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ARMY POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL ENGLISH PROFICIENCY PROGRAM FIRST MONTH EVALUATION UNITS 1−3 CYCLE II Full Name: ............................................... Support Center: Instructions: This evaluation must be submitted on the first month after you have finished studying units 1, 2 and 3. I. LISTENING SECTION 10 points Play your Class CD 1 and listen to tracks 12, 13 and 14 • Listen to three people giving directions. Answer the questions. Dialogue First dialogue

Second dialogue

Third dialogue

Questions • Where does each person want to go? • How are they travelling? • Is their destination near or far? • Is the person giving directions helpful? II. VOCABULARY SECTION 10 points • Underline the right word 11. Most people don't want to live in tower anymore, they prefer town houses. a. blocks b. housing c. estates d. flats 12. A job as a television entertainer is for someone with a (n).... personality. a. talkative b. exciting c. outgoing d. trendy 13. Sam and I have ..each other since 1990 but we've never been out on a date. a. got engaged b. split up c. fancied d. argued 14. We had to wait for quite some time before the manageragreed to see us. 1

a. eventually b. really c. actually d. suddenly 15. Teaching is but it is very rewarding. a. sociable b. creative c. badly − paid d. unskilled 16. I don't go very much for chocolates and cakes. I don't have a sweet . a. tongue b. mouth c. taste d. tooth 17. I try to avoid thehour if I can, so I drive to work at about 10. a. jam b. rush c. congestion d. traffic 18. The World Trade Center used to be a famous ..on the New York skyline. a. landmark b. post c. position d. landscape 19. My onlyis that I didn't live sooner. a. regret b. sorrow c. apology d. sorry 20. Writers usually work., so their wages may vary a lot from year to year. a. overtime b. full− time c. part − time d. freelance III. GRAMMAR SECTION 10 points C. Present Perfect or Past Simple Write each of the following verbs into either the past simple or present perfect. 21. Maria lives in Machala. Before she__________ (move) here, she 22. __________ (live) in Guayaquil for 3 years 23. Hurry up! The concert__________ (begin) and we are late. 24. She__________ (leave/just) the house. 25. He __________ (leave) the house a few minutes ago. 26. I'm tired. I __________ (not get) much sleep last night. 27. Peter __________ (go) to Paris last year. That means that he 28. __________ (be) to Paris 3 times! 29. When Jack was at school, he __________ (learn) to play the saxophone. He 30. _________ (play) it ever since.


D. Simple Past or Past Progressive 10 points Put the following sentences into the correct tense, Simple Past or Past Continuous. While Tom (read) 31. _________, Amely (watch) 32. _________ a documentary on TV. Marvin (come) 33. __________ home, (switch) 34. __________ on the computer and (check) 35. __________ his emails. The thief (sneak)36. __________ into the house, (steal) 37. __________ the jewels and (leave) 38. __________ without a trace. Nobody (listen) 39. __________ while the teacher (explain) 40. __________ the tenses. E. Question words 5 points Change the statements to questions using the question word in parenthesis. Check verb tense. • They do their homework at night. (when)Â _____________________________________________ • Mr. Robertson came to the party alone. (who) ______________________________________________ • I like the red blouse, not the blue one. (which)Â _____________________________________________ • He is going to work right now. (where)Â _____________________________________________ • They were singing popular songs. (what kind)___________________________________________ IV. READING SECTION 5 points F. (Open your Workbook on page 7) Read the article titled FAMOUS REFUGEES: Present and Past. Answer the questions below. Use complete sentences. 46. Who was born in an African country? ____________________________________ 47. Who has lived in the most countries? ____________________________________ 48. Who works or has worked at a university? _________________________________ 49. Who had a well − known uncle?_________________________________________ 50. Who is a Nobel Prize winner? ___________________________________________________ V. WRITING SECTION 10 points G. answer the following questions. use complete sentences and give reasons for each one. 51−52. What's your neighborhood like? _____________________________________


______________________________________________________________ 53−54. How often do you use a computer? ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 55−56. What kinds of sports do you watch on tv? ______________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 57−58. What time do you get up on weekends? ______________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 59−60. Who does the laundry at your house? _____________________________________ TOTAL SCORE: . / 60 points


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