The child by tiger; Thomas Wolfe

Literatura contemporánea. Narrativa anglosajona. Tragedia # Theme. Plot. Characters

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Story Transcript

The Child by Tiger • Setting ♦ Time: Late in October ♦ Place: Shepperstone neighborhood ♦ Environment: Snow ♦ Atmosphere: Scary • Theme ♦ Tragedy: Because Dick Prosser have many change in his life. • Plot • Exposition: Dick Prosser was respected for his talents and precision on his way of life. The children were intrigued by this new personality. • Rising action: Randy Shepperstone and Spangler entered Dick's Aparment and found out he had a rifle. Dick told them to keep the secret. Because it was a surprise for Christmas Day. • Climax: At 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. There was a signal to alert that something bad is going to happen to Dick Prosser. They said that he had gone crazy. • Falling Action: The people decide to go after him going on and search him for clues and trails to find Dick. • Resolution: They pound him using all his bullet. Dick did'not miss a shot, They round up around hi and discharged their guns into him. He feel forward in the snow, riddled with bullets. The men dismounted, turned him over on his back, and all the other men come in and riddled him. They took his lifeless body, put a rope in his neck and hung him to a tree. Then the mob exhausted all their ammunition on the riddled carcass. 4. Characters ( Main and secound) Main Characters ♦ Randy Shepperston's: Like to play football, Son of Mr. Shepperton's. ♦ Nebraska Crane: Like to play football, saw Dick's rifle. ♦ Dick Prosser: Shepperstone new Negro, African, religious man, he was discharged from the army. ♦ Pansy Harris: He was the cooker of Mr. Shepperstone, he was married with Mr. Harris. ♦ Spangler: narrator Secound Characters


• Augustus Potterham: Like to play football. • Lon Everett: Slaped Dick • Mr. Shepperstone: Father of Randy, proud of Dick. • Cash Eager: Sherrif • Will Hedershot: Mayor at the time. • John Grady: Lutenent of the police • John Chapman: Sargeant of the police 5. Style • Narrative: First Person 6. Sensory Images • John Chapman heard the shots and ran. − kinesthetic • Dick Fired. − auditory • There was a smell of smoke. − smell • Dick watched him attentively as he gripped the ball. − sight • Nebraska has just kicked to us. − kinesthetic • I run back and tried to get it. − kinesthetic • There was a little cast−iron stove.− sight • And two white− face nauseated boys went with him. Organic • Grady came running out around the house. − kinesthetic 7. Figures of the speech • Every stick he cut seemed to be exactly the same length and shape as every other one. hyperbole • At any rate, he was as cunning and crafty as a cat. simile • He was there upon you sometimes like a cat. simile • Then he was on us like a cat. simile • Storm shook the houses, the world was numb. hyperbole • It was all over like a flash. simile • He hammered at the door; I was already there. hyperbole 2

• When he came up, I saw that his fine thin face was white as a sheet. simile • The southwest corner of the square where South Dean Street came into it was like a dog fight. simile • The whole crowd was writhing angrily now, like a tormented snake. simile Preguntas del libro: • the setting was late in October at shepperton neighborhood. The setting of this story it's not that important in the story, the same story could happened in any other racist please. In this town we can see that many people were racist and that the white people mistreated black people. • it was relate because no one really know from were dick's come from and he was looking for freedom. • Yes. The mystery of this story is why or haw a noble and gently person switch his personality so dramatically. The two stories are concerned in the mystery of killing people, in the pleasure of some people in the moment of killing persons. • In my opinion dick it's just another victim of the consequences, because if you were rejected and the make you fell lower that them eventually you will star to hate them. Probably he hate white people. But that's what white people have tough them, how to hate. He goes crazy because the contradiction in hi mind. The Christians education and the hate to the white people. In thik that he is more plausible, because he have the society against him • It's similar because the were bad people And the kill people, and the are deferent because General Zaroff kill for fun and Dick kill by the anger. • I think the feeling of anger and racism are the two most important, the reason to put Dick down. It was a gesture of honor and respect for himself and white people. This action contras with the way the whites treated him because they shoot him went through he was already dead. They didn't like him. • It was for several pages because the author wanted to justify the number of killed people whit the suffer and humiliation of Dick. • That no matter how much time pass from the freedom of the black people, the white people will never understand that the white and the nagger are all son of God. •


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