Shallotte, North Carolina April 19, 2015

Saint Brendan Catholic Church Shallotte, North Carolina Third Sunday of Easter April 19, 2015 Please welcome our new Parishioners and new neighbors!

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Saint Brendan Catholic Church Shallotte, North Carolina

Third Sunday of Easter April 19, 2015 Please welcome our new Parishioners and new neighbors!

Reflections on the Readings All too often we fester in our own hurt, even when others turn to us for forgiveness. We may judge that it is better to preserve our sense of hurt than to free a repentant sister or brother from the heavy burden of guilt. Today’s readings show us that the graciousness of pardon outweighs the enormity of sin. They challenge the modern believer to focus on repentant sisters and brothers, not on the lingering malaise of personal hurt. The passage from Acts is part to Peter’s Temple sermon. The audience’s sin is that they were responsible for Jesus’ death. In calling for conversion, Peter refers to the ignorance of the audience. They are to turn aside from their evil way and turn toward God. Though the killing of Jesus is a serious sin, it can yet be forgiven. The passage from John’s first epistle shows that the secessionists (those who have broken away from the author’s community) have falsely claimed a communion with God, in spite of the fact that they walk in darkness. They deny their sin. The author replies that his community walks in the light and publicly confesses the likelihood of sin. Communion with one another means that the community experiences the cleansing from sin that Jesus has made possible. The gospel passage is part of Luke’s account of the appearance of Jesus to the apostolic circle. It consists of an appearance and instruction. In the appearance scene the household meal is linked to those meals where Jesus’ forgiveness played a central role. In the instruction scene, Jesus preaches penance and forgiveness. As Christians, we are not isolated individuals. Our calling is to imitate Jesus. To say “I forgive you” is to say “I love my community and therefore, I love you.” to reconcile is to profess that the Christian community is a forgiving community.

Supply Peter and Lois Palermo Sam and Marissa King Tom and Marie Williams Carolina Shores Patrick and Carole Cufone John and Anita Bowerman Ocean Isle Beach Mary Jane Flynn IMPORTANT REMINDER: Our next Family-Centered Faith Formation session will be Sunday, May 3rd. Te breakour sessions for children Pre-K to 8th Grades and their parents/ guardians will start at 9:30am. High School students in grades 9 thru 12 are encouraged to work as volunteers assisting the facilitators or attend the adult session. Please arrive by 9:15 and go directly to the assigned classrooms, so that we can begin promptly at 9:30am. The 11:15am Mass will be a Family Liturgy Mass. We look forward to seeing you all. For more info… contact Diane and Tom Nagle [email protected] Thank you for being so generous! Loaves and Fishes collection last week was $14,734.00. In 2014 the Pantry provided 6,572 families with groceries. On average the food pantry provides over 600 families per month with groceries. Thank you again for your generosity, and a special thank you to all the many volunteers that work in the Pantry to help feed the needy in Brunswick County.

If you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital, nursing home/assisted living facility, etc. you or your family must contact the nearest church. Brunswick – St. Brendan New Hanover – Chaplain’s Office Dosher – Sacred Heart Grand Strand – St. Andrew Loris – St. James Sea Coast - Star of the Sea

Amount Saved due to early payments on the mortgage: $1,119,479.64 Building Loan as of this month our total debt is $978,727.27

910-754-8544 910-343-7014 910-457-6173 843-448-5930 843-347-5168 843-249-2356


Saint Brendan Catholic Church Shallotte, North Carolina

Third Sunday of Easter April 19, 2015

Worship Masses for the Week Sat.



† Barbara Gaizo




† Robert McMullan

9:30am 11:15am

Please pray for Our Family and Friends

St. Brendan Parishioners † Edwin Parbst







† Dailey & Thompson Families




† Ann Ventricelli




† Jim O’Shea




† Fr. Thomas Piechocinski




† Edward Peters




† Carol Sanguino

9:30am 11:15am

Eucharist Service

St. Brendan Parishioners † Catherine Harms

Next Week’s Readings April 26, 2015 Third Sunday of Easter Acts of the Apostles 4:8-12 1 John 3:1-2 John 10:11-18

Communion for the Sick & Homebound contact Ann McGahran ext. 28 or Deacon Bob ext. 28 if you know someone who would like to receive Communion at home.

Attention New Parishioners! Welcome to St. Brendan Catholic Church. If you are new to the area, we would like you to choose St. Brendan as your Parish Family. Registration forms are on the Stewardship Desk in the Gathering Space. Please complete the form and place in the collection basket or mail: St. Brendan Catholic Church P.O. Box 2984 Shallotte, N.C. 28459

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Saint Brendan Catholic Church Shallotte, North Carolina

Third Sunday of Easter April 19, 2015

Parish Community

Our Second Annual Mexican Festival Save the Date Saturday, May 2

K of C Call Richard Rismiller 579-1155. Check their web site:  04/13 Business Meeting  04/20 4th Degree Heavenly Bread Sale: The Knights of Columbus Our Lady of LaSalette Fourth Degree Assembly will be selling fresh baked bread after all Masses on the weekend of April 18- 19 in the gathering space. The Knights will be baking both white and rye bread and the loaves will be sliced. The money raised from the sale of the bread will be used to support our charities. We thank you for your support. The Columbiettes meet the second Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be May 14. Call Karen McCann 287-4175. Young Ladies Tea Scholarship: Applications for the Ladies Tea Scholarships are available for young ladies of our parish at the Church Office. Applicants must be active members of St. Brendan’s Parish and also involved in their School and Community. Applications must be filled out and returned to the Church Office by April 30, 2015. Columbiette’s Card Party Tuesday, May 5th, 11am 3pm at Ryan’s 3607 Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach. Cost is $15 which includes all you can eat. For more information or to buy tickets call Ginny at 910-287 -1870 or Joan at 910-287-2300 . All proceeds help fund our local charitable donations. The Calabash Elks Ladies Auxiliary is sponsoring a Game Day! Cards and Games Event at Ryan’s Restaurant 3607 Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach. The date is Tuesday May 12 am 11am to 3pm. Cost is $15 and includes an all-you-can-eat buffet luncheon. Invite your friends to complete your own table playing games of your choice. The Elks Ladies Auxiliary is a non-profit organization and all proceeds will help local charities. Call Agnes Norcia at 910-579-1162 for tickets and more information.

Support the Mexican Festival: The Mexican Festival is the ONLY fund raiser at St. Brendan. Your donation of $100 for the 50/50 raffle will help to make it a successful “Fiesta”. You have a 1 in five hundred chance to win the first prize money of $20,000.00 or the second place money of $5,000.00. It could be a lot of fun! Share the ticket price with a friend and share the prize money. Tickets are on sale now in the Gathering Space. If all 500 tickets do not sell then the 50/50 prizes will be reduced to the number of tickets sold. Thank you for your generosity. We greatly appreciate it. Help For Those That Served US! Veterans-Stand Down, Friday May 8. Held at VFW Post 2573, 2732 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington. Breakfast served at 7:15 am and Lunch at 12 Noon. Hair cuts, hygiene bags, socks, tetanus shots, vision testing, general medical check-up, many resources, etc.. ALL FREE TO VETERANS & HOMELESS! Mobile Mammography is coming to St. Brendan, Monday, April 20, 2015, 9am till 4pm. This service is provided to us by Novant Health. Take action against breast cancer. Get your annual mammogram. The mobile unit has state-of-the-art digital equipment, expert team of female technologists, and on-site convenience with the luxury & privacy of a traditional imaging center. Pre-registration is recommended. To schedule you 15 minute appointment, call 910-721-1485. Preserving our History: If you have any pictures taken in or atound the church and are willin gto have them included in the albums being complied, please put them in the mail slot in the gathering space marked “History Info”. If they are digitally kept, we could make copies and return your device. Any questions contact Rita Canfield at 287-6649 or at [email protected]

A FAITH SHARING, home based group is looking for additional members who reside in the Calabash, Carolina Shores, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle or Little River (SC) area. If you think this is something you might be interested in and/or have questions and/or would like more information; Please call Dave Jones at (910) 579-5269 or email me at [email protected]. Page 3

Special Thanks to our Sponsor or the week

Dr. Pamela J. Owens Chiropractor Support the businesses that support our bulletin!

Third Sunday of Easter April 19, 2015 Saint Brendan Catholic Church Shallotte, North Carolina


St Brendan the Navigator Activities Calendar

6 Pastoral Center Closed


7 Choir Practice 6:30 -8:30


Questions? Call 754-8544 or email [email protected]

5 Easter Sunday Regular Mass Schedule

April 2015 Thu

4 Easter Vigil 8pm Choir



2 Centering Prayer Holy Thursday 3pm Mission Ensemble

3 Pastoral Center Closed Good Friday 3pm Choir



1 Bereavement 9:30 Searchers of Scripture Mission Ensemble Practice 4 -5:30

10 Creative Spirit Peace Prayers 9;30

8 Searchers of Script Mission Ensemble Practice 4 -5:30

9 Centering Prayer Columbiettes 7pm Brownbaggers 16 Centering Prayer

18 Ensemble 5pm KofC Bread Sale

12 Choir 8 am

17 Creative Spirit Peace Prayers 9;30

15 Searchers of Scripture Mission Ensemble Practice 4 -5:30


14 Choir Practice 6:30 -8:30

24 Creative Spirit

13 Healing Prayer 9:30 K of C Bus. Mtg. Singles Group

23 Centering Prayer Brownbaggers

21 Choir Practice 6:30 -8:30

30 Centering Prayer

20 K of C 4th Degree

28 Choir Practice 6:30 -8:30

22 Searchers of Scripture Mission Ensemble Practice 4 -5:30 27 Healing Prayer 9:30

19 Ensemble 8am Falling Upward Chapter 12 Kof C Bread Sale 26 Choir 11:15am

29 Searchers of Scripture Mission Ensemble Practice 4 -5:30

Mon: Healing Prayer every 2nd & 4th Mon. at 9:30 a.m. Call Jane: 575-3064 Tues: Faith’s Journey after Mass in the Lahren Rm call Jane 575-3064 Wed: Searchers Bible Study, after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call Fran: 754-9126 Wed. Mission Ensemble 4-5:30 p.m. in church. Call Tom: 253-4573 4th Wed. Pain Support. Call Katherine 755-6670 Thurs. Centering Prayer—after Mass in Maloney Rm. Call Jean: 754-9126 Fri.: Creative Spirit (knit/crochet) after Mass in Lahren Rm. Call Jeanne 579-8241. Peace Prayers after Mass in library.

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Saint Brendan Catholic Church Shallotte, North Carolina

Third Sunday of Easter April 19, 2015

Boletin Hispano


FORMACION DE FE Padre Ricardo, párroco (910-754-8544)

El próximo bautismo es el día 25 de Abril y la plática será el día 12 de Abril.

Hna. M. Teresa coordinadora (910-200-9209)

TERCER DOMINGO DE PASCUA El proceso contra Esteban desencadena una grave persecución contra la Iglesia. En la lectura de la Misa de hoy se narra su actividad apostólica y su martirio (1): En aquellos días, Esteban, lleno de gracia y poder, realizaba grandes prodigios y signos en medio del pueblo. Contra él se utilizarán los mismos medios, y casi las mismas palabras, que se emplearon contra Jesús: Le hemos oído decir aseguran los falsos testigos- que ese Jesús de Nazaret destruirá el templo y cambiará las tradiciones que recibimos de Moisés. Esteban proclamó con valentía su fe en Jesús resucitado. Y es ejemplo para nosotros -aunque el Señor no nos pida el martirio- de vida cristiana coherente: con naturalidad y claridad, sin detenernos ante los falsos escándalos, ni ante el qué dirán. Debemos contar con ambientes en los que alguna vez nos mirarán torcidamente, porque no entienden un comportamiento cristiano, ni muchas de las amables exigencias de la doctrina de Cristo. Debemos imitar entonces al Señor y a quienes le fueron fieles, incluso hasta dar la vida por Él, si fuera necesario, actuando con serenidad, llevando una vida cristiana con todas sus consecuencias. Sin duda, sería más cómodo el adaptarse a esas situaciones y estilos de vida paganizados, pero ya no podríamos decir que queremos ser discípulos fieles de Jesús. Estas situaciones, en las que tendremos que echar mano de la firmeza de carácter y de la fortaleza en la fe, pueden darse en la Universidad, en el trabajo, en el lugar donde pasamos unos días de descanso con la familia, etcétera. "En sus actuaciones públicas, los cristianos deben inspirarse en los criterios y objetivos evangélicos vividos e interpretados por la Iglesia. La legítima diversidad de opiniones en los asuntos temporales no debe impedir la necesaria coincidencia de los cristianos en defender y promover los valores y proyectos de vida derivados de la moral evangélica" (2). El cristiano debe rechazar el miedo de parecer chocante si, por vivir como discípulo fiel del Señor, su conducta es mal interpretada o claramente rechazada. Quien ocultara su personalidad cristiana en medio de un ambiente de costumbres paganas, se doblegaría por respetos humanos, y sería merecedor de aquellas palabras de Jesús: Quien me niegue ante los hombres, Yo también le negaré ante mi Padre que está en los cielos (3).

INFORMACION Para saber acerca de preguntas sobre inmigración llamen a la Madre Rosanne al teléfono 910-616-2105. La Madre atiende todos los domingos después de la misa de las 9:30 de la mañana en las oficinas del Centro Pastoral. PRIMERA COMUNION A todos los padres de los niños se les recuerda que el día 11 de Abril tenemos clase y práctica de la Primera Comunión de sus hijos. El dia 19 de abril el tercer domingo también tienen clase con las maestras. Es sumamente importante que ustedes les traigan estos días a las 9:30 de la mañana. LA FECHA DE LA PRIMERA COMUNION ES EL DIA 26 DE ABRIL, DOMINGO EN LA MISA DE LAS 9:30 DE LA MANANA. FECHAS PARA EL BAUTISMO El día 12 de Abril, domingo después de la misa de las 9:30 de la mañana tendremos la plática del bautismo. El bautismo para abril será el día 25 de Abril. Los siguientes bautismos son: Junio 27 sábado, Julio 25, sábado, y Agosto 29, sábado. Las pláticas para Junio, Julio y Agosto son el día 21 de Junio. Por favor tengan en cuenta estas fechas.. DONACIONES PARA APADRINAR LA FIESTA Se pide donaciones de agua, soda y compra de boletos para la rifa de 20,000 y 5,000 dólares para apadrinar la fiesta. Es muy importante que todos ustedes se sientan parte integrante de la fiesta mexicana. Les pido por favor que se comprometan a comprar solos, o entre amigos y vecinos un boleto. Solamente un boleto. Si esto se consigue vamos en buen camino para vender todos los boletos. Se necesita su entusiasmo. Muchas gracias.

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