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Issue 44 February 2023

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Contents We hope you enjoy reading about all the acheivements this half term and seeing some lovely moments captured on camera. Any feedback or suggestions of what you would like featured, please email [email protected]

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Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Student Leadership 22/23


Alana Hutchison

Being an external student to TGS, I want to show that anything can be achieved in a short period of time with the right motivation and ambition. I would like to be known as someone who students can go to for advice or guidance on what they can do to help themselves and others, whether it be in school or in the community. I hope to raise lots of money for varying charities while exposing the school and our student’s to the community to show off our great talent!

Ellen Dreau

My goal is to make sure that students feel safe and comfortable at school. I want them to feel like school is not just a place for academics, but a place to be supported emotionally - from the moment they arrive, and throughout their time at TGS. I’d like to support the school in further steps to equality and awareness.

Alanah Reeve

I hope my time as head student will ensure every student regardless of their individualities get the education and support they deserve. We should all be entitled to a safe, positive environment surrounded by trustworthy and honest people.

Megan Turner

As a student at TGS for 6 years, it is an honour to be one of the head students for the next year. During the coming year, I would like to increase the environmental awareness of the school, whilst also improving the student experience from an academic perspective. I am looking forward to working with such a dedicated and wonderful group of head students and staff.

Alexander Mayles

Over the next year, I want to deliver the objectives set out by the Head Students to the pupils of this school; Including working towards a better school environment which will lead to an improvement in the experience for the pupils and ultimately a better work ethic, as well as raising the public SURÀOHRIWKHVFKRRO

Oliver Race

I aim to improve the student's voice, increase connections in the local community and allow every student to have the opportunity to make a difference in TGS.

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


House House News News Abbas “Neither rashly nor timidly” Means we should not rush into an action without pausing to consider the consequences but we must also act boldly in a subtle yet recognised way. As members of Abbas House, we always strive to guide and support our peers around us in a positive and encouraging manner.

We did it Abbas House! The Chelsworth Cup is our success to showcase how working together, contributing to whole school activities, makes a difference - we celebrated in style! I am proud of each and everyone that made a positive contribution, attended extra and co-curricular events, supported the charity events, competition entrants and the list goes on.

Examples of how students in Abbas House will strive to conduct themselves are: • Standing up for your principles and beliefs in an informed and calm manner • Being a good friend and citizen • Getting involved in both school life (competitions, charity work etc) and the wider community • Have the conviction of character to make your own choices and decisions • Treating others as you wish to be treated-with kindness and respect.

Student Leadership 2022/23

Celebration assembly

Deputy Head Girl Maisie Lane

House Captain Alice Ward

Committee Kyla Dunnett


House Captain Finn Morris

Committee Ollie Bradbury

Committee Sophia Longhurst

We all have a part to play in Abbas house, everyone has the chance to contribute in a positive way. I sincerely hope that you find it within yourself to find opportunities to; get involved, aim high for merit reward and be the best that you can be. To prepare for tomorrow, be the best you can be today.

House Captain Jake Morris

Committee Thomas Mayles

During the celebration assembly, I had the pleasure of recognising 136 students achieving their Bronze certificate! Amazing! Furthermore, the following students have achieved over 200 merits securing their Silver certificate. Callie Bradbury, Jessica Lock, Dillan Daultrey, Freddie Lunn, Perry Lunn, Oliver Porter-Howe, Alice Ward, Peter Stefanak, Maisie Stocker, Isabella Buckland and Amber Patman-Wallis.

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

House News House News The termly tutor group award went to Mrs Ward (KWa). The box of chocolates did not last long! Well deserved. Ribbons Celebrating the TGS Way is a testament to students embracing school-life and celebrating the success. I had the privilege to award the following students who have achieved the following ribbons. Sport: Lyra James, Maisie Stocker, Chloe Rolfe, Lexie Ham, Jessica Lock, Kira Brown Employability: Ellie Delves, Lovisa Leyton, Callie Bradbury, Perry Lunn Community: Regan Foy, Isabella Buckland, Ava Savory Commitment to Learning: Regan Foy, Anya Applegate-Lane Creativity: Mary Debska, Maisie Stocker, Lovisa Leyton, Chloe Rolfe, Loki Mallindine, Lily-Mae Nolan-Smith, Jessica Lock I received an email below from Isabella Buckland (7 A-RMc) which I felt was worthy of mentioning for the support in our community. “In spring of 2021, my family and I met John, an older man in his 80s, when my parents agreed to buy his house. John had fallen down the stairs during Christmas of 2020, damaging his back and requiring a major operation. This left him with limited mobility and struggling to get around. As we went through the process of buying the house, we periodically saw John and checked in on him. When we finally moved into the house, we baked a cake and took it to him as a gesture of goodwill. We also made sure to keep in touch with him afterwards. Unfortunately, John's condition worsened and he developed a problem with his heart. He was unable to leave his house or drive, so my family and I started helping him out. We would make him food, including sweet treats like cakes and biscuits, and drop them off at his house. In addition, we have a garden with a variety of fruit trees, including damsons, plums, apples, and pears. When the fruit was in season, we would collect it and make crumbles and jams for John. My mum also used the damsons to make gin, which John really enjoyed. Despite his health struggles, we were glad to have met John and to be able to help him in any way we could.” Isabella Buckland I would like to thank all students across the school for their support during the Christmas Fair. We raised a staggering £185 as a House in just two lunchtimes. My thanks extend to the committee and volunteers that supported the event which was a real buzz! Focus your attention on what you can achieve, look out for new competitions, share with your tutor ways in which you demonstrate the school’s values and make sure you secure those merits! Please continue to share your successes out of school with myself and your tutor. It is great to hear your achievements, talent and creativity. We are already a month into the new year, did you set yourself a new year’s resolution? Have you stuck to it? How has it gone? I do believe that we can reset and start again, if you want to be a better you, you can do this at anytime, the only person stopping you is you. If you need support, ask for the help and guidance you need. Set yourself mini goals, small steps result in remarkable success!

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


House News Cha mberlain “To do good, rather than be conspicuous” Be proud to go above and beyond what is expected of you. Be recognised by your hard work and talent, avoiding negative attention. Examples: • Winning House competitions as opposed to merely entering them. • Consistently meeting the expectations of the school and achieving merits. • Participating in charity events, Open Evenings etc all whilst displaying impeccable manners.

What a fantastic start to the spring term! It is great to see so many Chamberlain students making a great start to the term by getting involved in all the school has to offer, from House competitions to attending clubs. The House had a great autumn term and were pipped at the post for the Chelsworth Cup by Abbas! However, I am confident that the spring term is going to be even more successful and hopefully see the Chamberlain orange ribbons on the cup at Easter.

• Not being afraid to collect awards on the stage.

Student Leadership 2022/23

House Captain Charlotte Turner


House Captain George Bowden

Commitee Jack Bentley

Commitee Keeley-May Partridge

Commitee Lily Hollinsworth

Commitee Nathan Smith

We recently have had a celebration assembly which enabled the House to celebrate the success of the students from the autumn term. I had so many certificates to give out alongside badges and nominations for value awards. I was totally blown away by the impressive amount of awards that Chamberlain house achieved. 141 students have already achieved over 100 merits and gained their Bronze Merit certificates. 12 students have already achieved over 200 merits and gained their Silver Merit certificates: • Ethan Day • Isabelle Davie • Bethany Bremner • Ivan De La Rey • Henry Bugg • Sophie Brown O’Shea • Alesha Andrich • Matthew Dix • Liam Hamblett • Esmay Mallindine • Ryan Thomas • Tallulah-Mae Morris

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

House News We have had the following students winning competitions on behalf of the house Heidi Jones, Alesha Andrich, Harry Judd, Esmay Mallindine, Matthew Dix, Lottie Holder, Bronwyn Petty and Charlotte Turner. Sport badge - Finlay Harries, Ava Bellotti, Jasmine Griggs, Keira Quilter, Chloe Elkins, Mia Davies, Isla Debenham, Tallulah-Mae Morris and Amelia Mumford. Community badge - Alex Lomax, Miley Gardiner and Esmay Mallindine. Creativity badge - Alesha Andrich, Keira Quilter, Louie Stone and Tallulah-Mae Morris. Commitment to learning badge - Sophie Brown O’Shea, Mabel Stevens, Amy Boggis and Isla Debenham. Bronze awards - Harry Cartlidge, Mabel Stevens and Lennox Harrison Silver awards - Isabelle Davie, Katrina Tilling and Bethany Bremner. Gold awards - Charlotte Turner. TGS 50 award - Ryan Thomas There have already been so many value nominations from tutors this term. Please don’t forget to let your tutors know what you get up to outside of school. Whether you volunteer or achieve a sporting accolade. House Values Award Respect - Ellie Chamberlain and Lucy Miller Confidence - Ryan Buggs, Fionn Doyle and Rosie Green. Since becoming Head of House this September, I have been so impressed with the extra-curricular activities that students do outside of school and also the fantastic success they have. Two examples of this are Kian Chubb The EJA rep squad won 2-0 against Arsenal! Kian played 65 mins as a right wing back and was given man of the match by the coach due to his outstanding performance.

George Griffiths -George has been boxing for the last year and a half at the Stevenson Centre in Great Cornard. George’s first bout was a skills bout which took place on Saturday 10th December - well done George!

Well done to all these students whose hard work and dedication really display the values of TGS respect, happiness, honesty, resilience, positivity and confidence! Chamberlain remember - be proud, work hard and get involved! I am so proud of you all, you are always successful in all you do and always doing good rather than being conspicuous!

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


House News Houghton “Honour is the Reward of Valour” “This means that there is benefit in working with and supporting anyone, however challenging the circumstances might be and whether anyone notices or not.” Examples: • Give up time to support charity events because it is the right thing to do, not because there is any benefit to you personally. • Offer to help a teacher or member of staff with an Open Evening event as a guide or ambassador because you are proud of your school and want others to know and benefit from it. • Take responsibility for something even though you are scared/nervous and taken out of your comfort zone.

Student Leadership 2022/23

House Captain Emily Martin

House Captain Josh Moye

New year, new term, new beginnings. It’s like a chance to press the reset button and that’s what’s great about a new year. This term is already flying past but we have had lots to celebrate - certificates, merits, badges, competitions, music and even some sailing! It was fantastic to listen to so many productive Academic Review Day conversations where students were putting forward their ideas for new challenges and targets. Make sure they continue to become your weekly priorities and get those targets met. We have started our term off with our Celebration Assembly for Houghton House and whilst we may not have managed to win the Chelsworth Cup at Christmas, I know from the overwhelming pile of certificates, you certainly got involved last term and made every effort to win the Cup, so thank you. Between September and the end of last term, 164 Houghton students had already achieved 100 merits, 20 had managed to gain 200 merits or more and 1 student even managed to get 300 merits. That’s a lot of bronze, silver and gold certificates! Since the start of this term, there are already many of you who have added to those numbers and our next celebration assembly is guaranteed to be overwhelmed with certificates again! Congratulations go to the following students for their silver merits who were awarded in our assembly:

Committee Betsy Devereux

Committee Gwen Thorogood

Committee Harry Wingar

Committee Sammy Fountain

Daniel Cooper Lorelai Mos Sophia Kingston Esme Turner Lucy Lee Calum Fairey Eloise Howard Rebecca Lock Poppy Quinnell Tommy Bentley

Jessica Hamblett Ben Allard Noah Longhurst Amy Palmer Kai Perry Lucas Ayres Caz Riceman Jessica Vernon Myra Pilgrim-Shears

However, a special congratulations goes to Jessica Vernon, who has already met the 300 merit target for her gold merit certificate and hopefully book her place on the rewards trip! Amazing Jessica, well done!


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

House News There were lots of competition entry certificates too and particular congratulations go to the House winners: Betsie Boon, Daisy Hill, Millie Hender, Calum Fairey, Amy Palmer, Jack Nichols, Rebecca Lock & Rory Impett And in addition, Tia Leigh Myerscough, Lucy Lee and Rory Impett also were the overall competition winners for the Christmas drink design, Postcard competition and Edible Christmas decoration, so exceptionally well done to them! There were also lots of employability ribbons awarded to students in assembly. Well done to... Hayden Preston Rebecca Lock Scott Carr Tilda Albery Sophia Stehle Emily Huggins Brianna Perez Agatha Talbot Clarke Ollie Padget Elexi Leat If you have all your evidence for a ribbon, please make sure it is collated in your employability folder in careers and then signed off by Mrs Perkins to be awarded your ribbon in the next celebration assembly. Congratulations also to Dominika Swiaczkowska and Violet Devereux for achieving their Bronze Values Award and to Lucia Bunn and Caz Riceman for achieving their Silver Values Award.

Finally, whilst we have started the year in freezing cold conditions and been throwing on the woolly jumpers, Gwen, Hettie and Kemmel Thorogood have had a wonderful time in Australia where they have been representing Britain in an international sailing competition. They set off just before Chirtsmas and we were delighted to hear of their success! The conditions were tough with lots of strong winds, an incredible swell before changing to 42 degrees heat and light shifty winds. However, they all sailed incredibly well and Kemmel and his helm came first place and is the International cadet class world champions! Gwen & her crew took 14th in the Promo fleet and Hettie & her helm took 23rd in the world fleet. Houghton House and TGS are incredibly proud of them all, a full report on their trip can be found on page 21

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


House News Tollem ache “I trust and am contented” Trust the verb means; To hope and expect something is true. To have confidence in something or believe in someone. The adjective contented means; A feeling of expressing happiness or satisfaction. Examples of how students in Tollemache House will conduct themselves are: • Having complete trust in your parents/guardians and teachers and listening carefully to their guidance. • Having faith in your friendships and building relationships based on solid trust. • Learning to equip yourself with the skills you need so you can live your life contented.

Well done Tollemache on finishing last term Third in the House cup. What a valiant effort by you all in the competitions, you have truly got involved in everything TGS has to offer last term, so thank you. Now can we go one step further this year and get our House name on that trophy again? We have much to celebrate from last term which you all got to see in our recent celebration assembly. A special mention must go to the Tollemache committee for running, organising, and presenting the celebration assembly this half term. They demonstrated great confidence, positivity, and resilience in what can be a daunting task.

Student Leadership 2022/23

Deputy Head Boy Henry Newman

House Captain Callum Orme

Committee Anna Buthelezi

House Captain Daisy Driscoll

Committee Ben Forth

Committee Freya Whiting


Committee Charlie Upton

Committee Naomi Clarke

Our merit totals are looking very healthy with 153 students receiving their bronze award, the following students in our House received their silver award: • Arthur Allen • Bella Frewin • Mine Baykur • Ruby Eves • Darcey van't Erve • Laurence Heath • Pippa Metson We also had a student gain 300 merits already. My congratulations go to Arthur Allen who has gone above and beyond in so many ways, from entering competitions, completing their work to a consistent high standard, supporting at school events and getting involved in the sport on offer at TGS.

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

House News The following list of students shows how hard students have been working to achieve their badges, collecting evidence for their ROA. Congratulations to all. Sport - Neyss Gamer, Josh Nicholls, Emily Rich, Bella Frewin, Maisie Wilson Employability - Maia Cook, Isla Fairless, Ruby Smith, Adam Walker, Alfie Bird, Ellie Johnson, Noah Helms Community - Eadlin Wood Commitment to learning - Luca Nash, Ellie Johnson, Oscar Hill, Annabelle Newman, Meadow Brown Creativity - Summer Simpson, Courtney Hart, Annabelle Newman, Maisie Wilson, Meadow Brown Silver Pip - Bella Frewin It is also with great pleasure that I can celebrate the students of Tollemache getting involved AGAIN, from students becoming subject ambassadors to students completing The Herts For Learning Course. Not to forget the huge stack of certificates I have for students entering House competitions. The tutors have also been showing a great interest in what you achieve in and out of school so they can nominate students for value awards. The following students got a value award in the last assembly Harriett Warren – Confidence Zarar Rahman – Confidence Elliott Linn – Positivity. Lets not forget a student favourite Tutor group of the year. Last times winner were CHf well done to them, but this time round MWa has stolen the crown and has won the Tutor Group Award. Lets see if they can keep it!! New year, new you??? Year 11 let’s use this to kick start this year and the final push to exams. The famous Deacon Jones once said, ‘it took me a long time to figure out that real bigtime success comes from taking lots of small, ordinary steps in the right direction’. Lets look at the little things, being prepared, on time, small chunks of revision, interventions, asking and answer questions. Starting here, looking after the small things and then the big things will look after themselves. Tollemache I am really interested to see and hear about what you and your form are all reading this term and thought I would share what I am reading with you and tell you what it is all about. Legacy by James Kerr, The book is about the All Blacks, the world's most successful sporting outfit, undefeated in over 75% of their international matches over the last 100 years. What is the secret of their success? And what can we - as individuals, companies and teams - learn from them? The All Blacks have a saying ‘Leave the Jersey in a better place’ which is explained as showing respect for all involved with the team and marking your mark and leaving your legacy. This is not dissimilar to TGS, Respect is a school value at TGS and we are always encouraging you to get involved and make a difference. So my question to you is what Legacy will you leave when your time at TGS is over? Finally, I ask that you carry on where we finished last half term and continue working hard and get involved in everything TGS has to offer, but most importantly be proud of all that you do. Good luck for this term. Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


House News Peyton “We persevere, we enjoy” • We never give up and we enjoy the pursuit of excellence. • We expect our students to keep trying, even when things get difficult; to overcome challenges by never giving up and to keep a smile on your face, even when things are tough. • We know things won’t always go the way we want them to but we will always work hard and enjoy the challenges we face.

Student Leadership 2022/23

House Captain Grace Freeman-Tinsley

House Captain Matthew Walker

Committee Amelia Cook

Committee Blake Bailey

Committee Felix Dark

Committee Hannah Wren

At the midpoint of the year we are having a double Celebration assembly to recognise Peyton students achievements so far this year. Huge congratulations need to go to the 9 Peyton students who have already gained a Gold Certificate for gaining 300 merits. This is an amazing achievement so early in the year. Well done: Magnus Pringle-Green, Maisie Debenham, Imogen Barry, Thomas Blowers, Emma Ritchie, Josh Ridge, Jas Howard, Amy Brunsden and Alex Walder. We also have a further 40 students who have gained their Silver award for gaining 200 merits which is amazing. Last terms Head of House Commendation went to a young man who has made a hugely impressive start to his time at TGS. After shining during transition week back in July Magnus Pringle-Green has really made the most of his first term at TGS. He has gained a huge number of merits as mentioned above and is always positive around the school. He was part of our victorious KS3 quiz team and is getting involved in everything he can and working hard in everything he does. What more can we ask for! Congratulations Magnus once again! A good number of Half Ribbons badges were awarded to students who have shown excellence in their work. Maisie Debenham was awarded her Teal Ribbon for commitment to learning. Logan Brooksbank, Maisie Debenham and Ava Steel have earned their Purple Ribbon for Creativity. A Light Blue Ribbon was presented to Elsie Hills for Employability. The Dark Blue Sports Ribbons were awarded to Isabel Bird and Logan Brooksbank.

Erin Collins was recognised for her work in the community with a Gold Ribbon, giving her a complete set of 5! . Well done to you all and wear your ‘Blazer Bling’ with pride.


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Charity at TGS


This year’s chosen charities

One good deed can change everything


Hourglass One in six older people are victims of abuse. That’s over 16% of our mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, grannies, grandads, friends and neighbours. The Hourglass mission is simple: end the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people in the UK.


River Stour Trust The River Stour Trust is a led by volunteers dedicated to the restoration, conservation and education of the Suffolk & Essex River Stour Navigation for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.

Houghton War Child

Around the world, thousands of children are living through terrifying conflicts. Please donate today, to help frightened and vulnerable children caught up in crisis in Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan and other war zones around the world

Peyton NSPCC

Everything we do protects children today and prevents abuse tomorrow, to transform society for every childhood.

Tollemache ERIC

UK's leading charity supporting all children and teenagers with a bowel or bladder problem. 1 in 12 children struggle with a bowel or bladder condition. With your help, we can ensure that our services keep reaching the families who need us.

Sixth Form

Cancer Research UK The world's largest independent cancer research organization. Supporting research into all aspects of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists. Their pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives.


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Charity at TGS Aswell as raising awareness for racial & cultural equality the total amount raised for local charity Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality was £1038.85.

Be someone’s

Love and admiration was in the air as the little packets of love hearts were distributed around the school. Houghton’s Secret Valentine raised over £60 for War Child

Secret Valentine Send a packet of

to someone you love, like or admire, your favourite teacher, staff member or even to yourself! Love Hearts will be on sale at the piano at break and lunchtime from Monday 30th January. 50p per packet


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Fundraising at TGS ROSY FUNDRAISES FOR HONDURAS TRIP After finishing my A levels, I will be spending a year volunteering with the educational charity Project Trust (https://projecttrust.org.uk/) in Honduras. I’m going to be teaching in a primary school in a remote area, which will make a real contribution to the community without taking work away from local people. I will also establish my own secondary project, for example teaching English to adults or setting up after-school clubs, depending on the community's specific needs. Project Trust has given me this amazing opportunity to leave a lasting positive impact whilst staying with a host family and experiencing a different culture. I’m also very excited to improve my Spanish speaking skills, as I have wanted to take a gap year in Latin America for a very long time! In order to take up my placement, I have to fundraise towards the total cost of it, so I am using a Just Giving Page justgiving.com/fundraising/rosy-honduras. This is also important to prepare me with the transferable skills I will need when living independently abroad! Before leaving, I will attend a 4-day training course on the Isle of Coll in Scotland (the charity’s headquarters) to learn everything else I need to know when I’m away. I recently organised a New Year’s Entertainment Evening, which was very successful and a great evening. I’m very excited for all of these opportunities and am very grateful to everyone who continues to support me.

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Enrichment at TGS A DAY OF ENRICHMENT We had 27 employers in carrying out mock interviews with our Year 10 students and they gave such positive feedback about our students - growing in confidence, looking smart and behaving in a professional manner. Year 7 students learnt about E-safety, basic first aid and personal skills and qualities. We had the OM Nurse team in introducing Year 8 to sexual health and they commented on how exemplary behaviour was in the lessons. We then had the Alter Ego drama group in displaying a monologue of hate crimes to Year 8 to relive some true stories of how bad things can get and how we can all start to be the change to end hate crimes - they too were very positive about our student's behaviour and engagement in answering questions. Nearly the whole of Year 9 were ‘Out to Work’ for the day. Students ‘work shadowed’ their parent or nominated adult and completed a short written project. Those who remained in school used a range of virtual resources to discuss the workplace and various skills needed.


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Showcase Food Tech ROYAL NAVY CATERING WORKSHOP Thursday 12th January the Food Department welcomed Jason and Harry from The Royal Navy who are currently touring secondary schools in the country from their base in Portsmouth. 30 Year 9, 10 & 11 students took part in a 30 minute talk about The Navy and the careers it can offer and were then split into 4 teams in a Ready, Steady, Cook Challenge to make Chicken and Mushroom Pie and Mini Pavlova. All students had a brilliant time (despite a few push ups involved for some). Mr Bentley, Mrs Pearl, Mrs King and I thoroughly enjoyed watching how well all the students worked as a team and the skills they used. Jason and Harry were also incredibly impressed with the students' level of hygiene and safety, ability to follow instructions and cooking skills. Jason demonstrated how to produce spun sugar decorations which were then used to decorate their pavlovas. The finished dishes by each team were incredible and each group was judged not only for their final dishes but their team working skills and cleanliness of areas. Upon judging Jason said ‘I’ve been doing this for 3 years and these are the best pies I’ve ever seen in an hour, genuinely very impressed’. Thank you to all that took part and we look forward to welcoming Jason and his team again next year.

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Student Success Vahan Rickards On December 20th, I received a status update from Yale. Five weeks earlier I was rushing to submit my application, absolutely convinced I stood no chance at getting into their summer program; Yale Young Global Scholars. I submitted the day before the deadline and let out a sigh of relief - ‘just in time’. Now we wait. I was adamant: I would be rejected, so why did I still feel nervous waiting? Regardless, I checked my portal at least twice a day, as if a decision may have magically been made early. 7:00AM on the 21st of December, forced to wait an extra day due to time zone differences, I finally sat there with the ‘view status update’ button glaring daringly at me. I clicked. Confetti! ‘Congratulations!’ I had.. Got in! And that was only half of it; I had also received a $6000 scholarship to attend. I am proud to say I will be attending Yale’s two week summer program, spanning two weeks and hosting students from over 150 countries! The program involves group projects and discussions, time in ‘families’, connecting with students from around the world, and lectures from Yale professors and guest speakers. It is all on-campus, so experiencing the atmosphere (and dorms!) at one of the US’s most prestigious universities is part of the package. Did you know the main library, containing rare, one-of-a-kind texts such as the Gutenberg bible and the Voynich manuscript, removes the oxygen from the library in the event of a fire to protect the books? There are four different topic offerings; (1) Literature, philosophy and culture, (2) Innovations in science and technology, (3) Politics, law and economics, and my chosen topic, (4) Solving global challenges. Topics in my session will be based around the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and give scholars the opportunity to come up with solutions to different issues regarding climate change and social injustices and problems - for example water shortage issues in South Africa. Application details and a note to you: If you are a student currently in Year 11 or Year 10, I encourage you to apply! It’s open to Year 11 and 12s, and as long as you put effort into your application, you stand just as much of a chance as I did. You will need to write some essays, one long answer (400 words) and two shorter ones (280 words), plus some shorter explanations, such as ‘why did you choose this session’ and ‘explain why your stated activity is meaningful to you’. You get given space to show them up to 5 activities/extracurriculars you are a part of, and 5 more spaces to list any awards and honours you have received. The cost of the program is $6500 and you can apply for a scholarship to cover this. Finally, I think it is important to share about achievements such as these, and encourage others to achieve the same things or better, because, for example at TGS, we are all ‘normal’ students, who don’t attend a private school. If ‘we’ can get in, imagine what else is possible! Use my acceptance as a catalyst, and get involved or apply for things that, at first glance, seem out of reach.


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Student Success SUCCESS DOWN UNDER FOR THE THOROGOODS Australia was a fun and exciting experience which helped me improve my sailing skills and better appreciate what people have done for me. For instance, my school have given me time off to go to my events, my parents have taken me all over the country and beyond and my friends have given me emotional and physical support over these years. Cadet sailing is the funniest thing I have ever done in my entire life. It's taught me a lot about the way of the world and helped me with my science. It's pushed me to do what I couldn't do before. Sailing has helped me make friends. It has helped me with my physical form as it is a sport and takes a lot of strength and commitment. But overall you need a tactical mind to win. Kemmel Thorogood

Going to Australia was an amazing experience for me, it not only helped my sailing ability but gave me an opportunity to meet new people from around the world as well as talking to friends I haven't seen in years. Me and my helm experienced a few challenges with the competition as months before we made the tough decision not to ship the boat out to Australia meaning we had a new boat when we got there, this meant we faced difficulty adjusting to the boat and its differences to “Boombastic” (the boat we usually sail). Australia was the last event me and my helm sailed together, this means I will now become a helm (the person who steers and controls the main sail) in the boat we sailed in together for three years. In Australia I was in charge of the jib sail and spinnaker sail as well as doing all the tactics and telling my helm to go, I will now teach someone new to sail and we will hopefully be able to compete in the world team together in the English Worlds 2024 and the Argentinian Worlds 2025. Hettie Thorogood I very much enjoyed competing for GB in Australia. The world championships themselves lasted from Boxing Day to the second of January with a lay-day on New Years Eve, after a week competing in the Australian nationals. The event itself I found rather challenging as I was out with my regular crew and instead sailing with one of my friends who is already a helm and didn't take very kindly to me telling him what to do, but nevertheless we still had a fun event and finished in 14th out of the 25 boats we were competing against. The climate in Australia was extremely warm with the highest temperature day being 42 degrees! I have now adapted to the cold British weather but I spent the first day home being very cold. My next world championships will be in Belgium in the summer of this year and I’m hoping that I will be selected to compete in the worlds fleet, my first selector event (of three) is on the first of April in Weymouth, I am very pleased with my progress and I hope to continue moving my way up the fleet. Gwenllian Thorogood Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence




Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Trips YEAR 9 TRIP TO YPRES BELGIUM After a very early start a group of 95 Year 9 students set off to Belgium to learn more about the Great War and see the historical sites.

Day 1 Sanctuary Wood – Hill 62 We learned about the development of Trench warfare; use of ground, trench construction, daily routine, technology, problems with trench fighting with a chance for students to walk the original trenches which have been maintained. Bedford House Cemetry Technically back on English soil we discussed causes of the Great War, 1914 battles, ethos of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. We saw the grave of Private Peaceful who was the inspiration for Michael Morpurgo’s novel. Langemarck German Military Cemetery We compared the difference in cemeteries, the Slaughter of the Innocents, the significance of Hitler’s 1940 visit and it’s links to the causes of WW2. Tyne Cot Cemetry We discussed the 1917 3rd Ypres ‘the Battle of Passchendaele’, Battlefield conditions and had a chance to reflect on the number of families effected by the war. A break for some chocolate shopping in Ypres & a dinner of chicken & chips Menin Gate Watching the Last Post Ceremony and laying a commemorative wreath

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Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Day 2 Auchonvillers An opportunity for the group to handle equipment and weaponry and for a member of the group to dress in Great War uniform. Sunken Lane Learning about The Somme in 1916, Kitchener's Army and The Plan: Going over the top 1st July 1916, the development of Mine warfare on the Western Front and Hawthorn Ridge mine. Newfoundland Park The Newfoundland Regiment on 1st July and a preserved trench system with an opportunity to walk across the battlefield. Lochnagar Crater We saw the largest bomb crater in Europe – 100m wide and learned about the use of Mine warfare in the Great War. Pozieres The invention of the Tank and how it got it’s name followed by a discussion: was it a war-winning weapon? Thiepval Memorial to the Missing The Somme – a British victory? The impact of the battle; A chance for reflection; Formal close of the tour. It was a full packed 48 hours where we saw and learnt so much. Our students were amazing, and we decided that karaoke on Bus 2 was better than Bus 1!

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Trips Collaboration with Kinetika & St Peter’s Church Year 9 students have been working on a community project with Kinetika, an internationally renowned company, who specialise in creating large-scale hand-painted silks. The project involves students working alongside professional designers to create designs for four themed banners which will go on permanent display in St Peter's church Sudbury. The church has been shut for a multi-million-pound refurbishment and will re-open as a community centre in Summer 2023. The banners will take pride of place and be part of the town’s history. During the design workshops which took place in school on Tuesday 24th February, 16 students were handpicked by the designers due to their hard work and artistic ability. On Monday 6th February these students visited Kinetika’s professional workshop in Purfleet on Thames and worked alongside the artists to create and paint the batik silk banners. As part of the day students had the opportunity to visit the Royal Opera House workshop and backstage centre, giving us a rare insight into the amazing set for their up-and-coming ballet performance of Cinderella which starts in March 2023.


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Events THE ADDAMS FAMILY COMES TO TGS! There was a real buzz in the air as the cast got ready for the opening night, a few nerves but they just couldn’t wait to get on stage. The first performance was a success and every cast member was amazing. Here are just a few photos of the first night - a full spread will feature in the next Portrait.

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ECO Committee waste

marine Our code of conduct biodiversity

What we are pledging to do ? We will put our litter in the right bin. We will reduce our food waste. We will only use sustainably caught fish. We will use refillable water bottles. We will not use glitter or release balloons. We will encourage a safe habitat for wildlife.

It’s 2023 and the members of Eco-Committee are discovering innovative and significant topics every Wednesday after school. Eco-Committee meetings are relaxed and engaging – a fabulous opportunity to develop your interest in geography whilst having fun. The first session after the Christmas holidays introduced the important topic of electronic waste, something particularly relevant given the recent season. The New Year is often seen as a chance to make new beginnings and optimistic changes to our behaviour. With increasing populations and affluence, electronic waste is becoming a more prominent and detrimental issue. The Eco-Committee investigated methods of disposing e-waste safely as well as the existing impacts of modern disposal and benefits of recycling. These include the creation of new jobs, asset recovery and a reduced need for landfill sites. This was an engaging and modern topic to start off the new term. The interactive session the following week allowed the Eco-Committee to embark on an adventure and harness their creativity and awareness in their exploration of urbanisation. We also discussed motives for rural-urban migration and natural increase, both of which are associated with urbanisation. As a school in a rural area, it was fascinating to glimpse at the world’s “megacities” – cities with a population of over 10 million people. Thinking about how this impacts the environment in both negative and positive ways. Our next topic will be fast fashion issues and solutions. Led by the wonderful Mrs Jukes and Mrs Perkins-Taylor, Eco-Committee is an excellent way of connecting with fellow students who have similar interests to you whilst discovering more about the planet and how YOU can make a difference! Written by Emily Ward Year 12

You can join us and help make a difference. TGS = The Green School.


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TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50


50 books to read before you leave school TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50 TGS 50

Congratulations to Ryan Thomas in Year 10 who recently received his TGS 50 badge. Ryan started reading the Harry Potter Series in Year 7 and went from there. His least favourite reads were The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as they were so long. His favourite books were The HIVE series by Mark Walden. Well done Ryan...keep reading!

During December, students were invited to vote for their favourite TGS 50 book using the knockout stages of the FIFA World Cup as a time scale. Sixteen books were chosen for the final 16. These books were the most popular titles loaned form the library last year. The students wrote book reviews of their favourite books to illustrate why they voted for this book. The final was between War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling. After voting finished, the winner of the TGS 50 World Cup was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! One student said they like the book as it is ‘nostalgic and magical’. They continued to say ‘the creativity of the book really lets the imagination run wild and go create your own magical interpretation of the wonderful world of Hogwarts!’ The library has all the TGS 50 books available free to borrow for 3 weeks in physical book form or to read online using ebooks downloads or to listen to by downloading an audio book or using CDs. More details are available on www.suffolklibraries.co.uk/borrow. Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Competitions Spooky Themed Bake Off! Create your scariest cakes and bakes to sell at the performances of The Addams Family!

1st Place - Rory Impett (Houghton)

To enter collect an entry slip from Student Services

Please take your cakes & bakes to the Lightwell on Monday 6th February for judging

2nd Place - Oliver Miller (Abbas)

3rd Place - Jack Hearnden (Abbas)

Chamberlain winner - Louie Stone Houghton winner - Tyler Denli

Peyton winner - Joshua Ridge


Tollemache winner - Lily Spencer

Abbas winner - Ruby Binstead

Other amazing entries...

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Competitions Book of the Term

House Competition

Read either of the following books and create a book review or picture to represent the book. Please hand your entries in to Room 213 by Friday 9th December. Please make sure your name and house are on your entry.

The Case of the Missing Marquess (Fiction) Whenof Enolalast Holmes,term’s sister to the detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers her mother The Winners has disappeared, she quickly embarks on a journey to London in search of her. But nothing can prepare her for what awaits. Because when she arrives, she finds herself Book of the Term are...

involved in the kidnapping of a young marquess, fleeing murderous villains, and trying to elude her shrewd older brothers - all while attempting to piece together clues to her mother’s strange disappearance. Amid all the mayhem, will Enola be able to decode the necessary clues and find her mother?

Abbas - Rhianna Barnes Chamberlain - Alesha Andrich Houghton - Daisy Hill Peyton - ArchieGood Field News (Non-Fiction) Tollemache - disasters Eadlin Wood Pandemics, war, terror, natural - the world seems to be full of bad news and it can

all feel, well, a little bit scary. But this is just part of the story. There are in fact tons of great things happening, from robots improving health care and trees healing the planet, to everyday people helping their community with acts of kindness and the businesses fighting for good in the world.In Good News, children will learn to become fake news detectives, sussing out what’s real and what isn’t. They’ll discover the good news - the amazing anecdotes, case studies and figures around the globe that are making a difference. And they’ll learn that if we all continue to work together, things can only keep getting better and better.Empowering, reassuring and confidence-boosting, this book is a positive antidote for testing times.

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Competitions MFL Christmas Card Design Winners This was a very popular competition with almost 100 entrants making it tough to judge. The winners were. 1st - Violet Devereux H-MTO 2nd - Veronica Clayton A-RMC 3rd - Oliver Sharp T-JPT 4th - Grace Hiskett T-SCO 5th - Lilianna Fryer A- AAs


DESIGN A CORONATION THRONE Create an illustration for specially designed Coronation benches to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.


REBUS PUZZLE COMPETITION Complete the rebus puzzle sheet

available at Student Services or Room 105 The entry with the most correct answers wins. Exemplar



Entries handed to Mrs. Whittle in Room 105 by 24



UP TO YOU For an crea extra priz te e, rebu your o w s Mak puzzle n e . inclu sure to de solu the tion

Collect a design sheet from Mr Gibson or Student Services. You can create a design as an individual or as a small group. Submit your entries Friday 3rd March to Mr Gibson’s Room - 211 School before name: _______________________________________ School address� _____________________________________


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Competitions At Thomas Gainsborough School the students pride themselves on their House name and colour and are encouraged by their tutors and Heads of House to do the best they possibly can in order to make their House the most successful. Entering competitions is part of TGS life and earns the students merits as well as earning valuable House points. These are the competitions currently running.

Racial Inclusivity

Book of the Term


House Competition

Read either of the following books and create a book review or picture to represent the book.

Create a poster or a drawing to educate younger students about racial inequality and promote racial inclusivity.

Please hand your entries in to Room 213 by Friday 17th March. Please make sure your name and house are on your entry.

Nation by Terry Pratchett (Fiction) For Mau, halfway between boy and man, it happens when a great wave destroys his entire village. For Daphne, it’s when the same wave crashes her ship into the island that was once Mau’s home. Everything they once had is now so far away, lost to distance and time.But when Daphne stops trying to shoot Mau (she did apologise for it), and instead uses a salvaged invitation card to invite him to tea, they discover a new home can be theirs. And then people start arriving on the island – some very good, some very bad. And it’s soon clear that Daphne and Mau must fight for their Nation. Then a discovery is made that will change the entire world forever . . .

Planetarium -Welcome to the Museum (Non-Fiction)

All entries to be handed to Miss Alston by Monday 13th March

A VIEW ON THE WORLD COMPETITION A View on the Everyone has a viewWorld on the world...

Create a 90-second script, Competition storyboard or film. 2023

w on the orld

is owned and managed by

mpetition 2023

Welcome to the museum that is always open to explore... Step inside the pages of this beautiful book to discover galleries of galactic matter, expertly curated to bring you the experience of a fascinating exhibition from the comfort of your own home. Planetarium features all aspects of space, from the Sun and our Solar System, to the lives of stars, the Milky Way and the Universe beyond. With stunning artwork from Chris Wormell and informative text by Professor Raman Prinja, Planetarium is the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in this fascinating field.

Answer these three questions:

How have religious and non-religious worldviews changed over time where you live? is owned and managed by How would you describe the mix of worldviews in your community today? The What might it look like in 50 years’ time?

The judges want to see that you have:

• Answered the three questions Competition • An imaginative 2023 and original approach • Included different views in your community • A coherent storyline or thread running through your script • Kept them interested

winn will b ing entry e film b made into ya a film cr professio nal ew visit th . They w ill e scho ol and work wit make h you to the film .

Hand your entries in to Miss Fairs in Room 311 by Friday 17th March is owned and managed by

Get Creative!

The theme this year is


so there are loads of STEM topics that could be explored!

How about exploring how our body parts are all connected and work together, the connection between our actions and the impact on our environment, or even how internet connection has changed the world.

A4 or A3

All entries to Miss Peacock by Thursday 23rd March


& MATHS COMPETITION Teddy Rocks Maths Essay Competition is a joint venture between Tom Rocks Maths and St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford.

A View on the World

KS3 Poster Competition

During Chess Club on Wednesday’s 22nd February until 24th May 3 points for a win 2 for a draw 1 for a loss Build up your points tally to be named chess champion. All players in the house add up their points for the inter house competition.


Write a Maths essay on any area of Maths you like. • An area of Maths outside of the classroom would be preferable. • It must be between 1000 to 2000 words and must be on a word doc. • The top 5 entries from TGS will be entered into a national competition

The National winner will win £100 and be published on Oxford university's website! Entries are to be printed out and given to Mr Hare in Room 104 by Friday 17th March.

CHESS CLUB Every Wednesday in Room 213

Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Clubs EXTRA & CO-CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES MATHS CLUB Every Wednesday & Thursday 3:15pm Room 106

• Complete your Sparx homework • Work on a Maths topic of your choice • Work on some additional Maths task • Play Maths games • Build your confidence in Maths • Learn that MATHS IS FUN!

Sewing Bee Club

Thursdays 3:15 Room 318

TGS Choir Wednesdays at 3:15pm Room 112 Come along and enjoy a singalong! All students and staff welcome!

Reading Support

Get creative and come and have a go at sewing!

Every Monday at 3:15 in the Reading Room

Thursdays at 3:15 Room 111

KS3 STEM & Science Club Tuesdays at 3:15

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Learning Support Centre 3:15pm


Cricket Club Every Friday 3:15pm - 4:15pm in the Sports Hall All Years Welcome!

Players of all abilities welcome and all equipment will be provided.

Every Tuesday in Room 114

with Miss Beer & Miss Ritchie Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


Sport YEAR 11 BOYS VS NORTHGATE The year 11 boys made the journey to Northgate in the County Cup, where they were met by a very good side. The TGS team were missing several key players for this fixture, but you wouldn’t have noticed as they started the game on the front foot. TGS worked harder then Northgate and won lots of the first and second balls. Unfortunately we had a player wrongly put into the sinbin which meant we had to play for 10 minutes of the half with 10 men. However, this didn’t stop us working hard for each other and limiting the chances created by Northgate. Both sides had some chances in the first half with Cody SmithBrooks making some very good runs and nearly getting on the end of some great passes from midfield. The best 2 chances of the half however came to Northgate, the first a one on one with our keeper Tom Simons, Tom got down quick with his feet to produce a great save. The second come from a beautifully delivered corner which found the head of a free Northgate player to head into the back of the net. The first half ended 1-0 to Northgate. The message at half time was clear, keep working hard and fighting for each other, put the ball into dangerous areas and play forward. This is exactly what TGS did, and Tommy Bentley was rewarded for his hard work after being put through one on one by Jacob Bloomfield and calmly lifting it over the keeper to get TGS level. Unfortunately, TGS were undone by another corner and Northgate had a man free in the box who headed home. This meant that TGS had to battle back once again. TGS gave Northgate no time or space and pressed high, they were rewarded with winning the ball high and Jacob Bloomfield found a tiny bit of space on the edge of the box and fired in from a distance over the keeper’s head and into the top corner to bring TGS back once more. This game was to finish though with a last-minute strike from Northgate which ended up being the winner. TGS were amazing from start to finish but couldn’t quite get the result they deserved. Well done gents - the best you have played! In other football related news, we have had the following students representing the county; Luke Mallinson: Freddie Baldwin, Calum Arnold & Joseph Bradley. Also, Kian Chubb who was missing through injury. All 5 boys have been involved throughout the season in fixtures versus Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Norfolk, playing well on all occasions.

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Careers ENRICHMENT DAY During Enrichment Day on 7th February we had 29 employers come in to interview all Year 10 students plus some Year 13 students soon applying for apprenticeships. Employers from a variety of different local companies such as Siemens, West Suffolk College, NHS, Best of Sudbury, Audi, Scutton and Bland, Havebury Housing, Deutsche Bank, gave each student a 10 minute interview and feedback on their CV and cover letter. It was great to see the smiling, relieved faces of students after their interview and how proud of themselves they were for stepping outside of their comfort zone. Here are just a few of the amazing feedback forms for some of the students!

71% of our Year 9 students enjoyed a “Out to Work” day with parents, relatives or friends of parents during February Enrichment Day experiencing a wide variety of roles and companies. Many thanks to all the parents and carers who helped make this happen. We understand not all parents are in a position to offer their young person this opportunity so all other students had a day in school learning about the eight essential skills needed for the workplace and live interactive apprenticeship webinars as part of National Apprenticeship Week.


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Careers NATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP WEEK As part of National Apprenticeship week from 6th-10th Feb we ran 15 workshops covering a wealth of sectors such as teaching, retail, care work, PE and Sport, Agriculture etc and ended the week by taking a group of Year 13 students applying for apprenticeships to a fair at Trinity Park in Ipswich where they could meet with local employers and find out what opportunities they could offer them.

Book here!

Tuesday 7th February

Wednesday 8th February

PE and Sport

Social Care





Monday 6th February

Thursday 9th February

Friday 10th February



Degree Apprenticeships

Cyber Security





9 - 10am

11 - 12pm


2 - 3pm

It is important that when looking at our careers provision that we regularly reflect on the activities we offer the students to ensure maximum impact. We will soon be sending out surveys asking parents, employers and students for their feedback. If you have a few minutes to complete a survey sent out to you we would greatly appreciate it so that we can continue to grow and improve our careers provision at the school. Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


TGS Sixth Form YEAR 13 COPENAHGEN DAY TRIP On 7th February, 26 Year 13 students set their alarms for 3am to start an exciting day trip to Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen! Arriving at Stansted airport at 4am, we took a 1.5 hour flight to Copenhagen with Ryanair. Once arriving in the chilly city, we took the train to Nyhavn- one of the most beautiful Scandinavian waterfronts, full of pretty coloured buildings and great food. We took some time to explore the district before catching a canal tour which took us across the bay. During this one hour tour, we saw the iconic little mermaid statue, parliament buildings and ducked under tiny bridges! After a lunch break in the high street area, we walked to Rosenborg Castle, a 17th century palace home to the crown jewels and past monarchy. The castle was beautiful and full of history and culture. In the evening, we did some retail therapy before departing home on a 10pm flight! Overall, the trip to Copenhagen was a fantastic chance to explore a new culture, try new foods and have a lot of fun with great company! We learnt a lot about Denmark as a nation and the beauty of Scandinavian architecture and culture- I look forward to going again in the future! Alanah Reeve


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Be inspired YEAR 13 COPENAHGEN DAY TRIP Cont’d

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TGS Sixth Form SIXTH FORM ENRICHMENT DAY Our Year 12 students spent the day in a Mental Health and Well Being Workshop. Student Life presented a bespoke training package about Mental Health and Wellbeing, which consisted of six sessions. The first four related to mental health: what mental health is, the mental health continuum, depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and the support we can get around these. The 5th session is a brain and behaviour session which has been created in collaboration with global charity, Jamma International.

Year 13 students played Crazy Catch a game invented in 1999 by a sheep farmer in New Zealand. He discovered that when you overlap tow sheets of netting you get an unpredicatable rebound. A fun fast paced game they all enjoyed. Some learnt some Brazilian street music which sounded great and very authentic! Whilst others played Boule in the corridors or planned their perfect holiday including how to budget and plan for their trip.


Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence

Staff Spotlight Mr K Alexander Director of Sixth Form

1. How long have you worked at TGS? 9 years in April 2. What is your greatest achievement to date? Becoming a dad! 3. What was your favourite subject at school? PE 4. What would you like to achieve in the future? Happiness 5. Who or what inspires you? My students 6. What advice would you give your 11 year old self? Work harder and have more fun! 7. What was your favourite Christmas present? Scottish scran! 8. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Take some time for myself... 9. If you could time travel, would you go back in time or to the future? Where would you go? Back to see my parents 10. What is your favourite? a) Film - Lost Boys b)TV programme - Gogglebox c) Song - Fools Gold - Stone Roses d) Book - Da Vinci Code e) Food - Cereal Respect Resilience Honest y Positivit y Happiness Confidence


TGS Alumni Class of

Thomas Gainsborough School & Great Cornard Upper School We want to inspire our students to strive to be the best they can be. Did you or someone you know attend TGS or GCUS and have gone on to a successful/fulfilling career? Please let us know by email [email protected] [email protected] Follow us

Thomas Gainsborough School




Thomas Gainsborough School, Wells Hall Road, Great Cornard, Suffolk, CO10 0NH www.tgschool.net Telephone: 01787 375232 Email: [email protected]

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