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We've compiled a list of eight invaluable pieces of advice for all aspiring and emerging artists and some top tips f

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Leslie Kavanaugh's Advice to Emerging Artists

0 2 0 3 0 4 W e've compiled a list of eight invaluable pieces of advice for all aspiring and emerging artists and some top tips from Leslie K avanaugh.

D raw E v ery d ay Most artists will tell you that it's 99% sweat and 1% inspiration. Carry a sketchbook everywhere you go and draw as much as you can. Whatever medium you use, the humble pencil will get you through every creative block and burst of inspiration.

Be strict with yourself and make a weekly routine that encourages you to pursue your artistic practice sincerely. Being self-employed isn't easy, and motivation can be complex at times, but incredible things can happen once you stop emphasizing every mark to look 'good.' Looking through old sketchbooks may surprise you, and you may find even inspiration for future pieces.

Have an Active Social Media Presence Set up Instagram and Facebook accounts solely to promote your work, using high-quality images that showcase your best abilities. You want (who doesn't) people to be able to find you online, view your work, and learn more about you as efficiently as possible. Ensure your social media handles are linked to your website and that your website is up to date, straightforward, and easy to navigate.

Consider your website and social media accounts an online extension of your physical portfolio. Galleries and individuals alike seek emerging artists online these days, so it's critical to make sure there's something for them to find when they do a Google search.

Network Never pass up a networking opportunity! It is a simple but effective method of spreading your name and attracting new fans, investors, and followers. Attend exhibition openings and network with other artists; you never know what doors you might open. Remember that networking events allow you to build relationships in the short term while also expanding your customer base in the long term. Make friends in various industries by sharing and collecting business cards.

Every artist has days when they want to put away their pencils, tools, and brushes. Along the way, you'll learn much about what doesn't work and become accustomed to rejection and' failure.' Be persistent, believe in yourself, enjoy every happy accident along the way, and don't give up when things go wrong. If you cherish what you do, it will eventually come through, so keep going.

Keep these points from Leslie Kavanaugh in mind, and you'll never hit a roadblock on your way to refining your art.

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