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ALWAR PUBLIC SCHOOL [ A Goodearth Foundation School ]



Mr. ARJUN JOSHI Chairperson

"We strive to develop an open environment for children where they have freedom to think with an open mind and develop a positive and healthy attitude towards life..."

Mr. PRADEEP SINGH NARUKA Principal "We believe in interactive patterns that go beyond academics..."

Together We Can... Lead our intellect in the right direction. Provide all the opportunities to let the students explore what they could be. Help the students evolve into responsible and caring individuals who have the right attitude for fulfilling a balanced and happy life.


Mr. Vikram Lal's Speech Our Core Beliefs The School Aspires Academics Beyond Academics Games & Sports Infrastructure & Facilities In Partnership with Parents


Mr. Vikram Lal's


" I am very happy to be here, in your midst, to celebrate 25 years of the existence of the school. When this school started, none of us who were connected with it at the time ever thought of this day, when we would be celebrating its silver jubilee! In fact, when I was asked to speak on the occasion, it came as quite a surprise that so many years had already passed. Glancing over these 25 years, my single most powerful impression is that the school has steadily kept on improving and that it retains the momentum to keep on doing so. We all know how it started, but I expect that this occasion justifies repetition of the story of its founding. When Eicher decided to set up a factory to make engines for its tractors in Alwar's Matsya Industrial Area, it made a survey of various facilities available in Alwar. What I remember is that schooling was not considered to be a problem since there were English medium schools in existence here. However, when we actually transferred some staff to Alwar, we found that they were quite unhappy and that some of them did not move their families to Alwar. The reason was that schooling was found to be rather unsatisfactory . Neither was the medium truly English nor was the quality of education up to the expectations of our executives.

Please find below a speech made by our founder Mr. Vikram Lal, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the school in 2004. His inspiring words are as relevent today as they were then.

The result was panic in our head office in Faridabad. What do we do now? Having made serious commitments to the factory in Alwar, there was really no going back. The only solution that made sense was to start our own school. And that is why APS was born or rather invented ! It was necessity's child, started in a real hurry as a primary school, in a house in Moti Dongri and as the saying goes, the rest is history ! Today APS stands proudly as one of the best schools in the part of the country, both in terms of academic results and of its physical endowments. It exists as an integral part of Alwar's life as its features reassure people who need to move to this town. Having said that, let us not, even for a moment , presume that we have arrived in any sense of that term. First we have a long way to go before we can say that APS is amongst the best in the country. Secondly, improvements are always possible. Even when APS gets on to the national stage, there will always be challenges to be met, needs to be satisfied and an ever-challenging environment to be dealt with. We all read the newspapers and watch the news channels on television. Most of us do that daily, be it out of curiosity or out of habit or because one hopes things might have changed for the better !


When I was growing up, some 4550 years ago, the atmosphere in the country was very different from what it is today. We had attained independence a few years earlier and there was a lot of idealism and promise in the air. Everyone was keen to do the right thing for the nation- be it following the laws of the land or supporting the actions taken by the government imposed restrictions on the size of wedding parties and on the number of items that could be served at wedding dinners. We all thought that was the right thing to do and generally people obeyed such rules. The concept of consumers and consumerism didn't exist and persuasive advertising is what only a few foreign companies did, if at all. People generally dressed inconspicuously, white being the norm for men. Corruption was rare and the word itself was only whispered. We were proud of our nation and of the national ethos. Mahatma Gandhi's presence could still be felt and Pandit Nehru was the leader of the nation. People happily sacrificed for the country. When gold was collected in times of war, everyone gave, assuming that government would do the right thing. We were all willing to trust.

I have narrated all this because it stands in sharp contrast to the current situation. Today consumption is what life seems to be all about "I want ...." seems to be the national anthem. Everyone wants the latest in clothes, in gadgets, in food. Excess is the order of the day. The trust in relationship, between the people and the government has long since evaporated. Corruption in all walks of life is endemic and is talked about almost as if it is now a permanent part of our existence. You, who are growing up in this age, have both a much more difficult task, and also a tremendous opportunity. Today there is a general lack of trust in institutions; foreign ones or Indian. The result is that the public has a deep seated scepticism about statement or announcements made in public by anyone. Everyone has been hurt in some way or the other, often many a times, by having accepted such promises at face value. This is indeed unfortunate because much of our lives are meant to run or trust in institutions and on the people who manage them. Therefore the opportunity I see for each of you young people is that, even as you study in school and college but especially when you are in your chosen professions and activities, you should abide by a generally accepted set of principles of ethics and behaviour. It is only through such a concerted effort on each individual's part that your generation will be able to renew the spirit of this great nation, that you will be able to re-establish the rule of law and all that entails, that you will be able to wipe out the dreadful standards that the two generations before you (including mine) have brought about. To me this opportunity resembles, in some ways, what our countrymen and women had in the first half of the 20th century, which was the goal of the independence through non-violent means. It was undoubtedly a very difficult task but it was enthusiastically accepted by a large segment of our youth under the leadership of the great men and women of that time.

One principle of behaviour that I would urge you to accept and put in practice is an ancient Indian one, which is said in very few words, but which has important consequences for one's way of life. While I do urge you to do so, I am aware, I have a long way to go in applying it in my own life, even though it is always in front of me as a goal. The principle is in two parts, but it is best understood together. It is : "Bhavna ko shudh karo, aur bhav aur bhavna ko ek karo" As you will have understood, it means thsat you should express what you actually think, and you should make what you feel and think, unblemished and pure. Looking back once again to my childhood, I remember well the strong complexes we Indians suffered under. We had just managed to throw off the colonial yoke, but had no confidence in our own abilities. The western world was assumed to be the standard for everything good and right. Indians had simply to follow. We were assumed not to have independent capabilities. I can recall how exciting it was when we read that an Indian company had built a major factory without any help from outside. Otherwise, all large units, such as steel plants and auto mobile factories, were built only with know-how from western companies. Today they are so different that they are almost unrecognizable. Now the world understands and we ourselves believe that Indians are capable of anything. That revolution in world's opinion and in our understanding of ourselves has come about over the years but the real boost came with our success in information technology. Now Indians are seen as amongst the brightest in the world.


Not only that a parrallel development has been that several high profile leadership roles in international companies have been with Indians and many transitional corporations source a disproportionately large share of managerial talent from Indians. Graduates from out IIT and IIMS as also from a large number of other institutions, are seen as amongst the best in the world. These developments means that you are amongst those who have great opportunities in front of you. The only preconditions are that you complete your higher education in a subject that interests you or for which you have a talent; and that you remain in a learning mood throughout your career. I have already complained about some of the serious issues that confront your nation at this time. However, I think that we should all be grateful for what has gone right. Fore most amongst such things is that we live a vibrant democracy, generally under the rule of law, with a very effective and non-interfering defense force and in an atmosphere where when all is said and done; government does take development and alleviation from poverty seriously. W all know that there are many shortcomings but we also know that it is mammoth task, a task whose ownership each one of us needs to take. You, who are amongst the fortunate few in our country, need to be sensitive to the needs of the underprivileged and must vow to undertake at least one major longterm activity that could help them. You should start in the senior classes in school and go on for your whole life. Such an activity could be the area of provision of drinking water, in healthcare, in education, and many others there is really no dearth in today's India. I am recommending this to you because I know that today's generation can do anything. The students of Alwar Public School are no exception !


WE BELIEVE IN: Inculcating respect, love, values and a sense of responsibility in every student of our school. Treating every student with dignity. Developing life skills. Providing opportunities for decision making. Developing self-discipline. Transparency.

VISION : Goodearth Foundation Schools aim to be institutions of 'High Ethical Standards' which create an effective learning environment and are absolutely 'FREE FROM FEAR'.


To fulfill our 'Vision' our mission is :

To develop in young children a sense of integrity, compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. To create life long learners. To promote a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment in which the child can prosper. 4

The Primary students

The Pre-Primary students

Become curious and ask questions. Learn with passion. Learn through PBL (Project Based Learning). Explore and Experiment. Form lifelong learning habits.

Get oriented to social interaction; enjoy, play and learn. Develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Learn to observe.

The Senior School students-

The Middle School students

Introspect, identify and express one's inimitable strength as an individual. Integrate learning with life. Become a thinker and a problem solver. Express concepts clearly in speech and writing. Learn to contribute to their world.

Accept and respect the uniqueness of every individual. Communicate and express opinions with confidence. Think actively. Build and integrate concepts.


"Encouragement to participate in multiple & diverse activities help them build themselves as holistic individuals."

The school aspires to prepare children for life...

The Pre-Primary students

The Primary students

The Primary segment aims to encourage students to reflect on their own learning and to pursue imaginative activities and questions by allowing them to use a variety of materials and methods. This segment follows Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation that aims to lessen the stress on students.

The Pre-Primary segment aims to develop a strong foundation through "Theme based teaching", specially designed to meet the needs of this age group. It allows children to grow at their own pace.

The Senior School students

The Middle School students

The Middle school offers an exclusive blend of skill and knowledge which addresses children's learning style through good quality teaching and interaction. Children are trained to be independent learners so that they are able to apply the knowledge across all aspects of school life.

The Senior Secondary level students are given a broad range of opportunities which help them choose the right stream. The school offers Science, Commerce and Humanities streams with a wide variety of subject options and career counselling sessions also by experts.


"Move like the wind, shine like the sun, stay composed like the water and you shall leave your mark."



Students are expected to participate in several activities that seek to-

Make them capable and self-reliant individuals. Nurture creative skills. Provide opportunities to explore and enjoy learning. Inspire them to become leaders. Recognize the unmatched ability of each student.




Trips & Excursions


Animation Classes


Graphic designing

Group Discussions



MUN Club

Bal Sabha

Vipassana Sessions

Band Fusion


Graffiti & Doodling

SEL (Social Emotional



Group Songs & Dance

SDG (Sustainable

Face/Hand Painting Celebrations

Development Goals Club)


Career Counselling

SPORTS The School aims to promote high standards of sporting excellence and encourages all students to gain enjoyment from participation in regular physical activities. INDOOR GAMES Badminton Carrom Chess Table Tennis Karate


OUTDOOR GAMES Athletics Basketball Football Volley Ball Lawn Tennis Cycling Swimming Skating Cricket

Where they compete to win hearts, not just competitions...


Traditional values. Modern outlook...

unrivalled students, Different cultures, Similar hearts, ONE identity... Where they dance to the beat

Our students don't just graduate, every graduate become our legacy.


of their own drums...

Where they lose themselves to the rhythm...

Where their creativity blossoms ...

Where a little progress everyday leads to big results...

Where they are intrigued by their own intellect...


Where they make friends for life...

Where every step is an adventure & an opportunity...



The School Canteen serves fresh snacks to students during recess.



The School provides Transport Facilities to all students from Nursery to Class XII.

In Partnership with Parents Parent Orientation Programmes Forge an everlasting bond as cotravellers to ease the stress on the child. Enrich the child's schooling experience. Help the parents understand the School system and be in sync with the changes in approach and method.

PTA Body (Parent Teacher Association) The School has a strong Parent Body that supports the institution in many ways. The members are in touch with parents and bring valuable inputs and suggestions to the school.

PBL (Project Based Learning) Teacher's Training Parents are involved in the assessment of Projects and their feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

Teacher learning or training is a continuous, never-ending process that helps them to gain knowledge, enhance their teaching skills, become more proficient, all of which assists in improving the student's learning.



(Social Emotional Learning)

SEL practice is done with the students from grade 3-6 once a week where the young brains acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy, establish and maintain supportive relationships. Studies have shown that SEL helps in successful career as well. It is a foundation stone for the holistic development of a child.

To build the bond between the facilitator and the learner. To maintain individual file records. To form a bridge between home and school. All in order to help the child.

Home visits

The school has a Sustainable Development Goals Club which consists of students and teachers who initiate sustainable methods both in and out of the school premises and promote environment-friendly activities that can help save the environment in the long run.

SDG Club

Model UN is a place where we all can come together. APS students have been constantly getting an opportunity to participate and give their best when it comes to MUN. It's all about interest, research, and confidence. Our students have been a part of the Executive Board, chairing the committee, and have brought laurels to the school. MUN Club focuses on the concept that “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.”


MUN CLUB (Model United Nations)

" तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय..." Education is the movement from darkness to light...


6th K.M. Stone, Rajgarh Road, Alwar 301001 (Rajasthan)

8875160500, 8875000235 [email protected] [email protected]

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