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Descripción General 1.1 Terminal Marino Este Terminal marino, construido en Jose, Estado Anzoátegui, Venezuela, esta previsto prestar servicio a las i

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N O R D I C D E V E L O P M E N T F U N D Evaluation of NDF Co-Financed NDF 182-Forestry Resource Management and Conservation Program in Nicaragua

OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS Department of Public Information & Web Services 301-279-3853 HELPFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS PHONE # General Information about M

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M.Ibnu Fajar R. – 22 Satria Bimantara - 31

ETIQUETTE TELEPHONE 1. Answer Quickly 2. Introduce Yourself 3. Set out the Purpose of the Call Early on 4. Speak Clearly 5. Master Brand Tone of Voice 6. Give Your Full Attention 7. Ask Before Putting Someone on Hold or Transferring 8. Stay Positive 9. Remain Polite 10. Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Mediums 1

Informal Dialogue: 1 Conversation with friends Bima : hello Ibnu : yes hello, who's speaking in here? Bima : hi Ibnu, i'm Bima. Do you have a time? Ibnu : oh hi Bima, what's up? Bima : I have something to tell you about, would you come to happy cafe at 5 PM later? Ibnu : oh sure, Bima Bima : okay, see you later Ibnu : see you 2

Informal Dialogue: 2 Conversation with old friend Ibnu : Hello, Ibnu speaking. Bima : Ibnu? Muhammad Ibnu? Ibnu : Yes, it’s him. Who is this? Bima : Come on, man. Do you really forget my voice? Ibnu : Umm… excuse me? Bima : You, daft! How dare you forgetting my voice. Oh, right, I Know how… you’re such a big shot now. Ibnu : My sweet God… you haven’t changed. Bima : Got who I am? Ibnu : Bow Wow. Bima : Damn, I haven’t heard that name in a long time. Ibnu : Bowie, right? God, I’m sorry. You literally just puffed into Thin air after college. I couldn’t find you anywhere. Bima : Well, I’m right here. In front of the door of which I suppose To be your house. Ibnu : Excuse me? Bima : I’m outside, Ibnu. Don’t be rude to your guest. Open the Freaking door. It’s been five years since the last time I saw Your sad little face. Ibnu : Oh, my God. All right. Wait a minute 3

Informal Dialogue: 3 Take out with friends Bima : “Hey Ibnu!” Ibnu : “Hey, how’s it going?” Bima : “Great. I was just calling to see if you wanted to meet Up this weekend?” Ibnu : “Yeah, I’d love to. Where were you thinking?” Bima : “I thought we could go to that bar we like.” Ibnu : “OK, I’ll meet you there at 8 pm on Friday. Did you Need anything else while I’ve got you on the line?” Bima : “No, nothing else, I’ll see you on Friday.” Ibnu : “Catch you later, good to talk to you.” Bima : “Bye.” 4

Informal Dialogue: 4 Hang out with friends Bima : Hello, may I speak to Ibnu please? Ibnu : This is he. How's it going? Bima : I've been trying to call you all day. Ibnu : Sorry about that. I was cleaning up. Bima : It's okay. Ibnu : So what were you calling me about? Bima : Oh, I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out Tommorow Ibnu : Sure, what did you want to do? Bima : Maybe we can go see a movie or something. Ibnu : That sounds like fun. Let's do it. Bima : I'll see you tomorrow then. Ibnu : See you then. Goodbye. 5

Informal Dialogue: 5 Watch movie with friends Bima : Hi, how are you. Is Ibnu there? Ibnu : Speaking. What's up? Bima : Why haven't you answered the phone? Ibnu : My bad, I had chores to do. Bima : That's all right. Ibnu : What was the reason for your call? Bima : I want to do something tomorrow with you. Ibnu : Sounds good. What did you have in mind Bima : I was thinking about seeing a movie? Ibnu : Okay, let's go see a movie. Bima : Until then. Ibnu : Talk to you later. 6

Formal Dialogue: 6 Make an appointment (This conversation is carried out by two people over a phone call Receptionist : good afternoon, you contacted Dr. Johnson’s clinic. My name is Muhammad Ibnu and I am ready to assist you. Bima : Good afternoon, Mr.Ibnu. My name is Satria Bimantara and I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Johnson for tomorrow, together with my Wife Receptionist : Very well, Mr.Bima. You and your husband can meet Dr. Johnson at 3 p.m. for tomorrow’s appointment. In order for your examination to go smoothly, it would be better if the two of you arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before your appointment time. Bima : Very well, I will remember that. Thank you very Much, Mr.Ibnu, for your kind assist today. Receptionist : You are most welcome, Mr.Bima. See you here at the Clinic tomorrow afternoon! 7

Formal Dialogue: 7 Booking Hotel Ibnu : good morning, happy hotel in here, what can I help you? Bima : do you have available rooms? i want to book it Ibnu : yes we have available rooms sir. Which room do you want Bima : regular room, with single bed, please Ibnu : your order has been booked sir, your number room is 1234, sir Bima : okay thank you Ibnu : anything else I can help you with sir? Bima : nope Ibnu : thank you for booked our room, have a nice day, good Morning. Bima : morning. 8

Formal Dialogue: 8 Appointment with the media Bima : Mr. Ibnu? Ibnu : Yes, Muhammad Ibnu speaking. Bima : This is Satria Bima from NSW Media in Sydney. Ibnu : Good to speak with you. Bima what can I do for you? Bima : I am planning to be in L.A. next week. Can we meet? Ibnu : Sure, How about 15? Bima : What day of the week is that? Ibnu : Wednesday Bima : That’s fine, morning or afternoon? Ibnu : I am free all day. Bima : Then how about 12.30. We can have lunch. Ibnu : Great. See you at 12.30 on Wednesday. 9

Formal Dialogue: 9 Receive messages to deliver Bima : Good morning. Indoscreen. This is Bima. How may I help? You? Ibnu : Good morning. This is Mr. Muhammad Ibnu from Elementor. May I speak to Mr. Leon? Bima : Good morning, Mr. Bima. Mr Leon is in a meeting at The moment. Can I take a message? Ibnu : Very well. I will inform him. Thank you so much for calling. Bima : Thank you Mr Ibnu. Have a nice day 10

Formal Dialogue: 10 Doctor Appointment Ibnu : Hello? Is this Dr. Edward Forrest office? Bima : Yes? This is Dr Forrest Office. This is Bima speaking. How May I help you? Ibnu : It’s Mr.Ibnu. I would like to confirm my appointment for Today Bima : Oh, Mr.Ibnu. Thank your calling. One minute let me see the Doctor’s schedule for today.It said here that your appointment is at two sir. Is there any problem? Ibnu : No, there is nothing wrong. I just need to make sure. I will Be there before 2. Thank you Bima. Bima : Okay, you are welcome Mr. Ibnu. We will be waiting for you 11

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