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FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK Primary Education lays the foundation for a child’s personality. A child being a natural learner should be engaged in joyfully exploring the world around him and harmonizing with it. Newsletter is an inspiring forum mirroring the activities undertaken in the primary section. Shri. ROOPINDER SINGH


EDUCATION BREEDS CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE BREEDS HOPE, HOPE BREEDS PEACE.” -CONFUCIUS Fix your Target Understand the obstacles With a positive attitude Meet the challenge Put your sincere efforts And show the world you can do it.”

The only aspect of education that seems applicable in this light is to teach our students to “Believe in their capabilities”, and to instil in them extreme faith towards their creator who has made them self-sufficient and capable of breaking all barriers that life brings forth to them, capable of creating anything that they dream about and capable of overcoming all their fears.

It is extremely noteworthy that kendriya vidyalayas consider it’s duty to nurture the students as sensitive people with strong values, who will leverage their individual achievements to strengthen the fabric of the community, the nation and the planet.

It is my immense pleasure and a matter of great privilege for me to share the skills of my little soldiers compiled as a class magazine.

I congratulate each and every student for their contribution to the magazine. I thank the parents and my teachers for supporting and guiding them.


Smt. P.S. NagaLakshmi


Making a class magazine is a project that appeal to most groups as it allows individuals to work on what interest them. Magazine helps them to improve their reading and writing skills to a great extent. These help in encouraging the students to think and write and thus help them in developing their writing skills and talent. It also help them in developing their power of thinking and strengthen their imagination as well. -


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