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Alta Special Steel Co.,Ltd No. 86 Rd Hexi, Xisaishan Industrial Park, Huangshi, Hubei Province, China Tel: 86 714 3064045

Fax:86 714 3046045

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Mid-frequency Induction Furnace VS Electric Arc Furnace 1. Refining ability In terms of phosphorus removal, sulphur removal and deoxidation. Electric Arc Furnace(EAF) is better than Mid-frequency Induction Furnace(IF). IF is cold slag, the slag temperature is maintained by the molten steel. EAF is hot slag, slag is heated by electric arc, the phosphorous and sulphur can be removed by the slag, also deoxidation. The nitrogen content of EAF is higher than IF. Because the nitrogen molecules are ionized into atoms was absorbed by the molten steel on the high arc temperature zone. So the nitrogen content of IF is lower than EAF, and oxygen content is higher than EAF, the alloys accelerated life is higher than EAF. 2. The yield of alloy during smelting The yield of alloy of IF is higher than EAF. The volatilization and oxidation loss of elements is big on the high arc temperature. The burning rate of alloy elements of IF is lower than EAF. Especially for the recycled material, IF is much lower. In IF smelting, the alloy elements in the recycled material can be recovered efficiently. In EAF melting, the alloy elements in the recycled material will be oxidized and enter into the slag, then reduced into liquid steel from slag, the melting loss rate is rised greatly. In the smelting of recycled materials, the yield of alloy OF IF is much higher than EAF. For example, the molybdenum recovery Of IF is 92% - 96%, EAF is 85% - 90%, the wolfram recovery oF IF is 90% - 94%, EAF is 85% - 90%. 3. Carbon pickup The principle of melting metal charges of IF depend on induction heating, so there are no carbon pickup. EAF is depend on graphite electrode through arc to heat metal charges, then ""carbon pickup" of liquid steel will happen after smelting. Most often, in smelting high alloy nickel-chrome steel, the minimum carbon content of EAF IS 0.06%, IF cAn match 0.020%. The "carbon pickup"" during smelting of EAF is 0.020%, IF is 0.010%.

The non-vacuum mid-frequency induction furnace is suitable for smelting LOw carbon-high alloy steel and alloy.

4. Improve the conditions of thermodynamics and dynamics by electromagnetic mixing The movement conditions of molten steel of IF is superior to EAF. Thus EAF have to install Low frequency electromagnetic stirrer, but still not as good AS induction furnace. Under the action of electromagnetic stirring, the mechanical conditions get improved, promote uniformity of chemical composition and molten steel temperature. But overmixing will go against inclusion removal and damage the furnace liner. Generally speaking, the purity of steel by EAF is better than IF, but its smelting costs is higher. Editor : Mr. Jie Yun Lee (Engineer) Tel: +86 714 3064045, E-mail : [email protected] Company : Alta Special Steel Co.,Ltd Declaration : Alta Special Steel Co.,Ltd enjoy the ownership to this article, reproduced, please indicate the source!


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