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Pragathi 2021
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Pragathi 14th July to 20th July 2021

Virtual Camp Ativities of St Joseph TTI for Women, Ernakulam.

Pragathi 2021 St Joseph TTI for Women Ernakulam is organising a virtual camp ‘Pragathi’ from July14th to 20th July 2021, as an endeavour to instill in the D.El.Ed teacher trainees the essence of being together in the pandemic scenario. The virtual camp is to begin with an inaugural session at 9 pm. Educational Agency of Vimala Province Rev Sr Dr Mary Joseph is to inaugurate the seven day virtual camp activities. Lincy A.P Principal


Inauguration on 14 th July 2021,9 am By Rev Sr Dr Mary Joseph Educational Agency Vimala Province Ernakulam

Pragathi 2021 01. Personality Development Shri Ajesh K.P 14th July, 2021

03. Women in Social work Smt Kunjoonjammma Joseph 16 th4July 2021.

02. Yoga and mental health Fr Baiju Varghese. From 15th July 2021

04. Cyber laws and Women

05. Theatre Games

Shri Binoy Joseph

Smt Reeja,M.P.

17th July 2021.

18th July 2021.

Pragathi 2021 06. Lines n Shapes

07. Stress Management in Covid Times

Balakrishnan Kathirur

Dr PB Chandramathy Amma

19th July

20th July.




Team Resources

Dr PB Chandramathy Amma Retd Principal St Joseph TTI for Women 6


Ajesh K.P. Master Trainer, Eksath, Govt of Kerala Kerala Police Janamaitri Master Trainer

Reeja M.P NCERT Theatre Mastertrainee &Block project Coordinator, BRC Pappinisseri

Fr Baiju Varghese Health Director Naivedya Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre.

Team Resources

Balakrishnan Kathirur. Renowned Artist and Art teacher 7


Kunjoonjamma Joseph Social Worker and Writer C

Binoy Joseph ASI of Police, Cyberdome, Kochi

6.45am to 7.00 am – Prayer, 7.00am to 7.45 - Personal time 7.45 to 8.15 – Yoga ( online) 8.15 to 9.30am –Cleaning, Preparation of breakfast 9.30 am – Assembly.(online) 10. Am Classes by resource persons.(online) 12.30 to 1.30 – lunch 1.30 to 4pm – Individual Activities. 4pm to 4.30 pm - Tea 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm – Physical recreational activities. 5.30 to 6.30 pm – Personal time. 6.30 to 7pm Prayer 7pm to 8pm – Parliament/ Cultural programme. (online) 8pm to 9pm- Dinner/Personal time 9pm to 9.30pm – Camp Diary

Routine Schedule From 14 th July to 20th July 2021 St joseph TTI for Women

C oming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress Working together is success.

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