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Story Transcript

The Book Of Fantasy

Written by: Srikar

Acknowledgement I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my teacher Ms.Sushma as well as our principal MS. Sindhuja, who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful book on the topic The Book Of Fantasy. Secondly I would also like to thank my parents and friends who helped me a lot in finalizing this project within the limited time frame.

About the author Srikar is a young writer. He is a keen reader and loves to give life to his stories through drama. He studies in The Foundation school. He loves to visit new place and likes to mention them in his stories.

Fantasy... Chapter 1: Entering to The World of Fantasy I was exhausted when I came from the school. My mom gave the same dish which I ate the last two days, roti and 3 types of curries. After that when I ate my lunch I went to my bed and slept for some time. Then I went to the library and took a book which had a title called “The Book of Fantasy”. I bought to my house and read it. It became so boring, so, I mistakenly kept the book on my face and slept. While I was in sleep there was a miracle happening. I went inside the book!! Afterwards, when I woke up I saw a wonderful castle which was Calden Citadel; it was surrounded with huge walls and green trees. Then I saw somebody coming out. It was the queen of that castle walking outside the castle. She came to me and said “Why are you standing in those lonely woods?” Then I realized that I was in those woods which were lonely.

Chapter 2: Introduction of The Castle She took me to the castle and said that “you are invited here for defeating the kingdom of the east.” Then I said “maybe you got the wrong person I am just 11 and from tomorrow I need to go to a place with my family as it is Saturday tomorrow.” She said “Saturday? But today is Saturday in the world of fantasy.” Then I said “What? Today is Saturday?” She said “The world of fantasy is ahead of time than the normal world. When I was at your age I went to normal world. Even I was confused like you. Never mind. Come! I will show you the castle.” After that I went with her and saw the castle. The castle was in the mixture of golden and silver colour. It had big walls surrounding it for protection, it has a dome on the top which had a sword like needle which was is sharp, and it had houses near the citadel.

And the last thing which I need to tell you is that it so enormous and beautiful because it is surrounded with the sea. Ah, it was so delighting. After she showed me the enormous castle she told me her plan about the war which I am going to do. “You will be trained by my soldiers who are the legends at war in our castle. So, go take some rest and tomorrow come at 5 am for the training and the most important thing is that it will be 10 hours.” Then I was surprised about the time limit. Then I went inside the castle, it was much bigger than I thought. It had fifty five thousand rooms, with fifty windows each which is 27, 50,000 windows, nearly thousands of servants working in the castle but I didn’t know where my room was. So I asked the servant he told me that it was in the fifth floor of the castle where I had a big hall which had golden walls and was more beautiful than I thought and a very beautiful bunker-bed but, I am the only one sleeping.

Chapter 3: The Day of Training. I woke up at 4 am and freshen up. I played video games in the TV which I saw it at that moment. I went outside at 5 am and saw soldiers marching. All of them suddenly stopped, turned to me and all of them said “Good morning Calden Citadel”! I was facing the speed of sound on my face. It was too loud! Then I went with them to the training ground where I was forced to do the obstacle course. At that moment I saw a boy walking to the castle who was the son of the queen. He came from the castle but I didn’t see him before. “Maybe he’s also 11.” I thought. After that I continued my practice. In a minute later he came and started the obby (obstacle course). I wondered that he is also coming to the war. Then the queen came and told about her son, he introduced himself. His name was Vijay. The queen said that” even my son is coming with you to fight and if possible I will also come.” After a few days our training got over and just a few days for the war. So, we both met our new members in the war. They were-Ajay who was the strong one and his nickname is metal boy as he is strong. Arjun who was good at shooting and archery (like the Arjun in Mahabharata) and the last one was yash who was a bit suspicious. Then suddenly I heard a big thud. After that a soldier came and said “The invisibles are attacking the kingdom.”

Chapter 4: The Attack of The Invisibles. Then the queen said “Go boys! I and my soldiers will take care of them but you need to go to the red islands where you have to pass a test after passing the test in other islands, if you have passed the test you will be crowned.” Then Vijay just whistled and a blue dragon came. I was so scared because of its ferocious mood but Vijay controlled everything. We rode on it and we managed to get out the walls. After a few miles were passed we saw the green island so, I told Vijay-who was riding the dragon, to “Land in the mountains so that we can get any clue to the red mountains.” So, he landed there and we started fetching things like a key or a chit. Then Vijay screamed and called us to come. He saw a key which was near a snake. ”what happened?” all three of us said it together. I said after seeing the key “Oh now how are we going to get the key?” Few seconds later Vijay said after thinking “Get a thick wooden stick to take the snake out of there.” Ajay went and bought one. Later Vijay removed the snake and took the key but something was missing. Then I noticed that Yash was missing. “Perhaps the suspicious one is missing.” I said.

We started fetching him but he is nowhere.So, we left him behind and went to the other mountains. Then we went to the yellow island and got the key but we lost Ajay here. So me and Vijay continued the trip„

Chapter 5: Battle in The Red Island The last island were the red island, it was red in colour and was covered with rocks. So we saw a clue that it is a rocky giant’s test. Then we wandered about the giant. Vijay was brave but I was scared a lot over there we saw Ajay and Yash who were going to do the test of giant and take the test but they did not start because they have no competitor. “I knew it that Yash was suspicious but even Ajay is also suspicious.” I said. “Never mind let’s start the test.” The giant woke because we shouted. He started the test by a poem…. “A great idea,-they’ll close their eyes! Hitting the target will bring them closer to the prize. Victory goes to the one who can concentrate right And hit the bull’s-eye„but without sight.”

It meant to be archery. We started with Vijay, he got 1/1 bullseye, then it was me I got it same as Vijay 1/1. So, our team got 2/2 bull’s eyes. After that it was Ajay and Yash who got ½ because Yash did not know how to play archery. Now it was the last one… “To win the coveted crown You must use those keys to open up some doors. So, go to the maze ground And distribute one key to each one.” So, Vijay and Yash went to the maze ground as Vijay is the son of the queen. They both started by going in between the maze. They both took different routes to reach their door of exit. They both struggled a lot but it was easy for Vijay. At last there were so many doors for both of them but only one of them is the correct. As the rocky and the scary giant did not tell to use the key only once, so, Vijay used the key to open all of the doors. Yes! Then Vijay won and came out. For Yash the doors automatically opened as Vijay came out.

Chapter 6: New Emperor for Calden Castle Then we realized that Yash and Ajay are the sons of the queen’s twin sister who is a witch and the invisible army was the army of their kingdom. Me and Vijay went back to the castle, launched the missiles and finished the invisible army. Then the queen said “I am not a normal queen I am a fairy too. What’s your wish my dear Srikar? Maybe I can fulfill it.” Then I said “I want to go back to my home.” She laughed and said ”Wish granted! But first you need to be there at the king coronation ceremony.” I accepted it; I watched the ceremony and went back to my house. When I came back to my house my mom said “Where were you? I and your father were searching you in the city?” Then I said “In the book of fantasy…” To be continued... “The book of fantasy”

The story The story is about Srikar who was invited to a Castle which is magical in a first person narrative way.

The End

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