Analyst 124 47 26 Hardikkumar Mirani 27 Irfan Rupawala IT Products Software Engineering 61 48 28 Kamaldeep Chaudhary 29 Karan Batra Energy and Utilities Project Management 71 48 30 Kartik Batra 31 Kaustav Roy Mobility Software Engineering 73 49 32 Kavita Choudhary 33 Kunal Gulati BFSI Project Management 99 49 34 Kunal Jadhav ERP Business Analyst 65 50 IT Products Project Management 65 50 Telecom Business Analyst 69 51 BFSI Quality Assurance 89 51 Telecom Quality Assurance 89 52 BFSI Project Management 71 52 ERP Business Analyst 66 53 BFSI Business Analyst 71 53 PGPM Class of 2016 33

INDEX - INFORMATION MANAGEMENTSr. No. Student Name Domain Function Total Experience in Pg. No. 35 Lokesh K IT Products Quality Assurance Months 54 36 Maharshi Ghosh 68 37 Mohak Chhaya 38 Mudit Gupta BFSI Quality Assurance 73 54 39 Nanditha Kini 40 Niket Rathi BFSI Software Engineering 65 55 41 Nikhil Bindraban 42 Pallavi Khare BFSI Software Engineering 63 55 43 Pranay Joshi 44 Prasad Shinde ERP Functional Consultant 144 56 45 Priyanshbhai Dhagat 46 Raghuraman N BFSI Software Engineering 92 56 47 Rajat Gupta 48 Randhir Kumar Singh BFSI General Management & Strategy 102 57 CRM Software Engineering 63 57 BFSI Software Engineering 102 58 Energy and Utilities Project Management 84 58 BFSI Software Engineering 100 59 BFSI Business Analyst 60 59 SAP/CRM Functional Consultant 116 60 ERP Software Engineering 67 60 PGPM Class of 2016 34

INDEX - INFORMATION MANAGEMENTSr. No. Student Name Domain Function Total Experience Pg. No. 49 Rathin Das in Months 61 50 Rishabh Burdol Retail Software Engineering 85 51 Ritesh Iyer 52 Rohan Patel IT Infrastructure/Cloud IT Infrastructure 88 61 53 Rohit Jain 54 Saagar Srivastava Public Services BI and Analytics 72 62 55 Sahil Khosla 56 Sai Kiran Ganaji Communication, Media and Hi-Tech Software Engineering 63 62 57 Sailesh Giri 58 Sakshi Khurana Retail Software Engineering 111 63 59 Sameer Gupchup 60 Samir Sinha Retail Business Analyst 74 63 61 Sanjeev Kunal 62 Sanjoy Modak Retail Project Management 62 64 Telecom Operations 72 64 Mobility Product Development/Mgmt 72 65 BFSI Project Management 63 65 SAP/CRM BI and Analytics 146 66 LifeSciences/Healthcare Quality Assurance 66 66 Telecom Business Analyst 99 67 Energy and Utilities Program Management 155 67 PGPM Class of 2016 35

INDEX - INFORMATION MANAGEMENTSr. No. Student Name Domain Function Total Experience in Pg. No. 63 Sanju Nair IT Products Software Engineering Months 68 64 Satish Chandrasekar BFSI Product Development/Mgmt 67 65 Shanmukha Sreenivasan BFSI Quality Assurance 66 Shreyas Shrigandha Aerospace Quality Assurance 124 68 67 Shweta Tiwari IT Products Software Engineering 68 Sneha Nagarajan Telecom General Management & Strategy 75 69 69 Subha Sarkar ERP Functional Consultant 70 Subhabrata Kar BFSI IT Consulting 100 69 71 Sunitha Hossur Kumaran BFSI Project Management 72 Swastika Chatterjee CLOUDS/CRM Software Engineering 66 70 73 Umang Mangal ERP Business Analyst 74 Vinod Naik BFSI Quality Assurance 65 70 75 Yogesh Pratap Singh Healthcare Product Research and Development 76 Zeeshan Ali Yousuf Retail Business Analyst 90 71 73 71 99 72 64 72 64 73 94 73 76 74 73 74 PGPM Class of 2016 36

ABHISHEK CHOUDHARY ABHISHEK GHORAI 6 years IT experience with diverse 6 years 2 months experience exposure to BFSI and telecom domains. in product maintenance and Worked with multicultural teams across development, testing and process US and India with focus on IT operations excellence in telecom and BFS and Contact Center Technologies – VoIP domain and Social. A digital evanlegist and a full stack professional Past Employers: Cognizant, Tech Mahindra Past Employer: TCSB.E., Computer Science, Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology B.Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering, West Bengal University of TechnologyTotal Exp: 72 Months I International Exp: 40 Months Total Exp: 74 Months | International Exp: 12 MonthsIT Analyst, Technology Operations, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd Tech Lead, Cognizant Technology Solutions- Lead the onsite team implementing Social Media Enterprise Management Suite for the largest - Managed different trade related applications used for business intelligence by collaborating with clients bank in US enabling faster turnaround time using single window approach and cross-functional teams- SME for Contact Center Technologies; worked in close association with solution architects. - Responsible for communicating project timelines, status updates and deliverables for both onsite and Designed, implemented and tested technology solutions for business problems offshore team-members- Instrumental in successful overhaul of technology refresh projects worth USD 5 Mn. for clients in - Optimized the service management process by reducing response time to half resulting in improved US team productivity- Part of team entrusted with setting up the bank’s social media command center in Columbus, Ohio - Led initiative on alert creation for issue prevention which resulted in savings of USD 200,000 for clientSystems Engineer, Implementation Engineering, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd Senior Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra- Led the offshore team responsible for implementing IVR, Intelligent call routing and Predictive - SPOC in client location to manage customer service, grievance unit, escalation and overall quality Dialer solutions for the largest bank in US improvement- Formulated a ‘Shift-Left’ strategy by quality engineering to enable client to detect and fix bugs - Managed direct technical engagements with focus on project execution and delivery - Led the lean initiative team on application optimization that resulted in saving of USD 300K and time ahead of time- Implemented ITIL best practices to reduce turnaround time by 10% reduction of 20%- Automized IVR scripts on Hammer Call-Master leading to annual savings of over USD 30,000 for - Drove capability evaluation by collaborating with vendors and cross functional teams for developing client new products and improving existing functionalities - Generated revenue of USD 100K by streamlining process checklists and creating re-usable automation scriptsInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Google Analytics Individual Qualification(GAIQ) certified - ITIL V3 CertifiedSocial Media and Web - ITIL V3 Certified IT Consulting, - Six Sigma Green Belt certifiedAnalytics, Digital Marketing, - NICE Certified Systems Administrator ( NCSA 4.1) Product Management,Strategy - Awarded Valuable Team Player at company level for implementation ofIT/Management Consulting, - SQUASHER award for excellence in Software Quality and Domain Consulting,Business Relationship - TCS Gems Service commitment award Business Analytics Mobile EthernetManagement, IT Sales, - Best Team Award received at account levelBusiness Development - Received Cookie Award and recommendation from client while at UK PGPM Class of 2016 37

servers and A team of 25 associates, we took care of portfolio of 30 complex IT applications used by the Asset customized as per the business requirements of various verticals, facilitating the infrastructure Management LOB of our client, one of the leading banking & financial services firms in the world captive policy of client - Managed to provide customer with value added benefits of more than USD 2 Mn, during my project- Led and delivered project PDF flattening, reducing the size of documents by more than 60% saving management tenure, through the implementation of automated application testing suites, automation USD 100,000/annum of compliance reports and migration of legacy processes to Microsoft ETL based solutions.- Led infrastrucutre change management fulfilling cross functional team requests - Optimized maintenance activities bringing in savings worth USD 500k per year through initiatives like- Enhanced satisfaction metric from 85% to 94% through sustained service improvement ideas, cost Left Shift (moving L0/L1 activites to dedicated production support team) and establishing online saves and service management within the agreed upon SLAs KEDB repository- Back up planning and information security process definition for the project and risk management - Headed the Innovation Task Force activities as the ‘Idea Champion’ for my Line of Business, exceeding the innovation index targets setInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Regional finalist in the coveted ‘Tata Business Leadership Awards’, from TCS – - Cognizant Guiding Star Award Q1 2014General Management, Strategy and IT Consulting, Product - Cognizant Execution Excellence Award 2012, for work done as ‘IdeaStrategy and Business Trent Ltd the omnichannel strategy and driving business growth through Management, Business DevelopmentConsulting , IT Strategy, customer centricity – Landmark Champion’, in the Innovation Task ForceProduct Management - Award for special account level initiatives towards fostering business and client - Cognizant Star Award Q3 2010 interaction - Cognizant Kudos Award in Q1 2009 & Q4 2011 - Incepted, founded & institutionalized ‘TCS-Client Leadership Awards’, identifying 52 quality and service improvements which could be pitched to clients PGPM Class of 2016 38

AKHILESH GANESH AKSHAY AHUJA 6 years 4 months years of IT 5 years 5 months experience in experience in the telecom Operational Risk Management domain implementing technology (ORM) inclusive of Fraud Risk change initiatives in the data Assessment (FRA), client management area. Expertise in engagement and vendor telecom, consulting, business management along with analysis, IT change management, expertise in digital technologies project management, ETL and - cloud computing, Big Data and data migration web technologies in BFSI domain Past Employer: Amdocs Past Employers: Citigroup, AccentureB.E., Information Technology, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai University B.Tech, Information Technology, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, KanpurTotal Exp: 76 Months | International Exp: 24 Months Total Exp: 65 Months | International Exp: 2 MonthsBusiness Analyst - Team Lead, Telecom Technology Consulting, Amdocs Development Center Assistant Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, CitigroupIndia Pvt. Ltd. - Designed the Common Process Assessment Framework (CPA) at Enterprise Risk Management- Data transformation of telecom BSS software (billing, CRM, ordering) from legacy to target (ERM) department, which led to 9% decrease in the account of frauds and other operational risks systems for telecom giants across the world amounting to USD 7.6 Mn. (Q2 and Q3 2015) across 109 countries- Worked as principal consultant with global clients, responsible for overall delivery from - Introduced Microstrategy-based risk reporting at Citi; user-based activities rose to 23% due to a decrease in time-to-generate by 98% per report scoping, requirement gathering, development and deployment of solution from source to - Vendor Management: Managed 3 vendors at New York, London and Shanghai to implement target systems operational risk models, technical frameworks and KPI segregation for backend fraud assessment- Project management experience of leading a 10 member development team with a budget of and reporting to Citi’s leadership 250 man months- Software delivery management experience of handling business and system migration including Senior Analyst, Technology Consulting, Accenture cut-over planning, scheduling, go-live execution and third party management for migration - Led the application development efforts of front-end platform for a BFSI delivery unit of for some of the worlds biggest telecom providers- Handled the deployment for data transformation for over 8 projects impacting 300 million end Accenture for key as well as anonymous customers leading to increase in customer satisfaction by customers 22% and revenue growth by 14% (20mn to 23mn DKK) - Digital Technologies: Introduced and implemented the Amazon AWS Cloud PaaS for all platforms, enabling 120 developers in the DU to deploy and monitor the application performanceInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Twice recipient of Accenture ACE award (2011, 2013) for excellence in front-Strategy and Business - Part of the ‘Shadow Executive Board’ at Amdocs working on projects on branding Risk Management & Modeling,Consulting, IT Strategy, and facilities management Management/Strategy Consulting, end operationsTechnology Consulting, - Awarded ‘Employee of the Quarter’ for successfully handling pre-sales Corporate IT Strategy, Technology - Received the Team Pathfinder award (2015) for leading implementation ofBusiness Development, Data activity for a telecom giant in Singapore worth USD 1.5 million ConsultingAnalytics, Telecommunications - Received the ‘Amdocs Excellence’ award cost reduction by 50 man months new technological frameworks at Citi - Received ‘Geared for growth’ award for design & development of innovaive - Won 7 Paper Presentation competitions in national festivals across India, approach to data migration avoiding down time for business critical systems including 1 at SPJIMR - Certified Oracle Business Component Developer, Certified Oracle Java Programmer PGPM Class of 2016 39

ARNOB DAS ARPAN MAHESHWARI 5 years and 3 months 6 years experience in consulting experience in Quality and business development for IT Assurance, Test across domains, while working with Management, Client Deloitte and HP. A self motivated Engagement and IT consultant with ability to identify and Services /Project delivery capitalize on business opportunities. mainly on SAP platform Expertise in SAP sales and distribution in Utilities domain module, project proposals, customer engagement and IT strategy Past Employer: TCS Past Employers: Deloitte Consulting (USI), HPB.Tech Computer Science & Engineering, West Bengal University of TechnologyTotal Exp: 63 Months | International Exp: 9 Months B.E., Electronics & Communication, SD Bansal, Indore (Rajiv Gandhi Technical University) Total Exp: 72 MonthsIT Analyst, Utilities Domain (ERP), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd- Engaging with clients for requirements gathering and analysis, implementing test strategy and Consultant, Deloitte Consulting (USI) - Experience in end-to-end implementation&support SAP Projects. Expertize in SAP sales and distribution test process excellence- Led 20 members client team for data centre migration project in User Acceptance Testing space and worked across SAP modules ABAP, Materials Management, Finance- Successfully executed end to end test management processes for SAP FI-CO, MM implementation - Worked for RFP’s & solutioning by using techniques like benchmarking, TCO and estimation - Provided consulting services to clients of fortune 500 companies with revenue USD 9.8 Bn. and involved project at client location- Successful test delivery of automating SAP CRM ‘Move in Move out’ project which aimed to save in deciding blueprint, functional specification and SLA - Resource management: Engaged in training,hiring and mentoring of employees, facilitated recruitment 40 man hours per week in processing tickets- Led 5 member test team from offshore for various SAP CRM, IS-U projects of 15-new joinees- Responsible for test delivery and defect management for the team from offshore- Responsible for increasing team size and improving average customer satisfaction score from Software Engineer, HP - Delivered IT Services in SAP ABAP for pharmaceutical and automobile sector. Responsible for requirement 80% to 95% gathering, specifications development, client interaction,and implementing solutions - Automated Material validation and process of purchase&procurement which saved USD 10 Mn. for one of the world leading life science group - Developed an automation tool that processes Incidents tracking and planning for SAP project, reducing 40% man-hour efforts - Involved in project management which includes change process request, client coordination, MOM preparation Lecturer, IIST, Indore - Lecturer for data-communication and taught 140 engineering studentsInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - ISTQB certified - Awarded Deloitte Outstanding Contribution (less than 5% of total employees getBusiness Development, Strategy & - Test Analyst award for SAP FI-CO, MM project Business Consulting,IT Consulting, Product Management, - Individual and team appreciation from client and project management Business Development, this yearly) for professional excellence in 2015Business Analytics IT strategy, E-commerce, - Received Applause, SPOT award from Deloitte Consulting for value addition in General Management, Product Management, PreSales the client business model and firm contribution - Level-1 Proficiency, Life Science and ITIL v3.0 foundation certified - Deloitte Industry Certification PGPM Class of 2016 43

ASHISH DEEPANKAR ASHISH KUMAR BATRA 10 years experience in project 5 years 5 months experience (domestic management, IT delivery and and international) in software product consulting, process automation, development & enhancement, IT vendor & client relationship consulting, client engagement, R&D and management with various telecom quality assurance in energy and banking service providers across multiple sector with segment leaders Siemens geographies and Infosys Past Employer: Wipro Past Employers: Siemens, InfosysB.E., Computer Sciene Engineering, Visveswaraiah Technological University, Karnataka B.Tech, (Hons) Computer Science and Engineering UP Technical University, LucknowTotal Exp: 120 Months | International Exp: 60 Months Total Exp: 65 Months | International Exp: 12 MonthsProject Manager, Wipro Technologies Senior Systems Engineer, Product Development, Siemens- Led a global team of 15 test analysts to deliver multiple operation support system and customer - Worked on development of the product - SPPA T3000-R8, a power plant automation systems, using experience projects ranging from 300,000 to AUD 3 Mn. within budget and schedule for one agile methodology of the major telecom service provider in Australia - Lead a team of 3 members to develop online upgrade of the product (i.e. upgrade without the shutdown- Envisioned and implemented test governance framework for customer’s telecom equipment vendors, leading to 80% reduction in the number of change requests raised and a saving of 20% of of the runnning system) overall cost - Architected redesign of upcoming product, by the use of open source APIs, and helped to reduce theUAT Lead, Wipro Technologies efforts by 100 man-days, saving approximately EUR 56,000- Implemented user acceptance testing framework for an Australian service provider, the acceptance - Implemented a quality check process across all software projects in development centre in Gurgaon, testing framework reduced the acceptance testing lifecycle by 30% which led to defects reduction by 20%, saving rework of 30 man-hours monthly per team- Developed and implemented reusable service management test frameworks, the new framework Systems Engineer, Product Enhancement, Infosys Ltd reduced the test planning and development timeframe by 60% - Worked on Finacle, consulting client, providing customizations and support for one of the major banksProject Lead, Wipro Technologies in Singapore- Led a team of 12 Test Analysts to successfully deliver value added service (VAS) solution for a - Introduced process of simulated production environment - UAT at offshore, which helped to save 120 greenfield telecom service provider in India man-days per year- Reduced the overall test cost by more than 50% by using mobile user agents than real devices - Client engagement to provide update on deliverables and provide the roadmap for deliveries for testingInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - PRINCE2 certified - Practitioner and Foundation - Received Exceptional critical bonus for my consistent performance at SiemensProgram Management, IT Strategy & - ITIL Foundation Certified Business Development, - Nominated by management and completed Agile Software Engineering trainingconsulting, Business Development, - Certified Scrum Master Management Consulting, ProductProduct Management, Management - Received appreciation from customer on successful delievery of multiple Management, IT Strategy and in GermanyConsulting, Business Analytics Consulting - Ranked among Top 5% of Infosys training batch 2010 projects - Co-authored and presented paper at National Conference on ‘Next Generation Technologies for Information Management’ PGPM Class of 2016 44

ASHISH PARAKH BALAJI BOSE 6 years experience in enhancement 9 years 3 months and support related internal project experience in business and portfolio management (PPM) intelligence and applications of engagements. Expertise analytics across domains in project management, DBMS (Pl-Sql such as life sciences, reporting), data-migration, intelligent telecommunication and tools, change requests, incident manufacturing in major management and other related service based companies support functions Past Employers: Accenture, Past Employer: Accenture Hewlett Packard, InfosysB.E., Electronics and Communications Engineering J.E.C.R.C, Jodhpur B.E., Telecommunication Engineering, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, BengaluruTotal Exp: 72 Months Total Exp: 111 Months | International Exp: 2 MonthsSr. Software Engineer, Utilities Domain/Support Function, Accenture Services Pvt Ltd Team Leader, Life Sciences, Accenture- Drove team for data-migration (including fit gap analysis,etc) activities from PPM tool to Rational Tools - Automated decision support systems for senior management that helped in savings upto EUR 0.5 Mn - Organized training sessions to train resources on big data technologies and created a POC for and MSPS for around 20 engagements- Played SME role for HP-PPM, RTC and MSPS and provided functional trainings & technical support to calculating reagent usage for blood testing equipment - Upgraded database systems from older versions to SQL Server 2012, thereby reducing report 50 engagements in Accenture- Drove teams across geographies for recertification activities of PPM applications during server upgrades execution time by 10% - Conducted technical interviews for lateral hires and communicated feedback as part of the & data centre movement- Conducted technical assessments for 3 PPM tools (HP-PPM, CA Clarity and MSPS) appraisal process- Provided development and maintenance support on Intelligent testing tool internal to Accenture Business Analyst, Sales, Hewlett PackardSoftware Engineer, Utilities Domain/Support Function, Accenture Services Pvt Ltd - Performed data analysis and created decision support systems used by senior management for org-wide- Automated weekly Data extracts for PPM engagements which saves 20 hrs. of effort every sunday- Implemented 80 RFCs, fixed several incidents and problem tickets without single defect using quarterly reviews - Migrated legacy excel based reports to the database environment thereby automating workflows and complete SDLC and adhering to change and release management processes- Built several reports and portlets for various engagements including couple of mega engagements improving report execution by 75% (retail and telecom domain) using Oracle PLSQL Senior Systems Engineer, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Infosys - Aggregated data from multiple database systems into an OLAP system for performing analysis and created data visualization systems - Created database scripts and dashboards by automating data integration - Performed enhancements to web based applications as per client requirementsInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - OCA and OCP (Oracle) certified and CCC (DOEACC) certified - Infosys PRIMA award for excellence in project executionBusiness Intelligence, Data Analytics, - Internal Accenture certifications- Accenture Retail Generalist, AAES Practitioner Big Data Analytics, Management - Microsoft Certified Systems Associate (MCSA) in SQL Server 2012IT Consulting, Project Management, Consulting, Project Management, - Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Business Intelligence Developer 2008)Product Management, Program and Application developer certifications IT Consulting - Infosys Footprint award for delivering beyond customer expectationsManagement - Rewarded with Accenture’s topmost award ACE award in Team’s category for productivity improvement - Received ‘Business Operator - Best Delivery Award’ in Accenture PGPM Class of 2016 45

DEBIPRASAD ROUL DEBOPRIYO SANYAL 7 years 1 month of varied global 10 years 4 months experience in ERP experience in IT solutions, implementation (JDE), QA & technology infrastructure administration, consulting in various industrial sectors project management, client like banking, 30 different modules in engagement & vendor JDEdwards, healthcare, aerospace, management in BFSI domain mobile applications across IOS, Android, Blackberry & transaction Past Employer:TCS processing payments software based on the Microsoft platformB. Tech, Comp Science Engineering, Institute of Technical Education & Research, BPUT, OrissaTotal Exp: 85 Months | International Exp: 37 Months Past Employers: Cyret, Baxter, Oracle, NTT Data (Caritor), Air DeccanAssistant Consultant (Project Management), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd- Team Lead and SME for multimillion dollar MS Exchange/Lotus Notes email infrastructure solution B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology Total Exp: 124 Months | International Exp: 3 Months and support project for one of the major financial service institution in USA- Technical consulting for projects on Exchange Email Solutions, Lotus Notes application migration, Project Lead, ERP implementation, Cyret Technologies - Implemented the JDEdwards ERP as per client need and managed a team of consultants Instant messaging, Email Security and Email Compliance area- Responsible for Client and Vendor engagement for cross functional projects with in Messaging & Specialist, ERP implementation, Quality engineering, Baxter - Led a team of 17 members while working on the in-house ERP functionality enhancement and quality collaboration capability- Process improvements on the areas of Change Management, Incident Management in the project engineering team and created functional use cases from new requirements- Develop project and capacity plan for projects with M&C capability- Conduct onshore-offshore transitioning and and coordinate competency building programs for team Project Lead, Quality engineering (functional validation of the JDEdwards ERP), Oracle corporation - Led a team of 4-5 members while functionally validating new enhancements/releases andIT Analyst (Administration & Development), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd- Architected and led Lotus Notes infrastructure re-host project migrating 3000 applications to new contributing to many new ideas in the process.Worked in technology platforms ranging from ERP, mobile, Business Intelligence & voice based technologies and worked on many integration datacenter with cross-functional dependencies projects among many other projects- Worked on end-to-end solutions starting from project planning, implementation, UAT and post- Senior software engineer, Level 2 support, QA, Development, NTT Data production transitions - Outsourced a process from a US client, worked on many payments related projects & led a team of 2- Responsible for administrator for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync and Mobile members Computing Servers- Responsible for development and maintenance of 3000 Lotus notes application databases Engineer, Engineering logistics/Procurement, Air Deccan - Helped setup the Hyderabad and Delhi bases of Air Deccan, improved Bangalore base operations and handled the AOG desk on a need basis. Worked on local procurementInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Awarded TCS Young Achievers’ Award for Technical Excellence - Certified manager of software testing and certified in Big Data & HadoopBusiness Development, - Awarded TCS Gems - Star of the Month award thrice General Management, - Extra mile award for software product innovation and award for long and distinguishedProduct Management, - Awarded TCS Gems - Best Team award twice Technology Consulting, serviceConsulting - TCS Gems Award for building tool to automate Lotus Notes deployment Business Consulting, Product - Won several awards for outstanding performance, innovation, on time delivery and - Certifications: Certified System Architect Pega, Sun Certified Java Management, Marketing, Sales & Business Development managing projects through crunch situations in Oracle Programmer, Lotus Notes Development - 7 - Certification in SQAM & Six Sigma from CCE, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - Gold club member in NTT data and awarded certification of merit in software testing PGPM Class of 2016 47

locations Specialist, Manufacturing / Retail, HCL- Developed an inventory management solution for the mining industry which helped to reduce the - As an SME, provided tools expertise to clients in a shared services environment - Customization to ITSM tools like Remedy & ServiceNow as per the client’s requirements post lead time for batch managed goods by 50%- Applied the FMEA tool for process improvement during support operations which led to 30% feasibility check and regressive testing defect reduction within 4 monthsInterests Achievements Interests Achievements - Accenture Celebrates Excellence Award for developing an equipment tracking solution - ITIL v3 Foundation certificationConsulting, Business - Stellar Award for the Rising Star at Accenture for contribution to application IT Strategy, Business - Certified in Google Adwords and Google AnalyticsAnalytics, IT Strategy, development Consulting, Business - Comnet Jewel AwardProject Management and - ITIL V3 Foundation certified Development, Analytics,General Management - PMP® certified IT Presales, Digital Strategy - Advanced Enterprise Solutions certified (Accenture) PGPM Class of 2016 50

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