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12th JUNE 19
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The next Sub-Branch meeting will be on Due to rainy weather First Friday of All members are well and looked after. Tuesday 25th June 2019. Month Mixed Bowls was cancelled and Please contact Sub-Branch Office if you Committee 4.30pm General 5.30pm. those that turned up played Bingo have any concerns. Sub-Branch Office hours are Monday to upstairs and had a good day. Next First Regards Thursday 10.00am to 11.30am due to Friday of the Month Bowls Day will be on Robert Saelman changing opening hours of the Club. Friday 5th July. There will be a lunch on Tuesday 9th July Our next game will be at the Coast Golf 2019 commencing at 11.00am for Sub- First round of Ladies Major Singles Club on Monday 17th June. Tee off 7am. Branch members only. Championship 2019 played this week Please put your name on the list on the with Julie Forbes winning over Judy Gilo notice board. Isaacs in a close game. Robert Saelman Winning Rink: Denise Butler, Linda Ross. It never rains but it pours! Well, that’s all I have to report this week - it rained but we Losing Rink: Julie Spowart, Jimmy still managed to get Saturday’s social Keegan. game in. That was a surprise freebie. No championship games though. Raffles: Linda Ross, Barbara Livesey X2, Noreen Carr, Sandra Keegan. Our etiquette tip this week: - Next Monday, 17th June, E.S District “No bowls should be moved till the end is Triples starts. Good luck to teams. completed & the number of shots awarded.” Matraville RSL bowlers hosting members of the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park Overheard on the green: - Travelling Bowlers on SUNDAY 7th JULY. “As I watched the dog chasing his tail, I M/Tea at 9.30am. $25 for day includes thought dogs are easily amused. Then I M/Tea, bowls game and lunch. realised I was watching a dog chasing his tail.” Mixed games in Club uniforms. Put name on board to play. Good day. Good Health & Good Bowling *Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 6th From GBS August, 2019. *Pink Ribbon Day – Friday 25th October, 2019. NEW MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO COME ALONG AND PLAY THIS WONDERFUL GAME AND HAVE FUN. The Rose

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