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Lord Jesus, (Kat Kerr Condensed Prayers) I want you! I love you! I give you permission to use me at any time. Take me on your journey. My way is not the way. It is your way. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me that revelation in me. Yes I am chosen. I choose to be chosen. I surrender my life to you. I am willing and obedient. We are your people and I am willing today to receive your Divine Power. I have divine health. I bind the things of God to my soul. I lose the spirit of fear. What we lose on Earth is loosed in Heaven. God is a consuming Fire. I am a consuming Fire. Thank u Lord for filling me with Boldness and Fire. I thank you for the SUDDENLYS. Father thank you for the timing my birth on the Earth for right now. I expect to receive the more. It is my commission. I am obedient and laugh while I do it. I ask for and receive lots of fun. I need fun. Heaven has fun on Earth as it is in Heaven. I am fierce and dangerous against hell. It’s our honor & privilege to torment the demons! The enemy is my door mat. We have the right to take back what satan has stolen. We take it back by force! I’m a ruler for Jesus Christ. I am royalty. I am your daughter. This is the time I have been waiting for. Amen. Woo Hoo!!!!! Lord God, As as act of my will, I want the anointing stirred in me as stated in 1st John 2:27. I receive them. I receive a deposit. It’s only a deposit. The more I release the more I am going to get. I want you to set me up when you release that glory. I am going to carry it around this Earth till it covers this Earth like the water covers the sea. Amen.

I decree and declare open my spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear clearly. Let me see the Hosts around me, besides, sitting and around me. Let me see them in the sky. Let me see them carry out orders because they were sent by headquarters by the Lord of Host who is the chief commander. I am supposed to be a commander. God said to command. I/We will command. I/We push back darkness. Lord thank you for giving me revelation from heaven. I will rule. I will handle the wealth of the wicked. I will be destructive in the spirit world. I will have an encounter. I will not be the same. I am a new creation. I am a new sign and wonder in this world. I choose with my will to be like Christ. I won’t be normal. God, I come before your throne. I love your Son, Jesus Christ. Right now I am going to clean up my soul. I repent of any sin since my original repentance. I do not want any of it in me. I am giving it back to your Son. I thank you Jesus for cleansing my soul that I can be free of all sins. Amen (Loose) Father, I choose as an act of my will to loose all fear, hate, confusion, grief, misunderstanding, offence, witchcraft, operating against me or in my family. I loose all anger, addiction, to a drug or person or to a thing. I loose it in Jesus name. I choose to loose all criticizing, hurtful, bashing, trashing, mean words, any judgmental attitudes. I loose from my soul every words that was spoken to me that I

listened to or I said myself. I loose from my soul any words I spoke against any person. I loose judgmental criticism that I spoke over others. Any anger I spoke to others, any hurting, crippling, crushing, controlling words that I spoke over others. I loose from my soul any hate, any vengeance, any offense, any unforgiveness, anything spoken against me or I have spoken against others. I loose it from my soul. I choose as my will to loose oppression, depression, despair, suicide thoughts of any kind. I choose to loose from my soul any unclean movies I have watched, graphic violence whether seen or heard. I loose it. It has no hold on me. I loose spirit of infirmity, any sickness, any disease of any kind. It has no place in me. I loose any fear of any kind whether unfounded or known fear as far back as I have been alive if I heard things of fear. It’s gone now in Jesus name. I loose from my soul every act of witchcraft, attacks against me, spoken against me, anything I watched, read that I was involved with. I loose it from my soul. Every fear, thoughts of suicide, I loose it from my soul in Jesus name. I loose from my soul any pornography, any pedophile, any wicked defiled sin that I looked at or thought or forced me to watch by others. I loose it all from my soul in Jesus name. I loose from my soul any lack, any poverty, any poverty mentality, any stinginess, anything that makes me feel like I have to hide money or hoard, or misuse money. Any wealth that was stolen, I forgive those people in Jesus name. I was

not made to live in lack. I was made to be wealthy. Jesus became poor that I might be rich. Anything other than that I am not keeping it in Jesus name. I loose from my soul any spirits of infirmity, any sickness, any handicap, any disease, any thorns from the enemy that attacked me any of those ways. I loose it from my soul in Jesus name. I loose from my soul any unrighteousness, anything that took me beyond out of the boundaries that God did not allow. I loose all that out of my soul. I loose from my soul any failure, any thoughts of failure, any failed activity or business or plans of the enemy that took me out of them. I will not be associated with failure. I am above and not beneath. Any thoughts of being beneath, I will not keep them in Jesus name. I loose them loose them from my soul. I loose from my soul sadness, deep sadness, unfounded sadness, that has no ground. I will not keep that in my soul. I was made to carry joy. I will no longer keep sadness in Jesus name. I loose from my soul any deceiving words that was spoken to me or about me that I heard of in the news, & any fake news. I loose from my soul any lies about this time, any corruption, that I heard spoken. I loose all that from my soul. I will not make judgments from that. I loose it all from my soul in Jesus name. Any thoughts I have had of being unimportant and not measuring up to. I will not keep those thoughts. I will take them captive. I loose them from my soul in Jesus name. (Now bind the things of God)

As an act of my will, I bind to my soul the love of God, the life of God, the presence of the Lord, the joy of the Lord, his creativity, his expectations, his validations, his thoughts, his will, his way. I bind them to my soul. I bind to my soul creativity, understanding, revelations, those things, that I will keep in my soul. I bind to my soul my gift that he gave me. I will not let it go. I will run after it. I bind to my soul his words are a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. His word I will meditate on all the time in Jesus name. I bind to my soul the goodness of God that will be evident the light of God that will come from me the glory of God that we are seated with Christ. Christ in me is the hope of glory. That I bind to my soul. I bind to my soul his wealth, his plans, to release it to the just and righteous. I bind to my soul sound wisdom, increase discernment, that will operate for him the way he needs to in Jesus name. So Be it! Whoot hoot! Amen. (command the army) Father, I choose as an act of my will to invite heaven’s army to be one of my weapons. Because they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. I receive them in Jesus name who is the Lord of Hosts. Amen. Father, I take power of all the power over the enemy that is attacking my home, my finances, my family, my health, my destiny. I take power over all the power of the enemy trying to bring

violence or disruption to me and to my country. I take power over all the demonic controlling groups or people wanting to do violent acts. I command you to pull down strongholds of satan anywhere around us. To slash and bash the demons and their platform. Shred platforms of hierarchy of evil that have been ruling from to bring it to dust. We take it out and replace it with a rightful place with Jesus Christ. We rule because he rules. We are creating regions of light. I command 500 Trillion of the Host of Heavens to go to: say all the locations and name the people ie. Family, friends, etc. I refuse to tolerate the existence of that virus in my country. I will not receive it, nor tolerate it, nor participate with the enemy’s plan to be distant from others. We command it to go in Jesus name! Thank you, Father for your Son who died for me, and this world. I have joint heir with all he has. I receive it all. Do not leave any of it out. I receive it in Jesus name. God from day forward let it be a new day. I am sent for a purpose to bring joy, life, creation to others and to this Earth. Thank you for the love, knowledge and wisdom.

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