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Introduction Working with Glazerite

What you can expect working with Glazerite We manufacture one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry, and offer an unrivalled business support package for installers. We do this through: An extensive product range Manufactured to a high standard with the relevant certifications and upgrades to Secured by Design across many products where required. Added value By working with leading brands and suppliers you can have confidence in what you are supplying. There are many enhanced warranties/guarantees and upgrade products that will help you stand out. Support for your business Whether it’s IT, Technical or Marketing our support functions will enhance your business and working with Glazerite means you are part of a much bigger company.

Over 20 years experience Moved to larger premises, 375 fpw

Glazerite founded by John Hewitt and Jason Thompson.


2004 2002

New headquarters and investment. Achieved Secured by Design. North West division opened ISO9001 & BS7412, achieved BFRC ‘A’ Rated Window and manufacturing over 1000 frames per week.

Joined Network VEKA and expanded premises 250 fpw


Enhanced service offering, online ordering, 10 yr guarantee


2013 2012

Launched the Composite Door range and open South West division, 1200 fpw

Opening of specials division Transition of Network VEKA to Independent Network G17 Fabricator of the year winner

Glazerite Windows Ltd exhibits at its first trade show -FiT Show.


2008 2006

Glazerite made the stock exchange top 100 companies



MBO lead by Robert Brearley including Jeff Dunn, Mark Johnston, Darren Rhodes, Matthew Thomas



Broke £100million in accumulated sales. Accredited with Secured by Design on Composite, French Doors with Part M threshold.

Became VEKA plc’s largest UK trade fabricator manufacturing 2200 fpw with annual turnover of £15m.

Major investment programme across manufacturing sites. Extension on our Bolton facility. Continued investment across the group in fleet, machinery and people and first showroom.



Composite door range extended to full Doorco range Glazerite Livery and signage update to The Glazerite UK Group Ltd branding Sweet Hardware range added as optional upgrade for doors Transitioned to PAS24:2016 Transitioned to PAS24:2016

Acquisition of City Beads, capacity 3500 fpw. Formation of The Glazerite UK Group Ltd Product range grows with Halo and Palladio



Glazerite North opened. Thorough review and changes to systems and processes. Development of key roles in group.

20 year anniversary Timberweld for flush sash range.

Manufacturing Our capability

Divisions & manufacturing sites across the UK • Our head office is based in Wellingborough along with our Specials division. • Our East site is based in Peterborough. • Our North West site is based in Bolton. • Our South West site is Based in Bristol and incorporates a trade counter. VEKA M70, FS70 windows, doors and composite doors

Trade counter only

A nationwide delivery network


Vertical Sliding Sash, Residence Collection, Imagine Bi-fold, Imagine Patio

Halo System 10, Rustique and flush Sash windows, doors and composite doors

VEKA M70, FS70 windows, doors and composite doors

Profile Systems A choice for every install

Our profile systems A choice for every install With 6 profile system option, you never have to lose out on a job through lack of specification.

• • • • • •

VEKA M70 VEKA FS70 Halo System 10 Halo Rustique Residence 7 Residence 9

Recycled content is now used in manufacture of all VEKA/Halo windows

Profile System System 10 & Rustique Ø 70mm profile: for manufacture of the full suite of casement windows, tilt and turn windows, French windows, residential doors, inline patio doors and bi-folding doors. Ø Multi-chambered across the frame and sash: With 5 chambers the systems offer superior thermal performance and additional product strength. Ø Single leg bead: Ease of on-site glazing. Ø Thermally efficient: achieves a WER A rating. Ø Low-level gasket: allowing for more glass and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Ø Colour choices: available variations range.

Profile systems Flush Sash Ø Energy efficient: With a 40mm triple glazing option and 70mm frame depth, this range of windows is energy efficient and completely weatherproof, achieving an energy rating of A++. Ø Security in mind: multipoint locking with MACO Mspag Shootbolt fitted as standard. Ø Choices: available with a sculptured or Bevelled frame for the interior. Ø Complete the look: A beautiful range of heritage hardware including 'monkey tail' handles and ornamental peg stays.

Profile systems VEKA M70 Ø Thermally efficient: Achieves an 'A' rating with intermediate outer frame and has a thermally efficient 5 chamber system. Ø Contemporary aesthetics: Has an updated bevel for a fresh look Ø Extended choice of couplings: Available in both plain or a featured finish Ø Security: PAS24 and Secured by Design compliant across multiple hardware manufacturers

Profile systems VEKA FS70 Ø Available in 3 sizes: Choose from 3 sizes of mullion profiles in widths of 64mm, 86mm or 110mm Ø Full range of sashes: Available from sizes 75mm to 110mm. The range of sash styles also available in including Casement, Tilt&Turn, French Door and Residential door.

Profile systems Residence 9 Ø Thermally efficient: The large 9 chambered frame offers excellent thermal performance, accommodating 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing. Ø Range of colours: Manufactured in our factory with full residence colour range. Ø Choices for customers: The range of classic foil options coupled with heritage-style handles, locks and hardware ensure your customers have all the choice needed to design traditional windows for their home Ø

Profile systems Residence 7 Ø Range of colours: R7 is designed to suit many applications and styles in the full range of residence shades to suit different properties Ø Interior and Exterior Flush Sash: Flush Sash both on the inside and out means that the R7 can be used for both modern build home and traditional buildings. Five different glazing beads are available to personalise choices Ø Energy efficient: Able to achieve a rating of A+ and a U-Value of 0.8W. All windows can be fully recycled and include a recycled material section within them. Ø

Systems VEKA system options

VEKA M70 Bevelled system The VEKA M70 is the perfect choice for domestic, new build and commercial installations. Specifically designed with the installer in mind for a troublefree installation.

Veka M70 Bevelled Features & Benefits Features and Benefits: Ø 70mm Bevelled system: perfect replacement for original 58mm windows Ø Bevelled or Sculptured sash: Meeting all necessary building regulations Ø bevelled or Sculptured bead: Greater choice for your customers preference Ø 29 coloured foil options: A wide range of colours to suit all projects Ø 28, 40 or 44mm glazing: More flexibility when glazing the job Ø 0.8U-value option: Ready for the stringent international Passivhaus standard Ø Secured by Design option: Peace of mind for your customers, secure in their home Ø Widely specified: Many people actually ask for Matrix 70 by name Ø Document Q compliant: No worries with complying to the new legislation

The VEKA FS70 Fully sculptured system The VEKA FS70 Fully sculptured is widely chosen for it’s aesthetic appeal. It was designed for those who want the look and feel of hardwood frames without the upkeep. Manufactured also with the ease of installation in mind.

VEKA FS70 Fully sculptured system Features and Benefits: Ø 70mm Fully Sculptured system: Create the look of timber frames Ø Coloured foil options: A wide range of colours to suit all projects Ø 28 & 36 glazing: More flexibility when glazing the job Ø Secured by Design option: Peace of mind for your customers, secure in their home Ø Widely specified: Many people actually ask for Matrix 70 by name Ø Document Q compliant: No worries with complying to the new legislation

Halo Rustique & System The Halo Rustique & System 10 is a truly versatile system offering both a Sculptured (Rustique) and bevelled (System 10) sections. With identical sight lines and interchangeable profiles for true flexibility

Halo Flush Sash The Halo Rustique & System 10 also have a “Flush Sash” option to meet the requirement for the traditional timber appearance. Due to the slim section design of this type of window a “Night Vent” position is not normally available. But in partnership with MACO a bespoke shootbolt as been designed making this possible and ensuring it is a market leader.

Halo System 10 & Rustique Features and Benefits: Ø 70mm profile: Available in casement windows, tilt and turn windows, French windows, residential doors, inline patio doors and bi-folding doors. Ø Multi-chambered across the frame and sash: offering superior thermal performance and additional product strength. Ø Single leg bead: easy on-site glazing. Ø Low level gasket: giving more glass and better aesthetic appeal.

Product Range Access one of the most comprehensive product ranges

Building and maintaining partnerships With suppliers and customers We’ve always had a commitment to building strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers. As partners we will build and grow faster than our competitors as they work as individuals.

Building long and sustainable partnerships benefits us all!

Vertical slider window FEATURES: Ø 146mm front to back Ø Cill integral part of the frame Ø Run thru horns Ø Wide bottom rail Ø 28mm glazing Ø A+ Energy Rating option Ø Concealed trickle ventilation Ø Secured by Design option Ø Era 5 Star guarantee option

Available mechanically jointed

Fully reversible window FEATURES: Ø Opening occurs outside the property, no interference with internal fittings Ø Built in restrictors for safe operation and cleaning Ø Extremely versatile and can withstand severe weather conditions. The window allows easy inside cleaning thanks to its innovative design which allows the outer pane to be completely turned back on itself. Ø The window allows easy inside cleaning thanks to its innovative design which allows the outer pane to be completely turned back on itself.

Residence 7, Window FEATURES: Ø

Flush sash design


7 chamber system resulting in superior thermal performances


Welded joints to offer the option of unglazed


Slimmer profile of just 75mm front and back


Multiple colour combinations


A++ Energy rating achievable


Radlington cill options available to complete the authentic look

Residence 9, Window FEATURES: Ø

Flush sash design


Authentic timber appearance


Traditional mechanical joints


Traditional or contemporary handle option


Multiple colour combinations


Compliance with article 4 conservation area guidelines


28mm or 44mm glazing option


A+ Energy rating achievable


0.8 U-value achievable for Passivhaus standard

Halo Flush Sash Reminiscent of early 19th century timber windows but with a modern edge. Available in a range of foils and woodgrains to add personality to any project. Ø 70mm Outer Frame Ø Can achieve a u value of 1.0 with 36mm triple glazing Ø Timberweld Sashes (mechanically jointed outerframe) Ø Authentic External Cottage Bar Ø Monkey Tail or Teardrop Handles & Peg Stays Ø Full range of Ancillaries (Bay Posts etc) Ø 28mm double glazing gives an A rating

Imagine Patio door FEATURES: Ø Available in bevelled or fully

sculptured sashes Ø 2, 3 or 4 pane option Ø 1, 2, 3 or 4 slider option Ø Coloured foil options Ø Slim stepped 70mm outerframe Ø Multi Chambered profile Ø 28mm or 32mm glazing option Ø PVC or Low aluminium threshold Ø Mid-rail option Ø Secured by Design option

Imagine French Doors FEATURES: Ø

Chamfered & sculptured sashes & glazing beads, seamless and stylish flush finish


Achieve u-Values below 1.0 with triple glazing A+


PVC, Low aluminium or room divider threshold options


Up to a 1000mm sash width


Coloured foil options


Fully tested to BS6375: Part 1 Weather & BS6375: Part 2 Durability


Secured by Design option


ERA 5 star guarantee benefits

Imagine Bifold Doors FEATURES: Ø

Chamfered & sculptured sashes & glazing beads, seamless and stylish flush finish


Achieve u-Values below 1.0 with triple glazing A+


PVC, Low aluminium or room divider threshold options


Up to a 1000mm sash width


Coloured foil options


Fully tested to BS6375: Part 1 Weather & BS6375: Part 2 Durability


Secured by Design option


ERA 5 star guarantee option

Composite doors FEATURES: Ø Halo or VEKA Bevelled or fully

sculptured outer-frame

Ø Full Doorco range now available,

traditional and contemporary styles Ø Range of standard and premium. Colours and RAL colour match Ø 9 Handle finishes Ø Secondary deadlock option Ø Fully adjustable hinge option Ø Automatic locking door option Ø Secured by Design option

Solidor, Solid Timber Core Composite Door FEATURES: Ø

Solid 48mm thick timber core


VEKA Bevelled or Sculptured




23 Colours, thousands of combinations


Over 30 Door styles


Stable doors


French doors


Automatic locking option


Secured by Design

Product Range Hardware as standard

Hardware options A range of perfectly matched furniture in a choice of eight colours made to the highest quality possible. Ø Swatch to demonstrate colour options Ø Offset window handle for maximum hand clearance Ø Sprung door handle ensuring lever always returns to the horizontal Ø Choice of lever, pad or scrolled door handles allowing you and your customer a wider selection to meet all tastes and needs. Ø 10 year mechanical and surface guarantee.

Fab & Fix hardware Standard specification

Sweet Door Hardware Upgrade option With its curved and edgeless aesthetics, Sweet is the latest addition to our hardware offering manufactured by Brisant who offer our leading Ultion cylinder. The range includes: Ø Numerals Ø Letterplates Ø Escutcheons Ø Knockers Ø Available in 6 great colours

20 year guarantee

Sweet Door Hardware Key benefits Behind Sweet’s seamless good looks is an equally impressive technical spec. Ø Sweet carries multiple coatings of brass and nickel, ensuring it always looks great, even after being hammered with salt water for over 8000 hours. That’s an incredible 30x more time than required for the flagship EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard.

Sweet Door Hardware Key benefits Brisant completely take the hassle out of your hardware installations. Ø By taking full ownership of the online-activated warranty, you have a unique sales opportunity without the worry of call backs. Ø Brisant look after it all!

Sweet Door Hardware Upgrade option

Sweet Door Hardware Key benefits

MACO Secure Hardware Windows Ø M-spag window lock Ø Shootbolt with locking cam Ø Twin central cam with bi-directional locking for maximum security Ø Hinge protectors for enhanced security when under attack Ø Compliance with MACO Secure Plus. Secured by Design* and building regulations Document Q Ø Confidence for you and your customers that only the highest quality security hardware is used.

Ultion Diamond Cylinder fitted as standard FEATURES: Ø Offers double snap resistance Ø When attacked the Ultion instantly goes into ‘Lockdown Mode’ Ø Stays snap secure even with a key in the inside of the lock Ø Some locks have 5 pins, others have 6, Ultion has 11 Ø Protects against Lock Drilling Ø Protects against Lock Bumping Ø Protects against Lock picking Ø Locked really does mean locked with the Ultion Ø Tested to the needs of the British Standard TS007 3 star standard

£2000 break in guarantee

Product Range Added value benefits

Maco Secure Plus enhanced benefits On windows Ø 10 year product warranty Ø 10 year security guarantee Ø Savings on home insurance Ø £1000 excess cover Ø £500 building Ø £500 Content

Ø £1000 replacement cover

Why enhanced benefits Ø We partner with the highest quality suppliers in the industry. Ø Many of these offer enhanced benefit packages with their products. Ø Most of your competitors will not have access to such an exhaustive list

a real differentiator in closing the deal

Sold Secure diamond Ultion benefits £2000 break in cover – if intruders enter the property through lock snapping, Ultion will pay £1000.

ERA 5 Star Guarantee Vertical Sliders, Imagine Doors & Warm Core can be covered for some fantastic benefits. Ø Savings on home insurance Ø 24/7 and support via a helpdesk Ø Up to £1,000 home insurance excess paid Ø Up to £1,000 towards a repair or replacement Ø Compensation cheque up to £1,000 Ø Simple online registration by homeowner

Energy Ratings A Energy ratings easily achievable on windows and doors

Independent Network Offering Peace of Mind to Homeowners from a trusted, reliable, professional membership endorsed by VEKA, backed up by proven results: Criteria to join ✓

Register all domestic installations with the I.N Insurance Backed Guarantee

Purchase VEKA products from an Independent Network Fabricator


Agree to Membership Terms & Conditions and meet financial & trading history criteria

Provide GDPR – Privacy Documents

Provide Homeowner T&C’s in line with our IBG

Active Business Policies; Insurance & Health & Safety

With a significant marketing budget and drive to bring the brand to homeowners this is a great time to get on board with the network. Glazerite are an IN fabricator and we’ll happily make the introduction

Added value benefits So in addition to our extensive product range of high quality products, the summary following enhanced benefits can offer your customers even more: Optimum Security: Specify Secured By Design to meet police requirements Ø Greater choice: With a wide range of hardware options for all of our products Ø

Complete confidence: Benefits of ERA 5 star guarantee, Maco Secure plus and our 10 year guarantee demonstrate our commitment to supplying quality products Ø Energy Efficiency: A+ Energy ratings, 0.8 U-value Passivhaus specification Ø

Independent Network: Benefit from the marketing and promotion of the Network behind you. Ø


As standard

Quality processes built in to our business We operate to quality management system BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

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As standard all products are manufactured to BS7412 with Blue Sky Accreditation Transitioned to PAS 24: 2016


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ific a PG e N m be PES PW PES W D



Integral within our products

Specify Secured by Design We’re able to manufacture the following products to Secured by Design, giving your customers confidence that we can meet the highest security standards required by the police and guaranteeing compliance with Document Q. Ø Casement Windows Ø Vertical Sliders Ø PVC Doors (including Part M Compliant) Ø French Doors (including Part M Compliant) Ø Composite Doors (including Part M Compliant) Ø Bi-Folding Doors and Patio Doors Ø Tilt & Turn

Account Management Managing your account

Account Management Day to day support for working with Glazerite is critical in managing your business. Your account will be managed as below: Ø Dedicated Area sales manager Ø Dedicated Senior Customer Service Advisor

In addition we will provide you with: Ø Dedicated technical support for product assistance where needed Ø Escalation contact structure to ensure optimum service Ø Direct contact numbers to all departmental managers Ø In-house IT Support available where needed

Escalation process We have a full account management team in place to look after your business. From day to day contact, to overall, accounts, marketing and IT. It’s always clear who you need to talk to.

For illustration purposes only, this is not your actual contacts.

Sales order processing

Evolution Online ordering and business system

Our business management system Ø Our ordering system is evolution and is used across the group for all business processes. The system is developed in-house by our technical development team giving us complete flexibility and control over how we use and operate the system throughout our business Ø The system provided to you for online ordering is SAT16, which is built on the same system to help you manage orders from either a house owner wanting a single frame to a large multiple phase building project. Ø The options within the system have been designed to give full flexibility, by using messages and errors during order entry we can still keep the processed items within the needed specifications.

Our online ordering Evolution

Our online ordering Evolution

Our online ordering Evolution

Our online ordering Evolution


Investment & Development Ø Evolution is the hub of our whole operation and is fundamental in everything we do. Hence the reason why we place a great deal of importance in it. Ø We have in-house developers who work with Business Micros to develop the system to fully meet the needs of our business. Today this system is the best in the industry. Ø Daily reports across all functions are sent with the key performances (examples on next page Ø This remains a key area for the development of our business going forward.


Business management tool Ø The system covers all aspects from Quotations and order placement right the way through to manufacture, delivery & post delivery issues or queries. Ø Depending on the options selected by the processor, reports can be automatically sent from Evonet directly to customers. This includes fitting instructions and general advice about certain products to the Energy Rating Certificate & DOP. We also have a number of in house reports automatically generated to provide further information on forthcoming orders for production, purchasing and order checking.

Documentation Sent with orders

SAT16 Online ordering SAT16 is our customer online ordering system, which can be used to quote your customers and place your orders with us, there are a number of benefits in using the system including: Ø Improved efficiencies: Saving time and resources from duplicating paperwork Ø Reduced error: Using the system reducing manual writing errors Ø Tailored for your business: Any discounting and pricing structures and all your business information can be included in the system Ø Branded paperwork: Your logos and branding can be applied to any paperwork reaching your customers, quotes, confirmations, invoices.

Aspects of the Evolution system

SAT16 Personalisation

01738 441399 [email protected]

Balhousie 11 Feus Road Perth PH1 2AS

Online ordering process

SAT16 Customer Training Ø On installation of the software full one on one training of how to use the system based on your individual requirements and needs will be given to your team. Ø The system and programme elements including bespoke templates and reporting are then tailored to the needs of your business. Ø We hold regular training sessions to refresh users or deliver enhancements to the system, which can be undertaken at appropriate points.

Distribution process Delivering orders

Delivering to trade customers across the UK Ø We deliver to customers across the whole of the UK, From our Midlands, North West, South West and East divisions. Ø Deliveries can be made to your premises or direct to site Ø Our vehicles have scanning equipment installed to offer improved efficiencies across our deliveries

A nationwide delivery network

Delivery systems How we work

Ø Life cycle traceability: Our production sites operate with a full barcode scanning system at every stage in the products life cycle. This is carried right through to the point of delivery. Ø No unnecessary paperwork: order sheets and delivery notes are digital and sent electronically. Ø Real-time data on performance: The system enables us to track an order from despatch to when signed for by the customer and gives a real time overview of the business performance

Board of directors

Our deliveries In detail

Ø Fleet of vehicles: Our fleet of well maintained vehicles make over 120 deliveries each day.

Board of directors

Ø Vehicle monitoring equipment: All vehicles are fitted with Quartix, we are able to track and know where they are every minute of the day. Ø Delivery date confirmation: Delivery date confirmed in order confirmation less than 24 hours after order placement. Ø despatch confirmation: full details of the vehicle, driver name and telephone with items that are scheduled for delivery sent by email day before. Ø Precise delivery times: Delivery times are confirmed on the day of delivery by text or telephone by 8.30am.

A great future

Partnerships we can rely on

Get in touch


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