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2016 Annual Report for AGM
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As Premier of the Province of British Columbia, I am pleased to extend my greetings to everyone attending the Touchstone Family Association’s Annual General Meeting, here at Richmond’s Pacific Gateway Hotel. From facilitating restorative justice for youth to promoting childhood development, counselling and so much more, your programs have had a positive impact on the lives of many people in need of help.I would like to take this opportunity to commend everyone at Touchstone for theirdedication to providing essential intervention and support to families in yourcommunity.Please accept my best wishes for an informative meeting.Sincerely,Christy ClarkPremier

On behalf of the Province of British Columbia, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Touchstone Family Association on an incredible 33 years of supporting families and strengthening the community of Richmond. As Minister of Children and Family Development, I appreciate your efforts to bring families closer together by identifying and maximizing their unique strengths and adapting your services to work for each individual.Whether empowering Richmond youth through the RESET Youth Team, or easing new parentsinto the exciting world of toddlerhood through the Richmond City Centre Chinese OutreachProgram, you are making a valuable difference in the lives of Richmond families. For that, Ithank you.I hope that you take a moment at your Annual General Meeting to reflect on the many positiveimpacts you have had on B.C. families, and to celebrate your valuable accomplishments.Best wishes for continued growth and success in the year to come. Keep up the great work!Sincerely,Stephanie CadieuxMinister of Children and Family Development

On behalf of City Council and the residents of Richmond, I would like to extend sincerest greetings, and welcome you all to Touchstone Family Association’s Annual General Meeting, being held on September 20, 2016, at the Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond. Since its formation in 1983, Touchstone Family Association has been an anintegral part of the Richmond community service sector, preserving and strengthening the socialhealth and independence of families and children within the community by means of itseffective intervention and support services.With Touchstone’s support services and outreach programs, the Association continues topositively impact and improve the social fabric, emotional health and well being of families,youth and children in Richmond. Our community certainly appreciates and applaudsTouchstone Family Association’s significant contributions.Congratulations on your outstanding service in our community. Please accept my best wishesfor continued growth and success, and thank you to everyone who worked so diligently toorganize this meeting. Yours truly,

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