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Company Information overview and history vision, mission, and goals organizational chart

Client's Background swot analysis situation analysis target audience research findings

Campaign Plan Report goals objectives gantt chart budget strategies and tactics



A B O U T T R U S T . C O

WHY TRUST . CO ? TRUST.CO - the name was created and decided by the founder back in 2018. This name, she claims, is inspired by a value she embraces in her everyday existence. She also believes that "Trust" is the most vital factor for an agency to earn from clients in order to continue aiming for and achieving all of the targeted goals. She hopes that by doing so, employees would be reminded to uphold this ideal and deliver the greatest possible service to clients.



Founders, Sharina Abd Halim, founded Trust.Co in 2018 with the shared purpose of providing a customized, personal service that prioritizes individual customer needs every single day


Address : C-25-01, The Hub SS2, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, 46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Trust.Co is a strategic communication and marketing firm specializing in public relations, content marketing, brand communications, social media, and design. With a staff of 130 dedicated and creative experts, Trust.Co is a majority women-owned business and public relations agency centered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They work with existing and rising brands, corporations, start-up tech companies, and others to design and achieve strategic public relations goals.


One of the most successful recent campaigns was for Baskin-Robbins, which took place in Kuala Lumpur's largest Baskin-Robbins outlet. Trust.Co was tasked by the client to create a campaign to promote their partnership with Stranger Things. Baskin-Robbins wants to attract more customers with a unique and different approach because the show is popular all around the world. In addition, the campaign not only promoted and concentrated on the collaboration of Baskin-Robbins and Strange Things, but it also promoted its variety of healthful and vegan-friendly ice cream products. This is to demonstrate to the public how concerned they are about a wellbalanced diet and those who are unable to consume dairy products. All of the ice cream-related merchandise was also environmentally friendly. Trust.Co leveraged the healthy community foundations to spread the word about the company's efforts, but without the stuffy corporate approach.




Vision to be known as Asia's most innovative, devoted, and productive integrated marketing and communications PR agency. To be well-known and recognized for consistently delivering measurable results.

Mission to provide strategic communications advice and programming that enables clients to develop a strong image among their target populations to build long-term, fulfilling collaborations with our clients that provide value and stimulate professional development in our people. to continue striving and providing value to clients' advantages so that they can reach their goals through innovative and insightful solutions to empower people to do great work


an organization's reputation must be safeguarded and maintain become Asia's largest and most wellknown public relations firm launch a large number of branches around the world to provide a worldwide service







AINUL MARDHIAH BINTI NAJEE MUDDIN ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE An account executive is an employee who has the primary day-to-day responsibility for an ongoing business relationship with a client. The job title of an account executive is most common in the advertising and public relations businesses and in financial services.

NOR AINI BINTI MOHAMAD PUBLIC RELATION DIRECTOR Develop PR Plans Public relations directors develop PR plans alongside operations and marketing teams. They lead a collaborative group of advertisers, marketers, and promoters to ensure image positioning for major industry events and tradeshows is properly integrated.



AZZARYN SOFEA BINTI MOHD ZAWAWI RESEARCH DIRECTOR A research director manages a company's research and development department. As a research director, you supervise team members, overseeing data collection and analysis, product design, and manufacturing.

NURUL NASUHA BALQIS BINTI NORIZAN COPY WRITING DIRECTOR Copy writing director helps to create billboards, brochures, catalogs, jingle lyrics, magazine and newspaper advertisements, sales letters and other direct mail, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, white papers, website and social media posts, and other marketing communications.

MUHAMMAD HAIQAL BIN RUSLAN SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR Social media directors are responsible for creating content, scheduling posts, and monitoring social media metrics. Also known as social media managers, social media directors plan social media strategies on behalf of a company in order to achieve a set of goals.



S - STRENGTHS 1 .This brand has a unisex design concept. Suitable for both men and women to wear Unisex clothing is best described as clothing designed to be suitable for both sexes in order to make men and women look similar.So, that means both gender men or women can wear all of Asly’s collections. People will want to buy from them because everyone can wear it and there are not many clothing brands that have a unisex concept. All of this will help in increasing their sales.

2. All their shirt designs come in oversized cuts Oversized cut dresses are very popular among the locals, especially the youngsters. Oversized clothing is the current fashion trend. As a result every product they produce will receive a positive response and high demand from customers in terms of sales, not excluding large sized customers

W - WEAKNESS 1. Lack of activities such as campaigns, collaborations, and marketing Lack of activities such as campaigns, collaboration, and marketing of a brand will limit the customer base of their products. This is due to the lack of exposure to the Asly brand as well as the lack of attention from the public as a result of no activities such as campaigns held that can be closely linked to the community to increase Asly brand customer base.

2. Lack of exposure through social media and print media The Asly brand still does not get wide exposure about their brand's existence, especially at the public level. Only a few groups are aware of the existence of this brand, especially young people who are interested in streetwear fashion. Exposure on social media platforms and print media is still lacking especially among influencers on social media for the public to get to know their brand.

O - OPPORTUNITIES 1.Locals are interested in the clothing style Asly's clothing style is not common in Malaysia. And because of the unusual style, it will easily attract people and persuade them to purchase their clothing. People will always buy the cloth from Asly because Asly is the one and only local brand in Malaysia that sell cloth or top with that kind of style.

2. The baggy streetwear kind of style is currently in trend and up to date Nowadays, teenagers and young people prefer to wear clothing that is always in style, therefore they will choose Asly and purchase clothing from Asly since Asly sells and designs clothing that is now in vogue, such as baggy, oversized, and streetwear style. They choose baggy clothing since it appears to be more comfy. Asly also developed streetwear, which is a type of clothing or top. Streetwear is a type of casual clothes that first gained popularity in the 1990s. However, the trend is now being revived, thus streetwear is once again a popular style. Casual and comfy items such as jeans, Tshirts, hats, and sneakers are common in streetwear.


3. More purchases are being made online due to the availability of worldwide shipping. Asly sells all of their clothing online, making it convenient for customers to acquire their goods. Furthermore, people nowadays like to shop online because it is convenient and saves time. At the same time, Asly ships their items all over the world, increasing sales because it's not just Malaysians who buy their products.

T - THREATS 1.The similarity in the designs might bored people Regular clients would progressively cease buying clothes from Asly due to the similarity of most of the styles. As we can see, all of this brand's designs are very similar. Their designs for each collection are the same, making their clients feel bored, and this could be one of the reasons why they stop purchasing their products.

2.Pandemic raises the prices, it will be too costly for costumers to buy and indirectly will lower the sales. ever since Covid-19 took over Malaysia, a lot of people have been having financial difficulties. Furthermore, Asly has a limited product selection with a high price tag, which may influence their decision to purchase Asly products.



Asly is having a problem with products stock. Asly do not have an extensive business scope. Asly products did not spread the message for customers. Asly lack in promotion campaign and collaboration.


We want to spread the message from our campaign. We want to make this brand more well-known. We want to make this brand get loyalty from the consumer.


We will launch a mini-educate campaign. We will highlight this brand's ability to achieve its target. We will use different strategies to gain customer attention. We will improve the image of this brand.


TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for this campaign are young people, streetwear fashion lovers, fashion enthusiasts, and most importantly focused on environmental people. The campaign is more focused on those classes because Asly is a brand that offers stylish clothes that are trending nowadays. Today's fashion trends are very popular with young people and fashion enthusiasts. However, Asly came up with a difference by holding a campaign that promotes the environment. This campaign focuses mainly on those who love the environment and want to invite the community in giving awareness to love the environment. The following groups are the ones most closely associated with the Asly brand in making this campaign a success. The price range of clothing products produced in conjunction with this campaign is from RM60 to RM120. Working adults are very welcome in supporting this campaign.

Research Findings

The majority of the gender that being our respondents is female, which 69.6% of them have answered our survey compared to 31.5% of males who also joined this survey.

The majority of our respondents are between the ages of 19 and 25 which accounts for 54.3% of all responses, followed by those between the ages of 35 and above, which accounts for 33% of all responses.

Almost 54.3% of our respondents showed that they have never heard of the Asly brand, compared to 45.7% of our other respondents who are already aware of Asly's existence.

The majority of our respondents which is 85.2% of them, answered they had never bought Asly's clothes, while only 14.9 % of them said they had..

Almost 79% of our respondents have answered “yes” when they were asked if they do aware of the current fashion trend (Streetwear) that is commonly worn by people nowadays. Only a minority of our respondents which is 17% has answered “no” to this question.

Based on this result, it has been shown that most of our respondents, 64% of them, were interested to try this streetwear style anytime soon if they get the chance. However, roughly 25.8% of our respondents were unsure whether or not they wanted to attempt this type of clothing style.

As a result, 33 percent of respondents, or 31 people, said yes to the question of whether Asly's present price range is affordable. In contrast, there is a significant difference between the yes and no answers, with the latter having a higher number of persons who disagree with the price range. Aside from that, a number of people responded with maybe, indicating that they are still hesitant to purchase Asly's product at that pricing point.

Accordingly, respondents were asked if they would spend money on this style of clothing, even if it was fairly expensive, and 34% replied yes. 22.3 percent of them, on the other hand, disagreed and said No. The rest of the respondents, or 47.9%, responded with Maybe. We can conclude from this that the majority of respondents would still consider the clothing style even if the price was a little excessive.

Based on the facts above, it is clear that they are still a minority group that are not aware that nature may be used as a fabric for clothing. When questioned, 17 percent of respondents said No. However, the vast majority of those interviewed said Yes to the question.

The majority of respondents said they would spend their money on clothes produced from environmentally friendly materials, according to the research. Only a small percentage of responders said No or Maybe in response to the question. This demonstrates that many of them are interested in learning more about the campaign.

There is a significant difference between the Yes and No answers based on the evidence presented above. When asked if they had ever worn fabric materials manufactured from natural fibres such as linen, cotton, or kapok, 91.5 percent said yes. The rest of the responders, on the other hand, said no to the question. We can conclude that with this campaign, we will be able to continue to deliver environmentally friendly fabrics to people who already wear them, as well as provide new exposure to those who have never worn them before.

According to the research, a large number of respondents agreed that plant-based clothing will advance in our fashion business in the future. Only about 2% of those asked said no, with the remainder saying maybe. This will decide the campaign's success as well as ASLY's brand. This will be ASLY's opportunity to demonstrate that they care about the environment and that they are the first brand to launch such a campaign.






Soy bean material

Pineapple fabric

Bamboo fabric

Embroidery kapok fabric



to raise awareness among the communities about the usage of natural resources as a source of fabric for garments.

to attract new customers that can help increase the brand awareness and profits

to retain existing customers loyalty by establishing the highest quality and demonstrating respect for environmentally friendly quality

to enhance the brand's reputation and achieve a stronger foothold in the local market.




To give a piece of information and introduce the appearance of plant-based clothing in Asly’s brand to people out there. To enhance the public awareness about the existence of Asly’s brand either in the local or international markets. To satisfy the consumer's tastes and desires during the purchase experience of Asly’s newly launched products. To improve the weakness of lack of activities such as campaigns and collaborations as well as to overcome the obstacles of a lack of marketing strategy and products development.






Media campaign tactics 1. YouTube Video Advertisement

Budget RM0.41 to RM1.22 daily X 91 days (3months)

- With an average daily budget of $ 10, a company YouTube ad costs $ 0.10 to $ 0.30 for each view or action. When someone sees your ad or engages with it - such as by clicking on it - you pay $ 0.10 to $ 0.30 for each display or action. It converts from RM 0.41 to RM1.22 in Malaysian currency.

RM7.40 to RM22.40 in a day

- 10% of the YouTube users do not skip ads

The total budget RM15.00 X 91days (3months) = RM1365.00

RM37.31 X 20% to RM112.02 X 20%

We estimated the cost will be RM15.00 in a day

2. Instagram - Creating an account for advertising

No cost will be involved

3. Facebook -Creating an account for advertising

No cost will be involved

4. Tik tok Creating advertising




- Make an ad of campaign. Tik Tok ads start at $3 to $6 per day. If converted to Malaysian currency will be RM12.69 to RM25.39

RM12.69 to RM25.39 daily X 61 days (2montnths) RM774.09 to RM1548.79 We estimated the cost will be RM1300.00 in 2 months

5. Audio News Release - 15 seconds radio will be played - Hot FM (national broadcast) - Hot FM is selected to advertise our campaign because it is leading Malaysia’s Malay-language radio station - Duration: 2months - Hire a spokesperson (Imran Aqil)

- RM 1020.00 (per week) X 8weeks (2months) = RM8160.00 -

RM8160.00 for radio ads

- RM800.00 for spokesperson Total budget for audio news release RM8160.00 + RM800.00 = RM8960.00

6. Press Conference - Venue: Ruang, Shah Alam - Media people will be invited - A box of goodies will be provided for every journalist and guest. - The goodies include Asly merchandise such as keychains, pens, stickers, notebooks, and tumblers.

- Rental costs: RM1500.00 for 50 pax including food and beverages - Each box cost for RM15.00

- The guests will be around 50 persons. Total budget: RM1500.00 + (RM15.00 X 50) = RM2250.00

7. Influencer - Sponsor five influencers to promote Asly products of the campaign. - Influencer: i. Dahlia Rizal (dshazall) ii. Azfar Heri (azfarheri) iii. Ainina Hasnul (aininahasnul) iv. Salman Farish (slmanfrish) v. Nia Atasha (sleepylllama) - Products such as shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, and pants will be given to them to show to the public. - Those influencers need to post about the campaign and products on their feed 3 times a week for 3 weeks.

Each of them will be paid for RM1500.00.

Total budget: RM3000 X 5 = RM15,000.00

8. Ambassador Aedy Ashraf (Malaysian actor) - Aedy Ashraf is the ambassador for this campaign - He will be actively involved in promoting our campaign

Sign a contract with Aedy Ashraf for 3 months: RM80,000.00

- He will be involved in our press conference and campaign event. - Make a posting about the campaign and host a giveaway of Asly products once a week for 3 months. 9. Campaign Event - Location rental: Wiseed by the iSpace - The full day rate for this location is RM4800 which is for 8 hours. The event will last for two days starting at 12.00 noon until 8.00 p.m. - This event is open to the public. The public can come to the event by filling out the registration form that will be given a week before at the official Instagram account of Asly. - Flyers of the products for this campaign will be given to 100 guest

Rental cost: RM4800 X 2days = RM9600 Flyers cost: RM0.10 X 100 = RM100.00

Total budget: RM9600 + RM100 = RM 9700

10. Studio Rental (ezzstudio) Rental cost: RM450.00

- Rent a studio for a photoshoot session.

Overall Cost Budget Campaign Tactics:






MEDIA MEDIA 1. YouTube Video Advertisement Achieve profitable youtube video advertising We'll buy a package to advertise on YouTube with video advertising.

2.Instagram, Facebook,Tiktok Our campaign will have its own Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook profiles. It will be simpler for us to reach out to our audience and distribute pn campaign material.

By creating lively, high-quality video and unique content that can attract users a second the ads comes out By adding interactive elements to the ads so the users feel welcome and decide to continue watching By setting up fixed youtube target options so users who come across the ads are all interested in fashion and nature Through our YouTube advertisements, we can simply communicate with our viewers and conduct a campaign analysis. There are also many types of format that we can choose for the youtube advertising such as Non-skippable in streams ads, Skippable in streams ads, Bumper ads, Video Discovery ads, Masthead ads or Responsive display ads. These types of ads we can choose based on our target audience.

By building up our content production By posting frequently By creating our own creative trademark and aesthetics

We also creating all this social media account for advertising. (Refer picture 1.1 and 1.2)

3.Audio News Release Use a radio station to boost up the attraction for the campaign Purchase a commercial package from a radio station and have a 15-second spot played.

By working with influencers to extend our reach audience By running giveaways By using potential paid promotion from Instagram best feature, which is story. By joining groups on Facebook to reach more audiences from across the world By creating many videos to post on our Tiktok page account. Through this social media platform, the public can get more information about this campaign.

By taking initiative to spend on 15 seconds ads slot repetitively for 2 months By working with the leading Malay language radio station which is Hot FM By hiring a spokesperson that can easily convince a lot of locals about this campaign

NON-MEDIA 1.Press Conference Have a press conference during the launching of this campaign collaboration with Asly pn

Having a press conference will make the media put focus on this brand By managing good press conference, it will help get favorable impressions from the media The locals will be aware of the launching

2.Get an ambassador for our campaign. The ambassador can help us to promote our campaign to othe people We will choose a well-known people to be an ambassador for 3 months .

3.Campaign Event Do an event for our campaign.

4.Studio Rental Rent a studio for a pn photoshoot session.

We choose Aedy Ashraf which is an actor that very well-known in Malaysia to be an ambassador for our campaign.This is all because Aedy Ashraf had so many fans in Malaysia and this will make people more interested to join our campaign. The ambassador will make a posting about our campaign and host a giveaway of Asly products once a week for 3 months. The ambassador also will be involved in our press conference and campaign event.So,people will know who are actually the ambassador. With this,it can help us to reach all our audience .

We will promote about this event to all people because this event is open to the public. The public can come to the event by filling out the registration form that will be given a week before at the official instagram account of Asly. We will give a flyers of the products for this campaign to 100 guests.Sp,people can know more and understand about our campaign when they read the flyers

Rent a studio to shoot a nice photo about our campaign and products.

After we shoot all the photos,we will post it on our website and on our social media page . People can easily see our products and campaign on internet .

5.Word-of-mouth Promote the campaign to public

All the staffs in Asly’s store will promote about our campaign to the customers that came and visit the store.They will explain about our campaign to the customers directly.

Picture 1.1 (our instargram account)

Picture 1.2 (our tiktok's account pn


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