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unit 2 week 1 | Day planner DIGITAL Component Component Component Component Component Title to come Title to come Title to come Title to come Title to come Weekly Learning Goals OPTIONS Reading workshop ReardeiandginWgowrkosrhkosphop Reading-writing bridge writing workshop I can learn to read informational text. Whole CLASS small group | independent reading Whole CLASS | collaborative Whole CLASS | collaborative FPO reading-writing bridge Text and Learning CoNNection Text and Learning CoNNection Text and Learning CoNNection Text and Learning CoNNection I can make and use words (Interactive Student Book) (Interactive Student Book) (Interactive Student Book) (Interactive Student Book) to read and write Trade Book Trade Book informational text. Trade Book Trade Book decodable readers Writing workshop Academic Vocabulary I can learn to write leveled readers decodable Story •  Context Clues T14–T15 informational text. DAY 1 Jump-Start Thinking T2–T3  Quick Check  Phonological Awareness T5 Spelling Shared Writing: Introduce Informational Writing T16 Text and LearningT2 Unit 2 • week 1  Quick Check  Informational Text T9 •  Assess Prior Knowledge T14 •  Explore the Mode CoNNection Explore the Infographic T2–T3 Small Group: Scaffolded Support T10–T11 •  Introduce the Prompt (Interactive Student Book) •  Phonological Awareness Language and Conventions •  Connect to Unit Theme Word Work •  Informational Text •  Spiral Review T15 Trade Book •  Phonological Awareness: Segment and •  Language Development Handwriting T17 Blend Phonemes T4–T5 •  Extension Activity •  Phonics: Blend Short a Words T4–T5 Spelling Respond to Text: Mini-Lesson T38 B O O K CLUB The Ugly Vegetables T12–T13 •  Short a Words T36–T37 Read Mentor Texts T39 Listening Comprehension Read Aloud \"Different Ducks\" T6–T7  Quick Check  Phonics T19 Language and Conventions Leveled  Quick Check  Comprehension T33 •  Oral Language T36 Readers Genre Focus: Informational Text T8–T9 Small Group: Scaffolded Support T34–T35 DAY 2 •  Phonics Start the Day: Read Aloud Poem T18 •  Comprehension •  Language Development Read Like a Writer, Write Independent Writing: Teach Features of Informational decodable Word Work •  Extension Activity for a Reader T46–T47 Writing T48–T49 Readers •  Phonological Awareness: Isolate Spelling Phonemes T18  Quick Check  High-Frequency Words T41 decodable •  Phonics: Blend, Read, and Write Short a  Quick Check  Identify Topics and Details T43 •  Short a Words T46–T47 story Words T18–T19 Small Group: Scaffolded Support T44–T45 Language and Conventions DAY 3 •  High-Frequency Words T19 •  High-Frequency Words formative assessment •  Identify Topics and Details •  Singular and Plural Nouns T47 DAY 4 Introduce the Selection T20–T21 •  Language Development Respond to Writing: Student Model T60–T61 Gather data through the formative •  Preview Vocabulary T20–T21 •  Extension Activity Language and Conventions •  Read a Student Model assessments offered this week: DAY 5 •  First Read: From Tadpole to Frog T21–T31 •  Singular and Plural Nouns T58–T59 •  Write about the Topic  Quick Check  Phonics T51  Quick Check Respond T32–T33  Quick Check  Retell a Topic T53 Spelling Publish and Share: Informational Text T72 Phonological Awareness T5 Small Group: Scaffolded Support T56–T57 •  Review: Short a Words T58 •  Confer Informational Text T9  Comprehension Check T32–T33 •  Phonics •  Decodable Story \"Little Cat, Big Cat\" •  Finalize Phonics T19 T54–T55 •  Retell a Topic • Language Language and Conventions •  Share High-Frequency Words T41 Start the Day: Read Aloud Poem T40 Development •  Extension Activity • Fluency •  Singular and Plural Nouns T71 Identify Topic and Details T43 Handwriting T73 Phonics T51 Word Work  Quick Check  Make Connections T65 Spelling Retell a Topic T53 •  Phonological Awareness: Segment and Small Group: Scaffolded Support T66–T67 •  Assess Understanding T70 Make Connections T65 Blend Phonemes T40–T41 •  Phonics: Blend -ck Words T40–T41 •  Make Connections  •  Language Development  Comprehension Check T33 •  High-Frequency Words T41 •  Extension Activity T3 Comprehension: Identify Topic and Details B O O K CLUB The Ugly Vegetables T68–T69 09.26.2016 T42–T43 Close Read From Tadpole to Frog T21–T31 Start the Day: Read Aloud TK T50 Word Work •  Phonological Awareness: Isolate Phonemes T50 •  Phonics: Blend, Read, and Write -ck Words T50–T51 Comprehension: Retell a Topic T52–T53 Close Read From Tadpole to Frog T21–T31 Start the Day: Read Aloud TK T62 Word Work •  Phonological Awareness: Rhyming Words T62  •  Phonics: Review Short a and -ck Words T63 Make Connections From Tadpole to Frog T64–T65 •  Evidence Log

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