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Tune Protect Leadership Competency APPENDICES Framework


The Transformational Growth Journey

Profitable Growth

Resource Capitalisation

Gaining New Business

Breaking New Ground

Value Creation

Unleashing Talent & Capabilities within the desired playing field

A relentless pursuit to optimize resources and effectively capitalize on the same

To proactively seek and consciously create new opportunities

To enter into unchartered areas in the interest of driving innovation,and customer experience

Building an insure tech business which will drive traction, volume of transactions and critical mass

“Optimal Operating Model & Structure?” Is there operational excellence and the enablement to focus on profitability, innovation and future growth?

“Leadership & Human Capital?” Are the people leaders prepared to fight the battles, with the energy, resilience and innovation to see this growth journey successfully through?

Challenges faced.. Key People, Business and Operating Challenges Inadequacy of absolute clarity of future direction/ conflicting priorities

Constantly evolving market place with everreducing margins

Mindset, complacency and resistance to change

Regulatory limitations and constraints

Constant firefighting with little time to focus on future centricity Lack of clear accountability, silo mentality, inadequate courage to challenge status quo


Key Leadership Attributes to “Drive The Transformational Growth Journey”* Visionary and future centric thinking Promotes creativity, innovation, continuous improvement and an inspirational work environment Holds self and others to high standards Drives synergistic collaboration * As highlighted by the TPG Leaders during a Leadership Focus Group Discussion held in Aug 2019

Strong commercial mindset and focused on business growth Courageous and resilient in the face of ambiguity and rallies support Socially & Emotionally Intelligent, Coaches, Empowers and Develops others

The TPG Leadership Competency Framework in totality

INSPIRE OTHERS WITH YOUR VISION Sees bigger picture, able to articulate the vision and bring people along.



Hunger to continuously seek and seize opportunities balancing growth, profitability, risk and innovation





Able to drive collaboration within one’s own teams and across different groups

RELENTLESS FOCUS ON OUR CUSTOMER Sees self as provider of services of high standards and drives that thinking throughout

05 06

EMPOWER WITH ACCOUNTABILITY Provides authority to allow others to act with responsibility

DEVELOP & NURTURE TALENT Commits to nurturing talent at the individual and enterprise level

The TPG Leadership Competency Framework provides a holistic view of each leader around 3 critical clusters that are crucial in navigating through this journey of future transformational growth Within each cluster there are 2 key behaviours 1. Inspire Others with Your Vision

(Sees bigger picture, able to articulate the vision and bring people along.)

2. Be a Responsible Entrepreneur

We require leaders who are… •

Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty

Able to inspire and “rally the troops”

Stay the course in the face of adversity

Be agile to pivot where required

(Hunger to continuously seek and seize opportunities balancing growth, profitability, risk and innovation)

3. Drive Collaboration across Groups

(Able to drive collaboration within one’s own teams and across different groups)

4. Relentless Focus on our Customer

(Sees self as provider of services of high standards and drives that thinking throughout)

5. Empower with Accountability

(Provides authority to allow others to act with responsibility)

6. Develop & Nurture Talent

(Commits to nurturing talent at the individual and enterprise level)

Source: Adapted from the TPG Board meeting in Aug 2019 Note: For a full breakdown of the TPC leadership Competency Framework, pls refer to the Appendix

INSPIRE OTHERS WITH YOUR VISION Sees bigger picture, able to articulate the vision and bring people along.



UNDERSTANDS the business and the insurance industry with local, regional & global context

Able to clearly ARTICULATE the vision and strategic direction


Sees BIGGER PICTURE and brings fresh insights based on experience, knowledge & vision

Why it matters To realize our growth journey in becoming a competitive and profitable digital insurer, our leaders need to be able to recognize market trends and developments; and adapt strategy to achieve business results and meet evolving customer needs.



Level 1: Spots patterns and trends

   

Level 2: Applies new approaches

Level 3: Brings new insights and vision creation

 

 

 


Level 4: Shapes and articulates the organization’s position

  

Ability to analyze current issues and understands its implications within immediate to short term Makes connections between the day to day activities and the bigger strategic picture Sees patterns, trends and/or gaps when looking at information, results, processes or systems Uses common sense and past experience to analyze current situations, solve problems and make decisions Looks beyond TPG and the insurance industry to identify approaches which could deliver greater efficiency and productivity within TPG Applies these approaches to TPG Brings in different perspectives on a problem to create the right solutions to drive the common purpose Sets a clear strategy for different timeframes with thorough analysis, balanced medium and long term goals and metrics Generates clear strategic alternatives by distilling a mass of data from many different sources Sees the complexities and inter-dependencies across the various business lines Articulates the inspirational vision in simple but clear terms for all to understand and follow Develops long term strategies that continually shapes the organization’s position and reputation in the market place Re-defines the way customers and others stakeholder requirements are understood and provided for Shapes the organization long term goals, balancing risks, cost and benefits in line with the strategic direction and vision of the organization Demonstrates insight that others do not have; takes an issue back to first principles, breaks the mould and reshapes TPG and/or the industry by creating entirely new business models Actively articulates the inspirational vision for all within the eco-system and drives/inspires others to act upon

BE A RESPONSIBLE ENTREPRENEUR Hunger to continuously seek and seize opportunities balancing growth, profitability, risk and innovation


What is it?

Critically analyses and applies management and financial information to make business decisions balancing GROWTH, INNOVATION, RISK & PROFITABILITY

Has an INNATE HUNGER to continuously seek and SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES

Willing to make “PERSONAL SACRIFICES” (doing more than what is expected or required) in pursuit of organization success

Bold and confident to constantly CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO

Why it matters Our leaders need to be operationally strong and must demonstrate a business acumen to drive forward delivery excellence, new products and services as well as effective eco-system creation.


Level 1: Understands the importance of commercial success

    

Level 2: Demonstrates an awareness of commercial implications

     

Level 3: Focused on commercially responsible outcomes

    


Level 4: Creates new commercial opportunities for TPG

      

Has a basic understanding of financial and other numerical data in making decisions Treats TPGs resources responsibly as if they were their own; asks the fundamental question what value can be derived from every ringgit/minute spent Constantly evaluating the activities that are being undertaken with the value that is being created Understands that TPG is a commercial public listed entity with an obligation to provide sustainable returns to its shareholders Listens with an open mind to others when they propose new ways of doing things Able to interpret financial data and apply insights to day-to-day business execution and delivery of outcomes Shows basic understanding of how physical events (time, material, FTEs etc) directly link to commercial measures (financial returns, delivery of products and services, eco-system creation etc) Works to achieve budget and/or control costs Understands the costs and profit drivers for their specific work area and how their area contributes to TPG’s commercial success Always finding ways to support and encourage colleagues and eco system partners to redefine processes as they stand today Having a clear understanding of how emotional intelligence impacts the decision-making process and commitment levels to challenge the norms Able to interpret and apply data/ models for short to medium term business decision-making and planning Applies financial assessment techniques (cost benefit analysis, ROI evaluations etc) to evaluate commercial viability of opportunities Identifies ways to improve commercial success within one’s own area of the business and also through collaboration with other businesses and eco-system players Focuses on ways to improve profitability as one strives towards the attainment of a common purpose Being emotionally aware in securing buy in of others in an uncertain time Able to interpret, apply and generate business insights from financial data/for long term business decision-making and planning Drives and encourages commercial behavior within the business; continually seeking to support and accelerate growth, consolidating costs, constantly improve cost drivers and optimize risk with a view to maximizing sustainable shareholder value Generates new profit making initiatives while applying the disciplines of risk and return criteria Creates new commercial and innovative opportunities by building cross-functional and true eco-system partnerships Constantly finding new ways to maximize profitability from each step of the value chain Takes a holistic enterprise-wide view of potential commercial opportunities, prioritizes needs and evaluates risk from a TPG / industry / regulators perspective Innovative in nature and builds a culture that encourages and actively champions innovation which results creative and fresh approaches to doing business

DRIVE COLLABORATION ACROSS GROUPS Able to drive collaboration within one’s own teams and across different groups



What is it?

COLLABORATES within one’s own teams, across business functions and with external eco-system players to reach a COMMON PURPOSE and results

CONSTANTLY SEEKING ways improve the overall Group effectiveness

Why it matters Open communication is crucial. So is full understanding of what is happening across the organization including its players in the eco-system. This will create better operational synergies that would enhance cost optimisation, promote effective resource management and improve overall experience for our customers.



Level 1: Always willing to help and support

   

Level 2: Actively collaborates with others

   

Level 3: Enables organization wide collaboration

  

Level 4: Drives collaboration between the organization and the environment EXPERT

   

Openly shares relevant information with peers and eco-system partners to support cross functional activities and decision making process Actively assists where required, providing additional support as and when needed Recognises and acknowledges perspectives from others located in different functions of the business Provides constructive feedback on how things can be done better and more effectively Proactively solicits input to generate plans, address challenges and solve problems, rather than to purely gain buyin into one’s own ideas Gives credit to others for their ideas and support, not needing to be seen as the originator of the idea Genuinely values others’ input and expertise Works together with others to co-craft something different and better than what existed before Proactively considers the implications of decisions on multiple facets of TPG, whilst being inclusive in bringing people across all levels to be part of the co creation of solutions Creates processes and tools that will enable others to share insights and practices across various functions Identifies and brings conflict that impedes cross functional collaboration into the open so as to effectively manage and/or address Crafts systems that drive inherent cross-collaboration e.g. developing shared KPIs across multiple functions Consistently demonstrates collaboration & strengthens work relationships between the organization and its ecosystem partners and regulators alike Able to champion and rally the masses to support “unpopular” decisions so as to promotethe greater good of the organization Able to apply complex influencing strategy and orchestrate behind the scenes support to drive collaborative long term strategy amongst all players impacting TPG

RELENTLESS FOCUS ON OUR CUSTOMER Sees self as provider of services of high standards and drives that thinking throughout


04 Sees SELF as a provider of services of HIGH STANDARDS.

Drives professionalism and takes the opportunity to EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS whenever possible

Why it matters Customer Obsession is embedded into our Core Values. Our leaders need to live, breathe and exemplify.



Level 1: Provides customer services with a level of professionalism

   

Level 2: Addresses underlying customer needs

 

Level 3: Constantly driving improvement of service standards

 


Level 4: Redefine service standards given the demands of future trends

   

Listens attentively, makes genuine effort to understand customer request and how it impacts the nature of work as it stands today. Responds promptly to customer, with appropriate follow-up on request, issues and/or complaints Takes action on request within established service standards, and where possible exceed the same Looks to working with others to push forward services standards where possible Takes a proactive approach to resolve customer issues/problems Seeks information about the real underlying needs of the customer, beyond those expressed initially Closely follows up on services, solutions or products to ensure that their needs have been correctly and effectively met Constantly analyses symptoms, issues, challenges and gets to the root cause of current service delivery problems and recommends/makes improvements Always works to adapt and improve on current service and product offerings to meet and where possible exceed customer expectations Consistently encourages peers, teams and eco-system partners to achieve high standards of service excellence Creates an environment in which employees can deliver excellent customer service/experience Redefines service standards and crafts and sets up the necessary enablers (resources, processes, systems, initiatives) to meet those significantly higher standards Emphasizes and drives an enterprise wide culture of service excellence Personifies service excellence within the organization and the industry alike

EMPOWER WITH ACCOUNTABILITY Provides authority to allow others to act with responsibility



Provides others AUTHORITY TO ACT with a common purpose and responsibility

Provides the necessary SUPPORT required

EMPOWERS with clear intention to foster a climate of high performance

Why it matters As we forge ahead on our growth journey, there is a need to place strong emphasis on accountability and personal ownership at all levels of the organization. All employees as well as players within the eco-system need to be accountable for the common purpose.



Level 1: Being accountable

    

Level 2: Accountability with some level of guidance

Level 3: Assigns with limited accountability

  

  

Thinks, prepares and executes to the directions given Works effectively towards fulfilling the tasks and results expected Takes ownership of completing work within the specified time frame Able to understand and manage one’s self Pursues organizational objectives with energy and persistence. Sets high personal standards for performance Identifies clear work priorities for the team and provides information and background behind targets set and tasks. Delegates with close supervision, gives some level of autonomy and provides practical support when necessary Evaluates capability levels of team members / staff and assigns responsibility accordingly. Openly faces and addresses under-performance in others, pro-actively manages those not meeting the desired expectations, in an emotionally sensitive fashion Willing to takes risks on others so as to enable them to develop by delegating responsibility and decision-making authority Delegates and provides broad overview of deliverables / expectations and provides freedom to think and innovate whilst holding others accountable for the achievement of the commitment outcomes Supports and drives collective accountability through appropriate actions such as involving staff in outcome setting, ongoing communication and motivation of people to take ownership for their work/ outcomes respectively Identify opportunities to exceed goals and works towards them, even under adverse or constraining circumstances

Level 4: Full empowerment and accountability


 

Always challenges the team to make a step change in performance and inspires them to take ownership of the common purpose Always delegates effectively and provides broad context, oversight and guidance to drive refreshed thinking whilst holding others accountable for overall outcomes in building internal team strength, capability and performance levels Always provides (or assigns others to provide) coaching or mentoring, rich feedback and ongoing development support; and an enabling environment, i.e. people, process, system to effectively support achievement of the common purpose Motivates and rally support to deliver performance excellence at the enterprise level

DEVELOP & NURTURE TALENT Commits to nurturing talent at the individual and enterprise level



Genuine COMMITMENT to both individual and enterprise level talent development

Individual Level: Providing the LEARNING SUPPORT and creating opportunities for individual growth

Enterprise Level: NURTURING of the TALENT PIPELINE in line with the business and industry demands

Why it matters We want to attract, retain and growth our internal talent pipeline. The building of strong internal capabilities is crucial to mitigate the risk of succession and to ensure longer term business sustainability, growth and innovation. To this end, all people managers have a positive and active role to play in the nurturing of talent.

DEVELOP & NURTURE TALENT Level 1: Develops activity related skills and knowledge BEGINNER

   

Level 2: Gives developmental feedback and provides coaching

   

Level 3: Understands and supports individual long-term career aspiration

   

Level 4: Builds talent pipeline for the future business EXPERT

  

Always makes time to support others with a specific development areas by offering advise, on the job demonstration or instructions Consistently takes action to develop the individual’s task-related skills and knowledge Always creates development opportunities for others such as encouraging knowledge sharing amongst teams members within and cross functions Able to understand and effectively manage self needs from a developmental perspective Constantly questions and/or solicits input from individuals to help them reach new insights into their own behaviour and skill and experience base Always provides feedback to individuals on the impact of their behaviour or approach in order to positively support their development as well as support in the achievement of the common purpose Provides ongoing coaching and possibly mentoring to support the individual’s personal development Plays an active role in providing positive feedback to eco-system partners and how their particular teams can be further supported and developed accordingly Supports direct reports reflect on their career development gaps, create opportunities and coaches them towards their long term goals Actively encourages on going development of others by consistently sharing new learnings, thoughts, perspectives Co crafting development journeys with team members and always pushing boundaries in an emotionally sensitive fashion May at times take risks to encourage or support team members in their long term career development Has a holistic in depth understanding of the common purpose of TPG and has clarity of thought as to the capabilities, skills and experience levels required of team members to support the organization and its eco-system partners achieve it Always takes a broad view of organizational capability and assesses the talent needs of the business in relation to key developments and/or trends in the industry Takes a systematic approach to ensure the TPG talent pipeline is being proactively developed and concurrently focuses on the succession planning strategy to align individual capabilities to current and future organization requirements as well as industry demands Institutionalises organization-wide mechanisms and processes to promote and support on going learning, development and constant improvement

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