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Mila-Bergmilch Südtirol Everything begins with our milk

General Informations

The exact name of the company is Mila Bergmilch Südtirol. Mila is a cooperative which means that it is a voluntary association of people in the form of membership in a society with an unclosed number of members. Its objective is to promote the economic, social or cultural interests through a common business operation. Mila is a large company. At the beginning of 2021, there are 2,400 South Tyrolean mountain farming families and 422 employees. However, Mila farms are very small farms with an average of only 14 cows in the barn.

Mila Bruneck

Mila Bozen

Some famous Products

History In 1963, one year after its foundation, the company already had 30 members and the name Mila was introduced. This is derived from the two initial letters of milk and latte. In 1974 the construction of the Mila plant in Bolzano began and 3 years later, in 1977, the first Mila yogurt was produced and the production of fresh milk, fresh cream, butter and curd was also started. In 1997, through the merger of several cooperatives, Milkon Südtirol was founded, the forerunner of today's Bergmilch Südtirol. The second degree cooperative consisted of three basic cooperatives: Mila Gen. and Landwirtschaftliche Gesellschaft. In 2013, on January 1, the merger of the two basic cooperatives Mila and Senni finally gave rise to Bergmilch Südtirol, a modern, managed company with 2,600 members that processes about 200 million kilograms of milk annually at two plants.

Robert Zampieri CEO MILA The company generates 190 million annually, of which about 100 million are issued to farmers. Through innovation, new products, the company is very successful.

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