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Perez, Trisha Mae L. ECE 1A My Self Portfolio- UTS Act
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1. I chose a butterfly because it represents individuality and independence. A caterpillar never relies on other caterpillars to become a butterfly, it has to trust itself and remain hopeful that one day, it will soar the skies and succeed. Similarly, I never regard myself as someone who functions well in groups. I like to work by myself, but just like a butterfly, I am independent, hopeful, and unique. A butterfly has 3 stages in its life, the caterpillar stage, the cocoon stage, and the butterfly stage. The caterpillar stage is about working by itself to survive and reach the right stage for catharsis. In this stage, the butterfly is the leader of its own and its decisions follow its will. The next stage is the cocoon stage where it has to remain hopeful and survive the upcoming change in its life. This stage prepares the butterfly for change just like how socialization prepares me to lead. Lastly, the butterfly stage where it hatches from its cocoon and roams the world. This can be compared to my will and aim to effectively apply my leadership skills to others. And just like how butterflies' wings are unique totheirs own, we all have different leading style preferences that separate us from other people.

I have learned that the political self is about the idea of leadership and its ability to affect the people around us. This is relative to the physical and sexual dimensions of the self through the effect of "influence". Our physical characteristics are directly linked to the influence we get from our environment which impacts the view of our physical self. This "influence" can also affect the perception of our sexual self and how we see and interpret things around us.

I chose a mirror because it's raw, it's pure, and it's nothing to hide from the eyes of reality, just like how the spiritual self should be. My spiritual self is everything but pure, yet I still chose a mirror because it reflects what the person is from the outside. I may not be as pure and spiritual as I'd like, but I still want to perceive myself as someone who is worthy of retribution and love from God. My mirror has a "golden ream" which for me, is an upgraded version for "silver lining" that means a highly positive aspect in an otherwise negative situation. I may not be as faithful as before and I may have been doubting my principles, but at the end of the day, my faith and love for God will always remain shining above the broken perception of myself. The mirror also has a blurred reflection which signifies constant construction of beliefs and pursuit of myself.

I have learned that your perception of the physical and sexual dimensions stem from the priorities and confidence you have in yourself. This can be relative to the spiritual dimension of the self where your faith actually makes you feel better about yourself thus making you perceive yourself as more attractive and have a higher understanding of you sexual self. If you begin to realize that God accepts you for who you are and has no preference for your physical or sexual self, you can finally understand and accept your flaws and mistakes as a human.

I chose a mask because I see my digital self as a cast of a theatre act where I get to play the protagonist for a day. A masquerade mask insinuates secrecy and intimidation where I can play pretend and act my innermost desires out without anyone knowing or recognizing my identity.

A masquerade mask is meant to conceal the person's upper face which can be interpreted as altering what most people perceive me as but not to the point where I lose sight of myself. The digital world is an glamorously decorated world full of lies and scams which is why it's best to secure and avoid divulging personal information. The mask has pearl adornments because pearl is perceived as innocent and my online persona is deceivingly so. Most people use their digital self to reflect what they wish to portray in real life, and just like a mask, it is within their disposal if they want to continue with their facade or not.

I have learned from the lesson that your physical and sexual self can be affected by your selfperceptions and your confidence. This can be relative to the digital dimensions of the self because your online persona may affect your values and personal sentiments through various online interactions which can actually make or break your self-perception of the physical and/or sexual dimensions of yourself. It is an important lesson to never take online comments to heart and just trust what you see in yourself.

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