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AIM OF LANGUAGE ACROSS THE CURRICULUM • To support language development in children. • To support language development in all domains of language use. • To support language development in learning activities in school. • To support language use in outside the school also. • To support understanding of the language in all perspectives of life. • To enhance knowledge acquisition through awareness of language use. • To give learners feedback about their progress.


LAC approach that it takes place in each place in each subject in a class.

• Language Across the Curriculum is important because language is best acquired through different meaning, context making content and learning in all subjects is dependent upon language.

• So,in language

across Curriculum students can communicate and enhance their in the field of education there is a need of broad perspective that integrates language and content learning.

MEANING OF PLURILINGUALISM • Plurilingualism is the knowledge of a number of language and the co-existence of then in a given society.

• Plurilingualism is the ability of a person who has completence in more than one language to switch between multiple languages depending on the situation for ease of communication.

• Plurilinguals practice multiple languages and are able to switch between them when necessary without too much difficulty.

• There are meta-cognitive skills which are common to all languages.There languages should be diversified. Language learning is a long dask.,

• Commutative language activities and strategies language activities are conversation correspondence wiritten texts, and texts and speech recorded. Many of the are interactive and other producers are separated from receivers, communication strategies are plans for communication information related to a specific issues,event, situation or audience.

• The majority of the world’s population use more than one language in their daily lives.

• In our work we promote multilingualism as a process of learning in schools and an outcome of education.

• Brains do not get confused or full when two languages are used in schools.

DEFINITION OF PLURILINGUALISM - Is a characteristic of individuals.

- Denotes the ability to communicate,at Whatever level of proficiency,in two or more Languages.

AIM AND UNDERPINNING VALUES FOR PROMOTING PLURILINGUALISM • Increase motivation for learning languages and getting to more about them

• Appreciate and enjoy different cultures, literatures and texts, different, discourses styless and genres.

• Challenge and reject (language) racism • Inform parents about the benefits of developing their children’s Plurilingualism

• Recognise that Plurilingualism concerns all learners and all subjects • Increase confidence, enjoyment and awareness in using various languages

ADVANTAGES OF PLURILINGUALISM The advantages for children to start with plurilinguals programs from an early age, are :

• They learn the different subjects in different languages this makes them develop meta-cognitive skills which are common to all the languages.

They recognise the language learning like a task or ability to development during their lives.

Their motivation, their self-confidence and skills rise in order to learn languages and other cultures.

As regards, children can value and develop positive attitudes towards cultural and language diversity.

The society needs plurilingual programs in schools,high school and university in order to complete with most advanced societies. Because we have a global economy. English and other foreign languages can be a passport professional, personal and cultural life. -- conceptual transfer -- Translation and interpretation -- Developing metalinguistic skills -- Building cultural knowledge

-- Building learner identities (Kenner and Mahera 2012)


People who are plurilingual tend to have better communicative sensitivity, creativity, and metalinguistic awareness. The knowledge of multiple languages as well as the understanding of different cultures allows for the improved communicative skills.

Being plurilingual and having pluricultural competence allow the speaker to choose words and phrases that best describes the situation, which would not be possible without having a blended context of both languages and cultures.

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