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Eventos NYC. Diciembre
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ABOUT SPIIRE Mission -- spiire is a member's network made up of individuals, coaches and thought leaders committed to growing the potential of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Vision -- With pride, we seek to improve the quality of life for all LGBT community members through innovative education, experiential events and a one-of-a-kind peer group. Outcome -- Every day we're building a stronger community that thrives on being on the leading edge of social, political, environmental, and economic development. AGENDA & WHAT TO EXPECT 9:00am: Registration To get the most out of this event, please feel free to bring a friend or accountability partner with you to this event. 10:00am: Event Start & Welcome 10:45am: Title: You’re Made to Be a Buzzing Bee Description: Experience how laughter creates the space for more life. Presenter: Shawn DeCoster 11:30am: Title: The Power of Efficacy: How to Create Lasting Change in Your Personal & Professional Life Description: Dr. Paul Bloomberg unpacks the four sources of efficacy to gain a deeper understanding about the power of our beliefs surrounding goal attainment. Efficacy affects every area of human endeavor. Self-efficacy refers to an individual's belief in their ability to reach their goals and aspirations. Self-efficacy strongly influences both the power a person actually has to face challenges competently and the choices a person makes in realizing their goals. Presenter: Dr. Paul Bloomberg 1:00pm: Lunch, provided by spiire spiire | 115 west 18th street | new york, ny 10011

Mastermind Sat, Aug 27 | 9am – 6pm September Conversatiion & Sociial Thur, Sep 15 |6pm – 9pm October Spiire Gives Back Thur, Oct 13 | 9pm – 1am spiire | 115 west 18th street | new york, ny 10011

November Conversatiion & Sociial Thur, Nov 17 | 6pm – 9pm December Holiday Sociial Sat, Dec 3 | 9am – 1pm SPEAKER BIOS RYAN ESPINOSA – Bio: Ryan Espinosa is the co-founder and CEO of spiire, an organization that focuses on individual-centered approaches to community growth. Ryan is a lifelong entrepreneur, business consultant and speaker. In addition, Ryan supports nonprofit organizations and initiatives that support the LGBT community, as well as social, political, and environment causes. In these efforts, he has worked directly with UC Berkeley, OutRight Action International, Dare2Dream Youth Summit, the Prop 8 campaign and others. Prior to founding spiire, Ryan has over 20 years of experience in business, real estate, design and retail manufacturing. Serving the roles of CEO, President, Vice President, and Owner, he has successfully created and built new businesses as well as grown existing. In his pursuit of developing himself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, Ryan has spent the last 15 years immersing himself with personal and professional coaches, health and wellness advocates, instructors and mentors such as Louis Hays, Carolyne Myss, Ayurvedic practitioners and others. He is a budding thought leader in health and wellness, focusing on how we can consciously choose that which we set in motion to create. Ryan is driven and passionate about helping others engage in their own development His goal is to create a network that offers resources specializing in building strong and powerful individuals. Ryan resides in New York — the city he loves, surrounded by the people he loves, and pursuing the work he loves. Connect with Ryan: spiire | 115 west 18th street | new york, ny 10011

TALONYA GEARY -- Bio: Talonya is a successful multi-platform entrepreneur and business professional with over 20 years of experience in business & professional development. Her passion for growth, accountability and contribution inspired her to create FlawLes Media and FlawLes Magazine, serving as its co-creator and Chief Eternal Optimist, as well as Suite T Consulting as its Principal Consultant and keynote speaker. Over the last decade, Talonya has brought her unique gifts to the personal development arena, working with some of the world’s top professional speakers including Anthony Robbins, and currently serves as the co-founder and President of Spiire, an organization dedicated to the wellness and advancement of the LGBTQ community. She’s an experienced consultant for young and seasoned professionals and helps business owners create systems that grow financial, social and intellectual capital quickly, as well as co-creating transformational curriculum in a variety of key areas. When she’s not traveling the world, Talonya supports non-profit organizations and initiatives to activate resources that benefit underprivileged women and kids, and grow support of the LGBTQ community. She is an accomplished jazz saxophonist and thrives in New York City. She is currently writing her debut book, '#GoDo: Success & How to Get Whatever The Hell You Want\", which focuses on overcoming adversities by turning life’s most challenging obstacles into our greatest opportunities. Connect with Talonya: PAUL BLOOMBERG -- Bio: Dr. Paul Bloomberg is the founder and Chief Learning Officer for the Core Collaborative, a professional learning network that specializes in student-centered approaches to learning. Paul is a national Author Consultant for Corwin Press and is a North American Visible Learning consultant for John Hattie. In addition, Paul serves on the advisory board for Spiire, a network made up of individuals, coaches and thought leaders committed to growing the potential of LGBTQI community. Prior to founding The Core Collaborative, he was the former director of TIDES (Transformative Inquiry Design for Effective Schools &Systems), a nonprofit in San Diego focusing on inquiry-based learning. Paul is a former principal and instructional leader and has directly supported multiple, successful school turn-around and school innovation efforts nationally. Paul also served as a Distinguished Professional Development Associate for the Leadership &Learning Center, founded by Douglas Reeves. Paul’s passion is partnering with professional learning teams and systems in an effort to empower ALL students to take ownership of their learning. He is deeply committed to enhancing student success and believes that we all share in the responsibility for equity and diversity. Paul resides in San Diego with his husband Tony and his two sons, Alex and Taylor. Connect with Paul: spiire | 115 west 18th street | new york, ny 10011

SHAWAN DECOSTER – Bio: Shawn is a passionate coach and yoga concierge, making the practice of yoga accessible to all ages and abilities. Spending nearly a decade as a Digital and Social Media Marketing Executive, Shawn discovered the path of Yoga as a way to calm the mind, improve concentration and envision creative possibilities. Through the practice of yoga and meditation he's helping others attain a sense of peace, mobility, vitality, inner enlightenment, self-awareness and self acceptance. He is Yoga Alliance Certified (200-Hours) through accredited teacher training at Sonic Yoga in New York City and has over 7 years of experience practicing Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram and Kundalini based yoga. He is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, bringing the joy of laughter to all types of organizations and communities. Connect with Shawn: GET INVOLVED, STAY SPIIRED Membership: spiire is currently accepting applications for membership. Participation is limited until 2017, so please email [email protected] to apply and reserve your space. Coaches and Thought Leaders – If you are currently working as coach or thought leader in the personal or professional development space and would like to join spiire’s network of speakers, facilitators, trainers and/or service providers, please submit your interest to [email protected] Committee Member – If you share a passion for spiire’s vision, mission and values; and you feel confident in your ability to impact spiire’s short and long-term success, contact us to hold a seat on one of our committees. Spiire is currently looking for volunteers and experts in the areas of community outreach/ events and fundraising. For more info, please email [email protected] Founder’s Circle – If you see the value of spiire’s mission to grow the potential of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and would like to join the founder’s Circle by making a donation today, please visit: [email protected] spiire Commit to You. spiire | 115 west 18th street | new york, ny 10011

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