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Cuttings 2015 Queen® Cuttings A Queen® cutting from Knud Jepsen is the beginning of a fantastic experience. The cuttings come from our facilities in

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Cuttings 2015

Queen® Cuttings A Queen® cutting from Knud Jepsen is the beginning of a fantastic experience. The cuttings come from our facilities in Turkey and Vietnam, where the modern production setup ensures the very best conditions for our employees and for healthy plant growth. Our broad range originates from our own breeding and development department. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff, the flow of new, exciting products and varieties is a continuous source of market inspiration. All cuttings are taken from mother plants produced from the newest, purest clones of each and every variety. Only their high quality is standard. Everything else is tailored to the needs and wishes of individual customers. We offer weekly door-to-door deliveries via our agent, Greenex International, and after-sales support worldwide.

The best blooms goes on and on Extending the flowering lifetime of Queen® plants is a continuing priority for us. Today, thanks to our innovation team, exposure to ethylene is no longer a challenge. Our outstanding varieties maintain their full bloom potential in store and in the home. Ethylene, a natural planthormone originating from ripe fruit and vegetables and also present in car exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke, can be hard to avoid. Plants are often exposed to the gas during transportation and on store shelves. A study of more than 60 kalanchoe varieties from four breeders has found that 15 Queen® varieties have by far the highest ethylene resistance on the market.

Un esqueje de Knud Jepsen Queen® es el comienzo de una experiencia fantástica. Los esquejes proceden de nuestras instalaciones en Turquía y Vietnam, donde la configuración de la producción moderna asegura las mejores condiciones para nuestros empleados y para el crecimiento sano de la planta. Nuestra amplia gama se origina en nuestro propio departamento de desarrollo. Gracias a los esfuerzos incansables de nuestro personal, el flujo de variedades nuevas y emocionantes son una continua fuente de inspiración de mercado. Todos los esquejes se toman de plantas madre producidos a partir de los más nuevos, más puros clones de cada variedad. Sólo su alta calidad es de estándar. Todo lo demás es adaptado a las necesidades y los deseos de cada cliente. Ofrecemos entregas semanales a domicilio a través de nuestro agente, Greenex Internacional, y servicio posventa en todo el mundo.

Las mejores flores una y otra vez Para nosotros es una prioridad continua prolongar la vida de la floración de las plantas Queen®. Hoy en día gracias a nuestro gran equipo innovador, la exposición al etileno ya no es un desafío. Nuestras excelentes variedades mantienen todo el potencial de la flor en tienda y en casa. Un pruducto natural de fruta madura y verduras, y también presente en los gases de escape de automóviles y el humo del cigarrillo, el etileno puede ser difícil de evitar. Las plantas a menudo están expuestas al gas durante el transporte y en las tiendas. Un estudio de más de 60 variedades de Kalanchoe de cuatro de nuestros cultivadores han encontrado que 15 variedades de Queen® tienen de lejos la mayor resistencia de etileno en el mercado.

Queen® Quality Cuttings Breeding and Selection at Queen®

New Variety or clone

Pre-basic Material (AAE)

Basic Material (AA)

Quality Controlled Elite Material (A)

Healthy Cuttings from Queen® Happy Grower - Happy Customer

•  Breeding and selection for clear, bright colours that match future trends •  Breeding and selection for growth-friendly properties that facilitate premium quality •  Test for fungus and disease resistance •  Test for ethylene sensitivity and keeping quality

•  Uniformity tests of new variety or clone •  Virus tests for relevant vira of new variety or clone •  General health and vigour test of new variety or clone

•  Repeated uniformity tests of pre-basic plant propagation material •  Virus testing of individual plants •  Daily inspection of plants for health condition and insects

•  Continuous uniformity tests at finished plant production facilities in Denmark •  Basic material is stored in over-pressured greenhouse cabinets •  Continuous testing for vira (random sample selection) •  All elite material is harvested by authorised personnel only

•  Quality controlled material is grown in a separate insect-free greenhouse with insect net • Harvesting of plant material occurs without using instruments (knife) to eliminate the risk of transferring disease • Elite plant propagation material is prepared for shipping to self propagators and Queen® cutting production facilities in Denmark, Turkey and Vietnam • The cuttings are produced in state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities under the supervision of highly qualified personnel • The cuttings receive disinfection treatment • The cuttings are checked by local NPPO • The cuttings are shipped from Denmark, Turkey and Vietnam to finished plant producers around the world

Queen® partner

Greenex United States Inc. 5485 Wiles Rd # 406 Coconut Creek, Florida 33073 USA Tel. +1 954 979 0108 Fax. +1 905 682 9994 [email protected] Greenex Int. Inc. 47 Commerce Place, Unit #5 St. Catherines, Ontario L2R 6P7, Canada Tel. +1 905 682 4769 Fax. +1 905 682 9994 [email protected]

Queen® CutFlowers new Queen® CutFlowers set a stunning, new standard for longevity in the cut flowers category. Comprising selected varieties, the elegant flowering stems keep their fresh, bright appearance for as long as our potted kalanchoes. Use them alone or in mixed bouquets. To be stored at minmum 12° C.

Danish Florist Champion ”Queen® CutFlowers have unique properties compared to other cut flower products. I have had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions, exploring the opportunities with all techniques. With their beautiful colours and the shape of the flowers and leaves, Queen® CutFlowers can be used in all ways imaginable. Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen, Danish Florist Champion in 2013, Silver medal 2014 and Winner of the International Flower Cup 2013.

Their durability, both with and without water, is particularly appealing.This means we can provide customers with a long-lasting product. For me as a florist, it also means that I can prepare in good time for a show, demonstration or competition. I love all the opportunities that Queen® CutFlowers give me in my work.”

Varieties 2015

Amazing Pink Meadow**

Adorable Pink Meadow**

Lovable Pink Meadow**

Warm Yellow Meadow**

Tender White Meadow**

Fascinating Red Meadow**

**U.S. Patent No. 7,453,032 (granted) & Patent No. 7,847,150 (granted) & European patents (pending)

Blossom Pink Meadow**

Queen® RoseFlowers®

macy* 2”

meganq2 2 - 4 - 6”

megan 4 - 6”

African velvet* 6”

new new


summer 2015

nelly* 4 - 6”

summer 2015

phoebe* 2 - 4 - 6”

A fall * 4 - 6” q2

Kelly * 4 - 6” q3


spring 2015

ariel* 2 - 4 - 6”

lindsay * 4 - 6” q2

jessica* 2 - 4”

A sun* 4 - 6”



spring 2015

karenQ2* 4 - 6”

spring 2015

Evita* 4 - 6”

MercedesQ2* 2”

cheryl** 2 - 4”

Varieties 2015 new

spring 2015

african ruby* 4 - 6”

gabby* 4 - 6”

miley* 2 - 4”

a. amethyst* 4 - 6”

Alicia* 2 - 4 - 6”

barbara * 2 - 4”


madonna * 2 - 4 ”

summer 2015

African kiss* 4 - 6”


African delight* 4 - 6”



2 - 4 - 6”

African june* 2 -4 - 6”

jodie* 2 - 4 - 6”


spring 2015

elsa* 2 - 4 - 6”

YukiQ2* 4 - 6”

melanieq2* 2 - 4 - 6”

*U.S. Patent No. 7,453,032 (granted) & Patent No. 7,847,150 (granted) **U.S. Patent No. 7,453,032 (granted) & Patent No. 7,847,150 (granted) & European patents (pending)


louise** 2 - 4”

Queen® Originals

jennaQ2 2 - 4”

maika 2”

simone 4 - 6”

ingrid3 2 - 4”

joyce 2 - 4 - 6”

alexq3 2 - 4”



summer 2015

arina 2 - 4”

sarah 2 - 4 - 6”



2 - 4”



summer 2015

odetteq2 4”

vera 2 - 4 -6”

reeseQ2 4 - 6”

summer 2015



2 - 4 -6”

Varieties 2015

molly 2 - 4 - 6”

jackie 2 - 4 - 6”



summer 2015

patrice 2 - 4 - 6”

dark cora 2 - 4 - 6”


janeq2 4 - 6”

jane 2 - 4”

coraq2 2 - 4 - 6”


emma 4 - 6”

selenaq2 4 - 6”


2 - 4 - 6”

drew q2 2 - 4 - 6”

helene 4- 6”

Queen® Outdoor new

helene 8”

selenaq2 8”

patrice 8”

joyce 8”

jackie 8”

Our Queen® Outdoor concept brings you easy-care varieties, proven to withstand the elements, whether rain, drought, wind, shade or full sun. Thriving at temperatures of 5-35°C, they are a beautiful addition to balconies, patios and gardens almosr everywhere. Do not cut back or pinch after flowering; with simple deadheading they will keep flowering until autumn’s frost.

Queen® MoreFlowers®

Paris** 2 - 4”

Pink Paris** 2 - 4”

**U.S. Patent No. 7,453,032 (granted) & Patent No. 7,847,150 (granted) & European patents (pending)




uniflora ’phi phi’ 4 -6”

tubiflora 4 -6”

beharensis ’fang’ 4 -6”

beharensis ’oakleaf’ 4 -6”

daigremontiana 4 -6”

pinnata ’zanzibar’ 4 -6”

The Queen® Green species are all different sorts of kalanchoe. They are succulents and therefore have the same long life as the kalanchoe potted plant. The plants only require sparse watering and are therefore extremely suited to be mixed with other plants, possibly Queen® potted plants. An interesting alternative to the colourful Queen® species.

Knud Jepsen a/s · Skanderborgvej 193 · DK-8382 Hinnerup · Tel. 45 8698 6166 · [email protected]

JAN 2015

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