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Story Transcript

Simple present Hello, my name is Rodrigo, I am from Colombia, and I am 10 years old. I like read comic and watch TV. In the afternoons, I like to play basketball with my friends, and after I go to make my home works, because the study is very important for me. I have a dog, its name is Lucas, and is my best friend. I live with my mother, my father and my little sister, and I love they so much. She is 5 year old, and the next month we go together for the first time to the zoo−park. There is many animals like the panther, the tiger, the big bear, the funny monkeys, and birds like the eagle, the condor and others more that will be nice to meet. My father say me If you are a god boy, in your birthday I give you a Play station can you believe it?, is a nice gift, so I will be a god boy for win this prize. Yesterday star the summer, and I can go to the beach with my uncle and my cousins, for play everyday together in the sea. I know that this is a god plan, also is funny and is economic. Past progressive When the girl was arriving to her house, her mother did cooking the dinner. The girl walked in silent to her room, but her mother already heard the door. Calling sweetly to her daughter, the mother say : why do you arrive to this hour at the house? The girl, rotating on her steps, and looking to the eyes of her mother, she was telling to the woman that was cooking, reasons about 3 minutes. But the woman smiling said:; I know that you were with Richard, why do you're lying me? The girl downing her heard and said: I am sorry, mommy, never do it again don't arrive to this hour again, do you know what time is? I do, but don't be angry with me, please ok. The mother don't know that her daughter didn't forget her birthday, and the reason for the later of her arrive, was the gift that she had leave in the receiver, with the help of dad. After, in the dinner, the father, smiling and look with malice, say to his daughter and wife that he had a god notice: their gone to travel to the Bahamas for the birthday of her wife. The woman was very happy, but was more happy, when his daughter give she a beautiful card. Modal should My life is so hard. Is full of obligations. My mother arrive to my house, and nor even greet me, and already start to say me things for to do. you should clean your room thing that I hate, you should to wash you dirty clothes, you should give food to your dog Is so hard. Why never say you should get out to the park? or you should eat a ice cream? Not, she only order bored things for to do, nothing more. For example, yesterday, I was walking for the park, and my mother get out and shoot me Hey, you!!! Come 1

on andI think that you should make your homework!!!! Really, I wasn't angry, for first time, I wasn't angry because my mother shout me with all my friend see and hear. But my mother shout too and take you drawers away from the bathroom I can believe that my mother do it me this. Why she can say this with all my friend here? And the more sad, is that the all that I can do, is be angry and make bad face. For that, when my mother leave go to the park with my friend, I prefer put in order all my things, before that my mother shout me you should Future with going to My uncle had a moustache and plan every summer: organized an trips our family. We going to the beach. I know that my uncle going to enjoy like a boy. He always organized the trips very carefully. He used to said always before to go this weekend we going to make many plays, even the grandma can play it!! The first day, we going to the hotel, and after we going to the beach, to the sea!!! We going to all the stores in the beach, and buy a few of every thing We had only 12 and 13 year old, but we can't remember every thing that this travel. The wife of my uncle Juan was a very nice woman. She going to the super and always buy candies for us. But, when my uncle organized the trips , he always said us : your aunt going to complained for the money But she always hear him commentary, and never said nothing. The trips always was god, always. The uncle always organized this little adventure for make us happy, I know. He investing in memories. He made sure that there was as many people on the trip as possible, for make to the travel a nice memory. QUESTIONS Simple present (wh question) • when is the name of the boy? • Rodrigo • what old is he? • 10 years old • what he like to play in the afternoons? • Basketball • when he go the next month? • To the zoo− park • why he gone be a nice boy? • Because his father gone give him a play station • who live with he? ♦ His parents and his sister. • which animal wait to see Rodrigo? 2

♦ The panther, the monkeys, and some birds ♦ where is he from? ◊ He is from Colombia ◊ when he can go in this summer? ⋅ To the beach ◊ who go with he? ⋅ With his uncle, and cousins. Past progressive ( wh question) ◊ what was doing the mother of the girl? ⋅ She was cooking ◊ why the girl lie to her mother? ⋅ Because she don't want that her mother see her surprise ◊ what the mother think about the later of his daughter? ⋅ That she was with her boyfriend ◊ who was in the house when the girl arrive? ⋅ The parents of the girl ◊ which were the notice of the father? ⋅ That they will travel to the Bahamas ◊ when the father said the notice? ⋅ In the dinner ◊ what does the girl when arrive to her house? ⋅ She walked in silence for the hall ◊ when the girl leave the card? ⋅ In the receiver ◊ what happened this day in her house? ⋅ The mother was of birthday ◊ what gift the girl give to her mother? ⋅ A card Modal should (wh question) ◊ what the kid say that his live is hard? ⋅ Because he has many obligations ◊ where he like to go? ⋅ To the park ◊ what him mother order he? ⋅ That he should clean him room ◊ what he say about him mother? ⋅ That she don't greet he, and she already was order thing for to do ◊ what things he hate to do? ⋅ Clean ◊ what thing he had to make? ⋅ Give food to him dog, clean him room, and make his home works ◊ what his mother do? ⋅ She ashamed to the kid ◊ which things like do to the kid? ⋅ Eat ice cream, and play in the park ◊ what is the more sad the kid? ⋅ That all that he can do is to be angry ◊ what he do now before to get out? ⋅ Put in order all his things Future with going to (wh question) 3

◊ who organized the trip? ⋅ The uncle Juan ◊ what used to said the uncle before the trip? ⋅ That then weekend would be nice. ◊ what did the wife of Juan? ⋅ She buy candies for they ◊ who go to the travel? ⋅ The cousins, the uncle and the aunt, even the grandma. ⋅ what did the first day? • They arrive to the hotel • what said the uncle about his wife? ♦ That she always complain about the money • why the uncle organized this trips? ♦ For make they happy • which was the plan for the others days? ♦ Walk in the beach and make plays for all the family • why the uncle take many people to the travel? ♦ For make a nice memory? • how year older was the kids? ♦ 13 and 12 present simple (yes o no question) • is Rodrigo Colombian? ♦ Yes • does Rodrigo like play basketball? ♦ Yes, he like. • does Rodrigo lives with his cousins? ♦ No, he don't. • has her sister 5 years old? ♦ Yes, she has 5 years old ♦ does Rodrigo make his homework? ◊ Yes, he do it. ♦ does Rodrigo read comics? ◊ Yes, he do it. ♦ can he go to the beach in summer? ◊ Yes, he will do. ♦ does Rodrigo love his family? ◊ Yes, he love al his family. ♦ does his father give him a play station? ◊ Yes, if Rodrigo is a god boy ♦ does he go to the zoo the next month? ◊ Yes ♦ does he go with her sister? ◊ Yes, because is the birthday of his sister. ◊ is he 12 years older? ⋅ Not, he is 10 years older. ◊ has he a dog? ⋅ Yes ◊ does the name of the dog Lucas? ⋅ yes, this it's the name of a dog ◊ is he happy for the travel to the beach? ⋅ Yes, because is a god plan, and economic 4

Past progressive (yes o no question) ◊ was the mother in the kitchen? ⋅ Yes, she was here ◊ was the girl with her boyfriend? ⋅ Not, she wasn't ◊ did the girl arrive later? ⋅ Yes, he did. ◊ was the mother angry with the girl? ⋅ Yes, a little ◊ did the girl lie to her mother? ⋅ Yes, when she arrived ◊ did the family forget the birthday of the mom? ⋅ No, they didn't ◊ did dad buy the trip for his wife? ⋅ Yes, for her and for his daughter. ⋅ was the Girl's card in the living room? • No, there is in the receiver ⋅ did the dad know about the girl's gift? • Yes, he knew. ⋅ was the father in the door? • Not, he was in the table. ⋅ was the girl happy for the trip? • Yes, she was. • did mom know about the trip? ♦ No, he didn't know • did the girl know about the travel? ♦ No, she neither know • was the mother sad because his daughter lie her? ♦ Yes, a little. • was a different dinner then night? ♦ Yes, for the surprise of the travel. Modal should (yes o no question) • does the kid bored of all his obligations? ♦ Yes, he does. • does the kid think in the hard that his live are? ♦ Yes • doesn't like the obligation that he has? ♦ No, he doesn't like. • does he like that his mother said you should..,? ♦ no, he doesn't like. • does he would like that his obligation was more funny? ♦ Yes, he does • does he like go to the park? 5

♦ Yes, he does • does he like to eat ice cream? ♦ Yes, he liked • does her mother order he that he has to clean his room? ♦ Yes, she does. • does he hate to clean? ♦ Yes, he does. • does he has to give food to her dog? ♦ Yes, he has to give food to his dog. • does the mother ashamed the kid? ♦ Yes, she did that. • does the kid sad for this ? ♦ yes, he does. • does his mother shout to he when she was out of house? ♦ Yes, she does. • does his mother order eat candies? ♦ Not, she doesn't it. • does he put in order all his things before to get out? ♦ Yes, he does. Future with going to (yes o not question) • does The uncle Juan organized the trip? ♦ Yes, he does • does the uncle use to talk about the travel? ♦ Yes, he does. • does the wife of Juan buy candies for they? ♦ Yes, She does • does travel many people? ◊ Yes, many people. ◊ does the first day arrive to the hotel? • Yes, They do it. • does the uncle talk about his wife?


♦ Yes, he

say that she alwa comp abou the mon

• does the uncle organized this trips for make they happy? ♦ Yes, He do • are the plan for the others days Walk in the beach? ♦ Yes, it is the plan • does the uncle take many people to the travel? ♦ Yes, he like take many peop 7

• do the kids was 13 and 12 year older ?

♦ yes, they do.

• does the uncle create a nice memories with the travel? ♦ Yes, he does • does Juan has a moustache? ♦ Yes, he does • does he has new plan for every summer? ♦ Yes, he does it • does he prepare every travel carefully? 8

• does he enjoy like a boy?


♦ Yes, he do

♦ Yes, he alwa does

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