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Volume 481

Winter 2023


Illustration © 2023 FreshCut Paper See our Lilies and Lupines Pop-Up Bouquet Cards on p. 7.

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800-433-1155 Warm winter wishes! We searched far and wide and found something for everyone in this winter are a few of our new favorites: • the perfect all-day coffee cup for bibliophiles (see our Booked All Day Tumbler on p. 5).

The Second-Worst Restaurant in France by Alexander McCall Smith

• a lovely accessory inspired by a Navajo prayer (In Beauty I Walk Necklace on p. 22). • a jubilant gift for creative tweens (Wreck This Journal on p. 28). • an inspiring guide for thoughtful birdwatchers (Slow Birding on p. 60). • a whimsical project for crafty book lovers (DIY Miniature Book Nook on p. 36). • a curated set of scintillating fiction (Winter Novels Collection on p. 8). Happy Reading, The Editors A Note About Our Listings: The initials in parentheses after each book review identify its writer: Honor Chotkowski (HC), Ann Gregory (AG), Christie Hall (CH), Hannah Harper (HH), Rachel Radomski (RR), and other editorial contributors.

NEW A bit stymied in writing his new book on the philosophy of food, Scottish cookbook author Paul Smith accepts his eccentric cousin Chloe’s invitation to accompany her on a retreat to the French countryside. The two quickly become swept up in the local village drama, befriending their twin-sister landlords, who also own the town’s sole restaurant, thought to be among the worst in all of France. Can Paul help save the town’s gastronomical reputation? Will Chloe seduce the handsome chef and perhaps acquire her sixth husband? And just how much does Paul know about Chloe’s past? For Francophiles, foodies, and lovers of charming-if-exasperating characters, The Second-Worst Restaurant in France is a delectable feast! (AG) #UW8292 245 pages (pb) 2020 $16.00

◆BBS $13.60◆

National Park Tea Gift Box Commemorate past vacations—or nurture dreams of adventures still to come—with this delicious assortment of flavored teas. Each box comes packed with ten resealable sachets of loose tea (each sachet makes 6-8 cups), in flavors inspired by some of our nation’s most spectacular national parks: Shenandoah (green tea with lemon peel and ginger), Great Smoky Mountains (a smoky black tea blend with blackberries and marigolds), Yellowstone (black tea blend with bergamot and floral and fruit flavors), Zion (caffeine-free rooibos with elderberry, sage, and lavender), Grand Canyon (black tea blend with prickly pear and eleuthero root), Acadia (green tea with currants, blueberries, and cornflower petals), Rocky Mountains (black tea blend with raspberry and sage), Joshua Tree (herbal tisane with organic green rooibos, hibiscus flower, agave, and yucca root), Glacier (black tea with juniper berries, birch bark, huckleberry flavor, white cornflowers), and Yosemite (black tea with pineapple and spearmint). The familyrun tea company in Connecticut who creates these blends donates 10% of all tea sales in this line to help preserve our beautiful national parks. #US7962 $39.99


©2023 Bas Bleu Books LLC. All rights reserved.

Letterpress Winnie-the-Pooh Cards NEW Each heartwarming 4¼"x5½" card in this set of four features a handletterpressed illustration and quote from the original Pooh books: “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day.”; “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”; “Piglet: How do you spell love? Pooh: You don’t spell it. You feel it.”; and “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” Recipients will welcome these little glimpses of joy into their homes to hold on to forever and ever. Write an uplifting greeting on the blank interior and seal within the included kraft envelopes. #UW7822 Set of four $21.99

Today I Learned Dynamite Is Made From Peanuts Today I learned that, despite its current prestige, champagne was once used as a shoe polish. I also learned that bubble wrap was intended to be wallpaper, and how very glad I am that that didn’t happen. Readers will find this selection of more that 300 “strange-but-true facts you probably didn't know” enlightening, baffling, and extraordinarily amusing. Full of myth-busting bulletins, time-saving tips, and peculiar proclamations, this book will fill gaps in your knowledge you didn’t know existed! (HC) #UW5282 111 pages (pb) 2021 $10.95 ◆BBS $9.31◆

Eucalyptus Koala Plush NEW This cuddly koala smells as though he just emerged from the forest! Filled with a refreshing eucalyptus- and lavender-scented inner pouch, our handsome 9"-tall Eucalyptus Koala Plush helps you breathe and sleep easier—a must for dry winter months! To use, remove the inner pouch and warm it in the dryer or microwave until nice and toasty. Reinsert the pouch and snuggle up! For ages 2 to 102. #UW7412 $43.95

Striped Cashmere Scarf Meet your winter wardrobe’s new best friend. Knitted in Hawick, Scotland, of luxurious 100% first-line cashmere, the funky striped design of this 60"-long scarf was historically conceived as a clever way to make use of small cones of surplus yarn. Style it with any coat, sweater, or cardigan: the elegant shades—ranging from deep maroon and navy blue to light lilac purple and pastel pink—will complement all of your favorite garments while keeping your neck toasty warm. It’s a timeless yet unique accessory for stylish women and men! #UW2616 $79.99

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Heart Soap Pamper yourself (and lavishly treat your friends) with our luxurious quad-milled Pré de Provence Heart Soap. Crafted in France, the 7-ounce heart-shaped soap is gently scented with tea rose and enriched with shea butter, and is a perfect little gift for special occasions! #UV5432 $13.99

Wind, Sand and Stars

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and translated by Lewis Galantiére One of the miracles of the airplane is that it plunges a man directly into the heart of mystery…A needle trembles on your manometer, and this green clump below you becomes a universe. NEW Distinguished as a National Geographic Top Ten Adventure Book of All Time, this effusive, poetic memoir recounts Antoine de SaintExupéry’s unparalleled experiences as a French aviator. Via tales of wreckages in the Sahara, bizarre saviors in Paraguay, and the vulnerable disillusionment born of the Spanish Civil War, Saint-Exupéry warns of the indifference of Mother Earth and the tenacious but judgmental heart of man. Written in lyrical, philosophical prose (albeit sprinkled with a few outdated ideologies), Wind, Sand and Stars will take hold of your heart and never let go. (RR) #UW9142 229 pages (pb) 1939 $15.99 ◆BBS $13.59◆

Around the World in 80 Birds

by Mike Unwin and illustrated by Ryuto Miyake NEW This glorious celebration of our avian friends features eighty of the world’s most unique and impressive birds. Beautiful illustrations and fascinating bits of scientific info and cultural history provide engaging introductions to each winged wonder, from Uganda’s extraordinarily imposing (five foot tall) shoebill to China’s gorgeously ornate (and oft-painted) golden pheasant to Colombia’s newly discovered little dancer, the tororoi bailador. Educational and entertaining, this lovely hardcover volume offers a truly awe-inspiring journey! (CH) #WE5232 224 pages (hc) 2022 $24.95 ◆BBS $21.21◆

Houseplant Cards NEW This darling note card set—with twelve 3½"x5¼" blank note cards, twelve stickers, and thirteen envelopes—will come to life when you put pen to paper. There are three each of four designs, so pour your gratitude inside either of the thank-you cards (“Thank You!” in red, ringed with adorably illustrated houseplants over a cream or rosy red background), or send everyday missives with the two homey foliage designs (one featuring a fabulous feline!). Fasten a “Thank You!” or houseplant sticker to the green envelope and send it through the miles to make smiles bloom. #UW7662 Set of twelve $14.00 4

Booked All Day Tumbler


NEW Maybe it’s a spine-chilling thriller, or perhaps a heartwarming novel—either way, it’s got you booked for the day (at least!). Let your friends, family, and coworkers know your plan to curl up and read without having to actually say it out loud via our spunky Bas Bleu– exclusive travel mug. Vibrant blocks of color wrap around the 18-ounce doublewall stainless steel mug, and “Booked All Day” is surrounded by an ornate green border, floral accents, and a little novel on the front. The back features a tall stack of books topped with a pretty teacup. Flip the lid open for easy sipping or use the accompanying metal straw (cleaning brush included). The insulated tumbler ensures your warm or cold drink maintains its temperature throughout your busy book-fueled day! Handwash only. Do not microwave. #UW5336 $19.99

Books of Honey These heavy tomes will fit better in your kitchen than on your bookshelf! Our brilliantly packaged Book of Honey contains six 3-ounce jars of the golden nectar. The kosher, all-natural flavors include tupelo, orange blossom, acacia, rosemary, saw palmetto, and wildflower. Our new Book of Honey for a Good and Sweet Year comes with three 12-ounce jars of tupelo, acacia, and lavender honey. What a lovely addition to your next charcuterie board! Bottled and distributed in Savannah, Georgia. #CBJ152 3-Ounce Jars $49.95 NEW #UW7232 12-Ounce Jars $89.00

Red Roses Pop-Up Bouquet Card NEW This classic bouquet boasts a full dozen red roses, with a sprinkling of Baby’s Breath. Show love to your sweeties, crushes, teachers, mothers, kiddos, and cuties with these timeless beauties. Each bouquet measures 12" high and 9" wide, and includes a matching note card, paper vase, and a festive mailing envelope. Extra postage required. #UW2732 $12.99

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Easter’s Around the Corner...Hop to It! Garden Rabbit Easter Pop-Up Card Crowned with blossoms, the regal rabbit gracing the front of our 5"-square Garden Rabbit Easter Pop-Up Card is a lovely harbinger of spring…which bursts forth in 3D splendor when the card is opened. A banner reads “Happy Easter,” and you can add your own handwritten note on the back of the card. The recipient can prop the card open with the help of a small tab and gaze upon this beautiful Easter garden all day long! Envelope included; extra postage required. #UT1662 $9.99

Buy 2 or more and save 10%

An Easter Book of Days by Gregory Kenneth Cameron NEW This thoughtful little daily reader for Lent and Easter invites you to delve into “the richly woven fabric of the story of the Passion.” Twenty-five short chapters each introduce one person or element integral to the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection: from Lazarus, Pontius Pilate, and Judas Iscariot to the donkey Christ rode into Jerusalem, the empty tomb, and the cross itself. With lovely illustrations for each chapter, An Easter Book of Days is a special volume that observers of the Christian holiday will treasure anew each year. (CH) #UW8672 108 pages (pb) 2022 $18.99 ◆BBS $16.14◆

Basket of Easter Eggs Pop-Up Card Send a basket of eggs to those too far away to attend your local hunt! Our 5¼"-square Basket of Easter Eggs Pop-Up Card features a colorful, glittery basket of eggs (topped with a velvety bow) that pops up when the card is opened. Leave a sweet note in the space on the back of the card, and expect your recipient to exhibit the bright card near their own Easter basket! Extra postage required. #UV4972 $9.99 Buy 2 or more and save 10%

Easter Meadow Pop-Up Card Send serene (and adorable!) greetings this spring season with our Easter Meadow Pop-Up Card. This 5¼"-square card mails flat, then opens to reveal a bevy of woodland critters enjoying their annual egg hunt! This cheerful card will brighten any loved one’s day. Envelope included; extra postage required. #UT3132 $9.99 Buy 2 or more and save 10%

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Lilies and Lupines Pop-Up Bouquet Card NEW Our Lilies and Lupines Pop-Up Bouquet Card is always in season! This environmentally friendly bouquet is the perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, and is sure to brighten any place it’s displayed! Each bouquet measures 12" high and 9" wide, and includes a matching note card, paper vase, and a festive mailing envelope. Extra postage required. #CBM912 $12.95

Cottage Garden Egg Needle Felting Kit NEW Learn a fun new craft and create a one-of-a-kind Easter bauble…all with the help of this whimsical needle felting kit! Made in Scotland, the set includes everything you need to fashion your own floral felted egg: 100% Corriedale felting wool in vibrant shades of pink, blue, green, yellow, and white; felting needles; a foam crafting surface; and comprehensive instructions. Measuring about 3½" tall when complete, this is one lovely Easter egg that will outlast the holiday! #UW8786 $29.99

Festive Easter Pop-Up Card Deliver EGG-cellent Easter greetings to friends and family with our Festive Easter PopUp Card. This playful 9"x3¾" card opens to reveal a garden of flowers and Easter eggs, and when recipients pull the activation tab, bunny rabbits will poke their heads out, making this an EGG-stra festive surprise. Extra postage required. #UV5322 $9.99 Buy 2 or more and save 10%

Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter Bread and Wine is essential Lenten and Easter reading. This literary devotional consists of seventy-two readings, one for each day of Lent— beginning with Ash Wednesday, and continuing through Easter and Pentecost. Contributions by an eclectic group of writers—Oscar Wilde, Thomas Merton, Dylan Thomas, Christina Rossetti, Martin Luther, Wendell Berry, Mother Teresa, C. S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, and others—are grouped around themes like temptation, passion, resurrection, and new life. Each selection challenges the reader to look beyond contemporary Lenten “sacrifices”—should one give up chocolate or cheese?—and truly reflect upon the implications of Christ’s death and resurrection. (KG) #UK8562 412 pages (hc) 2003 $24.00 ◆BBS $20.40◆ 7


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Winter Reading Collection: Novels

NEW #UW8882 Set of five books $106.00 $90.10


The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World by Laura Imai Messina NEW Revered by Britain’s The Times as a “striking haiku of the human heart,” The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World centers around Yui, who lost her mother and daughter to the 2011 tsunami in Japan. The novel delicately expands with the other lives irrevocably changed and intertwined by the Wind Phone: a disconnected phone booth in a garden at the foot of a mountain where people speak to their lost loved ones. You’ll never want to let go of the characters in this meticulous, stirring, infinitely beautiful book—and you’ll never quite be able to. (RR) #UW8142 400 pages (pb) 2021 $16.00 ◆BBS $13.60◆

Zorrie by Laird Hunt NEW A luminous literary feat, this short novel offers a profound and graceful snapshot of twentieth-century Midwest America. It is the life story of Zorrie Underwood, an orphan in rural Indiana who drifts west to find work in the Depression, then returns home, marries a farmer, communes with neighbors, and works the land. There are no shocking plot twists here…just a poetic portrait of a resilient woman whom I fell in love with as if she were my own grandmother. (CH) #UW2962 161 pages (pb) 2022 $16.00 ◆BBS $13.60◆

Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson NEW Nellie Coker, maven of the gin-soaked Soho nightclub scene of 1926 London, is released after a six-month stint in prison. Meanwhile, the bodies of girls from her clubs keep washing up on the shores of the Thames, and Detective Inspector Frobisher suspects an extensive web of corruption behind the brutal murders. Enter Gwendolen Kelling, a former librarian searching the city for a friend’s sister, and an eager volunteer for a dangerous undercover mission. With Jazz Age London and all its glamour and seediness as a glittering backdrop, this masterfully atmospheric read offers a fizzy cocktail of humor, intrigue, romance, and realism. (AG) #UW8322 394 pages (hc) 2022 $29.00 ◆BBS $24.65◆

The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell NEW Renaissance Italy: Lucrezia, third daughter of the grand duke of Florence, grows up contentedly independent in the shadow of her siblings. But when her older sister dies on the eve of her wedding, Lucrezia, barely a teenager, finds herself betrothed to the much older duke of Ferrara. Thrown into a tumultuous foreign court, she soon learns that her very survival depends upon producing an heir…and that everyone underestimates her temerity and resilience. Loosely based upon the real life Lucrezia de’ Medici, this is a lush and captivating historical novel. (AG) #UW7972 339 pages (hc) 2022 $28.00 ◆BBS $23.80◆

The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman

by Andrzej Szczypiorski and translated by Klara Glowczewska NEW Originally published in Polish as Pozatek in 1986, The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman chronicles the lives of Jewish and Christian Poles and Germans in 1943 Nazi-occupied Warsaw. When Irma Seidenman, a Jewish widow with “Aryan” features, is arrested, the characters connect to pull off an unprecedented rescue…but this novel is so much more than that. With each new character comes a haunting narrative: a lyrical, sometimes shocking, exploration of their fears, their beliefs, and their futures, as unsettling and complex as real flesh and bone. (RR) #UW7132 280 pages (pb) 1988 $17.00 ◆BBS $14.45◆

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Winter Reading Collection: Mysteries NEW #UW8892 Set of five books $103.88 $88.30

The Bigger They Come by Erle Stanley Gardner NEW The Bigger They Come centers on disgraced former lawyer Donald Lam, who applies for a position at the Cool Detective Agency, headed by the steely Bertha Cool. Sensing something unique in the young man, she assigns him the task of serving divorce papers to an elusive gambler named Morgan Birks. Lam resolves to find Birks, and plunges almost at once into a farrago of flirtations, fist fights, and domestic spats in dingy hotels. Gardner delights in subverting the tropes of the hardboiled detective novel, but the real joy of this book is Bertha Cool, a formidably feisty woman with a knack for creative oaths. Breezily written and breathlessly paced, this first book in the Cool and Lam series is remarkably readable and entertaining. (BH) #UW7162 227 pages (pb) 2022 $15.95 ◆BBS $13.56◆

All Dressed Up by Jilly Gagnon NEW A relaxing weekend getaway at a remote hotel in the Catskills sounds like the perfect escape on paper, but Becca knows it’s her unfaithful husband’s frivolous attempt at an apology. A 1920s-themed murder mystery greets the unstable couple upon their arrival, and mystery-loving Becca expects to use the cheesy escapade to get her mind off reality. But when an actual murder occurs, her weekend takes a dark turn. The Roaring Twenties theme pays homage to classic whodunits, while the modern setting adds a contemporary twist, creating a fun-filled page turner! (HH) #UW7042  352 pages (pb) 2022   $17.00 ◆BBS $14.45◆

The Man Who Vanished and the Dog Who Waited by Kate High NEW Clarice Beech is drawn into mystery when a woman named Louise implores her for assistance in locating her son, Guy, who recently failed to return home from a trip. Clarice agrees to look after Guy’s dog, Susie (who recently turned up with a mysterious gash on her leg), while she investigates Guy’s business associates, hoping to unearth clues to his whereabouts. Before long, she begins to suspect that Guy may have been murdered. The Man Who Vanished and the Dog Who Waited unfolds at an unhurried pace, its reassuringly cozy aesthetic concealing dark undercurrents of mental illness and familial dysfunction. Meticulously crafted and brimming with clever twists, Kate High’s latest is a lovely throwback to the Golden Age of detective fiction. (BH) #UW7942 359 pages (pb) 2021 $15.99 ◆BBS $13.59◆

Peril at the Exposition by Nev March NEW Having escaped the restrictive society of British-ruled Bombay, Anglo-Indian soldier-turned-detective Captain Jim is just settling in to life in Boston when he’s called to investigate an underground plot to sabotage the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. His wife, Diana, grows concerned when several weeks pass without communication from him, and she endeavors to track him down, inadvertently ensnaring herself deep within his case. The inquisitive newlyweds must work together to save the event of the century…and their own lives. (RR) #UW8122 344 pages (hc) 2022 $27.99 ◆BBS $23.79◆

The Bequest by Joanna Margaret NEW Brimming with historical intrigue, The Bequest is set in a rural Scottish university where old friends Isabel and Rose are working on their PhD dissertations about sixteenth-century Italy. But events take a sudden and disastrous turn. First, Isabel’s intended advisor mysteriously dies, then Rose approaches Isabel with a desperate plea for help, and Isabel is plummeted into an academic treasure hunt…with Rose’s life on the line. (RR) #UW7152 398 pages (hc) 2022 $26.95 ◆BBS $22.91◆



Electra McDonnell Mysteries by Ashley Weaver NEW A setting in World War II London, a shadowy government spy agency, a curious lockpicker with a mysterious background, an entertaining love triangle… need I go on? Ellie McDonnell, our heroine and aforementioned lockpicker, gets caught breaking into a safe with her locksmith uncle. Instead of being arrested, she’s offered a deal to work for the handsome and enigmatic Major Ramsey in exchange for intercepting a treasonous message that’s on its way to the Germans. But nothing goes to plan, and Ellie and Major Ramsey, along with a motley crew of small-time criminals, undergo a series of dangerous operations. And the hijinks continue in the sequel, when Major Ramsey asks for Ellie’s help identifying a spy whose body's been been found in the Thames. These fast-paced mysteries are truly a delight to read! (RR) #UW6372 A Peculiar Combination 308 pages (pb) 2021 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆ #UW7762 The Key to Deceit 262 pages (hc) 2022 $27.99 ◆BBS $23.79◆

Margreete’s Harbor by Eleanor Morse NEW Suffused with stark pathos, Margreete’s Harbor begins with the image of a house burning on the coast, ash swirling in the snow like so many lost memories. Margreete’s daughter, Liddie, moves her young family across the country to help care for her mother in what’s left of her home. This breathtaking study of the human condition explores thwarted expectations, the truths we assume to be universal, and the interplay between our choices and our principles. Over the course of ten years, the family faces the growing political unrest of the 1960s, an increasingly senile matriarch, and other conflicts typical to familial growth. With special attention to interiority and landscape, this sincere, affecting novel is one I’ll never forget. (RR) #UW7952 374 pages (hc) 2021 $27.99 ◆BBS $23.79◆

A World Full of Animal Stories edited by Angela McCallister

NEW Embark on a wild adventure around the world with fifty timeless animal-themed fables, myths, and legends. Stories from across the globe are brought to life by vibrant illustrations, showcasing all of the creatures big and small. Little ones will read King of the Cats (from Scotland), The Little Frog of the Stream (from Peru), The First Woodpecker (a Native American story), and more, while expanding their vocabulary and learning about geography and different cultures along the way. For ages 6 to 9. (HC) #UW8652 128 pages (hc) 2017 $24.99 ◆BBS $21.24◆

Argyle Readers NEW You’ll look beguilingly studious (no matter how long it’s been since you were on campus) whenever you don these adorable readers! With a handsome argyle pattern in muted shades of blue, purple, and green, these lightweight reading glasses make a smart—and functional—accessory. Pretty blue fabric case included. Please specify magnification: 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, 2.50, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0. #UW6812 $23.99

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The True History of Tea

by Victor H. Mair & Erling Hoh

Tea Library

NEW History rarely gets more tasteful—or worldly—than this! Sip our delightful collection of looseleaf teas while devouring the story of how one of the world’s favorite beverages came to be such. In the deeply researched, informative, and fascinating The True History of Tea, readers will journey across the globe from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the Boston Harbor. As you read, embark on a tea tasting tour with our Tea Library: ten vials of loose-leaf, single-estate teas from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, India, Kenya, and Korea (each of which brews a six- to eight-cup pot). An included informational book guides you on your tasting journey. What a singular experience and memorable gift for bibliophilic history buffs who are seldom without a hot cuppa! (HC) #UW8502 Book 280 pages (hc) 2009 $26.95 ◆BBS $22.91◆ #UW8472 Tea Library $60.00

“I Am Not Afraid of Storms” Art Block


I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. —Louisa May Alcott Spread positivity and perseverance with this inspiring 5"-square art block. A steady ship sails through stormy waters below the white scripted Louisa May Alcott quote, and the wooden block is bordered with recycled dictionary pages for a literary twist. Stand it on your mantel or dresser, or hang it on your wall via the slot on the back, so all can be heartened by the resolute message and gorgeous art designed by artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes. #UW3542 $43.00

Letterpress Literary Sympathy Cards


NEW Offer your deepest sympathies, encouragement, and comfort with our elegant Letterpress Literary Sympathy Cards. Each 4¼"x5½" card in the set of four features a quote from either Fyodor Dostoevsky (“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is God”), William Blake (“For everything exists, and not one sigh nor smile nor tear, one hair nor particle of dust, not one can pass away”), Anonymous (“They are not apart from us, but a part of us for love is eternal, and those we love shall be with us throughout all eternity”), or Thomas Bailey Aldrich (“What is lovely never dies but passes into other loveliness”), surrounded by gorgeous floral accents. Write personalized condolences on the blank interior and seal them in the included light gray envelopes. #UW5792 Set of four $19.99 11


Magpie by Elizabeth Day NEW Marisa and Jake seem to have it all: an adorable London flat, a loving marriage, and, soon, a new baby to complete their family. But when they take on Kate as a lodger to offset some of the familyplanning bills, their perfect world starts to deteriorate. Is Marisa just hormonal and paranoid, or is Kate out to steal everything Marisa has worked so hard for? As Marisa delves deeper into Kate’s identity, the search for the truth becomes increasingly dangerous. A clever domestic thriller with elegance, heart, and a killer twist, Magpie is a true pageturner! (AG) #UW7932 322 pages (hc) 2021 $26.99 ◆BBS $22.94◆ EXCLUSIVE!

Time for Books Wall Clock NEW This whimsical wooden clock, crafted specially in Lithuania for Bas Bleu, will make the perfect addition to your home library! With its beautiful 12½"-square cutout book pattern and sleek white hands, it will always declare that it’s time for a book. Simply insert one AA battery (not included), set the silent-ticking time mechanism, and suspend it by the hanger on the back to watch time fly by with every turn of a page. #UW6686 $89.99

Agent Josephine by Damien Lewis

NEW You might be familiar with Josephine Baker’s distinctive dancing—before World War II, the American-born singer/dancer/ actress was one of the most famous performers in France—but this biography begins with the Nazi occupation in Paris, and, subsequently, the forced removal of “negroes and Jews” from entertainment. When Baker joined the Resistance as a spy, her position among the elite was unusual but indispensable to MI6. Damien Lewis’s exhaustive and captivating research will not only bring you closer to Baker’s true (untold until now) story, but also reveal her tenacity and patriotism as one of the first women to serve as an Honorable Correspondent in a time of great upheaval. (RR) #UW7022 467 pages (hc) 2022 $32.00 ◆BBS $27.20◆

Surprise Package


#UB9992 Suggested retail value over $100.00 $39.90

Let us surprise you with a box of books—an interesting selection of quality literature hand-picked by the editors of Bas Bleu. Some you’ll love; others you’ll give to friends. But at this kind of savings, you just can’t lose!

Book Darts It’s time to upgrade your bookmarks, because these bronze Book Darts save more than your page—they’re also unobtrusive line markers! Just slip the little pointer on the last sentence you read, or mark new recipes, or flag a favorite passage in your novel, all without damaging the page or the binding. The archive-quality darts are easy to spot when your books are closed and are a simple, attractive alternative to highlighter or pencil marks. #UW6142 Tin of fifty $12.99 12

Max in the Stacks Tapestry Blanket NEW Curl up for a cozy catnap with our adorable Max in the Stacks Tapestry Blanket! Woven in the USA of 100% cotton, this handsome throw depicts a pretty kitty snoozing between the stacks, surrounded by whimsical books like The Cat of Monte Cristo, Finding Felix, and Recipes with Catnip. The 72"x54" blanket is bordered with fringe and will add unique flair to any reading nook. #UW7992 $69.00

William Morris Lounge Pants Get cozy and stylish with these refined William Morris Lounge Pants, available in Blue, Red, or Sage. With wide legs, side-seam pockets, an elastic drawstring waist, and cotton lace hems, the pants are so chic, you’ll find ways to pair them with your everyday outfits. Made from 100% rayon. Available in sizes S (6–8), M (10–12), L (14–16), XL (16–18), 1XL (18–20), and 2XL (20–22). Please specify size and color. (Imported.) #HAQ707 $35.00

Natural Daylight Floor Lamps Our handsome Natural Daylight Floor Lamp produces super-bright (3500-4000 lumens), clear light to reduce eyestrain while reading. The three-way, Natural Daylight 40W LED bulb offers brightness levels of fifteen, twenty-five, and forty watts. With 360-degree swivel ability, the adjustable gooseneck and shade make it easy to find the perfect angle. The metal shade, neck, and weighted base are finished in antique brass, the solid oak wood post (measuring about five feet tall) in pretty cherrywood. Also available in brushed nickel and blackwood finish. (Sorry, no gift-wrapping or rush delivery.) #US7782 Antique Brass/


#US7792 Brushed Nickel/Black Wood Each $229.99

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The Ride of Her Life by Elizabeth Letts When it comes to salt-of-the-earth types, they don’t get much saltier than Maine farmer Annie Wilkins. Wilkins was told, at the age of sixty-three in 1954, that she likely had only two years to live. Ever the optimist, Wilkins took this information in stride. She sold everything she owned (except for her dog, Depeche Toi), put on several layers of warm clothing, bought a horse named Tarzan, and rode west to fulfill a lifelong dream to see the Pacific Ocean. The Ride of Her Life shares the triumphant story of her journey, detailing all the surprises and hardships, joys and mishaps, and astounding human kindnesses she experienced along the way. This true story of the “last of the saddle tramps” is a nostalgic trot through a changing American landscape that’s sure to bolster your faith in humanity. (CH) #UW5222 319 pages (pb) 2021 $18.00 ◆BBS $15.30◆

Wines of France and Whiskies of Scotland Puzzles NEW For wine connoisseurs and whisky aficionados, these sophisticated jigsaw puzzles will hit the spot. The 1,000-piece Wines of France Puzzle features a detailed map of France labeled with the country’s classic and lesser-known vineyards, while the 500-piece Whiskies of Scotland Puzzle showcases the locales of Scotland’s famous distilleries. Both handsomely illustrated puzzles include a poster of the art and facts about the featured beverage. Pour a glass of Burgundy grand cru or a dram of single-malt Scotch and get puzzling! #UW8612 France $24.95 #UW8602 Scotland $18.95

Decoding Your Cat

by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Did you know? Adult cats meow to communicate with humans, not other cats. Unlike dogs, if your feline presents her belly to you, it’s safer not to touch. In this straightforward, engaging guide, “the ultimate experts explain common cat behaviors and reveal how to prevent or change unwanted ones.” If you’re adopting your first cat (or kitten), it’s a vital resource to help you prepare yourself and your home. But even if you have had many beloved cat companions, Decoding Your Cat will teach you a tremendous amount about these fascinating, maddening, wonderful creatures. (KG) #UV2302 342 pages (pb) 2021 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

What Is a Dog? by Chloe Shaw NEW Though a relatively slim volume with lean yet lyrical prose, What Is a Dog? is a book with colossal emotional heft. Beginning with how author Chloe Shaw, her husband, and their children recently said good-bye to and then mourned their beloved senior dog, Booker, Shaw presents a memoir told through relationships with the canine companions that walked beside her at each stage of her life: from her childhood comforter, Agatha 2, to Otter, the puppy that helped her family to heal and grow even closer together after the passing of Booker. “A dog is the predisposed portal away from any anguish there is,” Shaw memorably declares at one point. This is a book that perfectly captures not just the deep pains, but also the even deeper pleasures, of having a dog steal your heart. (SM) #UW8582 210 pages (pb) 2021 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

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Irish Woolen Sweater Stay cozy and chic with our beautiful, 100% supersoft merino Woolen Sweater. The long, flattering garment features a fold-over collar and 100% natural corozo buttons. Crafted at a family-owned mill in western Ireland’s County Mayo, these gorgeous tops—knitted in a deep blue-green hue fittingly known as Irish Sea (on model), a dusky-blue Ocean Gray, or a fashionable off-white Ecru—are destined to become wardrobe staples! Please specify color and size: S (4–6), M (8–10), L (12–14), XL (16–18), or XXL (20). M hangs 26"; hand-wash only. #XC9086 $179.95

Mason Jar Roses Valentine’s Pop-Up Card This Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetheart (or a sweet friend) to lovely clusters of roses and baby’s breath tucked inside simple mason jars…no water required! Our 6"-tall Mason Jar Roses Valentine’s Pop-Up Card delivers preprinted messages of affection—“Happy Valentine’s Day!”; “I love you!”; and “XOXO” —but also offers space on the back for you to write a personal message. Envelope included; extra postage may be required. #UT2092 $9.99

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Little Notes® These whimsical Little Notes® from e. Frances are just the right size for jotting a short, sweet message to remember. Use them as gift inserts, tuck them into lunch boxes, slip a sentimental keepsake into your partner’s wallet, present a “thank you!” tip to your pet sitter…. Each measuring 3½"x2", they are also the perfect size for DIY calling cards: Scribble down your phone number, email address, or snail-mail address for a new neighbor or friend. We’re offering seven designs (Cats, Dogs, Chickadee, Heart, Pencil, Sailboat, and Tea Cup), each available in a pack of eighty-five cards. And the handmade 2½" Ceramic Holder keeps the cards at the ready on your desk or kitchen counter, a handy stash that’s small in size but big on charm. #UT7182 Little Notes® Ceramic Holder $24.99 #UV7352 Heart #UT7172 Cats #UV7362 Pencil #UT7202 Dogs #UV8432 Tea Cup #UV7372 Sailboat #UT7192 Chickadee Each $16.99 15


Snowscape: A Winter Pop-Up Book

by Nicole Yen and Yoojin Kim and illustrated by Kathryn Selbert NEW When snow begins to fall, the critters with warm thick coats prance among the bright, fluffy landscape while others cozy up and rest until the icy white blanket melts come lusher days. Each page in this gorgeous pop-up book brings a new wintry scene to life, with several featuring interactive flaps and tabs. Despite its chilly subject, this peaceful tale will warm the hearts of little ones ages 3 to 9, and widen the eyes of all who see the little world burst to life. (HC) #UW8362 14 pages (hc) 2022 $34.99 ◆BBS $29.74◆

Hedgehog Handwarmer NEW Don’t let the brisk winter weather disrupt your best efforts to stay warm and snug—our affectionate Hedgehog Handwarmer ensures that cold hands are reserved only for building snowmen (and throwing snowballs!). The large 12"x12" cuddly creature boasts an armhole on both sides of its fluffy exterior for your hands to rest within the soft fleece interior. Best of all, there’s a removable lavender and flaxseed heat pack that can be warmed up in the microwave for maximum coziness. #UW7652 $39.99

Grand Piano Audio Pop-Up Card This marvelous melodic surprise is sure to give recipients butterflies! Open our Grand Piano Audio Pop-Up Card to unveil a grand piano amid a flutter of the dazzling creatures, set to soar off this 9¼"x3¾" missive. Pull the attached tab and a euphonious piano piece flows, delivering a befitting celebratory jingle for birthdays, congratulations, thank you’s, and other notable occasions. Attach one of the included butterfly stickers to the card—“Congratulations,” “Happy Birthday,” “Thank-You” or blank—pen a note on the back, attach extra postage to the included envelope, and send along to friends and family. They’ll be wonderstruck! Extra postage required. #UV5072 $14.99

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The Bookshop of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser Newly separated from an unfaithful husband and summarily dismissed from her long-standing job, Thea Mottram is angry and depressed when she serendipitously receives a generous bequest from her late great-uncle: a substantial amount of money and a house in a small Scottish town. What was initially intended to be a short visit to Baldochrie to settle the estate becomes extended indefinitely when Thea meets curmudgeonly Edward Maltravers, the owner of the local bookshop who ultimately hires her as his shop assistant. Romance blossoms as they navigate the bumpy waters of their evolving relationship and Thea’s life is forever changed. #UV8152 448 pages (pb) 2021 $17.00 ◆BBS $14.45◆ A Reader Review by Rosemary Sant Andrea from Woodbury, Connecticut


The Tree Book: The Stories, Science, and History of Trees NEW You won’t be able to stop staring at this immersive, mesmerizing, expansive guide! Filled with extraordinary illustrations and photography, The Tree Book is much more than a simple identifier: It’s also an exploration of how trees function and thrive, complete with scientific trivia (like each tree’s classification, appearance, and environmental significance), history (for example, the ginkgo tree is “called the tree of hope since six of them survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima”), and quotes from distinguished sources. What a stunning way to learn about the natural world we live in! (RR) #UW8482 352 pages (hc) 2022 $50.00 ◆BBS $42.50◆

Pocket Nature Companion Books NEW No matter how busy life gets, it’s essential to find calmness, and with our practical little 4¼"x6¼" guides, you’ll always have an escape to the natural world in your back pocket. Admire the ever-changing wonder of leaves as they cycle from green to amber by discovering the pastime of Leaf Peeping. Readers will learn why leaves change color, how to leaf peep, how we can benefit from this knowledge, and more, and take a closer look at common tree species in simple graphs. Step outside, look up, and quiet your mind by watching the clouds go by with our Cloud Spotting guide. Begin by embracing the benefits of mindfulness, and continue to hone in on what a cloud is, the various types of clouds, and striking phenomenon (such as unusual clouds and the impact of wind, lightning, and water). Both illustrated pocket-size books showcase lovely line drawings, tables and graphs, and succinct information, and offer a friendly nudge to step outside. (HC) #UW8162 Leaf Peeping by Erin Riley 128 pages (hc) 2022 #UW8152 Cloud Spotting by Casey Schreiner 112 pages (hc) 2022 Each $12.95 ◆BBS $11.01◆

Edie Harper Cat Doormats Whether you’re returning from a long day of work or hosting family members for dinner, a friendly welcome wagon makes arriving anywhere all the more special! Featuring charming feline art from Edie Harper (wife of artist Charley Harper), these handsome 30"x18" doormats will make your front stoop as darling as can be. Choose between four seasonal designs—Fall (maroon), Winter (charcoal), Spring (green), and Summer (turquoise)—that vary in color and design, but all showcase the same charming cat that you and your guests will love! Indoor/outdoor mat crafted of bristly natural coir with a rubber backing. #UW2172 Fall #UW2182 Winter #UW2152 Spring #UW2162 Summer Each $49.99


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Bathing Flowers Make bath-time a relaxing reverie with our lovely Bathing Flowers. Simply tear five or six petals from a flower and scatter them beneath warm running water to release their luxurious fragrances. We’re offering two beautifully boxed “bouquets”: Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle (scented with sweet peas, honeysuckle, white jasmine, gardenia, crushed leaves, and musk), and Pinks and Pear Blossom (scented with pink and white pear blossom, pear, bergamot, leafy greens, and cedarwood). Imported from England, these make an elegant treat for anyone who deserves the best in self-care. #UV2646 Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle #UW2136 Pinks and Pear Blossom Each $24.00

American Vistas Puzzle NEW From Acadia to Zion, travel to some of America’s most spectacular national parks from the comfort of your home with this cool puzzle. Featuring fifteen vintage travel poster–style illustrations of different parks, this colorful 1,000-piece puzzles measures 28½"x19¾" when complete. #UW7052 $24.00

The Last Train to London by Meg Waite Clayton As Hitler begins readying his conquest of Europe, Stephan Neuman— the son of a prominent Jewish confectioner in Austria—can feel the noose tightening around Vienna. Soon German soldiers descend on the city, destroying his father’s chocolate shop and forcing him into hiding in the labyrinthine tunnels belowground. Stephan must find a way to save his brother and his Christian best friend, whose mother fights for the resistance. Hope appears in the form of a woman known as Tante Truus, who pleads with the wicked Adolf Eichmann to lead the local Jewish children out of Austria and into Britain. Eichmann strikes an impossible bargain: She can have her wish if she manages to find 600 children, but not a single one less. She has until the end of the week. Based on actual events, The Last Train to London vividly captures the beauties of prewar Vienna and the existential menace of Nazism. (BH) #UV5562 480 pages (pb) 2020 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

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Harris Tweed Slippers NEW Clear your to-do list: With these slippers and a good book, your busy world will fade away. Made with 100% pure new wool in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, the pink plaid exterior is uniquely stylish, and the brown fleece lining inside will keep your toes warm—even as your new thriller sends a chill down your spine. Available in EU women’s sizes 37 (US 6), 39 (US 8), 41 (US 10). #UW6706 $39.00

Books Aren’t for Eating by Carlie Sorosiak and illustrated by Manu Montoya

He recommended books about everything: Hula-Hoops, faraway places, dogs of the world. Each fit its reader snugly and warmly, like a sweater. NEW Leopold the goat is an expert at suggesting new books to the people that come into his bookstore…until the day another goat walks in. Just like Leopold as a kid, this goat eats the pages of every book he’s offered! This laugh-out-loud book, complete with bright and beautiful illustrations, asks the question: “Will Leopold be able to find a story to fill this customer’s imagination before it fills his stomach?” For ages 4 to 8. (RR) #UW7252 40 pages (hc) 2022 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

Pencils for Lefties Everyone Is Born Right-Handed Tee and Sweatshirt “More presidents are lefties.” “Lefthanded but always right,” these fun Pencils for Lefties come with eight No. 2 pencils, each showcasing a snappy saying that lefties everywhere will find relatable. In a world made for righties, these writing utensils will bring lefties a thoughtful chuckle. And the gifted southpaw you know will proudly wear this acknowledgment of her superiority with our Everyone Is Born Right-Handed Tee or Sweatshirt (not shown)! Short-sleeve gray 100% cotton T-shirt and 50/50 poly-blend Sweatshirt are available in unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X. #UV3812 Pencils $12.99 #AN8721 Tee $19.95 (add $10 for Sweatshirt)

Jokes and Riddles for Kids Boxed Book Set NEW Kids will be gobsmacked with hours of gut-busting jokes and brain-twisting riddles with this entertaining boxed set of three books. The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids and its sequel are stuffed with more than 800 knock-knock jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, puns, and more, including tips for young aspiring joke writers! The Big Book of Tricky Riddles for Kids is overflowing with more than 400 riddles, word puzzles, brainteasers, logic problems, math puzzles, and more. Family and friends of the young comedians/puzzlers should prepare themselves to chuckle and ponder over oodles of family-friendly jokes and riddles! (HC) #UW7742 133-151 pages (boxed set of three pbs) 2019–2021 $30.95 ◆BBS $26.31◆ 19


Tartan Keri Bags NEW Add traditional Scottish tartan flair to any outfit by tossing one of our gorgeous Keri Bags over your shoulder or across your body. We’re offering these fine-merino wool 133/4"x15"x33/4" accessories in three colorways— Royal Stewart (Red), Nova Scotia (Blue), Antique Buchanan (Yellow)—all of which are made in Canada by Patrick King Woolen Co with permission from the Scottish Tartan authority. These elegant bags are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe and a befitting gift for Scots and stylish friends and family. #UW8282 Royal Stewart #UW9292 Nova Scotia #UW9302 Antique Buchanan Each $74.95

Literary Thank-You Cards NEW There's no better way to say “thank you” than with the gracious words of expert wordsmiths. Our boxed set of six 4¼"x5½" Literary Thank-You Cards will help you tell loved ones how much you appreciate them (especially with the included thank-you-card writing tips). We’re offering two each of three designs: Beatrix Potter (“I must find the time to thank you”) surrounded by gorgeous flora, Jane Austen (“I thank you again and again”) graced with delicate leaves and branches, and Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (“You are so kind to think of me”) featuring a lovely Parisian neighborhood. Express your personal appreciation on the blank interior, seal within the included kraft envelopes, and send forth. #UW7852 Boxed set of six $19.99

The Book of… This collection is perfect for those who absorb information as fast as they can digest it. The Book of Answers offers insight into common questions about animals, history, sports, food, and more. The Book of Weird and Unusual Trivia is crammed with stories that are eerie, unexpected, and just plain bizarre. The Book of Unusual Knowledge is a cornucopia of information regarding the animal kingdom, art, sports, technology, history, politics, and more. The Book of Extraordinary Facts is brimming with urban legends, old wives’ tales, misattributed quotes, and corrected presumptions. The Book of Bizarre Truths is chock-full of fascinating facts about pop culture, nature, technology, art, history, religion, crime, and strange happenings. Lastly, The Book of Amazing History covers science, politics, war, popular historical figures, and more. (RR) #HAJ502 Answers #HAJ652 Amazing History #HAJ632 Bizarre Truths #HAJ622 Unusual Knowledge #HAJ512 Weird and Unusual Trivia #HAJ642 Extraordinary Facts 632-704 pages (hc) 2011-2020 Each $16.95 ◆BBS $14.41◆

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Scottish Borders Cashmere Scarves & Gloves Stay exceptionally snug this season in this luxurious 100% pure cashmere outerwear. Our soft and warm 10¼"x82" Scarves, knitted with a tasteful finecable design, are long enough to wrap in multiple styles and the cable-knit Gloves have ribbed cuffs to protect your wrists from revealing sleeves. One size fits most ladies’ hands. Both options are crafted in the Scottish Borders, an area famous for its fine knitwear. Cold hand-wash recommended. Please specify color: Black, Gray, Red, or Blue. #UW2596 Scarves $159.99 #UW2606 Gloves $49.99

New Yorker Winter Page-Turners Puzzle NEW Dreaming of an alternate world where everyone has their nose stuck in a book—not just you? You’re in luck, because this witty puzzle brings a literary winter wonderland to life! Depicting Greg Clarke’s New Yorker cover art from December 2004, the 500-piece puzzle includes a scholarly snowshoer, an intellectual ice fisher…even a bookish bear! Measures 18"x24" when complete. #UW8072 $24.00

The Lindbergh Nanny by Mariah Fredericks NEW This gripping historical novel dramatizes one of America’s most notorious crimes: the 1932 kidnapping of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh’s son from his New Jersey home. Betty Gow, the twentysix-year-old Scottish nanny for Charles Jr., was the last to see the child before he was taken, and she quickly became a person of interest. Mariah Fredericks brings Betty’s perspective of the affair to vivid life: the heartache of losing her beloved charge, the desperation to exonerate herself, the anxiety of not knowing whom to trust among her friends and coworkers. Even those familiar with the case will be captivated by this poignant and suspenseful historical fiction—after all, it’s highly likely the real-life culprit had an accomplice on the inside… (AG) #UW7832 309 pages (hc) 2022 $27.99 ◆BBS $23.79◆

Marple: Twelve New Mysteries NEW Your favorite sleuth is back, and this time she’s solving mysteries devised by some of the greatest contemporary authors of the genre: Lucy Foley, Ruth Ware, Elly Griffiths, and more! Miss Marple’s familiar St. Mary Mead is bewitchingly revived in Val McDermid’s haunting “The Second Murder at the Vicarage;” while Ruth Ware’s impeccable “Miss Marple’s Christmas” incorporates the classic locked-room wrinkle and a nod to another beloved mystery author; and Dreda Say Mitchell employs a modern twist in her elegantly spun “A Deadly Wedding Day.” Each story is a unique delight, and a fascinating study of Agatha Christie’s unforgettable character who changed the meaning of the word “detective.” (RR) #XF2262 370 pages (hc) 2022 $28.95 ◆BBS $24.61◆ 21


In Beauty I Walk Sterling Silver Necklace NEW Inspired by the Navajo prayer that begins, “In beauty I walk/With beauty before me I walk/With beauty behind me I walk/With beauty above me I walk/With beauty around me I walk/It has become beauty again,” this sleek necklace hangs from a 16"-long sterling-silver chain. With the words “In Beauty I Walk” engraved on the left side of the teardrop-shaped sterling-silver pendant, this makes an incomparable gift for spiritual or natureloving friends. #UW8942 $66.00

Roll Up Some Fun: Family Activity Dice Bolster the entertainment at a family gathering and bring everyone closer with our playful Family Activity Dice! The game comes as a set of three oversize 2"-square dice. Take turns rolling all three to follow the silly instructions that fall together: “Everyone do an impression like you’re soooo tired;” “You and the person to your left sing a song while holding your nose;” the possibilities are endless, and always hilarious! For all ages. #UW0192 $23.99


Floral Pop-Up Cards Boxed Set

These lovely little 3½"x5" note cards open to reveal a 3D “bloom” of gold foil-stamped flowers inside. Each pop-up card features just enough blank space to jot a thank-you note, a birthday greeting, or a few lines of encouragement to someone in need of a thoughtful pick-me-up. We’re offering a boxed set of eight note cards, two each of four designs, with blush pink envelopes. #US2782 Set of eight $18.99

Vintage Storybook Animal Stories Republished after more than fifty years, these vintage stories are sure to delight modern little ones. Follow “Captain Kitty” across the ocean blue, smile as little Duckie gently teaches the importance of hygiene in “Little Rabbit’s Bath,” witness a sweet exchange of letter writing in “The Little Mailman of Bayberry Lane,” watch a rainy day turn to sunshine thanks to the local beavers in “Mr. Flopears,” spend a lively day on the ranch in “Farm Animals,” meet a new amphibian friend in “Jeepers the Little Frog,” cheer for the clumsy duck in “Little Duckling,” and watch a baby grow up in “Little Deer.” Each of the eight easy-to-read stories is sweetly illustrated, and sure to lull little ones ages 3 to 8 to peaceful sleep! (HC) #UW6412 Set of eight hcs $24.99 ◆BBS $21.24◆


Vintage Cheese Apron and Tea Towel NEW Cheesy aprons are a must in a cheerful kitchen, and this is the cheesiest! Our Vintage Cheese Apron and matching Tea Towel are printed with vintage illustrations of different cheese varieties. From gorgonzola to Roquefort to Stilton, take a culinary tour each time you don the handsome apron (with an adjustable 12" neck strap, 34" waist straps, and a front pocket), or serve charcuterie boards with flair when presented alongside the 19"x33" tea towel. Both are 100% cotton and come in a reusable fabric bag. Machine washable. (Imported.) #UW8542 Apron $27.99 #UW8552 Tea Towel $17.99

Gathered Birds Stained Glass Hanging Panel This ornate decorative accent makes a heartfelt gift for avian admirers. Handcrafted Tiffany-style with 162 pieces of hand-cut glass and fifteen cabochons joined by copper foil, our Gathered Birds Stained Glass Hanging Panel depicts ten little birds chattering on a wire. Use the included hanging chain to fasten the 24"x9¼" panel in front of a window and watch the multicolored glass glow like so many jewels. Shipping only available within the contiguous US. (Sorry, no gift-wrapping or rush delivery.) #HU5202 $119.95

When I’m Gone by Kathleen Fraser NEW This upbeat and expertly detailed fill-in book and resource manual helps you organize all the elements of your life that your loved ones will need access to at the end. Covering everything from legal documents, finances, home maintenance, and medical care to children, pets, personal history, and “Your Favorite Things” (and more), When I’m Gone actually serves as a very handy volume for you before you’re gone, as well! (CH) #UW8592 160 pages (pb) 2022 $19.95 ◆BBS $16.96◆

The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook by Joanie Zisk Tired of cutting enormous servings in half? Buying too many ingredients at the grocery store? The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook means no waste and no math! With 175 easy recipes for breakfast, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts, this clever cookbook will make takeout a lot less appealing. Plus, Joanie Zisk reviews how to avoid food waste, stock your kitchen, and read a recipe, as well as essential kitchen equipment and tips and techniques for cooking for yourself. From Quiche-Stuffed Peppers to Shrimp Creole, this delightful cookbook covers it all…even for fledgling chefs. (RR) #UV7972 223 pages (pb) 2019 $19.99 ◆BBS $16.99◆

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Strange to Say by Deborah Warren NEW Celebrating “etymology as serious entertainment,” this playful yet perceptive study of the evolution of countless words and phrases is as amusing as it is enlightening. Poet and former Latin teacher Deborah Warren divvies up delicious linguistic delicacies in rapid-fire succession: Cinderella’s slippers were originally “vair” (fur) and became “verre” (glass) over the ages through the story’s oral transmission; early public transportation (omnibus: “for all”) gave us our “bus”; we got “tutu” from toddlers’ mispronunciation of a barely hidden cul (culus: “bottom”). Word lovers will enjoy this breezy stroll through the slippery and surprising English language. (CH) #UW9132 194 pages (pb) 2021 $16.95 ◆BBS $14.41◆

Quilling Craft Kit The art of quilling—rolling and shaping strips of paper into decorative threedimensional designs—has been practiced for centuries around the world. Now you can try your hand at this intricately beautiful craft with our all-in-one Quilling Craft Kit. Imported from the UK, the kit includes everything a beginner needs: six pieces of lightweight cardstock (two 2¾"x6" bookmarks, two 2"x2" gift cards, and two 3¾"x4½" folded note cards), ribbons of quilling paper in ten colors, a bottle of glue with a glue stick, a plastic quilling tool, and an instruction booklet outlining a variety of shapes and six different nature-inspired designs. Practice makes perfect, of course, but imagine how impressed your friends and family will be to receive one of your gorgeous creations! #UT5706 $16.99

Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Clever, determined, and uncommonly well-versed in the latest criminal science, twelve-year-old Myrtle Hardcastle chafes against the expectations for “young ladies of quality” in Victorian England. In the debut to this delightful series, Premeditated Myrtle, Myrtle’s wealthy and eccentric elderly neighbor dies, and the young sleuth is convinced of foul play. Even though her father, the town prosecutor, doesn’t believe her, Myrtle and her unflappable governess set out to solve the case, despite the myriad challenges and dangers they face. Readers of all ages will love the irrepressible Myrtle, so we’re also offering the other suspenseful historical mysteries in the series: How to Get Away with Myrtle, Cold-Blooded Myrtle, and In Myrtle Peril (all four titles available separately online). For ages 10 to grown-up. (AG) #UW6872 360–368 pages (set of three pbs and one hc) 2020–2022 $53.80 $48.43 ◆BBS $45.73◆

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The “I Don’t Want to Cook” Book by Alyssa Brantley NEW On those nights when compiling several specific ingredients is too much work and delivery is an unwanted expense, crack open this handy guide! With time-saving tips on food prepping and efficient grocery shopping, and simple, effortless meals sectioned into breakfast, lunch, salad, soup, side, dinner, and dessert recipes, The “I Don’t Want to Cook” Book will help you create a delectable meal from the staples already in your kitchen. And, from the nochop spinach and feta omelet to the best BLT to the pressure cooker frozen salmon dinner with rice, each nutritious meal takes fifteen minutes or less to prep! (RR) #UW7682 208 pages (hc) 2022 $18.99 ◆BBS $16.14◆

Match a Track Game This classic matching game with an outdoorsy twist will connect little ones with their inner sleuth and all sorts of creatures, from dogs and squirrels to owls and llamas! With our Match a Track cards, amateur explorers will learn to identify twenty-five animals by just looking at their footprint. The deck is divided into two card types (track and animal): You’ll match a paw/hoof/claw/ etc. print with the animal who made it. Little ones can use the included key to study up for nature walks or for help identifying the matches. #UW5962 $16.99

In Praise of Famous Horses by Sean Magee Saddle up, horse lovers, and take a ride through this fascinating compendium! Author Sean Magee shines a light on more than 200 of the world’s most renowned horses, including the first Epsom Derby winner, Diomed; Henry VIII’s favorite horse, Governatore; and Warrior, “the horse that Germans couldn’t kill.” The short but compelling blurbs take readers through the impactful lives of “famous winning racehorses and famous losing racehorses; mythical horses and military horses; literary and historical horses; operatic, television and movie horses.” Perfect for browsing or devouring in a single sitting! (HH) #UW5382 246 pages (pb) 2020 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

Read to Your Baby Every Day

edited by Rachel Williams with embroidery by Chloe Giordano

Read to Your Toddler Every Day

by Lucy Brownridge with embroidery by Chloe Giordano Read to Your Baby Every Day is a charming collection of “30 classic nursery rhymes to read aloud,” including “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep,” “Hickory, Dickory, Dock,” and “The Owl and the Pussy-cat.” And as babies (and their attention spans) grow, Read to Your Toddler Every Day, with its selection of twenty adapted folktales from around the world, such as “The Ant and the Grasshopper” (ancient Rome), “Brer Rabbit and the Well” (North America), and “Why Cats Chase Mice” (Nigeria), will fit the bill. Both volumes are illustrated with photos of delicately embroidered renderings of iconic scenes and characters, making them wonderful gifts for baby showers and early milestone birthdays. (KG) #US4162 Baby #US3322 Toddler 61 pages (hc) 2019–2020 Each $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆ 25


Norman Knock Knock Doll Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Norman, the world’s only interactive knock-knock joke doll! Perfect for youngsters discovering the joy of provoking laughter, this adorable 18"-tall redheaded doll recites fifty wholesome jokes, funny ad libs, and anti-bullying messages— simply squeeze his left hand to begin the fun. Norman also has a nap time and night time switch, so kids can cuddle him quietly in bed. Requires three AA batteries (included); for ages 4 and up. #HAP952 $49.95

Bibliophile Birdie Mugs NEW These whimsical mugs offer a bird’s-eye view of an avian book nook and are the most charming vessels for your morning coffee or evening tea. We’re offering two brilliant illustrations by artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes: Curious Bird Storytime, featuring a dashing goldfinch reading in the morning sun, and Birdie Bedtime Stories, depicting two cardinals partaking in an evening read-aloud. Sip the cuppa of your liking on the porch from the 11-ounce bone china mugs while chatting about your most recent birdwatching adventure and favorite new book with a loved one. #UW7362 Curious Birds $16.99 #UW7172 Birdie Bedtime $16.99

Forest Walking by Peter Wohlleben Admirers of Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees (see p. 56) will be enchanted by Forest Walking, a wonderful guide for making your walks in the woods an immersive, restorative, and transformative experience. Readers will become forest detectives, reading signs from the trees, learning about the ecosystem, and gaining practical insights for touring North America’s awe-inspiring woodlands. A treasury of stunning scientific observations and insights, this charming ode to the woods is a must-read for nature lovers and anyone who enjoys an outdoorsy stroll. (HC) #UW6492 230 pages (pb) 2022 $18.95 ◆BBS $16.11◆

Let’s Eat Italy!

by François-Régis Gaudry Feast your eyes on this opulent, oversized, 400page journey into Italian cuisine! The wide variety of flavors within this book makes indulging in even just one page a delicious experience. Readers will have access to Italian recipes from all regions, mouthwatering illustrations, and lively infographics. From a map of Italy’s beautiful cheeses to a guide for gathering grapes, from step-by-step instructions for making homemade pizza to an illustrated presentation of olives for every occasion, the poster-sized pages in this book (each spread measures 19"x13") provide readers everything they need to make and enjoy authentic Italian fare. Gift this to a foodie, and hope they thank you by making you some homemade focaccia! (Sorry, no rush delivery.) (HC) #UV7442 400 pages (hc) 2021 $60.00 ◆BBS $51.00◆


Framed Embroidered Get Well Card NEW This card is a small piece of art: a yellow flower embroidered onto a cream-colored background, encased in a bright blue frame. The 6"-square card opens to read, in shimmering gold, “Sending you thoughts of sunshine and cheer to brighten your day. Get well soon,” with additional space for a personal note of encouragement. Enclose the card in the included yellow envelope and secure with the complimentary sticker seal. The detailed embroidery adds a sunny pop of color to any shelf or bedside table, keeping the thought of your well-wishes close. Extra postage required. #UW7532 $12.95

Soup of the Day by Kate McMillan NEW There’s nothing quite as cozy as French onion soup in January…but have you ever eaten clam chowder in June or saffron mussel soup in August? Try an enticing, innovative new soup every day of the year (or spread them out over several years, if that’s a little over-ambitious!) with this quick and easy cookbook. Complete with full-page photography and simple instructions, each recipe also includes preparation tips or fun facts about the dish. Follow the calendar-style layout, or search for specific meals in the back index: Either way, you’ll satisfy every soup craving you’ll ever have! (RR) #UW7432 304 pages (pb) 2011 $25.00 ◆BBS $21.25◆

Fun with Paper Planes This is the coolest little kit! Included in the snap-close box you’ll find a book with stepby-step instructions for folding sixteen different paper airplane “models,” throwing techniques, and tips for setting up paper airplane competitions; sixty colorfully patterned sheets of 6¼"x8½" paper (with marked and numbered folds); stick-on decals; and a “power launcher” to help your planes take flight. For ages 8 and up. #UQ9572 $24.99

Truman & Sylvie Books

by Jean Reidy and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins NEW Once upon a time, Bas Bleu discovered two of the most wonderful books for little ones we had ever seen! One tells about a small tortoise named Truman, who lives with his human, Sarah, high above a bustling metropolis and has big dreams—and a big plan—to see the world. The other stars Sylvie, a “small, savvy spider with a big, bold heart” who is determined to make friends and, along the way, just so happens to stumble across a girl named Sarah and her brave tortoise. The vibrant crayon-style illustrations and the simple yet lyrical prose work harmoniously to create a truly sublime set of books for children ages 4 to 8. (HC) #UW8512 Truman 48 pages (hc) 2019 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆ #UW8442 Sylvie 40 pages (hc) 2022 $18.99 ◆BBS $16.14◆

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Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith NEW My ten-year-old is obsessed with this book! She carries it with her everywhere: pasting leaves in its pages, wearing it as a hat, cutting it up to make paper chains, stomping on a page to make shoeprints, attaching it to the dog’s leash and taking it for a walk…and of course filling its pages with all kinds of fun drawings and writings! Positively bursting with imaginative prompts encouraging “creative destruction,” this one-of-a-kind journal has been delighting precocious kids and young-at-heart grown-ups (who are not squeamish about defacing printed material!) for more than ten years. I plan to give it as a birthday present to all the hard-to-buy-for tweens in my life! (AG) #UW8912 $15.00

Madame Bovary of the Suburbs

by Sophie Divry and translated by Alison Anderson NEW There is something distinctly familiar in this, the story of a traditional French wife enduring conventional malaise, and stumbling through unsatisfactory infidelity in the search for normalcy. Articulated through the conflicting lens of memory, with dry wit and occasional salacious verve, this coming-of-age story is a study in feminine discontent. This methodical little novel is furnished with intimate perspective and philosophical curiosities. (RR) #UW7922 282 pages (pb) 2018 $15.99 ◆BBS $13.59◆

The Danish Art of Whittling by Frank Egholm Whittling Knife Explore a new hobby with traditional roots: whittling! The Scandinavian-style whittling projects created by woodworker Frank Egholm in The Danish Art of Whittling will inspire novices and experts alike with their beauty and simplicity. From children’s toys (a bird whistle, a ring catcher) to practical items (door hooks, buttons, carved flowers, even a chess set), all of these “simple projects for the home” include visual step-by-step instructions to guide you. And, please, put your pocket knife away: We’re offering this high-quality, Swedish-made, 10-inch Whittling Knife—the same featured in the book—with a laminated steel blade, an oiled birch handle, and a protective scabbard. #HY9952 Book 144 pages (hc) 2018 $14.95 ◆BBS $12.71◆ #HY9962 Knife $39.95

Baby Dinosaur Plush NEW Make bedtime dino-mite with this supersoft Baby Dinosaur Plush! With a gentle rattle and a woodlandpatterned tummy, the 9¾"-tall dino will make young hearts saur. Gift the precious plush to anyone in need of a snuggly story time friend, an epic addition to a new nursery, or a prehistoric pal to absorb all their dino love. #UW7102 $19.95

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Birth Flower Candles Each of our Birth Flower Candles arrives in a charming cylindrical box adorned with the month, a sketch of its flower, and a loving description of the scent. The 8-ounce soy candles are hand-poured into a reusable glass holder etched with a floral image (when the wax is melted, the container makes a unique lowball tumbler!). The January candle is scented with sweet carnations; February with delicate primrose; March with robust daffodil; April with subtle sweet pea; May with uplifting lily of the valley; June with warm honeysuckle; July with refreshing water lily; August with rich gladiolus; September with lovely morning glory; October with comforting marigold; November with vibrant peony; and December with festive poinsettia. #UV4392 Each $42.00

What It’s Like to Be a Bird by David Allen Sibley

In What It’s Like to Be a Bird, renowned naturalist David Allen Sibley compiles an entrancing portfolio of more than eighty birds—each entry includes interesting information and a full-page, roughly lifesize illustration of each bird. From the Mourning Dove, who sleeps with one eye open (and only half its brain asleep) to watch for danger to the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, who slows down its body processes at night to conserve energy, Sibley highlights some of the most amazing aspects of bird biology and behavior. This gorgeous book will captivate casual birdwatchers and serious birders alike! (SM) #US6412 203 pages (hc) 2020 $35.00 ◆BBS $29.75◆

Forest Treasures Throw Blanket “Happily Ever After” Accent Pillow Adorn your home with these precious woodsy gems. Handsome snails, sprightly blooms, and wholesome little mushrooms—a treasure trove of forest life makes up the pattern of our soft, 100% polyester throw, measuring 49"x60". The decorative 17"-square pillow reads “This Home Is Our Happily Ever After” in orange and charcoal script, and boasts the same illustrations as the blanket on its front side, and an orange, yellow, and green floral pattern on the other. A perfect gift for nature lovers and fans of fairy tales, these accents are a cozy addition to any room.  #UW3652 Blanket $64.99 #UW3662 Pillow $34.99



Winterland Tea Box Our Winterland Tea Box from France promises especially cozy teatimes with its selection of four soothing delights. Separated into compartments, the interior of the pretty box boasts five servings of each festively shaped tea bag. Enjoy a mitten-shaped Earl Grey on snowy mornings, penguin-shaped Pumpkin Chai with a book, ice skate–shaped Citrus on sunny afternoons, and rocking horse–shaped Christmas tea while writing thank-you notes. Keep them all for yourself, gift the beautiful box to a loved one as is, or stick the individually wrapped tea bags into cards. #UW2266   Set of twenty   $49.99

The Complete Ramona Collection by Beverly Cleary What fun to discover that my nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son find Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books just as hilariously irresistible as I did! (I wish I could insert a sound clip of the boisterous laughing fits they’ve had as we’ve read about Ramona’s mischievous antics.) And it turns out, the gentle lessons embedded in the stories—about sibling rivalry, childhood anxiety, bullies, and just growing up in general—are timeless. We’re offering a boxed set with illustrated versions of all eight Ramona chapter books, perfect independent-reads for ages 8 to 12 as well as family read-alouds/laugh-alouds for ages 5 and up. (AG) #HAV232 Boxed set of eight pbs 2020 $63.92 ◆BBS $54.33◆

Lavender Lover’s Kit NEW Grab a cozy read from your TBR stack and run a bath: This sensuous set will relax and revive you as the chapters slip away. All scented with soothing lavender, the 1.4-ounce embroidered heart sachet, 20-hour votive candle, 8-ounce bath salts, and pretty 3-ounce butterflyshaped soap included in the kit cultivate an indulgent home spa experience—and make a meaningful gift for a loved one who deserves the best in self-care. #UW7812 $43.95


Reading Birds Note Cards

Let these whimsical cards take flight to friends and loved ones, giving them a bird’s-eye-view of an avian book nook. We’re offering these brilliant Bas Bleu exclusive Reading Birds Note Cards in a set of twelve, three each of four illustrations by artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes. Write about your most recent birdwatching adventure and/or your favorite new book on the blank interior of the 4¼"x5½" card, and send it soaring! #UV8952 Set of twelve $17.99

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Grab Your Pillow, Armadillo by Lucy Darling NEW “Time’s a tickin’ little chicken”…it’s time to make saying goodnight as funny as can be! This playful book of silly sleepy-time farewells is full of chuckle-inducing animal-themed rhymes and heartwarming illustrations. Each one-liner takes up two pages, with the simple opener on the left side (“One last hug”) and the surprise punchline (“ladybug!”) and illustration can be found by lifting the page-size flap on the right. This darling book will surely inspire you and your 0- to 4-year-old to create your very own “goodnight” tradition! (HC) #UW7592 20 pages (hc) 2022 $14.99 ◆BBS $12.74◆

Gâteau: The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes by Aleksandra Crapanzano

NEW The secret to baking fanciful French desserts is not exhaustive time and effort but rather a savoir-faire that embodies the Parisian lifestyle of effortlessness and simplicity. In Gâteau, James Beard Award–winning food columnist Aleksandra Crapanzano provides the blueprints for baking more than 100 tasty, traditional French cakes, from lavender lemon weekend cake to rich vanilla Génoise, and often includes some delectable variations to suit your taste buds (and pantry). Recipes are divided by section—from cakes with fruit to “the chic, delicious, and playful”—and each boasts charming illustrations, a lively introduction, a list of necessary ingredients, and, of course, easyto-follow directions. Soon, you’ll be “popping a gâteau in the oven without anyone even noticing” for birthdays, lunch boxes, book clubs, and last-minute gatherings. (HC) #UW7542 337 pages (hc) 2022 $30.00 ◆BBS $25.50◆

365 Days of Feel-Good Art by Lorna Scobie NEW Sometimes the best New Year’s resolutions are the ones that nurture our souls…and 365 Days of Feel-Good Art will send your creative spirit soaring. For all ages and skill levels, the book suggests a new artistic endeavor for each day of the year, with full pages for you to fill with imaginative designs, and tips and tricks for materials and improvement. By the end of the year, you will have learned which mediums you prefer, how to channel your feelings onto the page, and, best of all, how to express yourself artistically in a style that is uniquely yours! (RR) #UW8902 352 pages (pb) 2022 $22.99 ◆BBS $19.54◆

Glass Water Bottles Stay stylishly hydrated with these pretty glass water bottles. Choose between Flower Power, Bees and Lavender, and Birds and Branch Chinoiserie—and stand out at every book club meeting or outdoor reading session. Each 18.6-ounce bottle is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. Dishwasher safe, hand-wash recommended. #UV9142 Flower Power #UV9152 Bees and Lavender #UV9162 Birds and Branch Chinoiserie Each $16.99



The Going to Bed Board Book by Sandra Boynton

The Going to Bed Bear Plush The day is done. They say good night, and somebody turns off the light. NEW A timeless bedtime story, Going to Bed is illustrated with lovable sleepy animals. Introduce toddlers from ages 1 to 3 to their nighttime routine—scrub-a-dubbing in the tub, getting tucked in, and being lulled to sleep—all in rhyme. Pair the book with our 10½"-tall Bear Plush, a soft replica of the bear from the book, complete with red pajamas and a gift tag. This delightful little set is sure to get young readers excited for bed. (RR) #UW7562 Board Book $9.99 ◆BBS $8.49◆ #UW7552 Bear Plush $21.00

Fly Girl by Ann Hood NEW Ann Hood always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, and after graduating college, she finally joined TWA during its glory days in the late 1970s. Lucky for us, she also dreamed of becoming a writer. In this illuminating memoir, Hood brings readers through the rigorous training attendants had to endure, and all the way up to 35,000 feet where, in addition to serving refreshments, she’d act as a therapist, mediate emergencies, and even deliver a baby. The way she recounts the nittygritty and glitz and glamour of the industry, along with the amusing, heartbreaking, strange, and fascinating experiences she had, will have you soaring from cover to cover. (HC) #UW7522 269 pages (hc) 2022 $26.95 ◆BBS $22.91◆

Elderly Lady Books

by Helene Tursten and translated by Marlaine Delargy With no family or friends to speak of, eighty-eight-year-old Maud lives in contented solitude in a spacious apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. To neighbors she seems like a sweet little old lady, but Maud has no qualms about sticking up for herself against those who would take advantage of her—and people around her keep coming to untimely ends. An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good presents irreverent, interrelated tales that will keep you laughing as you root for this irascible murderess. In the follow-up collection, An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed, Maud escapes pesky police inquiries by treating herself to a luxury African vacation. Along the way she ruminates on past misdeeds, and finds herself once again in a position to administer lethal justice. After all, who would suspect a little old lady? (AG) #UQ7182 …Up to No Good 184 pages (hc) 2018 $12.99 ◆BBS $11.04◆ #UV5282 …Must Not Be Crossed 255 pages (hc) 2021 $14.99 ◆BBS $12.74◆

Japanese Woodblocks Vintage Puzzle NEW One of the most prominent and prolific artists of the shin-hanga movement, Kawase Hasui is best known for woodblock prints depicting serene landscapes and evocative rural scenes of the Japanese countryside. Rich with his sonorous colors and striking imagery, this 1,000-piece puzzle features eleven of his iconic works. The stunning puzzle makes a thoughtful gift for art lovers, Japanophiles, and avid puzzlers. Completed puzzle measures 22"x28". #UW7732 $24.95

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Flower Vase with Peonies Boxed Pop-Up Cards


A cherished one will feel so loved receiving this elegant vase of sunset-hued peonies. The three-layered card folds flat to mail, but extends with a 3D, self-standing feature that makes it easy to display this gorgeous (and maintenance-free!) floral accent anywhere in a home or office! Each 5"x6¾" card features a blank space on the back of the vase to write a personalized message. #UV6802 Set of six $24.99

Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale NEW Need a kitchen scale but reluctant to part with counter space? Here’s an ingenious solution! This handy digital scale comes packaged as a 6"x7½" hardcover book. Simply close and secure the cover with the included elastic, and store the device with your cookbooks! The easyto-clean glass-surface scale converts between metric and imperial with one touch, has a tare function so you can weight ingredients in containers, and weighs items up to 5 kgs/11 lbs. A handy conversion chart and 3V CR2032 lithium battery are included. #UW7352 $32.00

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go Book & Pajamas Zoom towards bedtime with planes, trains, bicycles, fire trucks, roadsters, baby buggies, pickle trucks, and toothpaste cars! Richard Scarry’s classic collection of “things that go” is the perfect companion for little vehicle fans, with hundreds of delightfully illustrated driving machines. Matching twopiece, long-sleeved jammies are soft 100% cotton jersey knit. Children’s sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Machine washable. (Imported.) #HY6122 Book 72 pages (hc) 1998 $15.99 ◆BBS $13.59◆ #HZ8082 Pajamas $39.95


Floral Pop-Up Bouquet Cards Surprise loved ones with flowers on any occasion! Each Pop-Up Bouquet in this set of three arrives in a custom envelope with a matching paper vase and note card: Dahlia (with warm shades of pink and orange), Festive Tulips (with yellow, purple, and pink blooms), and Tropical Bloom (with vibrant exotic flowers). These stunning 3D 9"x12" cards are sure to brighten any place they are displayed!​ #UW3962 Set of three $37.99 33


After Dinner Amusements These tiny (2½"-square) tins each feature fifty cards with thoughtful fare. Which Would You Choose? poses fun dilemmas; Do You Remember? asks you to reminisce; Family Time brings the generations closer together; How Well Do You Know Me? tests the depths of interpersonal knowledge; Name That Word! challenges each participant’s vocabulary and creativity; and Have You Ever? reveals fun facts and memories. Our new Odd Fact Out version challenges players with general trivia, while If the Shoe Fits asks you to match players with silly “most likely to...” scenarios! Please specify version. #UW5762 Each $8.95

The Dictionary of Difficult and Unusual Words Avid wordsmiths will find it difficult to resist this handy reference guide that defines and explains more than 10,000 confusing terms. The eight sections—language, the arts, history, society, physical world, the sciences, technology, sports and leisure—are further broken down into subcategories, making it wonderfully simple to seek out some subjectrelated language you’re unfamiliar with, such as idiomatic expressions, meteorological lingo, or architectural terms. Flip to the ten-page notes section at the back of the book and keep track of your favorite unusual words. All who peruse will become word whizzes in no time! (HC) #UV7152 527 pages (pb) 2021 $19.99 ◆BBS $16.99◆

“A Hug Is Always the Right Size” Möbius Necklace Send an infinite hug from afar with our precious sterling silver Möbius engraved with these warm words from Winnie the Pooh: “A hug is always the right size.” Its round, twisting shape exudes a sense of never-ending comfort and love, and it hangs from an 18" simple sterling silver chain. #UV8322 $60.00

Bedside Companion for Book Lovers edited by Jane McMorland Hunter

NEW This “glorious treasury of literary curiosities” promises book lovers a year’s worth of eclectic readings, each “suffused with the joys of books.” Start or end each day with the diaries, letters, essays, poems, and fiction excerpts from authors including Virginia Woolf, Alexander Pope, William Morris, Jane Austen, and more…from January 1 to December 31. (HC) #UW7142 448 pages (hc) 2022 $24.99 ◆BBS $21.24◆

Horse by Geraldine Brooks In 1850s Kentucky, an enslaved groom named Jarret forges a close bond with a Thoroughbred foal named Lexington. In contemporary Washington, DC, Jess, a Smithsonian scientist, studies the skeleton of a racing stallion found in the archives, while an art historian searches for information on the Black horsemen pictured in a horse portrait of mysterious provenance. Based on the true story of one of America’s greatest racehorses, this epically sweeping and suspensefully delivered novel jumps between time periods, disciplines, and unforgettable characters to explore themes of love, art, race, and redemption…and Pulitzer Prize–winner Geraldine Brooks pulls it off flawlessly. (AG) #UW6312 401 pages (hc) 2022 $28.00 ◆BBS $23.80◆


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Sterling Silver Irish Blessing Double Möbius Necklace #UH5502 $79.00 $71.10

“May God grant you always a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.” The undulating shape of our 1" sterling silver pendant is seemingly infinite and utterly beautiful. Hangs from an 18" chain.

The Wicked Wit of England, Ireland, and Scotland

#XD1562 Each hardcover $16.95 $15.26 ◆BBS $14.41◆ Our friends across the pond are renowned for their unique senses of humor. These laugh-packed collections shine a light on the hilarious character of each nation, combining traditional anecdotes with modern oneliners, quips, quotes, and more. Specify England, Ireland, or Scotland.

Color Write Fountain Pens with Refills #UQ7412 $19.99 $17.99 If you think fountain pens are stuffy and old-fashioned…think again! The boxed set of eight lightweight, cheerfully hued pens (with fine-point nibs) comes with a single ink cartridge for each, as well as a set of eight refills (one of each color). Find the Cat #CX8212 (pb) $14.95 $13.46 ◆BBS $12.71◆ Put your skills to the test with this hilarious—and often challenging—search-andfind book! Featuring 129 color photographs from around the world—each of which contains a very sneaky kitty somewhere in the shot—Find the Cat offers a delightful way to hone powers of observation and keep your brain sharp. The Ghost Army of World War II #UK1142 (hc) $40.00 $36.00 ◆BBS $34.00◆

In January 1944, Allied forces launched one of the most ambitious deceptions of World War II: the Twenty-Third Headquarters Special Troops, aka “the Ghost Army,” that was tasked with creating fake Army divisions “to confuse and confound the enemy.” The project was so top secret that it wasn’t fully declassified until the 1990s. Now you can read the incredible story!

The Baseball Book of Why #US8782 (pb) $16.95 $15.26 ◆BBS $14.41◆ “Why are fans invited to stand prior to the home half of the seventh inning?” (Hint: It involves a certain US president.) Lifelong baseball fanatics will be intrigued by the answers to this and ninety-nine other questions tackling the history, traditions, and technicalities of the great American pastime. Fireflies Lighted Pop-Up Birthday Card #UP6622 $12.99 $11.69

Our dazzling Fireflies Lighted Pop-Up Birthday Card will wow recipients—whether they’re turning 5 or 105! The 9¼"x3¾" panoramic card reveals a magical outdoor scene that twinkles to life at the touch of a button. Extra postage required.

Red: A History of the Redhead #UK5062 (hc) $28.00 $25.20 ◆BBS $23.80◆ A 2% minority on this planet, redheaded humans have been met with both adoration and revulsion throughout the centuries. This beautiful hardcover explores the captivating history of redheads. It’s the perfect present for anyone who has red hair, loves a redhead, or just enjoys a sprightly sociological survey. Pickles to Penguins! Board Game #UL7662 $28.99 $26.09 Exercise your lateral thinking skills with this fun card game! Place your cards down by “linking” them to the cards on the table (you might set a card of a kite on top of a violin card by saying “they both have strings”) and the first person to get rid of all their cards wins. For two or more players (ages 8 and up). The Pig Did It #UD3292 (pb) $13.99 $12.59 ◆BBS $11.89◆ Recently jilted, American teacher Aaron McCloud comes to the craggy shores of Ireland’s west coast “so he [can], in solitary majesty, feel sorry for himself ” at his aunt Kitty’s home. When an errant pig digs up a human skeleton in Kitty’s vegetable garden, however, Aaron’s plans for a pity party begin to derail. Hilariously witty, The Pig Did It is a unique blend of comedy, mystery, romance, and Irish mythology. ◆BBS◆ Join the Bas Bleu Society for free shipping and more! (See order form for details.) 35



Snowdrops and Hen Cards

NEW A dapper white hen carries a cart of pretty snowdrops on this standout set of note cards, designed for Bas Bleu by artist Ande Cook. The first flowers to bloom at the end of winter, snowdrops symbolize the beginning of spring. Write warm Easter greetings and wishes for sunny days ahead on the blank interior of the vibrant 4¼"x5½" note cards and seal them in the included white envelopes. #UW6962 Set of twelve $15.99

Last Call at the Hotel Imperial by Deborah Cohen They would share cigars with Churchill, interview Hitler and Mussolini, plunge into crises, and report the tumultuous events leading up to and during WWII. Deborah Cohen masterfully portrays the complicated lives of American reporters John Gunther, H. R. Knickerbocker, Vincent Sheean, and Dorothy Thompson as they ventured to Europe to confront the rise of fascism. They warned of the spiral from democracy to dictatorship with a novel kind of journalism that imposed drama on their personal lives, capturing the interest of millions who read their columns and listened to their broadcasts. Both absolutely riveting and devastating, Last Call at the Hotel Imperial offers a truly unfiltered look into the lives of four “reporters who took on a world at war.” (HC) #UW3172   557 pages (hc) 2022   $30.00 ◆BBS $25.50◆

DIY Miniature Book Nook Kit: Sunshine Town NEW Build an entire world and store it on your bookshelf! This DIY Miniature Book Nook Kit makes an absorbing afternoon project for creative souls. With everything you need to assemble the cobblestone scene (a bookstore and a coffee shop huddle in a narrow town walkway below a glowing clock), including small wooden slats, LED lights (2 AAA batteries required), glue, paint, instructions, and even tiny potted plants and reclining kitties, the set will make a thoughtful gift for builders and crafty bibliophiles alike. When complete, the attractive little 4"x7¼"x9½" landscape will light up a bedside table or slide smoothly onto your shelf: a beautiful, immersive bookend that you made with your own two hands! #UW7372 $49.99

Personalized “Reserved For” Pillow Wishing your family (this includes pets, obviously) would stop stealing your favorite reading spot? Now you can save it with our sweet Personalized “Reserved For” Pillow! The cozy 17"-square pillow features a stack of books and reads in elegant text, “Reserved for [Nancy] and [her] book.” Customize the text by specifying name (up to 18 characters) and personal pronoun. Gift to book club members, teens seeking extra privacy, or treat yourself! Machine washable microsuede cover is 100% polyester; includes insert. (Sorry, no giftwrapping or rush delivery.) #HZ7632 $59.95

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The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly by Margareta Magnusson

NEW This warm, wise, clear-eyed, and lighthearted memoir offers gentle tips on getting old gracefully. Throughout lovely stories from the author’s full life, the reader will discover all sorts of profound and practical counsel: laugh often (your wrinkles will point upward and make you look happy); spend time with young people (“if you are over eighty, even a seventy-six-year-old is young”!); take care of things (the author has a fern named Anni-Frid); be open-minded; carry memories of departed loved ones with you always; don’t sit for long periods of time; wear stripes; eat chocolate….There’s even an appendix expanding upon “the gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning” (the topic of her first book), which helps you cull your belongings so you can live more simply—and so your loved ones won’t have to do it later. It’s all wonderful, entertaining, and life-enhancing advice! (CH) #UW6452 160 pages (hc) 2022 $19.99 ◆BBS $16.99◆

New Yorker Cartoon Notepad Collection These themed notepads feature cartoons from your favorite New Yorker cartoonists! You’re sure to catch yourself chuckling as you jot down your recipes, to-do lists, and random thoughts. At 8½"x3½", these notepads (with 76 lined sheets and 20 interspersed cartoons in each) will fit in your purse, desk, or that mysterious drawer in your kitchen filled with useful knick-knacks and loose batteries. We’re offering five theme choices: #UV2572 Lawyers #UV2582 Doctors #UV2592 Office #UV2552 Dogs #UV2562 Cats Each $11.99

Scottish Tartan Wool Pocket Scarves and Knee Blankets Each of our Scottish Tartan Wool Pocket Scarves sports convenient pockets for reading glasses, a small paperback...or cold hands! The finemerino wool fringed 10"x62" scarves are made in Canada by Patrick King Woollen Co., with permission from the Scottish Tartan Authority. Choose from Royal Stewart (red), Nova Scotia (blue), or Antique Buchanan (yellow). We’re also offering Knee Blankets in the same handsome tartans. Crafted in the same finemerino wool and measuring 31"x69", the soft blankets are perfect for keeping your lap warm during a reading session—and they look dashing thrown over a couch cushion or duvet. Dry clean only. Please specify pattern. (Imported.) #HZ6462 Pocket Scarf Each $39.95 #UW5312 Knee Blanket Each $59.95 37


Soapstone Carving Kits NEW New year, new projects… and these are unlike any craft you’ve seen before! Each of our Soapstone Carving Kits (we’re offering Bear or Cat; please specify your preference when ordering) come with everything you need to shape your own fetching figurine: a pre-cut soapstone, a file, sandpaper, wax, a soft cloth, and instructions (with a QR code to access helpful DIY videos, too). Crafters from ages 8-99 will love these engrossing kits, and the resulting 2" tall sculptures make delightful gifts for animal lovers! #UW8372 $34.99

Musical Friends Soft Book From a dog playing piano to a cow strumming a guitar, the musical friends in this adorable soft book engage little ones’ senses as they flip through the pages. Simply place the attached yellow musical tab on each instrument’s metal button to hear it play a classical tune. An enriching little book that is sure to inspire a new generation of composers, this is a must-have for babies and toddlers. #UV3662 $31.00 ◆BBS $26.35◆

Wild Nettle and Heather Handcare Set NEW Handmade in the Scottish Highlands, this lovely scented set makes a heartwarming gift. Unzip the reusable tweed wash bag (perfect for traveling!) to reveal the enclosed 10-ounce bottles of organic hand soap and body lotion—both scented with a soft and homey blend of wild nettle and heather. With aloe vera, shea butter, and lavender, this set will keep hands clean and smooth, and will make an attractive pair perched near your sink! #UW6836 $49.99

Surprise Puzzle: Wild Tropics NEW Immerse yourself in a lush, verdant jungle, no matter the chill outside—and give yourself a unique challenge—with our 1,000-piece Surprise Puzzle: Wild Tropics. The puzzle will measure 20"x27" when complete, but it’ll take some extra guesswork to get there: You’ll be supplied with the image for the scene’s border, but nothing else! Can you fill in the rest of the tropical landscape? #UW8432 $17.99

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Off with Your Shoes Doormat And if you won’t remove your shoes, it’s off with your head! Based on the classic Queen of Hearts illustration by Sir John Tennial for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this whimsical 30"x18" mat is woven from 100% natural coir (coconut fiber), hand-stenciled with eco-friendly dyes, and backed with non-skid PVC. Shake out or vacuum clean. Recommended for use on sheltered entrances or indoors. See online for additional Alice-inspired design options. #HAR882 $39.95

How to Speak Chicken by Melissa Caughey Author Melissa Caughey originally purchased chickens in order to have fresh eggs every day and to teach her children about sustainability. But when she slowed down enough to really pay attention to her feathered friends, she realized they were communicating far more than she ever expected. In How to Speak Chicken, she recounts her observations in deciphering the various squawks, tweets, peeps, and trills her chickens make (they even have a “name” call that they use just for her!), and delves into chicken biology and behavior to explain “why your chickens do what they do and say what they say.” (SM) #US9712 144 pages (pb) 2017 $16.95 ◆BBS $14.41◆

Women in White Coats by Olivia Campbell NEW In the early 1800s, when medical care was essentially inaccessible for most women without facing sexism or stigma, three courageous women in the UK—Elizabeth Blackwell, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, and Sophia Jex-Blake—became pioneers in the male-dominated heathcare field. This well-researched account follows these history-defining doctors through their perilous journeys, as they paved the way for medical care for women by women. (HH) #UW8642   368 pages (pb) 2022   $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

Schoolhouse Lap Desk with Storage Thomas Jefferson designed a special lap desk to draft the Declaration of Independence. Inspired by Jefferson’s desk, this well-made piece has many uses: for working or reading in a chair or in bed, writing, crafting, even casual dining. The plush micro-bead cushion covered in herringbone fabric conforms to your lap; the hinged top opens to reveal a spacious felt-lined storage compartment. Acacia wood veneers on MDF. 18"x5"x13½". #XF4092 $99.95 39


A Woman of Intelligence by Karin Tanabe NEW Ivy League–educated former translator for the United Nations Katharina “Rina” Edgeworth starts to grow restless in the comfort of domesticity. When the government approaches her with the opportunity to put her potential to good use, she secretly exchanges her 1950s housewife title for FBI informant, where she is tasked to take down high-ranked Soviet spy Jacob Gornev, an ex-boyfriend from college. A Woman of Intelligence follows Rina’s struggle with self-identity as she navigates the complications of both motherhood and espionage in this unputdownable novel. (HH) #UW8632 370 pages (pb) 2021 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

Paris and Her Cathedrals by R. Howard Bloch

NEW This passionate and exquisitely detailed tour of six magnificent cathedrals in and around Paris promises thrills and enlightenment for anyone with an interest in history, architecture, art, and/or France. Each chapter focuses on one cathedral—Saint-Denis, Notre-Dame, Chartres, Sainte-Chapelle, Amiens, or Reims—and takes the reader on a remarkable journey through space and time. French scholar R. Howard Bloch expertly animates the paintings, sculptures, stained glass windows, shrines, hidden burial grounds, secret chambers, and architectural details with vivid descriptions (and black-and-white photos), and shares tales of historical intrigue and engaging everyday anecdotes. Prepare for a deeply meaningful trip to France, or just take an armchair masterclass in the French High Middle Ages, with this riveting guide. (CH) #UW8112 342 pages (hc) 2022 $32.50 ◆BBS $27.63◆

The Secret Life of the Savoy by Olivia Williams NEW Opened in 1889, London’s famed Savoy Hotel pioneered the notion of a luxury hotel, setting a benchmark for unparalleled service, extravagant amenities (in 1905, the courtyard was flooded for a Venetian-themed “gondola party” for a guest’s birthday), elegant dining, and top-notch entertainment. This captivating biography explores three generations of the secretive D’Oyly Carte family, who opened the hotel upon the success of their Savoy Theater, which launched Gilbert and Sullivan into international stardom. Through more than a hundred years, two world wars, countless scandals, and at least one murder, the Savoy has hosted hundreds of international bigwigs, including Edward VII, Oscar Wilde, Charlie Chaplin, Lena Horne, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, and Winston Churchill…and this cultural history of the landmark building and the people behind it is just as entertaining as you’d expect! (AG) #UW8302 323 pages (pb) 2022 $17.95 ◆BBS $15.26◆

Queen Elizabeth II Puzzle Commemorate the life of Britain’s longest-reigning and much-beloved monarch with a puzzle that reflects her majesty. Queen Elizabeth II is pictured in full regalia—complete with sceptre, crown, and orb—on her coronation day, June 2, 1953, in Westminster Abbey. Made up of 1,000 recycled cardboard pieces printed with vegetable-based ink, the regal puzzle measures 19"x27" when complete. Made in the USA. #XE3532 $19.95

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Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle Jumbo Animal Parade Puzzle Made from eco-friendly rubberwood, our cute Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle is just the thing for the youngster in your life! The 20"x6" wood case holds twenty-six double-sided figures that fit together to form a veritable menagerie, or pop out to create a colorful play set. Each figure features an uppercase letter of the alphabet on one side and lower case on the other, from Alligator to Zebra. And for kiddos with really big imaginations, our Jumbo Animal Parade Puzzle provides the same wild style of animal and alphabet fun, but on a much larger scale: the finished puzzle measures almost four feet long! For ages 2 and up. (Sorry, no gift-wrapping or rush delivery on the Jumbo Puzzle.) #US1662 A to Z $34.99 #UT0322 Jumbo $89.99

The Whispers by Heidi Perks NEW Though it’s been twenty years since she’s seen her childhood best friend, Grace expects to pick up right where she left off with Anna when she moves back to their small British hometown. But even though their kids attend the same school, Anna’s close-knit group of mom-friends seem reluctant to accept Grace into their fold. When, after a raucous mom’s night out, Anna doesn’t return home, and the schoolyard is abuzz with speculation, Grace knows that she, as the one who knows Anna best, must take matters into her own hands, no matter how dangerous that may be. A breezy and twisting tale of toxic friendships and deadly secrets, The Whispers is a delicious thriller! (AG) #UW9102 320 pages (pb) 2022 $17.99 ◆BBS $15.29◆

The It Girl by Ruth Ware When Hannah Jones arrived at Oxford University, she didn’t expect to have a flatmate, much less one as worldly and glamorous as April. Soon she and her dazzling roommate were inseparable, with a close group of friends and loads of admirers…but all of that came crashing down when Hannah found April dead in their dorm room. Ten years later, Hannah, now married to April’s ex Will, learns that the man arrested for April’s murder has died in prison. Ready to finally move on with her life, Hannah is unnerved when a reporter presents her with new evidence that suggests the real killer may still be at large…and closer than she ever could have imagined. This nailbiting thriller from the masterful Ruth Ware will keep armchair sleuths on their toes—and frantically turning pages! (AG) #UW6712 422 pages (hc) 2022 $28.99

◆BBS $24.64◆

Cats Quilted Throw Blanket This unique quilt features beautifully intricate cat silhouettes in a patchwork pattern, perfect for snuggling up with your own fabulous (and sometimes fickle) feline. An eye-catching addition to your couch or the end of your bed, the pretty 50"x65" 100% cotton throw is hand-pieced from a variety of prints, quilted and backed with a deep blue and brown design (shown inset). Dry clean only. (Imported.) #HZ8757 $139.95




Beatrix Potter Tote

NEW Writer, illustrator, scientist, conservationist, and visionary: Beatrix Potter brought us the beloved Peter Rabbit and his whole cast of animal friends. Her affectionate words are gracefully centered within rows full of colorful book spines: “I do so hate finishing books.” Any book lover or fan of Potter’s timeless tales will proudly carry our darling canvas 16"x14" (with a 4" gusset) Bas Bleu–exclusive tote on all library runs and other outings. #UW6921 $19.99

Richard Scarry’s 5-Minute Stories by Richard Scarry We’ve got a jam-packed itinerary for little ones—Dolly’s birthday party, a day at the fire station, shopping trips, meeting friends and neighbors, seeing Ma Pig’s new car, and so much more! These energetic five-minute stories are engaging and oodles of fun, ideal for reading aloud at the breakfast table, in the car, at bedtime… anytime! All the different animals (including Lowly Worm, of course) will guide excited 3 to 6 year olds through each dynamically illustrated page. It’s time to get going—busy days lie ahead, and they’re overflowing with excitement and practical lessons! (HC) #UW3312 146 pages (hc) 2022   $14.99 ◆BBS $12.74◆

Book Stack Earrings and Necklace NEW These jewelry pieces might be as classic as your favorite novel. The pewter charms (with sterling silver earwires and chain) each depict a stack of tomes that are much lighter than the real thing, so won’t weigh your ears or neck down. Wear them anywhere, from elegant gatherings to your local library to spark up conversation with other readers in the room! #UW5346 Earrings #UW5366 Necklace Each $35.00 EXCLUSIVE!

Backyard Birds Tea Towel Backyard Birds Apron Bring a burst of spring to your kitchen any time of the year when you display our lovely 18½"x27" Backyard Birds Tea Towel or don the matching tie-back Backyard Birds Apron from the UK. A variety of feathered beauties grace this sky blue, 100% cotton set, embellished with brilliantly colored blooms, speckled eggs in nests, and busy bees. What a treat for nature lovers and stylish cooks! #UT3216 Towel $17.99 #UW2766 Apron $39.99 42

How to Draw: Vehicles NEW Start your engines—we’re drawing planes, trains, and all sorts of automobiles! Within this adorable keepsake hardcover zippered pouch is everything young artists (and aspiring vehicle operators) need to draw at home or on-the-go: four double-sided colored pencils, a graphite pencil, a step-by-step drawing guide, and a drawing pad. What a fun way for little ones to practice their own fine-motor drawing skills! For ages 5 and up. #UW7672 $18.00

Rescue Dog Tales by Mikael Lindnord Rescue Dog Tales presents seventeen heartwarming tales of dogs who found their forever homes. From Billy, a former explosive detection dog from Afghanistan, and Camila, a street dog from Costa Rica, to Sparky, who comforted his owner when she began to struggle with dementia, and Dewey, the toothless Chihuahua saved from a puppy mill, these sweet (and often challenging) canines all won the hearts of their rescuers. Their touching stories are told by their owners and are sure to bring hope and joy to any animal lover. (SM) #US6062 203 pages (pb) 2020 $17.95 ◆BBS $15.26◆

Baby’s Busy Day NEW No, they’re not working a nine-to-five, but babies have a busy day! And luckily this trio of little books makes keeping up with their big itinerary easy-peasy. Starting with Play, the board book contains simple words (Vroom) and learning milestones (123 and ABC), inviting laughter and fun. Pull out the waterproof, picture-only Bathtime book when it’s time for a bath. And at Bedtime, they can use their imagination while cuddling up with the picture-only soft book that’ll help get their little minds ready for bed. A lovely gift for new parents, grandparents, and busy babies from 3 months to 3 years old! #UW7112 Boxed set of three books $21.99 ◆BBS $18.69◆

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Stained Glass Fireplace Screen Make your fireplace a masterpiece by adorning it with this jaw-droppingly gorgeous handcrafted Stained Glass Fireplace Screen. 541 pieces of art glass are soldered to form a magnificent fleur-de-lis motif, which can be admired on all three panels of the hinged metal frame screen. Simply position the vibrant decor at least 15" away from the front of your lit fireplace, or fill the fireplace with candles to watch it glow. Center panel measures 22"x28"; both smaller side panels measure 11"x28". (Sorry, no gift-wrapping or rush delivery.) Extra shipping charge $9.95. Item can only be shipped within the continental US. #PN7512 $279.95

Special price $239.99

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Finding Muchness Book by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Charles Santoso

Duckling Plush

Lose yourself in what you love. Find yourself there too. NEW Chock-full of moving life advice “for ages 99 and younger,” Finding Muchness is all about the contentment we can find in our daily decisions. Whether that means taking bigger steps toward our goals, having unshakable courage in ourselves, or refocusing to find hope where there was once worry, author Kobi Yamada’s words will revitalize adults and introduce children to the beauty of joy. And our 8"-tall Duckling Plush, inspired by the book’s adorable illustrations, is an endearing reminder (whether propped on a pillow or sitting on a shelf) that it’s always possible to “add more life to life.” (RR) #UW7492 Finding Muchness 48 pages (hc) 2021 $14.95 ◆BBS $12.71◆ #UW7502 Duckling Plush $14.95

Authorful Puns Puzzle Eden by Jenny Siss, The Ceramic Pot Book by Terry Cotter, Notes on Hamlet by Toby O’Notteby, Regency Homes by George and Archie Tecture… The punderful author names on these bookshelves will keep you chuckling while you’re tackling this 1,000-piece puzzle from the UK. It’s the perfect pastime for avid readers and word lovers! Measures 27"x19" when complete. #UQ8686 $26.99

Paper Crafting and Calligraphy Kit NEW Dazzle recipients—and impress yourself—by making gorgeous handcrafted gift boxes, cards, and decorations, all accented with stunning freehand calligraphy. With our kit, you’ll learn how to transform paper into flowers, butterflies, boxes, stationery, and more, and have all the materials you need to get started. The instruction booklet is filled with project suggestions, from floral garlands and peekaboo gift tags to decorative bows and origami boxes, as well as tips for addressing envelopes and personalizing table settings by using calligraphy. Along with the booklet you’ll find a craft knife, scoring tool, dip ink pen, metal ruler, roll of glitter tape, bottle of gold paint, bottle of black ink, tube of craft glue, three-foot roll of natural jute twine, assorted decorative paper, practice calligraphy sheets, and craft paper. #UW8102 $39.99

Listen, World! by Julia Scheeres and Allison Gilbert NEW In the early- and mid-twentieth century, Elsie Robinson was one of the most beloved writers in America: a syndicated columnist with an audience in the tens of millions, a pioneering illustrator, and (though she would have shunned the word) a fierce feminist. Listen, World! seeks to rekindle the memory of this remarkable woman, from her misbegotten first marriage to a rich widower to her years digging for gold in the mines of California with a second partner and the gradual discovery that she could support herself and her son through her writing. The tragedies and triumphs of Elsie’s life make for surprisingly gripping reading, and the authors embroider the text with selections from her columns that showcase her uniquely poetic voice. (BH) #UW7842 338 pages (hc) 2022 $30.00 ◆BBS $25.50◆


Knit Your Own Blanket Kit NEW There’s nothing quite as rewarding as looking at something and thinking, “I made that myself ”…so imagine cozying up in the blanket you knitted yourself! For thoughtful gifters and DIY-ers, we’re offering the opportunity to learn to knit (and actually knit!) a luxurious 35½"x47" blanket step-bystep. Everything you need to get knitting is included: seven balls of chunky gray yarn, the pair of bamboo knitting needles, and a detailed guide. #UW7792 $70.00

Cashmere Snowflake Socks This supersoft footwear will keep you cozy on cold nights! Each of our extraordinarily comfy Cashmere Snowflake Socks—we’re offering them in heather Gray, crimson Red, or blue Denim—is adorned with a delicate white snowflake pattern. Pull on the luxurious 85% cashmere/15% nylon socks and curl up by the fire for a snuggly read. Hand-wash only, one size fits ladies shoe sizes 6–10. Made in Scotland from 100% natural fibers. Please specify color. #UW2656 Each pair $56.99

Wise Gals by Nathalia Holt NEW The Wise Gals were critical members of the CIA, highly skilled intelligence agents that served the nation during the Cold War era. They led dangerous missions, built allegiances, and bravely crossed enemy lines, yet their invaluable dedication and service have been overlooked. In 1953, they sought to change the department in an effort derided as the “Petticoat Panel.” Nathalia Holt brings the tenacity and grit of these women to well-deserved light in this riveting biography that recounts each of their heroic sacrifices, brilliance, and bravery, all of which were instrumental to our country’s security. Readers will devour this exceptionally researched history about the women who “helped create the template for cutting-edge espionage (and blazed new paths for equality in the workplace).” (HC) #UW8622 382 pages (hc) 2022 $28.00

◆BBS $23.80◆

Library Quilted Throw Rows of books are always a beautiful sight—and we think they make a particularly pretty quilt pattern! Handpieced from a variety of colorful prints, our comfy 100% cotton Library Quilted Throw is backed with a coordinating design. Measures about 50"x65". Machine wash gentle. (Imported.) #HW2527 $139.00

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Skittle Wireless Lamps These adorable 6¾"-tall lamps will add so much character to your reading nook! Each Skittle Wireless Lamp comes with a USB charging cable and wireless charging dock. Take advantage of the fourteen-hour battery life to light up your car trip, camping tent, or favorite porch spot. The lamps also have adjustable brightness capabilities and color-changing bulbs: Simply rotate the knob to turn up the soft yellow light, then tap the L symbol to change the bulb’s color to any of its eight rainbow settings. We’re offering these in Coral Red and Mint Green—bright, groovy shades for every season! #UW3512 Coral Red #UW3522 Mint Green Each $79.99

Poems from When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne and illustrated by Rosemary Wells

Originally published in 1924 for his three-year old son, When We Were Very Young is a collection of poems written by A. A. Milne in celebration of the joys of childhood, and this refashioned illustrated edition brings his words, and characters, to life. From an ode to dancing in the rain (“Happiness”) to a nod to active imaginations (“The Third Chair”), each sweet composition is told both in word and picture. Meet illustrator Rosemary Wells’s darling cast of animal and child characters, and say hello again to A. A. Milne’s very own Christopher Robin. Little ones and adults alike will find this to be a story time favorite. (HC) #UW6432 80 pages (hc) 2021 $19.95 ◆BBS $16.96◆

Tales of Al: The Water Rescue Dog by Lynne Cox After seeing a video of a trained Newfoundland pup jumping from a helicopter into Italy’s waters to save a civilian, International Swimming Hall of Famer Lynne Cox knew she had to witness the dog in action firsthand. Cox’s intrigue brought her to Lake Idroscalo, where she met Al, a water rescue dog in training, and the rest of the Italian School of Rescue Dogs. Cox and Al bonded over their shared passion for the open waters, and readers will fall in love with Al alongside Lynne; this memoir is an endearing reminder that dogs are just as heroic and courageous as they are fun-loving and affectionate. (HH) #UW2932 195 pages (hc) 2022 $27.00 ◆BBS $22.95◆

The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes by Sam Sifton Don’t let the monochromatic cover fool you…this cookbook—loaded with lavish photographs—is a showstopper! My household has been obsessed with Sam Sifton’s “no-recipe recipes” in The New York Times for years. My husband loves the way the lists of ingredients (to choose from/switch up/add to) and chatty descriptions of what you might do with them allow him to improvise in the kitchen, making each dish his own. And I love eating the always-delicious results! In this must-have kitchen bible, Sifton helps you stock your pantry like a professional chef and then encourages you to get creative. Savory French toast with cherry tomatoes and basil; instant ramen, back-ofthe-fridge-style; fettuccine with ricotta and a fistful of mint; rotisserie chicken panzanella; meat sauce and eggs; strawberry sundaes with hot fudge…prepare for endless gastronomical celebrations! (CH) #UV0742 242 pages (pb) 2021 $28.00 ◆BBS $23.80◆


Sit, Stay, Heal: What Dogs Can Teach Us About Living Well by Dr. Renee Alsarraf

NEW Veterinary oncologist Dr. Renee Alsarraf is no stranger to the extraordinary bond shared between humans and their four-legged family members. During her career of treating cancer in dogs, she bore witness time and again to the dedication people showed to their beloved canines and, at age fifty-one, Dr. Alsarraf discovered the remarkable healing nature of dogs when she received her own cancer diagnosis. In this heartwarming story, readers will meet the lovable, slobbery pups who offered her profound comfort and support during her cancer journey, and will endearingly discover that the wisdom that dogs impart to us is far more precious than anything we could teach them. #UW9122 256 pages (hc) 2022 $27.99 ◆BBS $23.79◆

Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman by Lucy Worsley NEW Why did Agatha Christie outwardly present herself as an “Edwardian lady of leisure" when she was actually “thrillingly, scintillatingly modern”?  In this groundbreaking biography, historian and author Lucy Worsley compassionately reveals the mystery of the mystery writer—how Christie had a wildly adventurous spirit, an inquisitive mind, and a fierce ambition—and brilliantly celebrates her complexity as both a writer and a pioneering twentieth-century woman. Worsley is a beautiful writer and a meticulous researcher, well deserving of the rare opportunity to access Christie’s extensive archive. This magnificent portrait illuminates the sensational mystery maven whose extraordinary personal life was as enigmatic and fascinating as the stories she wrote. (HC) #UW9092 432 pages (hc) 2022 $29.95 ◆BBS $25.46◆

World of Agatha Christie Puzzle The queen of crime welcomes fellow sleuths to piece together her world and uncover clues along the way. This 1,000-piece puzzle showcases Agatha Christie surrounded by her real-life inspirations, all of which have more to them than meets the eye. Using the included poster, you’ll discover the secrets behind her best-selling stories, encounter Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and other famous characters, and follow her footsteps “down the Nile, on the Orient Express and into the drawing rooms of English country homes.” Gift this dazzling adventure to amateur detectives and booklovers who will surely devour this puzzling opportunity. Measures 19"x27" when complete. #XF4772 $19.95

Floral Bookmark Cards NEW Here to help you send some love to bibliophiles, these beautiful 21/2"x71/2" cards double as bookmarks, so recipients can slip the gorgeous missives into their favorite tomes to keep your words close. The set includes four beautiful vintagestyle laser-cut flower designs: bright red poppies, white and yellow daffodils, lively chrysanthemums, and pastel peonies. Inscribe the blank interiors as you would a novel, seal within the included envelopes, and send to faraway bibliophiles, or pair the cards with a book for a simply superb gift. #UW7512 Set of four $27.99 

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Nap Book Pillow NEW Get comfortable reading anywhere and everywhere with this compact, multipurpose Nap Book Pillow! The cleverly designed plush pillow (a 68% cotton/27% polyester/5% spandex cover with 100% spandex memory foam filling) comes tucked inside a blue 83/4"x12"x3¼" “book.” Remove the pillow using its attached elastic, or open the book and fold its flexible front cover to create a stand for your phone, book, or tablet. An especially thoughtful—and chuckle inducing—gift for frequent flyers and sleepy readers! #UW8062 $50.00

The War Librarian by Addison Armstrong NEW In 1918, Emmaline Balakin takes a leap of faith and follows a letter sent by someone from her past, which places her as a war librarian in a frontline hospital in France—where she secretly distributes banned books. In 1976, midshipman Kathleen Carre, one of the first women to join the United States Naval Academy, finds herself in the midst of danger after unraveling a secret connected to her past. Two valiant generations of women spearhead the perilous dual storyline of this riveting novel, striking down anyone who dares to test them with one of the most powerful forces of all…books! (HH)  #UW8562   374 pages (pb) 2022   $17.00 ◆BBS $14.45◆

A Dreadful Splendor by B. R. Myers NEW Genevieve Timmons, a second-generation fake spiritualist in Victorian London, needs an out after a mistake lands her in jail. Her saving grace comes in the form of Mr. Lockhart, a servant to Lord Pemberton, who recently lost his bride-to-be on their wedding night. Genevieve will escape fated doom if she can perform a convincing enough séance to communicate with Lord Pemberton’s fiancée to put both his bride-to-be and his broken heart to rest. However, when Genevieve arrives at the Pemberton manor, the lord of the house is too wrapped up in the prospect of murder to grieve his dead fiancée, and Genevieve soon finds herself investigating the haunted halls of the eerie estate alongside Mr. Pemberton to find the culprit. This chilling pageturner is wickedly fun and hauntingly charming. (HH) #UW7382 404 pages (pb) 2022 $16.99 ◆BBS $14.44◆

Pocket Scarf These pure Merino wool Pocket Scarves are as functional as they are stylish. Each handsomely patterned 12"x60" Aran-knit scarf features roomy 9" deep pockets on either end with buttons to close your precious goodies (holiday letters to mail, small paperbacks for reading on-thego, wallets, lip balm, receipts…) inside. Made in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. Hand-wash or dry clean recommended. Please specify color: off-white Natural, blue-gray Denim, holly Red, pine Green, or dark Charcoal. #XA1626 $59.95


Classy Animals in Classic Cars Note Cards A giraffe, a cheetah, an alligator, and a toucan drive fancy vintage cars…No, this isn’t the setup for a joke, it’s a set of twelve unique, goldfoiled note cards! Each of these 6¼"x4½" missives— three each of four designs— features a swanky scarfsporting animal in a classic, pastel-colored automobile. With a gold-foil car detail in the corner of each included envelope, this charming set will make for inimitable communiqué with car and animal lovers of every shade. #UW6012 Set of twelve $27.00

Reading is Dreaming Night Shirt


NEW Sometimes we read late into the night to stay in that world just a little bit longer. Our Bas Bleu–exclusive 90% cotton/10% polyester night shirt showcases an illustration reminiscent of your own nightly routine—a figure lying below a starry sky with her nose buried in a book—with “Reading is dreaming with your eyes open” scripted atop. The charming garment is vibrant enough to inspire vivacious literary dreams, and plenty comfortable to encourage closed eyes… whenever you’re ready! We’re offering the white night shirt in women’s sizes S/M, L/ XL, and 2X/3X. Machine washable. (Printed in the USA on imported materials.) #UW6891 $29.99 (add $2 for 2X/3X)

British Boutique Hotels by Gina Jackson NEW Plan an indulgent vacation—or simply admire full-color, full-page photography of some of the most luxurious villas in Britain—with this one-of-a-kind guide. Beginning with an index to help you browse based on personal inclination (would you prefer…a seaside escape? explore the city or the country? …to entertain your love for fine dining or art galleries?), the book then introduces each hotel with a synopsis of the author’s experience and descriptions of the lodging’s atmosphere, rooms, grounds, and nearby food and activities. From cozy manors in southwest England, to grand guesthouses in the Welsh countryside, to Scandinavian farmhouses nestled within the Scottish Highlands, this “unashamedly simple and highly opinionated guide” is a stunning delight! (RR) #UW9172 208 pages (hc) 2021 $25.00

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Gumboot Kids Nature Mysteries Collections by Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford

Scout and Daisy Plushes Inspire young sleuths with this splendid set of nature mysteries! Filled with the wonders of nature, the collection includes The Case of the Singing Ocean, The Case of the Save Growing Bird Feeder, The Case of the 10% Vanishing Caterpillar, The Case of the on set Story Rock, The Case of the Buzzing Honey Makers, The Case of the Wooden Timekeeper, and now, The Case of the Hanging Food Catcher and The Case of the Shrinking Friend. Each book includes field notes and a nature craft project, so children can solve the elusive mysteries of the outdoors alongside Scout and Daisy. And, with our approximately 8½" tall Scout and Daisy Plushes, they can even bring the gumshoes on their journey! For ages 4 to 7. (RR) #UW9232 Individual Books Please specify title Each $6.99 ◆BBS $5.94◆ #UV5982 Scout Plush #UV5192 Daisy Plush Each $19.95

Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell A true story of a single year in the life of an independent bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland, written in the form of a diary, Confessions of a Bookseller is unexpectedly absorbing and often savagely funny. Shaun Bythell’s narrative juggles mournful meditations on the rigors of the bookselling business with whimsical portraits of weird customers. In the course of the year, he ends a long-term relationship and acquires a new employee, a young Italian woman known as Granny whose pretend fights with her boss are among the book’s highlights. Bythell’s dry wit and deep affection for literature make the book compulsively readable; cat lovers will relish the regular updates on the life of Captain, the store’s increasingly fat feline. (BH) #UW2952 323 pages (pb) 2019 $17.95 ◆BBS $15.26◆

The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill Australian writer Winifred Kincaid procrastinates by naming the strangers sharing her table at the Boston Public Library: Heroic Chin, Handsome Man, and Freud Girl. But then a woman’s scream piercing the silence in the reading room becomes the catalyst for a tenuous friendship among the four library patrons…a relationship that proves increasingly dangerous as the mystery behind the scream deepens. This wonderfully addicting and very clever literary thriller is a mysterywithin-a-mystery unlike anything I’ve read before! (AG) #UW5482 288 pages (pb) 2022 $16.99 ◆BBS $14.44◆

The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen: Warfare, Constitutions, and the Making of the Modern World by Linda Colley NEW In this global journey of diplomatic history, Linda Colley examines how constitutional documents were vessels to establish independence, experiment with ideas, and maintain ideals. From the Haitian revolution and the Pitcairn Islands to Catherine the Great in Russia and America’s Founding Fathers (and more!) The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen examines the power, and the often-detrimental outcome, of the written word, providing a fascinating constitutional history from the eighteenth century to the outbreak of World War I. (HC) #UW7622 512 pages (pb) 2021 $19.95 ◆BBS $16.96◆

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Book Lover Tote NEW Wear your heart on your sleeve (or hang it on your shoulder!)— this sweet Bas Bleu– exclusive tote is the best way to show off your love for literature! The pretty accessory proudly displays “Book Lover” above a row of pastel pink, purple, and blue book spines. Bring the sturdy 16"x14" (with a 4" gusset) canvas tote to the library and fill it to your heart’s content!  #UW6901 $19.99 


Women of the White House by Amy Russo

Martha Washington is the only first lady to be pictured on American currency. Harriet Lane wasn’t married to James Buchanan; she was the bachelor president’s niece. Lucy Hayes was the first presidential wife with a college degree to move into the White House. Rosalynn Carter established what is now the Office of the First Lady in the East Wing. From Martha Washington to Dr. Jill Biden, from the reluctant to the politically savvy and ambitious, the fortyseven women profiled in this “illustrated story” deserve recognition for how they shaped our nation. (KG) #UT8602 192 pages (hc) 2021 $19.95 ◆BBS $16.96◆

Piglet by Melissa Shapiro with Mim Eichler Rivas Connecticut veterinarian Melissa Shapiro already had six dogs when she got a call about a tiny dachshund/Chihuahua puppy, born deaf and blind, who was recently rescued from a hoarding situation. Unable to resist his distinctive pink coloring and feeling uniquely equipped to handle his special needs, Shapiro welcomed the one-pound, extremely anxious pup, whom she dubbed Piglet, into her pack (which also included three children and a very patient husband). Though he screamed and cowered during his first few days, eventually patience, love, and kindness led Piglet to overcome his fear and thrive despite his disabilities. This uplifting memoir about empathy and resilience, complete with lots of adorable photographs, will warm the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. (AG) #UW2202 320 pages (pb) 2022 $18.00 ◆BBS $15.30◆

Irish Sea Woolen Poncho On chillier days, wrap yourself in our beautiful, cozy, 100% supersoft merino wool Irish Sea Poncho. The garment leaves your hands and arms free for page-turning and comfortable lounging, yet is handsome enough to wear out on the town. Crafted at a family-owned mill in western Ireland’s County Mayo, this gorgeous top (knitted in a deep blue-green hue fittingly known as Irish Sea) is destined to become a wardrobe staple! Also available in a natural off-white Ecru, or a soft boysenberry shade delightfully called Jam. Poncho is one size fits most; please specify color. Handwash only. #UW2366 $120.00



Prayer and Peace Candle NEW Described as a “powerful blend of honest thought and deep praise, balanced with perfect harmony and eternal tranquility,” the exquisite fragrance of this 8-ounce candle conjures quiet, peaceful mornings. Soy wax is infused with an inimitable combination of eucalyptus, lavender, citrus, and amber, then hand-poured into a reusable glass receptacle with the words “Prayer and Peace” printed between simple yellow stripes. The pretty glass serves as a graceful reminder for serene contemplation, long after its 50-hour burn time has passed. #UW8192 $42.00

The Book of Joy The Book of Joy Large Print Edition In celebration of his friend the Dalai Lama’s eightieth birthday, Archbishop Desmond Tutu visited His Holiness at his home in India. For one week, these two iconic spiritual leaders discussed how to live joyfully in this world full of suffering. The Book of Joy chronicles their warmhearted conversation—full of laughter and tears, amazing personal anecdotes, profound wisdom, and practical methods to help all of us find “lasting happiness in a changing world.” What a (potentially life-changing) gift! #UP3482 354 pages (hc) 2016 $27.00 ◆BBS $22.95◆ #UP4742 Large Print 544 pages (pb) 2016 $28.00 ◆BBS $23.80◆

365 Happy Days Calendar Thoughtful quotations about happiness are paired with cheerful little illustrations, all packaged in a cute 4½"x5" spiral-bound calendar that can be reused year after year. Prop it up anywhere you need an uplifting reminder of the blessings that await you each and every day. #UM5572 $16.99

Pop-Up Honeycomb Cards NEW Send the most darling—and punniest!—greetings imaginable with the help of these cute critters! Each card in this set of three boasts an extra special surprise: a pop-up honeycomb belly (bear), tail (bunny), or body (hedgehog). The bear embraces a little rabbit (“This is a big bear hug”); the white bunny shows off her fluffy tail (“Somebunny loves you!”); and a hedgehog traipses through a strawberry field (“Sending a hedgehug”). Recipients (especially little ones) will have so much fun simply peeling back and sticking the 3D honeycomb accent, and all will smile while reading the charming pun on the front and your personal note on the blank interior. Kraft envelopes are included with the 41/4"x51/2" cards, perfect for birthdays, Easter, or any hug-worthy occasion. #UW8172 Set of three $21.99


Art School Drawing Kit NEW Prepare to sketch frame-worthy works of art with our comprehensive Art School Drawing Kit. This set is stocked with all the tools amateur artists need to draw everything from human forms and household objects to plants, trees, clothing, and beyond: a detailed instruction book, seven drawing pencils, a charcoal pencil, a black felt-tip pen, an eraser, a metal pencil sharpener, four tubes of watercolor, two paint brushes, and a twenty-five-sheet sketch pad. The booklet begins with an introduction to techniques and tips on how to draw like famous artists, and continues to lessons on perspective, movement, form and shape, building a caricature, and experimenting, ending with step-bystep guides for creating six intricate art pieces. For ages 18 and up. #UW7092 $39.99

The Reading Woman Puzzle NEW Ah, to be the woman in this puzzle! Assemble 1,000 puzzle pieces to reveal Lucius Rossi’s captivating 1875 Young Woman Reading painting: Dressed in and surrounded by regal finery, Rossi’s subject lounges on a couch, the rug rumpled at her feet, her eyes trained on the letter in her hand, her lips gently upturned. Imbued with stunning detail and atmospheric dreaminess, this artistic puzzle measures 20"x27" when complete. #UW8262 $23.95

Hooded Cardigan with Celtic Knot Zip Whether you’re exploring a new city or absorbing your latest book in a cool café, curl up in this cozy coat to feel right at home! Made of pure Merino wool, with an extralong fit and oversize hood, this unique outerwear is as soft and snuggly as your favorite blanket. Plus, the twoway zipper includes a Celtic Knot zipper-pull and the stitches are authentically Aran, making this a cherished gift for Irish or Irishloving friends. Stuff bookmarks in the slanted front pockets and walk bravely into the cold. Hand-wash recommended. Made in the village of Monasterevin, County Kildare, Ireland. Available in women’s sizes S (4–6), M (8–10), L (12–14), XL (16), XXL (18) (Size M hangs 30"). Please specify size and color: Navy, Natural, or Gray. #XA5066 $149.95

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Draw On Mugs These unique 16.9-ounce ceramic mugs are a wonderful way to track your travel and bird-watching milestones! The Birder’s Mug features a map with fifty-five birds for you to check off as you spot them. There’s a guide to help you identify the birds, too! Our National Parks Mug lists sixty-three US national parks, also indicated on a pretty map. Both mugs come with a green ceramic pen that you can use to check off the lists as you go— just bake it at 320°F for twenty-five minutes to set the ink. Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are sustainably made in Europe (with plastic-free packaging), and a portion of the profits are donated to UK environmental charities. Please specify design. #WE5302 Each $24.95

Cable Handwarmers Keep your fingers free to turn book pages this winter! Our stylish Cable Handwarmers keep your hands toasty while still allowing full range of finger motion. We’re offering these lovely 100% acrylic knit mittens in pastel shades of Rose Pink or Denim Blue (please specify which you prefer), both with a classic cable design and thumb holes. Machine washable; do not tumble dry. One size fits most. (Imported.) #UW2636 $16.99

The Complete Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids “Why did the robber wash his clothes before he ran away with the loot?” (“He wanted to make a clean getaway.”) “What is a baby’s favorite reptile?” (“A rattlesnake.”) “What is a duck on the Fourth of July?” (“A fire-quacker.”) Youngsters just learning how to tell jokes will delight in this collection of family-friendly gut-busters—including an entire chapter of knock-knock jokes! And while, yes, adults may groan at the admitedly corny cracks, we dare you to keep a straight face when your favorite kiddos dissolve into giggles. For ages 7 and up. (KG) #US1652 253 pages (hc) 2016 $12.99 ◆BBS $11.04◆

Kids’ Reading Lights NEW Send a young reader’s imagination soaring with the help of these adorable LED reading lights! For ages 3 and up, both irresistible reading accessories have flexible 7" arms and clip on to almost any surface, so kids can use them to read during long car trips, to do homework at their desk…even to illuminate the top bunk! Choose between the Rocket or Rainbow Reading Light, both featuring comic grins, and prepare to catch your little one reading past bedtime! Three AAA batteries required (not included). #UW7032 Rocket #UW8242 Rainbow Each $15.99 54

The Thursday Murder Club Books by Richard Osman To a casual observer, the members of the Thursday Murder Club look harmless: senior citizens who pass the time at their retirement village researching police cold cases. However, after a local builder is murdered, the Club contrives to be part of the investigation, straining the patience of the lead detective. After all, what could an elderly psychiatrist, a retired nurse, an erstwhile labor organizer, and a woman who hints she is a former spy uncover that the police cannot? Plenty! An absorbing whodunit that is by turns wryly amusing and unexpectedly tender, this mystery kept me up late into the night. You’ll want to continue the thrilling fun with the sequel, The Man Who Died Twice, and the latest installment, The Bullet That Missed! (KG) #UV2352 Murder Club 355 pages (pb) 2021 $17.00 ◆BBS $14.45◆ #UW6862 Died Twice 352 pages (pb) 2022 $17.00 ◆BBS $14.45◆ #UW8862 Bullet 243 pages (hc) 2022 $27.00 ◆BBS $22.95◆

Exotic Orchids Note Card Set NEW Add pretty pastel shades to your stationery with our Exotic Orchids Note Card Set! Each blank 4"x6" missive depicts an elegant orchid rendered in watercolor, and the lovely blooms are all embellished with gold foil. The handsomely boxed set includes twenty cards (five each of four designs), twenty gold-edged envelopes, and twenty gold sticker seals. Mail off birthday wishes, sympathy letters, and wandering thoughts in refined style. #UW0942 Set of twenty $25.00

Cactus Fragrance Diffusers These delightful diffusers double as divine décor! Each bottled scent is topped with a pretty pastel green clay cactus. Simply place the cement base around the 3.4-ounce glass bottle, set the cactus on top, and wait for soft fragrance to fill the room. Our lovely White Flower prickly pear diffuser, (top image) smells like warm water lily; Cutting Grass (bottom left) is shaped like a saguaro cactus, with notes of airy citrus and musk; while Ocean Breeze (bottom right) resembles a barrel cactus and carries scents of delicate sea salt. Fill your home with fragranced faux succulents, or spread joy to natureloving friends. #UW3752 White Flower #UW3732 Cutting Grass #UW3742 Ocean Breeze Each $36.95

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Save the Planet Candles NEW Save the planet, one candle at a time: For each Save the Planet Candle sold, World Land Trust will preserve 430 square feet of threatened habitat! These beautiful, environmentally friendly candles are made plastic-free with soy wax hand-poured in Europe into reusable 10-ounce decorative glasses. Our Purifying Forest Candle (featuring a stag) is scented with lush forest berries, oakmoss, and honeysuckle. The Soothing Tundra Candle (moose) blends warm notes of cashmere, sandalwood, and lily of the valley. Both burn for approximately 50 hours. #UW8202 Purifying Forest #UW8392 Soothing Tundra Each $37.00

Sacred Nature by Karen Armstrong NEW This profound little book from one of today’s most brilliant religious thinkers explores humankind’s relationship with nature. Through sharing her expansive knowledge of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions from ancient times to present day, Karen Armstrong encourages modern readers to rediscover an appreciation of nature as something sacred; something that exists within us and that we exist within; and something we risk destroying if we don’t learn to perceive it differently. For thoughtful people who plan to keep living on Earth, this is required reading of the highest caliber. (CH) #D23105 224 pages (hc) 2022 $27.00 ◆BBS $22.95◆

The Hidden Life of Trees: The Illustrated Edition by Peter Wohlleben and translated by Jane Billinghurst

If you enjoyed German forest ranger Peter Wohlleben’s bestselling The Hidden Life of Trees, you’ll be dazzled by this abridged and gorgeously illustrated 9¼"x10¼" edition. And if you missed the original, marvelous exploration of how trees communicate, learn, and interact with each other, you’re in for a spectacular new treat! Trees—in all their majesty and mystery— are celebrated here in words (friendly, fact-filled prose) and images (stunning panoramic and close-up photographs). What a wonderful gift for tree-huggers, amateur botanists, and anyone fond of a walk in the woods! (CH) #US8682 165 pages (hc) 2018 $35.00 ◆BBS $29.75◆

“Save the Bees, Plant These” Puzzle “It takes 2 million tapped flowers to make 1 pound of honey.” “Planting a garden or pots of bee-friendly flowers is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to help.” Follow tips and tricks from this colorful 1,000-piece puzzle that’s all about saving the bees. From flowers to herbs and everything in between, elegant illustrations are interspersed with friendly facts about our precious pollinators. Measuring 19¼"x26¾" when complete, this is a joyous celebration of Mother Nature! #UV8712 $20.99

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Bodleian Library Scarf Bookshelves filled with colorful vintage children’s books grace our eye-catching Bodleian Library Scarf. Designed in the UK, the pattern is inspired by real books in the library’s internationally renowned collection, creating the perfect everyday accessory for stylish book lovers. And because the generously sized 100% silk chiffon scarf measures almost six feet long (70¾"x19½", to be exact), it can be folded, tucked, and looped into so many different styles! (Imported.) #UT2946 $79.99


Inspiring Women Tea Towel Set NEW Each of these four uplifting 15½"x28" 100% cotton towels showcases a different quote—Susan B. Anthony (“Think your best thoughts; speak your best words; work your best works”), Sarah Breedlove (“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them”), Marie Curie (“We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves”), and St. Catherine of Siena (“Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire”)—surrounded by dainty decorative and floral accents. This set makes an inspired gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, literature, or pretty home décor. Machine washable. (Printed in the USA on imported materials.) #UW7691 Set of four $49.99

Dublin Murder Squad Series by Tana French Each stand-alone title in the Dublin Murder Squad Series—In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbour, The Secret Place, and The Trespasser—features an innovative and totally engrossing plot enhanced with lyrical writing and richly drawn characters. Whether investigating a suburban family murder, going undercover at a university, reviving a decadesold cold case, or wading into a vast and deadly conspiracy, the compelling and distinctive detectives who narrate each novel will stay with you long after you finish reading. An essential addition to any mystery lover’s library, the boxed set also makes an eye-opening gift for a fellow reader who claims not to like crime fiction. (Sorry, no rush delivery.) (AG) #UV7172 Boxed set of six pbs 2007–2017 $108.00 ◆BBS $91.80◆

Bas Bleu Reader Reviews

Send your Reader Review to: Bas Bleu Review Editor, 150 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Ste. 440, Decatur, GA, 30030, or email it to [email protected]. If we decide to publish your review, we’ll send you a check for $50! We reserve the right to edit all contributions.

Want to recommend a book to our wonderful community of readers? Why not write a Bas Bleu Reader Review of a book you’d like to see in our catalog? Reviews should be approximately 150 words and written in a conversational style.



Fearless by Don Dahler NEW Harriet Quimby led an extraordinary life of speed, excitement, and firsts. In a time when women were expected to adhere to certain social norms, the once dirt-poor farm girl decided to pave her own path as a journalist, aviator, and pioneer in the late-nineteenth and earlytwentieth centuries. She’d become the first American woman to earn a pilot’s license and, soon after, the first woman to fly solo across the English Channel. Don Dahler illuminates the pilot’s remarkable life from childhood to her tragic fatal plane accident at thirty-seven years old, finally giving Quimby’s fearlessness its due attention. (HC) #UW7452 336 pages (hc) 2022 $29.95 ◆BBS $25.46◆

Jumbo Elephant Bookends EXCLUSIVE!

An ancient symbol of good luck, protection, reliability, and wisdom, the elephant is an animal that demands respect. So who better to prop up your precious tomes than a pair of hardworking pachyderms? Fashioned of realistic-looking gray resin, these absolutely enormous—the taller one measures 16¼" high, 13" wide, and 9" deep—bookends will “never forget” to keep your shelf neat, tidy, and wildly adorable! Also makes a striking display for your prettiest coffee-table books on a counter or tabletop. (Sorry, no gift-wrapping or rush delivery. Requires $10 additional shipping fee.) #UQ2196 $74.99

The Book Woman Books by Kim Michele Richardson You may have read The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, about packhorse librarians in Appalachia during the 1930s. But even if you haven’t, you’ll want to read this sequel, which is also a stand-alone novel, about Cussy Mary Lovett’s daughter, Honey Mary-Angeline. When sixteen-year old Honey is left on her own, she must flee the law to maintain her freedom. But a life in hiding doesn’t suit her, so she learns to fight for her freedom. Along the way she takes up her mother’s routes to distribute books to remote areas in the hills and meets independent women who offer support and friendship. Historically accurate, heartwarming, and filled with strong women, this is a novel that book lovers will adore. A Reader Review by Deborah Witham from Boynton Beach, Florida #UW5092 …Daughter 334 pages (pb) 2021 $16.99 ◆BBS $14.44◆ #UR8242 …Troublesome Creek 308 pages (pb) 2019 $15.99 ◆BBS $13.59◆

Field of Daisies Pop-Up Bouquet Card Send an everlasting bouquet of white, purple, and blue daisies to loved ones on any occasion! The vibrant burst of flowers springs open inside a paper mason jar, a lovely accent for a mantel or dining room table that will never wilt. Each bouquet measures an impressive 12" high by 10" wide and includes a matching note card, paper vase, and bright mailing envelope. Extra postage required. #UV8352 $12.99

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How to Read the Wilderness by the Nature Study Guild You’ll learn to recognize the lobed leaf of an oracle oak, the webbed tracks of a river otter, and the fine, cream-colored tentacles of a   frilled anemone. NEW Discover the intense beauty of the natural world with this marvelous exploration of North American flora and fauna. This illustrated guide is overflowing with detailed information and gorgeous vintage-style visuals, from infographics about rainfall and animal print pattern keys to detailed portraits of different bird species and tips for recognizing constellations. Divided into five sections—Trees; Flowers, Fruits, and Ferns; Mammals and Birds; The Ocean; and The Night Sky—this spectacular nature companion contains every morsel of knowledge needed for you to become a “knowledgeable steward of the wild.” (HC) #UW9162 391 pages (hc) 2022 $35.00 ◆BBS $29.75◆

Murder Most Puzzling Puzzles These puzzles have a twist: When fully assembled, they reveal the clues to solve a mystery! Each 500-piece puzzle begins with a one-page caper. Let the story be your guide as you assemble each 24"x15½" puzzle, then compile the provided clues to crack the case. In The Missing Will, detective Medea Thorne needs help finding the code for Uncle Gregory’s safe, where his will is hidden. (His death might be a little mysterious, too.) In The Clairvoyants’ Convention, Medea searches for a strangler loose in an international meeting of psychics…and there’s a fraud at work in the crowd. Put your armchair detective skills to work with this nostalgic set! #XE7452 The Missing Will #XE7442 The Clairvoyants’ Convention Each $18.95

Lounge Capris & Shorts Laze around—or work from home—in cozy comfort when you put on our lightweight, 100% cotton floral loungewear. We’re offering a bouquet of pretty prints in a variety of vibrant shades: Gold, Blue, Pink, Gray, Red, Green, or Turquoise. Our Lounge Capris are hemmed in contrasting prints (inseam measures 23" on size M) for an extra dash of verve. Our Lounge Shorts, trimmed in lace, are so cute that we’re offering them as a set of seven: One pair in each color, so you’ll have a different pair for every night of the week! (Or divvy up the set between siblings, roommates, best friends....) All feature a drawstring waist and are available in sizes S(4–6), M(8–10), L(12–14), XL(16–18), 1X(18–20), 2X(20–22). (Imported.)  #HZ9337 Capris $35.00 Buy 2 or more and save 10% #HZ9327 Shorts Set of seven $89.95 $79.99 59


Dog Breed Candles Each packaged in a charming cylindrical gift box, these adorable 8-ounce 100% soy candles are hand-poured into a reusable glass holder with a printed dog silhouette (when the wax is melted, the container makes a unique lowball tumbler!). All are scented with fragrances to evoke each breed’s personality: Rescue Dog (green grass and wildflower) is “a grateful blend of love and devotion”; Corgi (lemongrass, wildflowers, jasmine) is “a fun blend of intelligence and affection”; Dachshund (jasmine, bamboo, sandalwood) is “a lively blend of clever and brave”; French Bulldog (greens, wildflowers) is “a completely irresistible combination of playfulness and intelligence”; Goldendoodle (ginger, teakwood) is “a cheerful mix of play and affection”; and Labradoodle (citrus, lavender, amber) is “a friendly and energetic mix of joyful affection and the most gentle of hearts.” Burn time of up to 50 hours. #UV4402 Rescue #UW3672 Corgi #UW3682 Dachshund #UW3692 French Bulldog #UW3702 Goldendoodle #UW3712 Labradoodle Each $42.00

The Secret World of Weather

by Tristan Gooley and illustrated by Neil Gower From the speed of cricket chirps to the shapes of clouds to the appearance of a blade of grass, Tristan Gooley translates the signs in every “cloud, breeze, hill, street, plant, animal, and dewdrop” that can aid in interpreting and even forecasting the weather! A fascinating read and a practical guide to exploring your own microclimate, The Secret World of Weather is a gold mine for nature lovers, campers, and weather watchers of all stripes. After reading, challenge yourself to predict the weather before your local weatherman; you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to grasp “the weather signs that few notice.” (HC) #UV0952 373 pages (hc) 2021 $21.95 ◆BBS $18.66◆

Book Worm Necklace NEW Why shouldn’t your love for literature be fashioned into an adorable accessory? Our Book Worm Necklace hangs from a 18"-long sterling silver chain. The pendant reads “book worm” in typewriterstyle text on a white background with a bezel setting—so, whether this darling necklace is on display or tucked under a sweater, your bookish propensities will always be near and dear to your heart. #UW7262 $54.00

Slow Birding by Joan E. Strassmann NEW Rather than racing around the world to check exotic birds off our “life list,” animal behaviorist Joan Strassmann encourages us bird lovers to just relax and discover “the art and science of enjoying the birds in your own backyard.” And what a peaceful art and fascinating science it is! By introducing us to sixteen species common in the United States—and sharing recent scientific studies about each—Strassmann gives readers lots to think about while birdwatching at home, and offers specific activities to do while observing each kind of bird. Slow down with Slow Birding, find a winged wonder to watch…and enjoy! (CH) #UW9152 334 pages (hc) 2022 $27.00 ◆BBS $22.95◆

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Eucalyptus Silver Fox Relaxation Set NEW Soothe aches and pains and relax with a refreshing blend of lavender and eucalyptus via our luxurious Eucalyptus Silver Fox Relaxation Set. We’re offering a gently weighted Neck Pillow and pair of Footies, both of which can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to relieve tension (faux fur covers are machine washable; Footies fit up to ladies’ size 10). Gift one or both cozy items to marathon readers, active friends, or loved ones with chronic pain so they can enjoy spa-like relaxation anywhere. #UW8342 Neck Pillow $57.95 #UW8352 Footies $52.95

Virgin Wool Lap Blanket Though the weather outside is frightful, you’ll be snug and warm tucked beneath our Virgin Wool Lap Blanket from Britain. This 60"x72" blanket is made from cozy pure new wool and given a classic blue check pattern and fringe edges, making it ideal for fireside reading sessions or long relaxing hours watching the snow fall. Machine wash cold. #US7706 $99.99

The Churchill Sisters by Rachel Trethewey Daughters of “the greatest Englishman” and cousins to the eccentric Mitford sisters, Diana, Sarah, and Mary Churchill were just as passionate, complex, and interesting as their larger-than-life relatives. This triple biography of Winston and Clementine’s daughters draws on previously unpublished family letters to explore the distinct personalities of the three bright, vivacious women who bore firsthand witness to some of the most important historical events of the twentieth century. Not shying away from the scandals and mental-health issues that plagued the sisters, this wonderfully compelling read also sheds fascinating light on the great British statesman via his role as a father. (AG) #UV8502 320 pages (hc) 2021 $29.99 ◆BBS $25.49◆

Books and Tea Pajama Set


NEW No better way to relax than with a large, steaming hot cuppa and a tall stack of books! Our Bas Bleu–exclusive pajama set boasts all of our favorite things with quirky flair. Colorfully patterned tea cups decorate the soft 65% polyester/35% rayon joggerstyle pants, and the comfy white 40% modal/35% cotton/25% recycled polyester women’s-fit top showcases lively patterned book spines, topped with a big mug of warm tea. Top and bottoms both offered in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. Machine washable. (Imported.) #UW6931 $49.99 (Add $2 for XXL)



28% off Body Pillows Who doesn’t love a big bear hug or snuggly lapdog? Curl up with these (giant!) cozy couch companions during naps, rest your head on them while reading, or hold them in your lap for comfort whenever you please. These adorable 17"x44" pillows have a soft, high-pile coat and weighted paws. Made from 100% polyester. (Imported.) (Sorry, no gift-wrapping or rush delivery. Add $4.95 additional shipping.) #XE4052 Shaggy Dog (shown on bed) #HBD922 Bear (top) #HBD932 Yellow Lab (middle) #HBD912 Golden Retriever (bottom) Each $139.95 $99.99

The Barbizon by Paulina Bren This incredibly well-researched history of a hotel and the fascinating inhabitants of its small rooms doubles as a story about how the roles of women have changed throughout the twentieth century…and how the Barbizon—built in 1927 as a safe haven for the “modern woman” working in New York—was there to see it all. Among the well-known residents were Titanic survivor Molly Brown, writers Sylvia Plath and Joan Didion, actresses Grace Kelly and Liza Minnelli, and so many others. The stories are captivating, and the scope of Bren’s narrative will blow you away. (SB) #UV8382 321 pages (pb) 2022 $18.99 ◆BBS $16.14◆

Easter Farm Pop-Up Card It’s a sweet spring morning on the farm—sheep are leaping, cows are grazing, bunnies are hopping, and Easter eggs are hiding. Deliver a smile to animal-loving friends and family who will adore the lively illustrations, textural details, and serene sentiment within this 5¼"-square pop-up card. Extra postage required. #UV5272 $9.99 Buy 2 or more and save 10%

Nancy Tillman Birthday Card Collection Author/artist Nancy Tillman’s bestselling children’s books supplied the exuberant words and joyous animal illustrations gracing these all-ages birthday cards. The sweet sentiments include “Never before in story or rhyme (not even once upon a time) has the world ever known a you, my friend” (inside message: “And it never will. Not ever again. Happy Birthday!”); and “Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born” (inside message: “Happy birthday to the one and only ever you.”). The set includes ten 5"x7" cards, two each of five designs, with envelopes. #UT4702 Set of ten $16.99 62

Watercolor Set This lovely little set will inspire beginners and seasoned artists alike. Begin with our Everyday Watercolor Sketch Book, with forty sheets of premium Italian paper stock, tips for getting started, ten QR codes that link to custom YouTube tutorials like “How to Paint the Night Sky” and “10 Easy Wildflowers,” and a list of creative prompts for those times when inspiration is slow to catch up to aspiration. Our Deluxe Watercolor Pencil Set includes forty-eight artist-quality watercolor pencils—just add water to any sketch to watch it burst into life! #UW6022 Sketch Book $18.99 #UW6032 Watercolor Pencils $25.99

All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle NEW Octogenarian Hubert Bird, a curmudgeonly Jamaican immigrant in South London, spends his days fussing over his cat, studiously avoiding human contact, and waiting for his weekly phone call from his daughter, Rose. But when Rose announces that she’s coming home for a longoverdue visit, Hubert’s elation is tempered with dread—because he’s lied to her about having an active social life. This heartwarming, humorous, and poignant novel follows Hubert’s attempts to reenter society, with the aid of a neighbor and her young daughter, who are determined to draw him out of his loneliness. It’s a warm, uplifting testament to the power of human connection. (AG) #UW8772 388 pages (pb) 2022 $16.99 ◆BBS $14.44◆

New Women in the Old West by Winfred Gallagher NEW Meet the little-known women who, seeking adventure and opportunity, and drawn by manifest destiny, settled in the underdeveloped American west in the nineteenth century and made a monumental yet largely unrecognized impact on the country. To overcome the challenges of migrating to a new land, women took on responsibilities that were at the time untraditional, such as participating in public service and coproviding for their family. Over time they would establish schools and churches, attend and graduate from coeducational colleges, and become the first women in America to vote. This immersive read sheds light on the fascinating individuals who forever redefined the American Woman, and offers a riveting history of America’s Old West. (HC) #UW6532 277 pages (pb) 2022 $18.00 ◆BBS $15.30◆

Awk-Word NEW This fast-paced game is a delight for the walking dictionaries you know! Gather a group of two to eight players ages 10 and up, then compile the game pieces in the center of a table (includes 200 topic cards, 200 chips to keep score, 5 dice, and a bell). Select a dealer to roll the lettered dice and draw a topic card; players must go around the table naming words that fit the prompt (whether it’s “insects” or “flavors of jello”)…but your word can’t include any of the letters on the dice! If someone makes a mistake, be the first to ring the bell and shout “Awk-word!” #UW8922 $22.00

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Book Tree Quilt NEW This charming Bas Bleu– exclusive quilted throw depicts an eclectic book-growing tree, and is lined with a supersoft fleece. Full of vibrant colors and whimsical patterns, the 46"x60" quilt radiates cheer wherever it’s strewn. Gift it to nature lovers and budding bookworms who like to branch out with new genres. Made from cozy 100% cotton, it promises a superlative tree-hugging experience. Machine wash gentle. (Imported) #UV8977 $149.99


Exercise Cards NEW Set aside a few minutes each day for an invigorating daily routine! Build a variable workout with our 5-Minute Core Exercise Cards for Seniors, made up of forty exercise cards—choose between seated, standing, and mat exercises —and twenty-four routine cards offering sequences that targets specific muscle groups. And warm up (or wind down) with our 10-Minute Stretching Exercise Cards. With sixty stretches, from head nods to shoulder circles to leg swings, and thirty-four routines to address chronic aches and pains, these cards will bring more relief than grief. Simple instructions, clear illustrations, and tips for improvement make these exercises especially easy to learn…No special equipment or gym membership required! #UW6982 5-Minute Core Cards $18.99 #UW6972 10-Minute Stretching Exercise Cards $22.99

Calm Club Bath Board NEW Unwind after a long day (or make a good day even better) with the help of our multifunctional Calm Club Bath Board. The 28¼"x7¾"x2" bamboo tray includes a hands-free book rest so your pages stay dry; a ceramic dish to burn the twelve included musky, calming incense cones; and a space to store your soap, bath salts, or even a beverage (the long handles also help this tray fit tubs of all sizes). Consider pairing with our Lavender Lover’s Kit (p. 30) or our Patterns and Petals Soap Flowers (p. 66) for a truly indulgent home spa! #UW7272 $70.00

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A Plant for Every Day of the Year by Philip Clayton NEW Fill your yard and garden with year-round botanical beauty! A Plant for Every Day of the Year is exactly as it sounds—yet, even more resplendent than expected. Philip Clayton recommends a vast variety of 365 plants, all arranged by season. Each is presented at its peak planting time, with its average size; light, water, and soil preferences; and hardiness zone, so you can select the florae that best fit your space and tend to them properly. Complete with gorgeous color photographs, this guide is perfect for cultivating green thumbs! (RR) #UW9112 256 pages (hc) 2022 $30.00 ◆BBS $25.50◆

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan

NEW Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as “the queen of Italian cooking,” Marcella Hazan makes her recipes accessible to all in this thirtieth-anniversary edition cookbook. With nearly 700 pages of mouth-watering meals, divided into predictably Italian sections like gnocchi, frittate, and veal (you can find specific dishes organized in the book’s index), each recipe includes the dish’s historical background, preparation tips, and succinct steps. So, whether you’re cooking Gamberetti all’Olio e Limone or Pizza Rustica, you’ll never feel alone in the kitchen! Buon appetito! (RR) #HBJ062 710 pages (hc) 2022 $40.00 ◆BBS $34.00◆

Goodnight Moon: 75th Anniversary Edition

by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd NEW This is no ordinary bedtime classic: The 75th anniversary edition of Goodnight Moon features those unforgettable lines and illustrations in all their original glory, but it also arrives in its own sturdy slipcase with a beautiful 9"x7" art print depicting that old “great green room” and a new afterword by Thacher Hurd, illustrator Clement Hurd’s son. A heartfelt addition to any nursery room or child’s bookshelf— and a guaranteed baby-shower star (guests can write messages to the new arrival in the end pages)—this timeless book will be passed down through the generations! (RR) #D23100 36 pages (hc) 2022 $24.99 ◆BBS $21.24◆

Bookshelf Lounge Pants I’m Totally Booked Night Shirt Weekend invitations interrupting your reading plans? Announce to the world your literary commitments with our Bookshelf Lounge Pants and I’m Totally Booked Night Shirt. Not only will you carry an entire library around with you all day, but you’ll look good doing it! The pants are a polyester blend with an elastic waist; they’re available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The nightshirt is an ultra-soft polyester blend, available in sizes S/M, L/XL, and XXL. Machine washable. (Imported.) #CBC532 Pants $29.95 #CBC542 Night Shirt $29.95




Find Me!: Adventures… by Agnese Baruzzi

Cat Lavender Sachet Trio

My kids love these search-and-find books so much that I’ve relegated them to daytime reads; they are simply too exciting for bedtime! In Find Me! Adventures in the Forest, Michael the Squirrel helps his friend Bernard the Wolf—who is just getting used to his new glasses—to sharpen his vision by playing hide and seek all around the forest. As Bernard (and kids, and parents!) race to find Michael and solve other visual puzzles amongst the owls, deer, frogs, trees, and mushrooms, all will enjoy exploring the forest habitat while honing observational skills. Adventures in the Ocean dives beneath the surface of the deep blue sea; Adventures in the Sky soars among birds, airplanes, parachutes, and outer space; and Underground burrows deep into the earth. What (sometimes boisterous!) fun for ages 5 to 9. (AG) 48 pages (hcs) 2020 #US1732 …in the Forest #US2712 …in the Ocean #US8472 …in the Sky #US8482 …Underground Each $12.99 ◆BBS $11.04◆

This lovely little boxed set features three 2¾"-square sachets filled with 100% pure French lavender and adorned with a handsome kitty amidst beautiful blooms. Toss one in your linen closet, dresser drawer, and suitcase to keep your fabrics smelling clean—and lavender is a natural moth repellent, so no need for pungent mothballs to keep your favorite sweaters safe! Made in the USA. #US1632 $21.99

365 Days of Drawing by Lise Herzog Learn to draw something new every day of the year! Created for artistic experts, beginners, and everyone in between, this guide provides step-by-step lessons for drawing common objects, animals, and people. You’ll notice an expanding knowledge of technical tricks as you practice sketching a hot air balloon, a ballerina, a kitten…even shadows on fabric! Check back on your progress when you get to the end, and feel free to show off your new skills. (RR) #UV4922 368 pages (hc) 2020 $24.95

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Patterns and Petals Soap Flowers Relax in a warm, soothing bath infused with our lovely Patterns and Petals Soap Flowers for the ultimate escape. To use, simply tear five or six petals from a flower and scatter them beneath warm running water to dissolve, releasing the luxurious fragrance of bergamot, pink pepper, narcissus, rose, vanilla, cedarwood, and vetiver. We’re offering a beautifully boxed “bouquet,” approximately fourteen blossoms in a rainbow of colors. Imported from England, this is an elegant, indulgent treat! #UT2926 $24.00


Animal Hugs Cards Wrap your words of affection and encouragement in a great big hug with our enormously lovable Bear Hugs Cards! Simply jot your note onto the 7¾"-tall bear’s ample belly, then fold his arms and legs to “embrace” your message (and a gift card or cash, if you wish). The boxed set of twelve note cards includes three each of a panda bear, polar bear, black bear, and brown bear, with patterned envelopes. And we’re thrilled to offer Kitten Cuddles and Snuggle Bunnies, as well! Same concept (boxed sets of twelve cards), but the embraces are from cats or rabbits. What a charming and unique way to send an extra dose of love and whimsy across the miles! #UQ0232 Bear Hugs Cards $15.95 #UR2512 Kitten Cuddles Cards $14.95 #UT5172 Snuggle Bunnies Cards $15.95

Warmie Animals Kids will love snuggling these adorable heated plushies, and adults will appreciate soothing their aching muscles and joints with our precious Warmie Animals. Each cuddly critter is scented with calming Provence lavender—simply warm it in the microwave for ninety seconds to activate. The polyester plushes stand (or lie) approximately 13" high/ long. Choose from Bear, Cat, or Puppy; or view additional listings online at Spot clean only. #XD8832 Each $29.99

What Day Is It? Winnie-the-Pooh Tops “What day is it?” asked Pooh “It’s today” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day.” said Pooh. —A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard Sweeten a loved one’s wardrobe with a shirt that’s fitting to wear on Pooh’s favorite day…all 365 of them! The short-sleeve, 100% cotton, baby blue tee and 55% cotton/45% polyester sweatshirt showcases the darling quote as well as an illustration of Piglet and Pooh sauntering through a meadow. A lovely reminder that any day can be the best day—especially the day this precious top arrives at your home! Women’s fit offered in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL for both styles. Machine washable.   #UW2582 T-Shirt $21.99 #UW6652 Sweatshirt $54.99 (Add $2 for XXL)

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The School That Escaped the Nazis


Anna Essinger was asked to fly a swastika above her progressive liberal arts school in Nazi Germany. Instead, sensing the increasing danger of Hitler’s hate-fueled rise, the courageous principal made a bold plan to smuggle her school to safety in England. In groups, students and teachers successfully made it to the house Anna rented in Kent, which would become the Bunce Court school and welcome refugees and displaced children, many of whom faced devastating horrors before their arrival. The School That Escaped the Nazis is an inspiring, heartwrenching true story illuminating the heroic woman who risked everything to save her school, and the brave children who should have never been in such a position. (HC) #UW6542 440 pages (hc) 2022 $30.00

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by Deborah Cadbury

Fingerless Cashmere Mittens Our Fingerless Cashmere Mittens are knitted in Scotland from two-ply 100% cashmere, sheathing hands and wrists in soft, warm wool while leaving fingertips and thumbs free to dig for keys, swipe to answer a phone call, turn the pages of a book, type an email, open a water bottle….We’re offering the luxurious cable-knit mittens in four classic shades: black, gray, blue, or red. One size fits most women’s hands. Hand-wash only. #US7726 $44.99


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