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Story Transcript

Imma Juan Huerta WHITE DEATH TIM VICARY ACTIVITIES − Before Reading 1−Read the back cover and the story introduction on the first page of the book. How much do you know now about the story? • Anna harland is Sarah's daughter. Yes • Sarah had heroin in her bag. Yes • Sarah said that it was her heroin. No • Anna thinks that it was Sarah's heroin. No • People who take heroin die. Yes 2− What ir going to happen in the story? Can you guess? Tick one box for each sentence. • Sarah Harland dies. No • Sarah's new boyfriend dies. No • Sarah and her new boyfriend get married. No • Sarah's old boyfriend helps her. Yes • Sarah goes back to England whitn her mother. Yes ACTIVITIES − While Reading Read Chapters 1 and 2. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? • The prison is in England. F • Sarah came to this contry with Stephen. T • Hassan is in prioson too. T • The heroin was in a box of chocolates. F • Sarah worked in a hospital so she knew about heroin. T Read Chapter 3. Use these words from the story to complete this paragraph. (Use each word once.) People talk heroin because at frist it makes them kills. But in the end it happy them. This is why it is called the White Death. People sell heroin fer lost of money. The law says that people who bring heroin into the country must die. Someone telephoned the police and said that a young man and a young woman had heroin in their bags. When Sarah and Hassan arrived at the airport, the police looked in their bags. They found three tubes of toothpaste. But there was heroin in the tubes, not toothpaste. Read Chapter 4. Who said this? Who were they talking to? Who or what were they talking abour? • But Sarah − he was your boyfriend for two years! Sarah talked about her boyfriend, Stephen, she saying was not loves her boyfriend but loves Hassan. 1

• He doesn't love me now, and I don't love him. Sarah saying her mother than Stephen and she not love. • That's very important. Says Mr Cheng to Inspector because that's very important know who made that phone call to the police at the airport. • I bought it. Hassan saying, he is bought thoothpaste of the Mr Cheng. • Why did she carry it for you? The lawyer ask a Hassan about because he carry Sarah. Read Chapters 5 and 6. Choose the correct ending for these sentences. • Stephen said that b) Hassan knew about the heroin but Sarah didn't. • Stephen told Anna to come to his hotel a) tomorrow morning. • Sarah is sometimes ill because b) she is going to have a baby. • The father of the baby is c) Hassan. • The law says that they can't kill b) a woman who is going to have a baby. Read Chapters 7 and 8. Here are some untrue sentences. Change them into true sentences. • Sarah put the heroin in the toothpaste tubes. Sarah isn't put heroin in the toothpaste tubes. • Hassan put the heroin in Sarah's bag. Hassan isn't put the heroin in Sarah's bag. • Stephen didn't want Hassan to die. Stephen did want Hassan to die. • Inspector Aziz married his first girlfriend. True • Anna knew about Stephen because she takes heroin. Anna isn't knew about Stephen because she isn't takes heroin. • Anna was angry about Sarah and Hassan. Anna was angry about Stephen. • Stephen is going to go back to England. True What is going to happen after the end of the story? What do you tink?


I tink than Sarah becomes a doctor and, Hassan and she get married. ACTIVITIES − After Reading 1−Choose the odd one out in these groups of words. • police, prison, baby, arrest, inspector • daughter, judge, court, jury, lawyer • hospital, doctor, drug, ill, toothpaste • airport, plane, heroin, bag, hotel 2− Fill in the chart with informacion about the people. Then use the information to write a short description of each person. Use pronouns (he, she, etc.) and join your sentences with and where possible. Sarah is 19 years old. She is tall girl and she is a big blue eyes, her dress and face is dirty. She is in prison because she is accused of dealing with heroin. She worked for six months in a hospital to get some money and she wants to be a doctor. Anna is Englishwoman and 50 years old. She is tall and she is blue eyes ans a long nose and face . She is a doctor. Hassan is twenty years old and he is a rich boy, from a good family. He is very tall, very beautiful dark eyes and he is a nice face. He is in prison because she is accused of dealing with heroin. Inspector Aziz is 55 years old. He is a big man and brown eyes and a nice smile. He moved very slowly and quietly. He is inspector. 3−The chapters in this book do not have titles. Here is a list of titles. Choose one for each chapter. 1. In prison 5. Stephen is angry 2. Inspector AsÃ-s 6. Sarah is ill 3. Sarah's story 7. Stephen's story 4. Hassan's story 8. Heroin kills 4−Here is a conversation between Anna and Inspector Aziz. It is in the wrong order. Write it out in the correct order and put in the speakers' names. Aziz speaks first (number 8). 8.Aziz: You're a doctor. What do you tink about Stephen, Mrs Harland? 3.Anna: I think that he takes heroin. 7.Aziz: Why do you think that? 1.Anna: Because his eyes are very big and dark, and his body is always moving. 4.Azis: I think that you are right. So I want you to help me. 9.Anna: But how can that help? 3

2.Anna: Go to Stephen's hotel early tomorrow morning. Show this tube of toothpaste to him. It has heroin in it. 5.Aziz: I'm going to be outside the door. I'm going to listen to what he says. 5−Here is a new illustration for the story. Find the best place in the story to put the picture, and answer these questions. The picture goes on page 37. • Who are the people in this picture? This is the Inspector Aziz, Anna and Stephen. • Where are they now, and where are they going to go? Now, they are in hotel's Stephen. They go to see and tell Stephen's story to the judge. • What is the young man going to say? Can you imagine? I think to the top he did not tell the truth to the judge, but in the end, he confess. Now write a caption for the picture.



Caption: Stephen opened the door quickly, and then stopped. A man stood there − Inspector Aziz. 6−Choose answers to these questions. • The law in this story says that people who bring heroin into the contry must die. Is this right? c) Perhaps. It is better for the judge to decide each time. • When Hassan hit the police car, his father bought a new car for the police and Hassan didn't go to prison. Was this right? c) Perhaps. Rich people con pay, so they don't go to prison. But what about poor people? 7−Whats do you think about Sarah's two boyfriends? 1.It was my toothpaste, Hassan said to the court. Why did he say that? Was he right to say it? I think than Hassan to loves Sarah, because he not want the die's Sarah. 2. Of course I love Sarah, Stephen said to Anna. Do you think that was true? Why, or why not? I think than Stephen not to loves Sarah, because not help she, to leave the prison.


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