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Cutter & buck 2016 Corporate
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CORE 2016

UPFsun protection, self-collar, self-fabric neck tape, forward shoulders,open sleeves, and side vents, this style is designed to keep you cool. The three-button placket with diagonal stitching, bold colors, and tonalC&B pennant embroidery ensures you look collected, too. The ladies'style adds a subtle gathering at the front of the raglan sleeves for stunning style. Digital not available in Big & Tall.Men's: S-3XL MCK00753 msrp $44 USD/$52 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00753 msrp $56 USD/$67 CADLadies': XS–4XL LCK02563 msrp $44 USD/$52 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (NVBU, TBL, CLO, BL, CDR, WH, CLP, ALS, ONX, TUS, RD) SHOWN IN: Digital and Red4 |



Genre Premium performance and exceptional style. SHOWN IN: Midnight Green and CohoCB DRYTEC™ GENRE POLOYour wardrobe should complement your lifestyle. This machine-washable, 100% polyester CB DryTec jacquard with sidepanels and vents provides moisture-wicking comfort with 30 UPF sun protection that is perfect for the game. The details,a self-fabric collar, matching buttons, three-button placket for men and one-button placket for ladies, forward shoulders,open sleeves, and tonal C&B pennant embroidery, add a touch of class that keeps up with your social events, too. Cilantro and Digital not available in Big & Tall.Men's: S-3XL MCK00291 msrp $47 USD/$55 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00291 msrp $59 USD/$71 CADLadies': XS-3XL LCK02289 msrp $47 USD/$55 CADWomen's Plus*: 1X-5X WCK02289 msrp $47 USD/$55 CAD*Available in College Orange, Sea Blue, and Tour Blue.ALWAYS IN STOCK (PGR, WH, SBL, TBL, ONX, CDR, CLP, CRC, BL, NVBU, HT) CORE | 7

8 |

HamdenPerform in CB DRYTEC™ HAMDEN JACQUARD POLOLight as a feather with an elegant tonal texture, the Hamden Jacquardis built to perform. The moisture-wicking 100% polyester jacquardfabrication with tonal stripes and side vents ensure all day comfort, whilethe silver piping at the neck, and C&B pennant embroidery at the backprovide modern style elements.Men's: S-3XL MCK09255 msrp $76 USD/$87 CAD msrp $94 USD/$110 CADBig & Tall*: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK09255 *Available in Black and Liberty L/S CB DRYTEC™ HAMDEN JACQUARD HALF-ZIP LIBERTY NAVY (LYN)Look your best while you perform in comfort with the moisture-wickingHamden Half-Zip. The 100% polyester and jacquard jersey fabrication withtonal stripes, and thumb holes on the cuff provide for a cozy start to thosecool mornings.Ladies': XS-3XL LCK08644 msrp $76 USD/$87 CAD WHITE (WH) ELEMENTAL GREY (EG) VALOR (VL) BLACK (BL)SHOWN IN: Valor and White CORE | 9

UPF. The understated three-button placket in the men’s style is embellished with subtle stitching details while Y-neck placket for women adds elegant ruching for a feminine touch. The men's polo is detailed with a cross cut back yoke and embroidered C&B pennant on the sleeve. The ladies' polo has an embroidered C&B pennant on back half moon giving it our signature quality finish. Men's: S-3XL MCK00966 msrp $56 USD/$66 CAD Big & Tall*: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00966 msrp $68 USD/$81 CAD Ladies': XS-4XL LCK02566 msrp $56 USD/$66 CAD *Available in Atlas, Black, Gala, Liberty Navy, and Midnight Green. ALWAYS IN STOCK (ALS, BL, LYN, OXI) LIBERTY NAVY (LYN) BLACK (BL) OXIDE (OXI)10 |



CB DRYTEC™ TREVOR STRIPE POLOAdd a splash of style into your performance wardrobe with this striped polo. The moisture-wicking, 100% polyester jerseyis both comfortable and performance-driven. Featuring a double-faced collar, three-button placket with natural colorbuttons, back half moon, open sleeves, and side vents, this shirt has it all. With the tonal C&B pennant embroidery and 15 UPF sun protection, this polo makes an impression that pairs with ladies’ Lacey or Alder. Men’s: S-3XL MCK00332 msrp $61 USD/$71 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00332 msrp $72 USD/$88 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (CDRW, ALSWH, NVBW, BLOXI, ONXWH) TUSCANY/WHITE (TUSWH)ATLAS/NAVY BLUE (ALSNB)NEW VALOR/WHITE (VLWH)TOUR BLUE/WHITE (TBWH) LOFT/BLACK (LFTBL) NEW ORANGE BURST/NAVY BLUE (OBNB) NEW CORE | 13

CILANTRO (CTO)BLACK (BL)RED (RD)ELEMENTAL GREY (EG)DIGITAL (DG) Tilton | Move effortlessly from time at the office to game day. new CB DRYTEC™ TILTON MÉLANGE STRIPE POLO Add a little something special to your game: the Tilton Mélange Stripe Polo. Crafted from 100% polyester piqué with a stunning horizontal mélange stripe, this moisture-wicking style keeps you playing longer with side vents and open sleeves. The self fabric collar and neck tape, and C&B pennant at the left sleeve take you from strictly performance to sporty style. Men’s: S-3XL MCK09164 msrp $60 USD/$68 CAD14 |

ELEMENTAL GREY/WHITE (EGWH) CILANTRO/WHITE (CTOWH) WHITE/ELEMENTAL GREY (WHEG) DIGITAL/WHITE (DGWH) LIBERTY NAVY/WHITE (LYNWH) ORANGE BURST/WHITE (ORBWH) SHOWN IN: Tilton in Cilantro, Junction in Liberty Navy/WhiteJunction | Merging trend with CB DRYTEC™ JUNCTION STRIPE HYBRID POLOShow off fearless style in the hard-hitting Junction Stripe Hybrid Polo. Featuring comfortable CB DryTec 100% polyester jerseybase fabric this moisture-wicking style provides plenty of fashion sense with pieced horizontal pencil stripes, contrast trimdetails, and a raglan look. The double-faced collar, side vents, and C&B pennant keep the look perfect on the course or for a night out.Men’s: S-3XL MCK09165 msrp $68 USD/$78 CAD CORE | 15

LaceyFeminine elegance. Ready for CB DRYTEC™ LACEY POLOThe Lacey Polo is designed for a crisp, stunning look. The 100% polyester jersey is both soft and moisture wicking. The self-fabric collar, logo buttons, and tonal C&B pennant embroidery provide the necessary style. The straight hem with seamingdetails, and back body seam with a strictly feminine tuck take this polo to new heights of elegant charm. Pairs perfectly withthe men’s Trevor, Franklin, Willows, or Willows Colorblock.Ladies’: XS-3XL LCK08648 msrp $54 USD/$63 CADAlder | Sporty and feminine.CB DRYTEC™ ALDER POLOTurn heads in this performance polo that displays your feminine shape. Designed with moisture-wicking, machine-washable,100% polyester jersey fabric, the contrast detail at the inner collar band and under the three-button placket provides a pop tothe exciting array of fashion colors while the ruching detail below the dyed-to-match logo buttons throws in a flirty twist. Theself-fabric collar, open sleeves, curved hem, 15 UPF sun protection, and tonal C&B pennant embroidery at back half moon createa style that is driven to play. Pair it with the men’s Trevor, Franklin, Willows, or Willows Colorblock. Ladies’: XS-3XL LCK02499 msrp $47 USD/$66 CADLadies’ White: XS-3XL LCK02500 msrp $47 USD/$66 CADLACEY POLO AVAILABLE IN: ORANGE BURST (ORB) ELEMENTAL GREY (EG) 16 | TUSCANY (TUS) BLACK (BL) CILANTRO (CTO) WHITE (WH) DIGITAL (DG) NAVY BLUE (NVBU)VALOR (VL)


Willows A lightweight polo in bold, bright colors. CB DRYTEC™ WILLOWS POLO Be bold in this brightly colored, lightweight polo. Crafted from moisture-wicking, comfortable, 100% polyester jersey, this polo sports a three-button placket, back half moon, open sleeves, side vents, double-faced collar, and tonal C&B pennant embroidery. Add in 15 UPF sun protection and machine-washable style, and this is soon to become your go-to shirt. Pair with ladies’ Lacey or Alder. Men's: S-3XL MCK00497 msrp $54 USD/$61 CAD ORANGE BURST (ORB) BLACK (BL) NEW WHITE (WH) ONYX (ONX) CARDINAL RED (CDR) VALOR (VL) ATLAS (ALS) TOUR BLUE (TBL) NAVY BLUE (NVBU) LOFT (LFT) TUSCANY (TUS)18 |

CARDINAL RED/ ONYX (CDROX) BLACK/ONYX (BLONX) WHITE/ONYX (WONX) LOFT/ONYX (LTOX) NEW NAVY BLUE/ONYX (NVONX) TOUR BLUE/ONYX(TBLOX) SHOWN IN: Navy Blue/Onyx and Tour Blue/OnyxWillows Colorblock | A fresh, modern look that sets new standards.CB DRYTEC™ WILLOWS COLORBLOCK POLODare to do more in this vivid, moisture-wicking polo. Created from comfortable, 100% polyester jersey fabric with 15 UPF sun protection, thiscolorblock polo will easily become a favorite. The stand self-collar features contrast fabric at inside collar stand, the side vents allow cooling,and the three-button placket creates a fresh feel. The silver piping at the inside back neck, silver C&B pennant heat transfer at the back halfmoon, and contrast side panels fashion a look that inspires confidence.Men's: S-3XL MCK00988 msrp $58 USD/$72 CAD CORE | 19

BlaineElegance and intrigue.CB DRYTEC™ BLAINE OXFORD POLORethink the possibilities with the Blaine Oxford Polo. Craftedfrom elegant, 100% polyester piqué, this shirt wears well fromconference to club. The self-fabric collar and neck tape, forwardshoulder, half moon, and side vents create comfort. Featuringa graceful three-button placket with diagonal stitching detailand a C&B pennant at the left sleeve, this polo easily expandsyour wardrobe.Men's: S-3XL MCK00967 msrp $56 USD/$68 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00967 msrp $66 USD/$81 CADnew CB DRYTEC™ BLAINE OXFORD3/4 SLEEVE ZIP POLOPrepare for graceful good looks. The Blaine Oxford offers up ahidden zip placket with lovely zipper detail, straight hem, anda tonal C&B pennant at the back. The moisture-wicking 100%polyester piqué, and softened color palette make this polounlike anything you have in your closet.Ladies’: XS-3XL LCK08643 msrp $56 USD/$68 CADSHOWN IN: Tour Blue/White and Orange Burst/White20 | SEAPORT/WHITE (SEAWH) ORANGE BURST/WHITE (ORBWH) NEW VALOR/WHITE (VLWH) NEW LOFT/WHITE (LFTWH) TOUR BLUE/WHITE (TBWH) CARDINAL RED/WHITE (CDRW) ONYX/WHITE(ONXWH)

CILANTRO HEATHER (COT) DIGITAL HEATHER (DGH) ORANGE BURST HEATHER (OBH) CHARCOAL HEATHER (CCH)Chelan Colorblock | Be comfortable while making a CB DRYTEC™ CHELAN COLORBLOCK POLOFeaturing the same cotton-touch heather polyester as our classic Chelan Polo, this moisture-wicking 100% polyester jersey style takes a boldnew direction with its contrast details. The self-fabric collar and neck tape, side vents, and C&B pennant at the left sleeve complete the lookwith style and performance.Men's: S-3XL MCK09168 msrp $64 USD/$76 CAD CORE | 21

sun protection ensure this polo moves gracefully through your active day. The four-button placket and tonal C&B pennant embroidery at the hem provide the detailing that gives this polo classic C&B style. Ladies': XS-3XL LCK02593 msrp $60 USD/$73 CAD ALWAYS IN STOCK (TBH, NVH, CCH)

SHOWN IN: Navy Blue Heather and Midnight Green Heather CORE | 23

ORANGE BURST/WHITE (ORBWH) NEW ATLAS/WHITE (ALSWH) VALOR/WHITE (VLWH) LOFT/WHITE (LFTWH) CARDINAL RED/WHITE (CDRW) TOUR BLUE/WHITE (TBWH) NAVY BLUE/WHITE (NVBW) WHITE/BLACK (WHBL) ONYX/WHITE (ONXWH) BLACK/WHITE (BLWH) SHOWN LEFT TO RIGHT: Loft/White, Valor/White, Tour Blue/White Franklin | Strong impressions. Cool comfort. CB DRYTEC™ FRANKLIN STRIPE POLO A breathable shirt for the true sportsman, the Franklin Polo takes players to a place where style reigns. The horizontal pencil stripes on the 100% polyester touchable fabric creates a look that stands out in a crowd and fits in at the office. The three-button placket features a diagonal stitch detail and sun protection of 15 UPF, further elevating the look. Elegant fit and the embroidered C&B pennant to the left sleeve, means your game has never looked so good. Men's: S-3XL MCK00969 msrp $61 USD/$72 CAD Big & Tall*: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00969 msrp $72 USD/$90 CAD *Available in Black/White, Cardinal Red/White, Navy Blue/White, Onyx/White, and Tour Blue/White.24 |

Foss | Small details stand out with CB DRYTEC™ FOSS HYBRID POLOTake on the links or that key meeting with confidence. This moisture-wicking 100% polyester interlock shirt offers plenty ofperformance. The mesh piecing at the shoulder and side seam, jersey body, and side vents keep you cool. The self-fabric collar,silver piping, and silver C&B pennant provide the style you need. Pairs perfectly with the ladies’ Evolve Half-Zip.Men's: S-3XL MCK00990 msrp $56 USD/$66 CADEvolveGo anywhere with confidence. SHOWN IN: Cardinal Red and Elemental Grey EVOLVE AVAILABLE IN:FOSS AVAILABLE IN: NAVY BLUE (NVBU) CARDINAL RED (CDR) BLACK (BL) ELEMENTAL GREY (EG) TOUR BLUE (TBL) WHITE (WH) TOUR BLUE (TBL) ELEMENTAL GREY (EG) CARDINAL RED (CDR) NAVY BLUE (NVBU)BLACK (BL)new CB DRYTEC™ L/S EVOLVE HALF-ZIPWhether hitting the green or checking off your busy to-do list, the Evolve Half-Zip will give you the confidence you need toshine. The mock collar, contrast trim and cover stitching, and C&B pennant at the back meet all the required style points. Thehybrid mesh piecing at the underarm and side panel, and moisture-wicking 100% polyester interlock fabrication offer theperformance that helps you get it all done.Ladies': XS-3XL LCK02592 msrp $64 USD/$78 CAD CORE | 25

Medina Tonal Stripe Modern sportswear for today’s lifestyle.26 |

CB DRYTEC™ MEDINA TONAL STRIPE POLO TOUR BLUE (TBL) BLACK (BL)Everyone needs one of these power polos in their wardrobe. Crafted WHITE (WH)from 53% cotton, 47% polyester micro-stripe jersey, this moisture-wicking polo is strong enough to perform during the game andsleek enough to head back to the office. Featuring a self-fabriccollar, three-button placket for men and contrast-collar Y-placketfor women, logo buttons, back half moon, forward shoulders, pipingat neck, open sleeves, side vents, princess seams for the ladies,and tonal C&B pennant embroidery, this machine-washable polo isperfect for any occasion.Men's: S-3XL MCK00427 msrp $57 USD/$70 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00427 msrp $67 USD/$81 CADLadies': XS-3XL LCK02358 msrp $57 USD/$70 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (TBL, BL, WH, ONX, ALS, NVBU) CHUTNEY (CHT) ONYX (ONX) COLLEGE PURPLE (CLP) MIDNIGHT GREEN (MNG) CARDINAL RED (CDR) ATLAS (ALS) SHOWN IN: Cardinal Red and College Purple NAVY BLUE (NVBU) CORE | 27

Championship Our best-selling cotton blend classic.SHOWN IN: Sea Green and Steelhead CB DRYTEC™ CHAMPIONSHIP POLO Style and performance combine to create a mainstay in your wardrobe. This polo’s blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester CB DryTec piqué offers machine-washable, moisture-wicking properties that don’t skimp on style. The men's polo features a double-faced collar with spandex to retain shape, three-button placket with matching buttons, pennant logo tape inside the neck, and tonal C&B pennant embroidery, this shirt was made to stand out. Add in an original fit for the men, princess seams and a self-collar for the women, open sleeves, and side vents, and you have definitely found your favorite. Reflect not available in Big & Tall. Men's: S-3XL MCK01263 msrp $47 USD/$55 CAD msrp $59 USD/$71 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-6XB, LT-5XT BCK01263 msrp $47 USD/$55 CAD msrp $47 USD/$55 CAD Ladies': XS-3XL LCK08541 Women's Plus*: 1X-5X WCK08541 *Available in Black, Cardinal Red, Navy Blue, Red, Reflect, Sea Blue and Steelhead. ALWAYS IN STOCK (TBL, CC, SBL, NVBU, CDR, WH, BAU, RD, BL)28 |


SHOWN IN: Tour Blue and Atlas ONYX (ONX) TOUR BLUE (TBL) WHITE (WH) BLACK (BL) NAVY BLUE (NVBU) ATLAS (ALS) RED (RD) Kingston Piqué | Our best wicking, true performance polo. CB DRYTEC™ KINGSTON PIQUÉ POLO This true-blue, performance-driven polo features unforgettable style. The machine-washable, 100% polyester piqué provides superior wicking while the forward shoulders, open sleeves, and side vents make an airy polo for those who are active. The refined, two-button placket with self-fabric piping and matching buttons plus the tonal C&B pennant embroidery keep this polo playing on and off the green. The ladies’ look adds princess seams for a more flattering fit. Men’s: S-3XL MCK00415 msrp $47 USD/$61 CAD Ladies’: XS-3XL LCK02351 msrp $47 USD/$61 CAD30 |

COLLEGE PURPLE (CLP) TOUR BLUE (TBL) WHITE (WH) LOCKER (LKR) BLACK (BL) CHUTNEY (CHT) SCORCH (SCH) NAVY BLUE (NVBU) REFLECT (RFL)ATLAS (ALS)Highland ParkStyle for wherever your day takes you. SHOWN IN: Black and LockerCB DRYTEC™ HIGHLAND PARK POLO & 3/4 SLEEVE HIGHLAND PARK COWL NECKNo matter where you roam, your style should remain fresh. This tonal striped jersey’s 94% polyester, 6% spandex fabric offersmachine-washable, moisture-wicking design. The ladies’ cowl neck provides a beautiful, subtle drape, while the men’s three-button placket with diagonal stitching, and tonal C&B pennant embroidery keep style on point.Men’s: S-3XL MCK00755 msrp $58 USD/$71 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00755 msrp $74 USD/$84 CADLadies’: XS-3XL LCK02503 msrp $58 USD/$71 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (RFL, NVBU, BL, LKR) CORE | 31

CB DRYTEC™ TOPSPIN HALF-ZIP & FULL-ZIP Casual comfort combines with sleek style to create a look you’ll wear again and again. This half-zip’s self-fabric mock neck features a striped collar rib at the inside of the back neck, for some subtle fun. The silver C&B pennant heat transfer at the back and comfortable 92% polyester, 8% spandex brushed jersey fabric provide a modern look that provides warmth and maintains its shape. The men’s style features a half-zip with chin guard and exposed zipper while the women’s style offers a full-zip with an exposed coil zipper giving each their own refined yet active look. Men’s Half-Zip: S-3XL MCK00710 msrp $86 USD/$103 CAD Ladies’ Full-Zip: XS-3XL LCK02560 msrp $86 USD/$103 CAD ALWAYS IN STOCK (CCH, NVH)32 | SHOWN LEFT TO RIGHT: Tour Blue Heather (TBH), Navy Blue Heather (NVH), Cardinal Red Heather (CRH) and Charcoal Heather (CCH)

TopspinA versatile layer for today’s lifestyle. CORE | 33

Belfair Luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton provides high-durability, a polished appearance, and a plush finish to our lineup of Soft. Supple. Essential. Belfair items.SHOWN LEFT TO RIGHT: Ladies’ Half-Zip in Black, Men’s Half-Zip in White with Mock in Onyx, and Men’s Polo in Navy Blue L/S BELFAIR PIMA HALF-ZIP Comfortable, sporty, and still professional — the Belfair Peruvian Pima Half-Zip has it all. Featuring a light 100% Peruvian Pima cotton double knit fabrication perfect for the game, this half-zip was made to play. And yet, the fit, zip mock design, and lustrous sheen give the green-ready look the ability to leave the course. Men will love the metallic zipper pull and the C&B pennant on the back. Women will adore the hidden coil zipper and ribbon detailing. All will look and feel fresh. Bordeaux not available in Big & Tall. Men's: S-3XL MCK00973 msrp $80 USD/$95 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00973 msrp $98 USD/$118 CAD Ladies': XS-3XL LCK02587 msrp $80 USD/$95 CAD34 |

MEN’S LIBERTY NAVYLA(LDYIENS) ’ MEN’SBORDEAUX (BRD) ONYX (ONX) NEW BLACK (BL) BORDEAUX (BRD) NEW WHITE (WH) LIBERTY NAVY (LYN) ONYX (ONX)L/S BELFAIR PIMA MOCKElegant style combines with elegant comfort in the Belfair Peruvian Pima Mock. This long-sleeve 100% Peruvian Pima cottondouble knit look is extremely touchable while remaining a style that can command attention in any situation. The short mockneck and cuff are ribbed with spandex to retain long-lasting shape. The classic silhouette and C&B pennant at the back providethe subtle sophistication that you know and love. Bordeaux not available in Big & Tall.Men's: S-3XL MCK00971 msrp $70 USD/$83 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00971 msrp $86 USD/$103 CADL/S BELFAIR PIMA POLOThe Belfair Pima Polo is perfect parts graceful style and comfortable feel. Crafted from softer-than-soft 100% Peruvian Pimacotton double knit, this long-sleeve look provides supple and luxurious style. The three-button placket and self-fabric collarprovide a contemporary fit while the C&B pennant at the back and rib cuff bring the look into the present day. Bordeaux notavailable in Big & Tall.Men’s: S-3XL MCK00972 msrp $78 USD/$93 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00972 msrp $96 USD/$118 CAD CORE | 35


RidgeLightweight layering, top-notchweather protection. C B WEATHERTEC™ RIDGE HALF-ZIP & FULL-ZIP Professionalism and play merge to create a look that works on the green and off. Featuring a zip mock neck to keep the wind away, contrast detailing at the shoulders and back for modern style, and signature C&B pennant embroidery at the back neck. The men’s half-zip cuts a bold silhouette that stands out from the rest. The ladies’ full-zip style features piecing at the sides for breathability and offers utility with concealed inside right-hand zip pocket for storage. The 100% polyester fleece Ridge is treated with a DuPont Teflon finish that provides water- and stain-resistant protection allowing you to be ready for anything the weather might bring. Men’s Half-Zip: S-3XL MCK00974 msrp $86 USD/$106 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00974 msrp $108 USD/$133 CAD Ladies' Ful-Zip: XS-4XL LCK02571 msrp $86 USD/$106 CAD DuPont™ Teflon® Smarter fabric for smarter protection. We’re always in search of innovative ways to make your busy, active life easier, which led us to DuPont Teflon, the latest in water, oil, and stain-resistant technology. Garments treated with this patented finish easily fend off water-based and oily stains on wool, cotton and blended fabrics, all without changing their look or feel. The addition of this eco-friendly polymer treatment causes dry stains and dirt to brush away cleanly, while liquid spills bead up and roll completely off.SHOWN IN: Midnight Green and Tour Blue CORE | 37

CIRCUIT (CRC)LIBERTY NAVY (LYN)CARDINAL RED (CDR) DecaturBLACK (BL) Dress up or down in luxurious comfort. L/S PIMA DECATUR V-NECK Named after the U.S. naval ship that protected the early settlement in Seattle, this boat-worthy style merges comfort and classic good looks. The thick, wearable, 60% Peruvian Pima cotton and 40% polyester jacquard fabric sumptuously wards off the wind while the subtle overstitching and pieced sides create a look and a fit that completes any ensemble. Add the textured inside and the traditional V-neck, and you have an elegant style for any event — whether protecting a settlement or simply sailing. Men's Sizes: S-3XL MCK00975 msrp $80 USD/$98 CAD38 |

SHOWN IN: Circuit, Cardinal Red and Liberty NavyL/S PIMA DECATUR HALF-ZIPBold enough to borrow the name of the naval ship that protected early Seattle settlers, the Decatur Half-Zip is simply special.Whether it is the perfectly fitted mock neck that keeps the wind and the chill at bay, the flattering fit, or the comfortable 60% Peruvian Pima cotton, and 40% polyester blend fabric, this zip is a must for every wardrobe. With slacks or jeans, any wardrobe is enhanced by a staple like this. Men's: S-3XL MCK00985 msrp $90 USD/$107 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00985 msrp $112 USD/$138 CADLadies': XS-4XL LCK02585 msrp $90 USD/$107 CAD CORE | 39

SOLID NAVY BLUE (SNU) EdgeCARDINAL RED (CDR) Durable performance for everyday wear. WHITE (WH)LADIES’ ONLYSOLID BLACK (SBK)HUNTER (HT) NAVY BLUE (NVBU)CIRCUIT (CRC)MEN’S ONLYCOLLEGE PURPLE (CLP)REFLECT (RFL)BLACK (BL) SHOWN IN: Hunter and White CB DRYTEC™ EDGE HALF-ZIP Activewear versatility combines with elegant style in this half-zip. The comfortable, wicking 100% polyester fabrication features a self-fabric mock, hem and cuffs with dual-textured piecing and front piping details. With machine-washable design and solid colors, this zip will soon become your favorite. Solid Black and Solid Navy Blue not available in Big & Tall. Men's: S-3XL MCK08861 msrp $82 USD/$94 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK08861 msrp $96 USD/$115 CAD ALWAYS IN STOCK (BL, NVBU, RFL) CB DRYTEC™ EDGE FULL-ZIP Stellar style meets sophisticated activewear in this comfortable full-zip. The moisture-wicking, 100% polyester fabrication features a self-fabric stand collar, hem, and cuffs. The dual-textured piecing, seamless pieced shoulders with front piping details, two front pockets, and novelty front zip pocket make this machine-washable zip a piece you’ll want to show off. Ladies': XS-3XL LCK08514 msrp $84 USD/$98 CAD Women's Plus*: 1X-5X WCK08514 msrp $84 USD/$98 CAD *Available in Black and White. ALWAYS IN STOCK (BL, NVBU, WH, RFL)40 |

Overtime | Handsome, comfortable, classic.OVERTIME HALF-ZIPOne of our favorite modern classics. The machine-washable 100% cotton heathered flatback rib with a 2x2 rib collar and cuffs,forward shoulder, and self-fabric hem create the feel you will love. The exposed zipper, back yoke, contrast coverstitching, andtonal C&B pennant embroidery offer the style you are known for.Men’s: S-3XL MCK00492 msrp $78 USD/$98 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00492 msrp $96 USD/$118 CAD NAVY BLUE (NVBU) MONARCH (MNC) HUNTER (HT) BLACK (BL) CHARCOAL HEATHER/ BLACK (CCHBL) SHOWN IN: Monarch CORE | 41

Fulltime A fresh look for any occasion. SHOWN IN: Navy Blue and Cardinal Red42 |

FULLTIME PIMA SNAP PLACKET OVERKNITModern times call for up-to-date looks, which is where the Fulltime NAVY BLUE (NVBU)steps in. This 100% Supima® cotton style combines fashionable details BLACK (BL)with wearable comfort, so you can pull it on anytime. The flatback2x2 rib collar features an end-on-end stripe at the neck, while the CARDINAL RED (CDR)hidden snap placket and contrast twill tape detail provide a flash ofinterest. The forward shoulder, self-piping, pieced self-fabric sleevecuff, and C&B pennant embroidery at the sleeve create a look thatkeeps you ahead of the trend.Men’s: S-3XL MCK00851 msrp $86 USD/$103 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCK00851 msrp $98 USD/$123 CADFULLTIME FULL-ZIPThis 100% Supima® cotton full-zip is crafted for the women who givetheir all, all of the time. The thick, immaculate fabric provides a warm,comfortable wear while the on-seam pockets, flattering fit, andlong sleeves give room to get things done. Our favorite detail is thetall collar with two snaps. Whether warding of the chill of an early-morning walk through the mountain air or offering a unique sense ofstyle in town, this look elevates.Ladies’: XS-4XL LCK02570 msrp $86 USD/$103 CAD CORE | 43

44 |

BroadviewModern wardrobe essentials.One of the cornerstones of any versatile wardrobeis a selection of well-made, long-wearing sweaters.Our machine-washable, 100% combed cotton knitsare available in a variety of timeless styles that can be easily dressed up or down, worn layered or alone, always keeping you perfectly polished and completely comfortable.BROADVIEW SCOOP NECK SWEATERRefresh your image with this modern classic. The endlesslycomfortable, machine-washable, 100% combed cotton gives you thefeel you adore while the scoop neck, full-needle rib detail at the necktrim, and 1x1 rib hem and covered button cuffs provide a twist. Addin the 12-gauge knit, fully-fashioned construction, jersey and reverse-jersey stitching, and outside linking at the seams, and this might justbecome your new favorite. Available in Athletic Grey Heather, Black,Charcoal Heather, and Navy Blue Heather.Ladies’: XS-3XL LCS04758 msrp $78 USD/$98 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (CCH, BL)BROADVIEW CARDIThis distinctive style is your next favorite cardigan. This machine-washable, 100% combed cotton cardigan features a complimentingjewel neckline, rib detailing at the neck, raglan sleeves, and fully-fashioned construction. With a two-way zip closure, 2x2 rib hemand cuffs, 12-gauge knit, jersey stitch, and linked seams, this carditakes the sweater to a fashionable new level. Available in AthleticGrey Heather, Black, Charcoal Heather, and Navy Blue Heather.Ladies’: XS-4XL LCS04771 msrp $84 USD/$103 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (CCH, BL)SHOWN IN: Athletic Grey Heather and Navy Blue Heather See page 46 for colors CORE | 45

NAVY BLUE HEATHER (NVH) BroadviewBLACK (BL)ATHLETIC GREY HEATHER (AGH)CHARCOAL HEATHER (CCH) BROADVIEW V-NECK SWEATER Settle for the best with this 100% combed cotton V-neck sweater. The machine-washable, 12-gauge knit, fully-fashioned construction, jersey stitching, and English shoulders offer a striking shape. The rib detail at the shoulders, two-tone stripe detail at the back yoke, 1x1 rib sleeve cuff and bottom hem, and tonal outside linking at the seams show off your unique sense of style. Men’s: S-3XL MCS01842 msrp $78 USD/$98 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCS01842 msrp $86 USD/$108 CAD ALWAYS IN STOCK (CCH, AGH, BL, NVH) BROADVIEW V-NECK SWEATER VEST Add an essential to your closet: our V-neck sweater vest. This machine-washable, 100% combed cotton vest features interesting rib detailing at the shoulders, two-tone stripe detailing at the inside yoke, fully-fashioned construction, and a 1x1 rib bottom hem and neck. The 12-gauge knit, outside linking at the seams, and jersey stitching bring the entire piece together. Men’s: S-3XL MCS01422 msrp $68 USD/$87 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCS01422 msrp $78 USD/$98 CAD46 |

SHOWN IN: Charcoal Heather, Navy Blue Heather, Black, and Athletic Grey HeatherBROADVIEW CREWWhether worn straight or layered over a collared shirt, the Broadview Crew brings panache to your look. The comfortable 100% combed cotton fabric creates a sense of polished style that doesn’t stifle, while the two-tone stripe detailing at the insideyoke along with the interesting rib texture on the shoulders, neck, hem, and cuffs offer subtle moments of elegance. Choosethe Broadview Crew to round out your collection.Men’s: S-3XL MCS01456 msrp $80 USD/$98 CADBROADVIEW HALF-ZIP SWEATERThis half-zip sweater offers a modern twist on a classic. Crafted from machine-washable, 100% combed cotton, this comfortablemock features a full-gauge placket, two-tone stripe at the inside neck and back yoke, and 2x2 rib collar, cuff, hem, and shoulder.The 12-gauge jersey knit, fully-fashioned construction, and outside linking at the seams create a look you can wear everywhere.Men’s: S-3XL MCS01424 msrp $84 USD/$103 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCS01424 msrp $92 USD/$115 CADALWAYS IN STOCK (CCH, AGH, BL, NVH) CORE | 47

V-NECK VEST Douglas An upscale addition to any wardrobe. V-NECK HALF-ZIP LIBERTY NAVY BLACK MID-GREY HEATHER (LYN) (BL) (MDGH) DOUGLAS HALF-ZIP Crafted with the details in mind, the Douglas Half-Zip is created from a 50% acrylic, 50% merino wool fabric that can safely be machine-washed. Featuring a 1x1 rib collar, cuff, and bottom opening, linked seams, fully-fashioned construction, and ottoman-stitch detail, this zip is an ideal companion for your next trip. Men’s: S-3XL MCS01433 msrp $116 USD/$148 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCS01433 msrp $138 USD/$173 CAD DOUGLAS V-NECK Business casual need not get stagnant — the Douglas V-neck provides modern style perfect for a professional setting. The 1x1 rib collar, cuff, and hem, linked seams, fully-fashioned construction, and English shoulder create an impactful look while the 50% acrylic, 50% merino wool fabric provides a pleasant touchable sweater with machine-washability. Men’s: S-3XL MCS01431 msrp $90 USD/$118 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCS01431 msrp $108 USD/$135 CAD DOUGLAS V-NECK VEST Professional looks combine with comfortable, modern style to create a V-neck vest that works for your wardrobe. Created with a machine-washable 50% acrylic, 50% merino wool fabric and featuring a 1x1 rib collar, cuff, and hem, linked seams, English shoulders, and fully-fashioned construction, this vest creates a striking silhouette. Men’s: S-3XL MCS01432 msrp $80 USD/$103 CAD Big & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCS01432 msrp $90 USD/$118 CAD48 |

SHOWN IN: Mid-Grey HeatherL/S DOUGLAS V-NECKThe Douglas V-neck is a breezy, professional style designed to be a staple in your collection. The jersey self-trim necklineblends perfectly, the long 2x2 rib cuff and hem to provide an elegant look. The touchable, machine-washable 50% acrylic, 50% merino wool fabric makes this an easy choice.Ladies’: XS-3XL LCS04774 msrp $90 USD/$118 CAD CORE | 49

Tailored Fit Classic style in a sleek, updated cut. We are proud to present our Tailored Fit in our most essential woven shirts. This trimer cut projects modern elegance and offers a great alternative to our standard fit. No matter what your build, our new Tailored Fit offers a fresh, sleek style every man needs in his wardrobe. Body and sleeves are cut trimmer SHOWN IN: Fine Twill in Atlas50 |

Tattersall in Red Fine Twill in WhiteNailshead Spread Nailshead in French Blue Collar in Black CORE | 51

Spread CollarNailsheadClassic style meets modern collar.L/S EASY CARE SPREAD COLLAR NAILSHEADTravel and crisp style now go hand-in-hand with this wrinkle-resistant100% polyester, 40% polyester dobby button-down. This professional style iscomfortable running errands around town or leading meetings in the office.The spread collar, barrel cuffs, and chest pocket with subtle stitching detailprovide the pressed and pristine style you need. The touchable fabric, contrastinside neck tape, and easy-care design give you a splash of modernity.Men’s: S-3XL MCW02054 msrp $67.50 USD/$82 CADBig & Tall: 1XB-5XB, LT-4XT BCW02054 msrp $82 USD/$100 CADnew Men’s Tailored Fit*: S-3XL MCW09474 msrp $67.50 USD/$82 CAD*Tailored Fit available in Black, French Blue and White.ALWAYS IN STOCK (FB)SHOWN IN: Tailored Fit in Black, Regular Fit in French Blue ATLAS (ALS) CARDINAL RED (CDR) BLACK (BL) WHITE (WH) FRENCH BLUE (FB)52 |

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