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Part 5: Incomplete Sentences

You will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answers follow the sentence. Choose the best answer to the question.

1.The fax machine and the telephone ..... on separate lines. (A) am (B) is (C) are (D) be 2.Attach this cable ..... the computer. (A) with (B) into (C) in (D) to

3.We won't be able to sell this product if we don't price it ..... (A) competitively (B) competitive (C) competition (D) competitor 4.The ..... was concise and effective. (A) presenting (B) presented (C) present (D) presentation

5.Salaries must be ..... if we are to remain competitive. (A) ascended (B) increased (C) escalated (D) risen 6.We drove to the site on an open jeep ..... it was raining. (A) although (B) since (C) because (D) with

7.The meeting was scheduled to begin ..... noon. (A) on (B) to (C) in (D) at 8.This letter was ..... by overnight mail. (A) send (B) been sent (C) sent (D) sending

9.I'll show you the report when I ..... you next week. (A) see (B) saw (C) have seen (D) will see 10.Our office is ..... the post office and the bank. (A) among (B) outside (C) between (D) through

11.All the employees at this company..... an annual bonus. (A) receive (B) receives (C) has received (D) is receiving 12.The oil rig is located ..... Texas. (A) over (B) off (C) in (D) beside

13. ..... sales have increased, profits have increased too. (A) Although (B) During (C) Since (D) Until 14.Immigration form must ..... be stamped before leaving the custom area. (A) once (B) always (C) still (D) rarely

15.Neither lunch ..... dinner was served at the hotel. (A) or (B) and (C) but (D) nor 16.If the consultant ..... that we should hire more staff, Helen wouldn't be working here now. (A) didn't recommend (B) doesn't recommend (C) hadn't recommended (D)wasn't recommending

17.If you ..... how to use a computer, consult the manual. (A) won't understand (B) don't understand (C) understood (D) not understanding 18.His boss almost never makes him ..... on Saturdays. (A) works (B) work (C) to work (D)working

19.Rheingold Consultants ..... the fastest growing company in the industry. (A) were (B) have (C) is (D) are 20.A friend ..... me his car while mine was at the mechanic's. (A) borrowed (B) bel onged (C) owed (D) lent

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