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United Postcode Lotteries IT Our vision

United Postcode Lotteries


This document was written by the United Postcode Lotteries IT Management team (UPLIT) to describe the value we want to bring to our businesses. This is a statement of intent, to show how we can contribute to the United Postcode Lotteries vision and mission.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


Our vision and mission Why



We believe the world is better off with strong social organisations. There’s no change without them.

We raise funds for social organisations, increase awareness of their work and support new initiatives.

We operate charity lotteries to raise funds for social organisations and charities, and to make good citizenship fun.

About UPLIT UPLIT is the combined effort of all the Postcode Lottery IT teams. To help fulfil the goals of the United Postcode Lotteries, we work together internationally with our business colleagues to provide knowledge, technology enabling systems, security, compliance and reliable business processes. We provide the tools to enable collaboration and communication between colleagues, helping them achieve their daily goals. Locally we organize and run the lottery play rounds (everything from processes to data/ martech and development), essential in our mission to raise funding for civil organisations. Everything we do is focused on creating business value to meet our shared goals: raising funds for civil organizations and increase awareness for their work.


The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

By working together, we can increase our capacity from the size of the local team to an international team of more than 300 IT professionals. We work resource efficiently, inventing the wheel once and leveraging this due to our scale. By working together, we realise sustainable growth since new lotteries can start-up faster, due to the combined knowledge we’ve gained and functionality we’ve created since the beginning, 1989. Our vision is made up of three parts: our culture, leadership and organisation. Each part is essential to our success. Change on this level is always a challenge but with the right attitude, skills, and approach, we will succeed.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


Our culture The culture of our business underpins our core values Fun, Courageous, Sustainable and Sharing. We are not like most other organisations. We exist to support strong civil organisations, good causes, people and planet. We focus on creating business value by using technology. We will continue to push for technical innovation, but technology is not an outcome; it is a means to an end. The technology we deliver will secure our player data, support sustained business growth, create a fantastic player experience, and the ensure long-term stability of our businesses.


The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

Stronger together We believe that everyone can make a difference. We embrace the Agile mindset, change and thinking out of the box. Doing things on your own is the opposite of fun. Technology and those who understand it, are now totally fundamental to the optimal functioning of IT. We encourage other departments to take technical leadership in their own specialist fields. In this, we will challenge, provide comfort and be a true partner to the rest of the business. IT literacy will be an increasingly important skill for any team member in our organisations. Our vision is to help make that growth in technical knowledge, and transition of responsibility, as smooth as possible across our teams.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


Collaboration The relentless global improvement in connectivity, and increasing maturity of collaboration technologies, mean that our colleagues will want to work from anywhere, anytime. We will remove all virtual boundaries, so that wherever our team is they can be next to each other. We will be open - learning and sharing with others within UPLIT but, also to society. From contributing with code improvements in opensource projects that we use, to share knowledge and experiences via meetups. Trainee programs will help develop the next generation of talent, and we will facilitate and embrace international staff rotation to encourage diversity of thinking.


The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

Sustainable The context we operate in is stark. We face an unprecedented global climate crisis, and we must do our part to mitigate damage. UPLIT will provide a technology platform to make us the most sustainable and cost-effective lottery company in the world, aiming for a carbon negative footprint. Remote working will be a positive contribution to this goal, by avoiding travelling.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT



The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

Our leadership We believe leadership is more effective when we share knowledge, experience, and energy. Together, we are stronger to succeed. UPLIT’s programme of work will ensure we stay on top of strategic trends, reaching our ambitions together. Our goal is to get in front of the competition in our drive for innovative ideas. The strategic programme will not be limited to technical challenges alone. This is an organisation where our most important assets are our people, therefore our DNA, recruitment strategy, training and how we engage team members is of primary importance. We embrace diversity with open arms. Diversity empowers our culture, and we all stand to learn from each other.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


Our organization As we move forward, we will create an organisational structure that gives us the best possible chance of success; one that facilitates local autonomy while maximizing the economies of sharing, and one that defines clear responsibilities and ownership for our team. We believe in listening local and acting global, this means the UPLIT team is expecting each lottery to be organized as part of an international organisation while delivering business value locally.


The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

Technical Leadership As an organisation we will not compromise on leadership in our field. We use a mixture of in-house team members and external resources, but our own team will always remain in full control of our IT choices. A healthy mix of internal and external resources ensures an influx of fresh ideas, creating a diversity of views and knowledge. To avoid vendor lock-in, our core systems will be built with a high level of portability in mind. We always strive for a healthy balance between portability and business value when engaging with 3rd parties. Priority will always be given to Software as a Service if a system is not specific to our lotteries.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


Security Security is in our DNA; without securing our player’s privacy & data, we would risk our ability to make a difference in the world. All new systems will be created with security as a key part of their design and will provide solutions that gives our colleagues a great user experience paired with a high level of security. Our IT assurance and security controls will be completely automated and will require no manual


The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

effort to produce the evidence. We will become more transparent and open when we strive for least privilege at the same time.

Stronger together We believe that teams who have a clear product focus and a small number of members achieve the best results for both our customers and our business. The team members should have the right business and technical skills and knowledge required for the product. Therefore, the members should come from not only IT, but from our whole business. What the team does shall be prioritised by a dedicated product owner, a person with

deep business understanding of the product. For optimal results, our teams will have a high degree of autonomy, accountability and comply to the Novamedia’s various standards. Product teams with members from all lotteries will deliver reusable core lottery components. To drive the growth of technical knowledge between colleagues from all our lotteries, we will create groups and activities.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT



The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

Lottery as a service Each lottery follows the same principle, a lottery train where players step in, buy a ticket, go on a draw and maybe win a prize. To avoid inventing the wheel in every country, we want to share one Lottery System, or ‘Lottery-as-a-Service’. One core platform that everyone runs separately but architecture in a way, that it even enables draws across multiple lotteries and multiple countries. We want to be ready to expand quickly, with minimal effort. Our core lottery system will be easily customized and extended for

any local requirements or new countries we launch in. We will aim to have our lottery trains run with minimal human interaction. We believe that a new lottery does not need a new, fully equipped, IT department. To achieve this, we will work towards standardization across the group, with speed of innovation in mind. When sharing technology and well established processes, we can quickly re-use proven solutions. To avoid big bang changes, we continuously release and replace components.

Data beats opinion Our business is all about our players. If we get to know them, gain deep insights on their behavior, needs and wants, we can be more relevant and of more value for them. Technology enables that and data does as well. We believe that data, as well as IT, should be distributed. We will make data and intelligence available for everyone within the Lotteries so they can use it to make decisions on operational, tactical or

strategic level. We will facilitate real-time data and an environment to continuously experiment and challenge insights to push innovation. New ideas come from people not from data, but by using data for innovation we can quickly validate our ideas and facilitate an innovative culture. With our intelligence we will continuously make our technology smarter for our users and maximize business value.

The Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


IT always seems impossible, until it’s done” Now you’re thinking; So… what’s next? This document is a living document, a document which will be updated when needed and will be used for building up our roadmap. This document states what we want to achieve, the roadmap will show how we’re going to achieve this. Curious what’s on the roadmap? Ask your IT colleagues!


Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT

Postcode Lotteries | United Postcode Lotteries IT


United Postcode Lotteries

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