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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté BRAND BOOK 2022


Brand Overview Marketing Strategies Introduction Brand Alliances Timeline Current Campaigns Brand Onion Digital Appearance Only Statement IMC Mix Vision&Mission Product Strategy Key Market & Target Insights Price Strategy Competitors Distribution Model Target Market Business Model Segmentation Communication Strategy SWOT Brand Perception Positioning Brand Awareness Core Values Brand Associations Brand Culture Secondary Associations Position Statement Brand Narrative Brand Image Objective & Outcomes Brand Elements Recommendations Packaging References

INTRODUCTION Yves Saint Laurent SAS, also known as Saint Laurent, is a French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé in 1961. The brand manufactures products for men and women such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, handbags, and fragrances. Nowadays, YSL SAS company is part of Kerring group, which concrete on haute couture, ready to wear and accessories. The Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, YSL Beauty, is a brand extension originally from Yves Saint Laurent founded in 1978. The beauty line of YSL represents fragrances for men and women, makeup, and skincare. In 2008, YSL Beauty joined in L’Oreal luxe group.






The house launches its first fragrance: Y.

YSL cosmetics line is launched.

L'Oréal acquired YSL Beauté for $1.8 billion in USD (Born, 2008).


Founded in 1962 by Yves Saint Laurent opens designer Yves Saint ready-to-wear line Saint Laurent and his partner, Laurent Rive Gauche. Pierre Bergé



Yves Saint Laurent passes away.

YSL beauty generates $69.36 million in sales in USD (Dun & Bradstreet, 2022).


Ourika Community Gardens Environmental Commitments Reduce our Impact Rewild our Earth Social Commitment Abuse is not LOVE


Modern and Futuristic


High quality, desirable products Cool


Digitally Creative

Spirit of Revolution

Newsletter via email



Empowerment Feminism

French Heritage

Embrace Change




Online and Offline stores Strives for attractiveness

Shipping to more than 50 countries worldwide

Reliable Retailers


“ONLY” STATEMENT YSL Beauty is the only cosmetic brand that calls for defying the rules of the past, by daring to break the codes of the convention and is the most subversive Parisian luxury beauty brand.

MISSION Yves Saint Laurent Beauté gives body and soul to a style. Completely liberated, it asserts itself as a collection of icons, with each creation driven by boldness, youth and the avant-garde.

Yves Saint Laurent

In the wake of Saint Laurent, who showcased the spirit of the times for nearly 40 years, YSL Beauté continues its unbridled love affair with women to create, shape and develop modernity. No compromise. Your own rules. Now.

VISION Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent radically changed the luxury industry by defying the rules of the past, by daring to break the codes of fashion, reinventing them according to his vision. He lived his life looking to break out from the conventions, inspiring everyone to follow their own rules. Intensely. Passionately. Unapologetically. Just as Yves Saint Laurent had a daring state of mind calling for reinvention and action, this philosophy of life inspires our social and environmental commitment that we share with you now.

Stephan Bezy Global President Yves Saint Laurent Beauté



CHANEL MAKEUP VALUE POSITION: To be the Ultimate House of Luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever. AUDIENCE: Women in the age group of 15-40 from upper middle income and upper-income social groups, have an inclination towards fashionable accessories. BRAND ARCHETYPE: LOVER PRODUCTS: Makeup, Perfume, and Skincare OWNED BY: Wertheimer family

GUERLAIN VALUE POSITION: 'In the name of beauty', through which the company prioritises biodiversity, eco-design, social responsibility, transportation, responsible procurement and environmental targets in its worldwide actions. AUDIENCE: Digital-native consumer target, people who, unlike their elders, are keener to buy make-up rather than perfume BRAND ARCHETYPE: LOVER PRODUCTS: Makeup, Perfume, and Skincare OWNED BY: LVMH

DIOR MAKEUP VALUE POSITION: Happiness is the secret to all beauty; there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness. AUDIENCE: High-end customers who are always willing to pay high prices as long as they are assured of highquality products BRAND ARCHETYPE: LOVER PRODUCTS: Makeup, Perfume, and Skincare OWNED BY: LVMH

TARGET MARKET Geographic Demographic Mainly Women Age 18-35 Multicultural High Income High level of Education

Europe Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom North America Florida, California, New York, Texas, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Jersey Asia China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand Africa and Middle East Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

TARGET MARKET Psychographic Trendy, urban, and digital make-up and beauty addicts. Social lifestyle always going out to meet friends Strong career aspirations Aspire to have a high social status Confident self-image Fashion savvy Interest in rocky music Art as a hobby Enjoys traveling and is cultural Embrace freedom and inspiration

Usage and Benefit Not price sensitive Desire to be fashionable Loyal to the brand Buys different items across the product range




YSL Beauty tries to attract younger customers by inviting popular celebrities to launch special editions of packages. The company target a certain social class who can afford luxury cosmetics goods.

The western and easter customers do not have the same values, especially for makeup. For example, in China, red lipstick is the most popular product.

The target of the brand is young customers who can afford luxury makeup and skincare. But for perfumes, it is different, because the fragrance is an easier way for low professional society to enter in the dream of luxury brands.









French luxury brand with heritage Part of L’Oreal group History of the brand and the founder Marketing strategies Product design and decoration Instagram page Celebrity ambassadors Innovative Technologies

The skincare line is not strong as its makeup line Confusion with Yves Saint Laurent SAS Price Too feminine

Put more effort into its skincare line. Invent the idea of organic and green makeup Target more on male group Launch value set Consistent posting on all social media channels

The market is very competitive There are many identical products in the market with lower prices Clean and organic trends


CORE VALUE “BREAK-AWAY” YOUTH SCANDAL FREEDOM AUDACIOUS MODERN YSL woman creates her own codes and never compromises. She leans on her subversive state of mind. She wants to live to the fullest, she dares to experiment life on the edge, unapologetically.

BRAND CULTURE Creative Philosophy The Saint Laurent brand was developed with the idea that fashion is not only about making women more beautiful but also about supporting them spiritually and making them more confident.

Elegance is charm in the face. A mystery. A way of moving.

POSITIONING STATEMENT Yves Saint Laurent Beauté gives body and soul to a style.

POSITION & BRAND IMAGERY Positioning is the act of designing a company's products and image in order to occupy a unique position in the mind of the target market. YSL Beauty is a cosmetics, make-up and skincare brand with high quality positioning. The company is also trying to attract younger customers, and it needs to invest heavily to develop high-quality products to make customers feel that they get what they pay for. And advertise in high quality magazines.

There's a lot of competition in the market now, and there are a lot of companies in three businesses, perfume, cosmetics and skin care. Chanel, Dior, Gulain and Lancome. They are mainly rivals of Islam. Some of these brands specialize in cosmetics, Sephora, MAC and MakeupForever. Their core business is cosmetics, so they have the expertise to provide high-quality cosmetics, and they are positioned for the mass market, not the luxury industry.


Trademarks: The mark consists of the letters "YSL" and covers perfume, toilet water, bath oil, and dusting powder.

Tagline: "Everything starts with a why." "No Compromise. Your own rules. Now". BRAND ARCHETYPE: LOVER Service: Virtual Try-On Personalized Gifts

PACKAGING As the exquisite packaging is one of YSL Beauty’s dominant features, the brand spends much time on packaging. YSL Beauty usually offers special editions of packaging on holidays and special occasions. Also, the brand provides gift wrapping services through its official online stores.






YSL Beauty invites famous celebrities as its brand ambassadors to raise awareness to the general public to better promote its concepts and products.


Barbara Ferreira "Appeal to the Gen Z consumer and embody the brand’s values of boldness, community and connection"

Indya Moore “To celebrate individuality and modernity through unique, empowered talent in the U.S.”

Abuse is Not Love: YSL Beauty’s Stand Against Intimate Partner Violence EDUCATING By 2030, YSL Beauty’s objective is to educate two million people around the world on IPV through its partnership with local non-profits.

TRAINING YSL Beauty employees and beauty advisors to better understand abusive behaviors and available resources.

FUNDING Important academic research on the topic to develop thought-leadership around youth and prevention.




Push The Boundaries To Support The Talents That Drive Change An initiative to encourage those who push their limits In 2021, YSL Beauty becomes part of creative and cultural movements where talented people dare to play with the limits of society. Driven by the conviction that these limits are not immutable, the brand is committed to those who have the courage to stand out from the crowd and shatter the boundaries, with the documentary Push The Boundaries and the "YSL Beauty Zone" event.

Badgyalcassiee artist dancer and choreographer

Chloé Caillet producer and DJ

Jasmine Asia gamer and model

INNOVATION The iconic lip colors of Yves SaintLaurent Beauté (YSL) are entering the Beauty Tech era with Perso, a new device from L’Oréal. Find out how artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are helping to create thousands of personalized bespoke shades.

YSL Rouge Sur Mesure: A Beauty Tech Innovation Powered By Perso Personalized

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Yves Saint Laurent is active on several social media platforms with separate accounts for Yves Saint Laurent and their cosmetics segment, YSL Beauty. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Yves Saint Laurent is much more active on their official company pages for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube than their YSL Beauty accounts. Their Facebook and Twitter account lack updating and consistency, usually posting twice a month compared to other channels. On Twitter, YSL Beauty usually replies and retweets others' tweets rather than posts on their own. The official account posts videos of its commercial, beauty tutorials, makeup trends on its YouTube channel several times a month. They appear to be most active and effective on Instagram, posting numerous times throughout the day including stories. The account generates the most likes and engagement compared to their other social media pages.




Followers 4,547,560



*does not have a separate cosmetic account





*does not have a separate cosmetic account





*does not have a separate cosmetic account



*does not have a separate cosmetic account








*does not have a separate cosmetic account












YSL Beauty launches both offline and online campaigns to engage with consumers. However, the brand tends to focus more on digital promotional campaigns to adapt to the media age.

YSL Beauty gives body and soul to a style.

YSL try to promote through video ad campaigns, social media communication, and other channels like content promotion. They leverage their customer base across social media platforms to promote their products. YSL Beauty often releases commercial videos with popular celebrities on their social media channels to showcase the elegance of their products. The offline stores, usually focus more on visual merchandising, and eco-friendly store design to reach more potential customers and try to convert them to loyal customers.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is known for its amazing makeup products, especially lipsticks and fragrances. YSL contains a large variety of makeups and fragrances to feature a larger group of audiences. The skincare line is a little weak than the makeups and fragrances.


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick Balm

Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Couture Satin Lipstick All-Over Brightening Concealer Pen

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

Libre Eau de Parfum


YSL's skincare line is mainly targeting women. YSL change the skincare packaging to sustainable products to commit to its social responsibility.


According to this portfolio, there are several makeup lines, face makeup, eye makeup, and lips. The face makeup and lips are the most expanded lines, the most common cosmetics women have, and express the brand's core value, "break-away."


YSL propose more fragrance to women than men. Women's best-sellers are Mon Paris, Black Opium, and Libre. For men: Y and L’Homme. YSL also provides unisex fragrances.

PRICING STRATEGY Item Price (in USD) Skincare: 34 - 340

Makeup: 29 - 89

Fragrance: 27 - 175

PRICING STRATEGY Since YSL Beauty targets customers' premium segment, they utilize a premium pricing policy. Over the years, the brand has successfully maintained an accurate pricing strategy without much difference in revenue or sales. The brand has introduced some cost-friendly products to attract middle and lower-middle-class customers in recent years. The brand launches various fragrance products at different levels of prices to make them more accessible and attractive to a broad audience. During holidays, YSL Beauty will have some special offers and limited value editions to earn more market share and consumers.

BUSINESS MODEL A combination of Business-toConsumer and Business-to-Business. YSL Beauty is under by L'Oréal's Luxu group and has its own online and offline official stores. YSL Beauty also sells its products in multiple retail stores, like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, etc.

DISTRIBUTION MODEL According to YSL Beauty's business model, the brand uses the selected distribution model to target a specific audience interested in the cosmetic industry. For example, other than selling in their official stores, YSL Beauty sells their products in reliable retailers like Sephora, Ulta, etc.

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Use influencer marketing to find influencers to promote YSL Beauty's products, increase brand awareness and attract more consumers. Use content marketing to post ads on social media to promote your brand's products. YSL Beauty can interact with its audience by asking questions, commenting on posts, retweeting, or sharing content related to your products. Word-of-mouth marketing. This is the most effective way to build customer trust and familiarity. YSL Beauty makes it easy to post information about products, and consumers can increase brand awareness by simply clicking "share." Tell stories: people love to hear stories about each other. Authenticity is influential, and it can lead to a significant boost in brand awareness.



YSL ranked No.58 in the Top 100 Brand Love List 2020 by NetBase and ranked No.6 in BrandZ Top 75 Global Retail Brands by Kantar (SyncForce, 2021). MEDIA IMPACT ECOMMERCE IN THE US


The top 10 most influential luxury cosmetics brands in the world (2019) 200,000,000





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The eCommerce Net Sales of YSL Beauty of 2021 in the US is $29.7M in USD (Statistics, 2022).

According to Vogue Business, YSL Beauty ranks No.10 in global prestige beauty and personal care brands, and the percentage of market share is 1.4% (Vogue Business, 2020).

The graph shows the Top 10 luxury cosmetic brands, classed according to their media impact value, calculated in US dollars. YSL Beauty ranked No.8 with 63,728,617 media impact values in USD (Vogue Business, 2019).









ASSOCIATIONS Functional Associations: Safe Ingredient, Effective Formula YSL Beauty covers a wide range of beauty topics, from skincare to fragrance; they are a lovely way to treat all people. YSL Beauty looks for the perfect association of ingredients to create the most efficient and sensorial formula when designing a product. Each ingredient is part of a family. Each family plays a crucial role in the formula.

Emotional Associations: Sensorially Pleasure, Social Commitment, Environment Engagement YSL products utilize a mixture of fragrance essential oils and aroma compounds to enhance the pleasure of product experiences. YSL Beauty understands the role of the brand in raising awareness and partnered with Fundación Origen in Mexico for a global initiative: "Abuse is not love". Also, YSL has been awarded the butterfly mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of its commitment to social and environmental sustainability. YSL Beauty gives users a sense of well-being and confidence in the use of its products.

Beauty essential no woman should ever be without.






BRAND NARRATIVE Brand Promise: Create a simple brand promise that YSL Beauty can promise to do better than other brands of similar products. Brand storytelling: Telling YSL Beauty's brand story can connect with consumers, establish brand positioning and drive changes in consumer behavior that will result in higher sales, shares, and profits. It would help if YSL Beauty use brand stories to inspire consumers to think, feel or act while beginning to have a reputation in their minds. Innovation: YSL Beauty needs to fundamentally refine its products, be at the forefront of trends, and use technology to brand promise. And to know the needs of consumers through market research so that they can be met.

Buying moments: YSL Beauty needs to be able to use buying systems to map how consumers move through the buying cycle and use channels, messaging and processes to make the final decision. Simply put, it is important to know at which time of day consumers like to spend the most. Experience: YSL Beauty wants to turn product use into an experience that becomes a ritual and favorite part of their day. For example, cosmetics will put people in a good mood and the smell of perfume will make people's feelings colorful.

OBJECTIVE & OUTCOME Objective: YSL beauty is among the head brands in the whole cosmetic industry, and her beauty and fragrances are currently the most popular in the market. The goal for the future will be to expand the market share and capture more consumer groups. And to make the brand's popularity more international. Improve the quality of the products themselves, making them stand out among competing brands of the same type and become the first choice of consumers. Outcome: By investing more in social media advertising (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and finding social media influencers to promote YSL Beauty's products will attract a larger audience and allow influencers to review the products so that consumers will have a good impression of the brand. Develop more sideline products (hygiene products), expand the product range, and have more markets to gain more consumers and increase sales.

RECCOMENDATIONS Massive advertising on social media to gain a more consumer base. Combine the product with the brand story and product characteristics. Participate in charity events or create products associated with other brands to leave a good impression on consumers and expand their social awareness and status. To integrate the brand culture with the products, develop more new sidelines, such as hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, body lotion, etc.). YSL Beauty can participate in environmental protection activities to protect the earth so that products can be recycled after use, pollutionfree, and environmentally friendly.

The most beautiful makeup is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy. --Yves Saint Laurent



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