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GET TO KNOW OUR INDUSTRY LEADER Meet Emily La BoreHeintzman  & see how she's become a driving force in the industry | p. 14

RATINGS OF NPSA MEMBERS MAKES FOR BETTER TRANSACTIONS Purchasing transactions in the portable storage or container trading business are very much based on trust & reputation | p. 20

SERIOUSLY, ONE THING? Opening checks from rental customers is one of the most enjoyable things a business owner can do | p. 26

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Industry Leader: Emily La Bore-Heintzman



NPSA | 2017 26

with Seriously, Ratings of NPSA Members Learn & Grow the NPSAOne thing? Makes for Better Transactions

Features 7 Chairman’s Note 10 Remembering Rick Honan 12 Canadian Corner: Staying Relevant 16 Take the Stairs: An Interview w/ NPSA Keynote Speaker 18 Beware! It’s not Google Calling 22 Online Portable Storage Reservations for an Online Generation 28 Are you Safe? Security breaches continue to be a massive threat to businesses. Forty nine percent of businesses will be breached in 2017.

24 Your Company Website 28 Are You Safe? Do you Believe you are Safe? Is your Information Safe? 32 The Latest Scoop on Modifications 34 2017 NPSA Sponsor Directory

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NPSA | 2017

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Message from the Chairman As I write this, I am on day number 47 of my 365 days of being the Chairman of the NPSA, and it feels like a lot is going on. We are moving fast and it feels like June of next year will be here before I know it. The 2017/18 Board of Directors is a group that is knowledgeable and represents the Association well. Here are some things that will help you understand why we, as your Association leaders, are excited about the NPSA:

1. Our strong financial position has allowed us to reduce the attendance cost for our events. Each event is carefully budgeted out ahead of time and there are three main sources of revenue: registration, sponsorship and exhibition. Registration revenue is a wild card. For our Annual Conference in Las Vegas, we exceeded projected attendance by about 10% and this increased our event cost by an even higher percentage. Regardless, we were able to leave Las Vegas without losing our shirts!

2. Organizationally, we continue to benefit by our leadership model that depends more heavily of volunteer efforts and people like Joe Kent, Rick Nuckols, Dave Werner and Kevin Smith help tremendously as advisors. Joel and Kaylee handle the office and our constant questions very well. What about Mark Graham? Read below.

3. In our most recent Board of Directors meeting, we presented, discussed and passed a motion to hire Mark as a part-time contractor to help plan our events. Joel and Kaylee continue in their roles as Operation and Event Coordinators, while Mark focuses on speakers and schedules. Together, they make great events. Mark has been doing this work gratis for more than three years, and it was clear that the task required more work than your typical volunteer position. The Board agreed that we needed to either compensate him or find another solution. Please note: since the founding of the NPSA, we have not compensated members for their service. This situation is definitely an exception and in view of other options, was the Board’s best choice. If you have any questions, just call me.

4. We have also set in motion a return for fall events every year. With Vancouver this year, Charleston in 2018 and for 2019, we will be returning to Napa Valley.

Beyond this, the Board is working on adding member benefits that will increase the value of membership and show the industry that the NPSA is the right place to be. Phil Herndon Owner, Container Solutions, Inc.

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WWW.NPSA.ORG Dispatch | 8

2017 CRAB FEAST NPSA held the annual Crab Feast reception in Baltimore, Maryland August 9th at the Balitmore Marriott Waterfront Hotel. K&K International Inc. sponsored the reception at the hotel, where guests gathered to network with one another. The following day, NPSA members attended the Propeller Club of Baltimore’s Crab Feast event and feasted on crabs and enjoyed good company, with cold beverages. We were lucky to have beautiful weather this year! A special thanks to K&K International for hosting the NPSA reception and to all who joined us in Baltimore for the event! If you were unable to make it this year, we hope to see you next August! See pictures from the event here. If you attended, please share your photos with us so we can include them in our album.

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IN MEMORY OF RICK HONAN Rick Honan, 46, passed away on Thursday, April 27th in his home, surrounded by family and friends. His family is eternally grateful for the outpouring of love and support from his community. Rick persevered for two years with colon cancer and faced it with grace, hope, and courage. Rick was born on November 5, 1970, and was a lifelong resident of Kansas City, Missouri. He went to Visitation Grade School and Pembroke Hill High School. He was actively involved in school sports including football, basketball, soccer, and wrestling, and he was an Eagle Scout. He was awarded an NROTC scholarship and attended Northwestern University and the University of Kansas where he earned a degree in Political Science in 1994. Upon graduation he was awarded a commission as an ensign in the U.S. Navy. During his service with the Navy, Rick served as an Officer on the USS Beaufort (ATS-3) out of Sasebo Japan. He was a Hazardous Material Officer on the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) in Sasebo. He was on the Commandant's Staff at the US Naval Academy as an Executive Assistant for Strategic Planning and was Company Commander, Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Battalion 13, and a Commanding Officer in the Naval Support Activity in Bahrain. Rick served for a total of 17 years in the Navy on active duty and the reserves. He reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Rick returned to Kansas City and joined his father’s company, American Trailer and Storage (AT&S), eventually becoming the president and CEO. He was civically involved and was a board member of the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) and the Blue Valley Industrial Association (BVIA), as well as a member Dispatch | 10

of the Kansas City Industrial Council (KCIC). Rick was an active member of Visitation Parish and was guided by his strong faith. He enjoyed playing competitive tennis and was an avid fan of the Jayhawks, Chiefs, and Royals. Rick was adored, admired, and respected by his family and everyone who knew him. He was a gentle, compassionate, and kind soul. He will forever be remembered for his integrity, wit, and heart-warming smile. Rick was a devoted husband to his wife, Kourtney Flynn Honan, and a loving father to his children, Gavin, 11, and Suzie, 9. He is also survived by his parents, Kathy and Dick Honan, his brother, Greg (Rachel) of Avon, Colorado, and children Brecklyn, Balianna, and Morrison, his sister Julie Honan Johnston (Kevin) of Berkeley, California, and children Venice and Viviana, his sister Eileen Honan DeVaney (Scott) of Berkeley, California, and children Osgood and Seren, his sister Christine Honan Simpson (Eric) of Seward, Alaska, and their child, Thorsten, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins. In Rick’s words, “I am comforted by God's gift of eternal hope and salvation. The bell will ring for all of us in the end and therefore the bell rings for me daily. I am blessed by every day of this life. It is a gift…Ring the bell every day. Life is a celebration!” In Lieu of Flowers, the family recommends a donation to honor Rick and support Suzie and Gavin. Please make checks payable and mail to:

The Honan Educational Trust Fund, benefiting Suzie & Gavin Honan c/o Academy Bank 4400 Shawnee Mission Parkway Fairway, KS 66205. Condolences may be expressed to the family at www.


It’s All About Passion, Precision & Perfection Official Partner

So is FLE -BO


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[email protected] 05/09/2017 12:09 PM

The Canadian Corner STAYING RELEVANT


o matter where your business is located, keeping up with ever-changing markets can keep you on your toes. But folks in the Canadian portable storage world often face unique challenges.

We visited with Richard Audet, of Conteneurs S.E.A. Inc. and Bob Thomas, of Beaver Container Systems Ltd. to learn more about how they find customers, keep up with market trends, and anticipate future needs. Evolving communication It’s not just social media that’s always changing. How we communicate and advertise is fluid, too. That makes connecting with current and potential customers a moving target. “The most important thing is the customer, of course,” says Bob. “We do a lot of radio advertising. And we do advertise in an ag newspaper and on Kijiji – it’s like Craigslist. “Mostly, we depend on referral and word of mouth. But we‘ll do an ad on the side of a container and put the container next to the main artery coming into a city. We do promotional items – the whole gamut.” Conteneurs S.E.A. has shifted its focus online. “It’s always a question of adapting and getting the message out,” says Richard. “We spend a lot on SEO and SEM, and, in the last year, AdWords. The results are there. Getting a better website, the right SEO operator, and the right keywords has made a difference. Now, we have analysis on where people are coming from and our conversion rates – it’s much more sophisticated than it has been in the past.” Despite this focus, Richard keeps an eye on the big picture. “I haven’t put a dollar in print in the last six months,” he says. “I’m sure there’s a comeback from that, it will change, but for every dollar spent, I get more from the internet than anything else. We do banners and stickers on the containers, but the internet is the way to go. You don’t have to do it big right away, but it is something you need to take seriously.”

Dispatch | 12

The communication preferences of different age groups require attention and respect, too. “I’m 45, and maybe I’m over the hill, but younger people don’t want to be on the phone,” says Richard. “They’re more interested in texts and older people just want to pick up the phone. There’s quite a wide spectrum of how people want to communicate with me … but email, SMS, social media – whatever they need to communicate with me, I will do it. “I’m certainly not an expert. I have to communicate better with millennials. Some of them are getting in that age group where they are move involved, more in charge, and making buying decisions. I need to get better so that I’m not left behind.” Bob takes a similar “whatever it takes” approach. “I just go with the flow,” he says. “Whatever can help us move more product, that’s fine. I’m very open-minded in that regard.” Going with the flow has meant moving out of his comfort zone. “I’m on Facebook,” Bob says. “I swore I’d never get on there – who has the time? But we’re out there a little bit, and are probably going to do more and more … nobody likes to talk one-on-one on the phone – they want to text or email. I’m still old-school and like face-to-face conversations. But I’ll do whatever it takes to find out what somebody needs and how we can help them.” Language and geographical challenges Multiple languages can make communication complex. “French-Canadians, the way they write ‘container’ is four or five different ways – it’s English, French, maybe they make some make mistakes, use a lot of buzzwords,” says Richard. “I can market in French using English words, but the other way around doesn’t work. I’m sure California,

Texas, and Florida have the same issue with Spanish. “The bilingual side is certainly not something to ignore – it’s just an added difficulty. You have to translate your website, the content you put on your site has to be in both languages, and you have to do your SEO and AdWords in both languages.” With the majority of Canadian French speakers living in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario, it’s possible to physically target bilingual efforts. But that’s not the only geographical twist in doing business in The Great White North. “One thing that’s very hard for us is long distance and low density in population,” Richard says. “We have some of the best roads in the world and some of the worst, and with snow and ice, it can be very hard for a transporter to figure out the time it’s going to take to get a certain place. It’s hard to give a time and price to a customer.” The road and weather conditions mean that delivery estimates can triple in the winter – or it can be impossible to deliver or pick up at all. “I have customers who pay $2,000 for transport,” says Richard. “And those are often the guys who benefit the most from having a container because they have space and it’s expensive to get materials.” The takeaway from this puzzle of language and location? “You have to market the right message to the right region,” Richard says. “It can be a challenge when you have so many far regions and they all have different realities – it’s complex.” Low inventory Another complexity of the Canadian market is the containers themselves. “Our biggest challenge here is getting product,” says Bob. “There’s a

worldwide shortage of new and used product. I spend most of my day sourcing product – making sure it gets on the train and gets to us, keeping the pipeline full.” “Especially with new product, it’s such a challenge. It’s like playing the stock market. At the end of the day, you can’t sell off an empty shelf. Just bite the bullet on your cost and bump up your retail and see what happens.” All these moving parts – or lack thereof – haven’t slowed customer demand. “It’s been pretty steady,” says Bob. “We’re doing a lot with the price of new stuff at a premium right now – we’re taking used containers, painting them, and getting an extra $300 or $400 out of them. And we supply value-added accessories – locks, shelving, lighting, and dock ramps. We’ll run a special and give a free accessory away with the purchase of a new or used container.” Always on the lookout No matter the location, it seems everyone in the portable storage industry tries to anticipate what’s next and how to meet customer needs. “I spend a lot of time thinking about how to better market my product,” says Richard. “What I was doing a few years ago isn’t necessarily relevant today. It’s changing so fast – which is exciting and scary. You can miss the boat but also hit the nail on the head. I think about it and research it all the time. Anybody who wants to grow their business needs to.” Becky Brown is a freelance writer quickly learning all about the storage industry. You can reach her at [email protected].

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INDUSTRY LEADER EMILY LA BORE-HEINTZMAN DOUBLE DUTY PORTABLE STORAGE AND MOVERS INC. Many of the folks we feature as leaders in the portable storage industry have had decades to build their reputations. Then, there’s Emily La Bore-Heintzman. She’s become a driving force in the industry in just six years. Six years? “Well, they call me a champion entrepreneur,” she says. Emily has consistently addressed market needs and responded to customer requests. Now, she’s a leader in both the portable storage and moving industries. “How it came about was I was a stay-at-home mom,” she says. “I wanted to make a difference in the lives of our children. I researched the portable storage industry, and saw it was an emerging market and it really intrigued me. I knew there was no portable storage in this area of South Dakota, so I decided to start a portable storage rental company. My husband, Steve, had a good job, and we figured he could keep that job and deliver containers after work as a way to get us started. I had $25,000 to invest in my fleet.” So, Double Duty® Portable Storage and Movers Inc. was born. Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the fledgling family-owned company didn’t have much competition. “All of the sudden, we landed these commercial accounts including Walmart, Ramkota, Holiday Inn, Hedahls, and all the commercial contractors,” says Emily. “Then, I created a deal for self-service remodeling projects. We’d deliver a container to the customer’s home, and they’d load up their own household belongings, and store their furniture during a remodeling project. When contractors were finished with the project, we’d pick it up, and that just took off. And then we started – by customer demand – moving furniture.”

Dispatch | 14

But Emily and her team didn’t just move furniture. She hired two experienced team members that used to work for Allied Moving, and they showed her the ropes. Emily joined the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) to gain creditability. She also trained to become a Certified PRO MOVER. Then, she became a Certified Moving Consultant (CMC). Her professional team members are Certified Packer/ Loaders (CPLs). This professional training has made a huge difference for Double Duty. It’s helped them gain credibility in the market and the industry. And it’s strengthened the business as a whole. In addition to the certified training, Emily also created Flexible Moving and Portable Storage Solutions! ©, which became her tagline. She acquired the machinery necessary to fulfill the needs of her customers. Emily purchased a 53-foot Kentucky Moving Van for the households that didn’t require storage, and the world was beginning to notice the company’s strides. “We just won the 2016 Enterprise Award through AMSA,” says Emily. “And they say our approach is a step forward for moving. I started moving with shipping containers only – that’s all I had. I made the best out of what I had. Take what you have and be creative with what you have. That’s what I did.” So what was the next step? “You know, I had this secure, portable storage rental business going, and we started serving the commercial markets, such as the Walmarts, the Holiday Inns, the local contractors. I had people who asked if I sold containers. So I went to China, and I have them all custom-made to my high standards and specifications. When they arrive at the ports in California, they have my name on them and they’re grey – that’s my color. They get off loaded, and we pick them up at our depo, and bring them to our yards in South Dakota. We assign them a number, and put them in our fleet, or we put them in our inventory to sell.”

But why grey? “When we were young, we sailed 14 days on the military naval ship USS Gaffey from San Francisco, California, under the Golden Gate Bridge, to Guam. Our military family was stationed in Guam for three years,” Emily says. “I remember playing all over that ship, and on the top deck is where the grey cargo containers were stored. I remember how rough the waves were when we crossed the equator, and how strong and secure those containers were. I was amazed at the condition of all our household items as it arrived at the naval base in Guam. Everything arrived safely from the states.” Grey isn’t the most feminine color, but portable storage isn’t the most feminine industry. “I’m a real girly-girl – I like diamonds and furs and lace and glitz and glam,” Emily says. “And I’m in an industry that’s far from that girly-girl stuff. It’s a world that’s not that appealing to women until I show them what they can do with cargo containers, what they can do with this business.” Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is not without its challenges. “You go into zoning meetings – because you have all this other stuff you have to deal with besides just the containers – and they don’t take you seriously because you’re a woman. They think, ‘Oh, she isn’t going to make it,’” Emily says. “But I eat and breathe containers every day, all day.” That focus enables Double Duty to continue to adapt to changing markets and client needs. “When people come to me, they go for quality. I have custom-made containers that are second to none. They’ve only made one trip from China. I get a fair price for them,” Emily says. “Now, it seems like there’s a

Dispatch | 15

lot of demand for used containers, and I never carried them until two years ago. Now, I sell a lot of them. There’s a good majority of people that that’s what they want – the cheapest container they can find. I diversified enough that I’m able to handle it. I try to meet the needs of the customer.” Double Duty is still changing and growing. It didn’t take long for Emily’s husband, Steve, to leave his other job to work for the business full-time. Now, their 22-year-old daughter, Seleucia, is also working at the company as a mover and serving as VP. Siblings 18-year-old Celine, 14-year-old Hailey, and 9-year-old Sybilla aren’t far behind. When Emily thinks about business, she doesn’t just think about her family – she considers her community, too. That’s why she challenged her fellow movers to give all their donated furniture to Habitat for Humanity. “Movers get a ton of furniture. We’ll rent containers to our local Ramada, if they’re doing remodeling. We’ve managed to get them to donate their furniture to Habitat for Humanity. People who are getting a home can choose from that furniture,” she says. “Now, portable storage doesn’t get furniture like moving companies do. But if they wanted to help others, they could donate rental fees and delivery fees for their containers, then

deliver the furniture to their favorite Habitat for Humanity in their area. There’s not a lot of talk about charitable giving in the portable storage industry, but there should be. We have so many resources – let’s use them for the good of others. Why not?” It’s this inspired thinking that’s the engine behind Emily’s success.

“Be creative with what you have. Pay attention to detail. And meet your customers’ needs,” she says. “It is overwhelming at times – do you know how hard we work? We’re still growing and innovating. Any obstacle that I have put in front of me, I’m glad, because I use it as a learning tool. I figure, ‘Oh, well, I know I can overcome this obstacle, and I’m going to learn something out of this.’ And I always do!”


I’m excited to bring to you in this issue of the Dispatch, part of an interview I had with Rory Vaden, our Keynote speaker from the 2017 Expo in Vancouver. For those of you that didn’t get to see Rory’s Keynote, he is a New York Times Best Selling Author, and Co-Founder of Southwest Consulting. His work has pioneered the concept of multiplying time, which of course we could all use.

face in our personal lives as well? Rory said, “The biggest challenge facing operators today is procrastination, but there are three different types of procrastination that I would highlight. That is why I think it affects us, both personally and professionally, and most of us are not even aware of the other forms of procrastination.”

Rory’s Keynote was another, in the NPSA efforts, to bring members interesting and useful information to help both in our personal and professional lives.

procrastination as single problem.

Here’s a look into my interview with Rory. When I asked what he saw as the biggest challenge business operators are facing and why; and are these the same challenges we

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Dispatch | 16

Three types of procrastination? Most people think of

“Classic procrastination is consciously delaying the things we know we should be doing. But there are two more dangerous types of procrastination that we see in people we work with. The first, is what we call “Creative Avoidance”, which is unconsciously filling your day with trivial work to feel busy, but in reality, you are only creating tasks for yourself so you can cross them off your to-do list, as a means of feeling productive. In reality, it is nothing more than an advanced form of procrastination, because it is a way of putting off the things you know you should be doing.” “The second, is the one that affects the chronic overachiever – leaders, it is called “Priority Dilution.” Priority Dilution is fascinating because it can be conscious or unconscious. It affects the owner of the business, it affects the do-gooders, the check-listers, the task masters and the movers and shakers. What is wild about it, is it has the same net result as both classic and creative avoidance procrastination, which is that we end the day with our most significant priorities left unchecked. Unchecked not because we are lazy or apathetic or disengaged, like in classic and creative avoidance, rather as you and your business become more successful, and your influence grows and you become more of a leader, you have more people vying for your attention there are more things entering into your purview of play. This forces you to constantly reevaluate which things get attention and which do not. What most leaders do, is they fall victim to whatever is the latest and loudest. In other words, they allow urgency to dictate their schedule and then get pulled in that direction.” “What multipliers do, is different. Multipliers, instead, focus on what we call the Significance Calculation. An urgency is how soon does something matter, importance is how much does something matter, but significance is how long does something matter. In other words, how is it going to matter tomorrow, and the days to follow. While most leaders operate in a world of urgency, multipliers, these ultra-performers these top one-percenters, they make their calculations based on significance instead of urgency. They spend time on things today, which is this in one sentence - how do you multiply time? You multiply time by spending time on things today that give you more time tomorrow. So, when you talk about Priority Dilution, the third type of procrastination, there does come a time where procrastinating on purpose, which is the title of our second book, becomes a viable strategy. You are intentionally procrastinating on urgent, insignificant things, things that matter here in the short term, but you are putting them off on purpose, as a way of creating margin; which you then leverage that margin by investing it into things that multiply time, and only creates more time tomorrow.”

“There are times when it makes sense to procrastinate, but we don’t advocate procrastination, as that is a huge problem. The difference is, when you know you should do something and don't feel like doing it. That is bad. That procrastination, that’s the killer of all success. Procrastination is the most expensive invisible cost in business today because you know you should be doing something, but you don't feel like doing it, so you don't. This situation is different from choosing not to do something because now is not the right time or because there is something more significant that should take the place of that other thing. In some ways, there is a synonym for that, which is patience. You are allowing yourself patience in knowing that not all of the urgent things need to be done right away, even if others are making a big deal of it. You are intentionally letting those things wait, as a way of creating time and space to focus on things that are significant, which will multiply time, and in turn, allow for more time tomorrow.” I mentioned that many of our members have not yet read or know of his book, Take the Stairs. In it, he advocates 7-steps that people need to work on in order to achieve true success. I asked him how he came to target these specific challenges that many of us face. “Our content is based on research, it’s not opinion, it’s based on analysis and study. We profile these top one-percenters because we (Southwest Consulting) coach a lot of people, thousands, we have worked with over 8,000 teams. As a result, we get a lot of data on these people and know who the top one-percent income earners are so we can profile those people. We basically found that there are these seven misconceptions that people have about self-discipline. Ultra-performers see it differently. They’ve trained their brains to process choices based upon a different set of criteria than most people’s brain. Those 7 key distinctions became the essence of the Take the Stairs book. That book is all about self-disciplines and overcoming procrastination and how to get yourself to do the things you don't feel like doing. Once we wrote the book, we started to notice that still 70% of the people who got into coaching said that time management was their number one problem, so then we went back and we profiled those ultra-performers. We interviewed them, coached them and talked to them, a lot, and among our company, we were circulating internally best practices. I interviewed them on our pod cast every week, and we found these five key distinctions for how they think differently about time. Which is what the whole second book is about.”

Dispatch | 17

As a society/culture, why haven’t we placed more importance on these strategies? “Because most don't know them. Most of the ultra-performers, the top one-percenters, they do it out of unconscious competence. They have figured it out, but they don't know why they are ultra-performers, in fact, for a lot of them, it’s frustrating because when they become leaders, they can’t figure out why they can’t get other people to produce and why other people don't perform at the same level. These ultra-performers have gotten to where they are, by operating under this set of rules that exist more in their unconscious. So, our team at SWC pulls that work from their unconscious and then packages and presents it to the world in a conscious format.” “Success is not a matter of DNA, all these things can be learned and taught, but you have to know what they are. Very few people, including the people that live by these practices, can actually articulate what those key things are, so that’s kind of the role we help play. We coach people on those things through our one on one accountability coaching program, which is the core of our business.” At the end of my interview with Rory, I asked what he felt was the best or most memorable piece of personal or business advice he has received, or that he frequently always shares. “I end every pod cast with a catch phrase from our Take the Stairs book, which is part of the SWC culture and our roots and history. It is what we call the Rent Axiom, which says: Success is never

owned, Success is only rented, and the rent is due every day. It doesn't matter how long you’ve been in this business,

just because you have been successful in the past, means nothing because you have to constantly evolve and adapt and innovate if you want to survive and thrive in the future. Just because it’s your first day in the business, doesn't mean you can’t be successful either, you just have to break past the belief barriers of thinking that you can’t. For all of us, it doesn't really matter who we were yesterday, all that matters is who we decide to be today.” Mark Graham is owner of The Advice Store LLC, offering business advice and consulting services in a number of areas including, Acquisitions, Sales, & Business Strategies. Mark can be reached at: [email protected] | (602) 418-8793


Once again, we’ve been asked by customers about phone calls they are receiving “from Google” saying that there is a serious problem with their Google My Business Listing (Google Maps) and they need to take action now! It’s probably not Google calling! Paste the phone number they give you into Google or Bing to search for it. For example, I searched on the phone number that a couple of our customers were given. This phone number belongs to a company called eGumBall, Inc (It’s not Google). I then searched ““eGumball reviews”. You can see their mixed


Yelp Reviews here: Be careful who you hire to handle your local listings First search on their company name and add “reviews” to the search to find many of the online reviews about them. Be aware that many of the local listings services, especially the big regional and nationals, use automated submissions services that often lead to problems such as duplicate listings, listings with wrong categories, wrong phone numbers, etc. You may end up with many bad listings if your portable storage company has multiple locations. Stop using certain services & info will be removed from the listings! Most of the big regional and national companies that work on local listings lock you in to their service. If you stop paying for the service many of the listings sites remove data from your listing! Ask them “If we stop using your service do you OR any of the listing sites you’ve created or updated remove any information from out listings?” Note – It’s important to ask “Or any of the listing sites”. The first time we asked one of the large nationals if they remove any information from the listing sites if someone stops using their service the account person said “No”. They didn’t offer to tell us that while they don’t remove information many of the listing sites will!

• Order with your new doors or retrofit your current doors • All BEZEL locks are packaged for resale and fit other industry latches C-481-6 C-480-EZ

800.833.9296 • Dispatch | 18

Many listing services don’t do some of the most important local listings! Finally, many of the large regional and national companies don’t do some of the most important local listings because they often require a phone verification. Ask them if they will setup and maintain these important local listings –

• Google My Business (Google Maps) • ExpressUpdate from InfoGroup which is used by many online directories • Apple Maps (It’s now the default maps application on iPhones) George Aspland is the President of eVisionSEM, helping clients grow their businesses for over 18 years. eVisionSEM has a proven PPC search advertising system for portable storage retailers in the USA & Canada that generates qualified leads. Reach him at (888) 576-5115

Contral Container Delivery Trailers Sales / Marketing • Allen Engel, President [email protected] 470.863.5111 - Office 404.444.9082 - Cell 657 Gold Valley Pass Canton, Georgia 30114

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could rate container vendors and container buyers? If you could buy from a container vendor or sell to a portable storage company knowing what other people’s experience dealing with this company is? Other than the comfort level of what the ratings say, think of how you can operate your business more efficiently. Your employees don’t have to consult you every time they are selling a container to a member of NPSA. Or, if you are buying, your employees know that he can buy from an NPSA rated vendor within guide lines that your company has set up. Even better, with a good rating, you could pay for containers on terms, rather than when they are delivered to you or up front. Are We Blind & Trusting? Primarily, our industry is dealing with second hand shipping containers, we buy them, most often without having seen them, from vendors that haven’t seen them either. Neither party has any idea of where the container has been nor what has happened to it during the last 12-15 years. Based on our comfort with the vendor, whom we have never met, and who sometimes is in another part of the world, we send money long before we receive the containers or they trust us to send them money at a later date. Purchasing transactions in the portable storage or container trading business are very much based on trust and reputation. Like in all industries, there are companies that have financial difficulties at times and there are companies that have bad intentions. The challenge, is to buy from suppliers who have what you need, are reputable and value the relationship for the long term. Outside of our world, there are credit ratings institutes such as Moody’s, Standard’s & Poor’s and Fidget’s. These companies are so powerful, that they can change the relative value of currencies or create movements on the stock markets in the billions of US dollars. However, neither of them knows anything about the second-hand container or portable storage industry. For the container shipping industry, the leading rating company is the Dutch company, Dynamar, and they look at the portable storage industry from the prospective of maritime container leasing. Finally, there are personal credit rating companies that rate us, individually, based on how timely we pay our loans, what kind of debt we can handle and our personal financial situation. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the rating agencies that decide if you, personally, have “good credit” or not. Is there a Better Way? It seems that our industry needs a program that can give a rating of portable storage and container trading companies. A supplier of a service who understands our industry and the unique products and circumstances we work with. Container Trading Companies/Intermediaries These companies are vendors to most portable storage companies. They purchase containers in larger quantities from the shipping lines, maritime leasing companies or container factories, and bring them to your area of the United States or Canada. Some of them you have met through the NPSA or other events and feel comfortable sending money to, against a commitment to deliver a certain number of containers to you within a certain time frame, or committing to purchase and pay for a volume of equipment at a future date or over a period of time. If the level of

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Rating of Container Trading Companies Nothing says a big trader is a good guy and a small trader is a bad guy. You only know that from yours and others’ experience. You could talk with fellow NPSA members about their experiences with suppliers, but what if the NPSA had a system of financial and relational accountability that members could agree to be subject to? It would serve as a way to assure Regular members of the credit worthiness and relational reputation of suppliers that were new to them.

trust and your financial position is strong, there should be no need to pay in advance, except in the case of special equipment. Most often, these companies have long lasting relationships and credit with their vendors so your payments aren’t required to fully fund their purchases, which contributes to your trust in their ability and minimizes your risk. On the other side of the spectrum is the small trader, without a long-lasting relationship or credit relationship with their vendors. Dealing with this type of trading company, if something goes wrong, means that your payment or deposit has already been spent and the trader has no leverage vis-a-vis the vendor.

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Credit Rating of Portable Storage Companies How do the container trading companies look at their customers, the portable storage companies? The situation is the same as above, some of the portable storage companies are great to deal with and some are not. The base of our suppliers are in the business of leasing containers to shipping companies and a portable storage company is a very different type of company. Therefore, a rating by NPSA of its Regular members, in accordance with criteria that the vendors can understand and agree to, would give the vendors more comfort in giving terms to their NPSA customers. It is a big task for NPSA to assemble information of its members’ experience of dealing with vendors and buyers in order to give the members a Buyer’s or Seller’s Rating. However, it can be done, perhaps with the help of an outside credit rating company. Anders Norlin is the Managing Member and owner of Box Credit LLC, a company that provides financial solutions and advisory services to the portable storage industry.

ONLINE PORTABLE STORAGE RESERVATIONS FOR AN ONLINE GENERATION As portable storage and container storage companies face growing competition, “one thing” that can help businesses in these industries to distinguish themselves from others is to offer an online quote tool on their website. Online quote tools allow potential customers to book or reserve portable storage or container storage ahead of time, as well as pay their bill online directly through your website!

The Midwest’s leading container delivery service specializing in ground level placement of 20’ to 53’ containers. Contact us for all your transportation, short-term storage, repair & modification needs.

TRUCKING INC. 10554 S. Muskegon Ave. Chicago, IL 60617 P: (773) 734-9305 | F: (773) 734-9345 W: Dispatch | 22

Differentiate Your Portable Storage Company Online portable storage quote tools can increase your website traffic and conversions of website visitors to paying customers. This differentiator is something that your portable storage or container storage company could emphasize in a variety of marketing materials, such as your website, flyers, brochures, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, social media and much more. Potential customers may be more inclined to reserve a storage container with your company once they are able to select the size of the mobile unit and see the grand total price from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Oftentimes, it is easier for potential customers to make a purchasing decision while they are already looking for portable storage online. People are 50% more likely to expect to make a purchase directly from their smartphone, according to Google. Many people who need portable storage are on the go and the easiest way for them to reserve a storage container or get a quote is through their mobile device. Appeal to Millennials Offering portable storage quotes on your website increases the appeal of container storage to millennials, who prefer to access pricing information and complete transactions online. Marketing to

millennials in this way will help them see the convenience that portable storage offers. Reserving a storage container online will be much easier for younger demographics who are moving out of state or to another city for college or their first job than having to visit the portable storage company in person. The more effortless you can make the container storage reservation process, the more likely a customer will choose your company for their storage needs. Target New Markets Online portable storage quotes can also attract families who have a lot of belongings to move all at once. Moving can be difficult, especially when having to transport a whole family’s worth of items. Why not encourage families to choose the less stressful way to move and book a storage container directly from your website? Business owners and managers are always pressed for time and have several decisions to make on a daily basis. Online container storage quotes help decision makers to quickly find out pricing and take the next step. Businesses that need a storage container for moving or storage can fill out their storage container delivery details and the container’s final destination information, so that the grand total is conveniently displayed on their screens. Functionality for Portable Storage Operations The ease of use of online quote tools extends to the portable storage companies that fulfill the online container storage reservations. Online quote tools are very customizable for portable storage and container storage companies. Choose a tool that has the functionality that fits within your portable storage operations. A service area maximum radius, which is used


We’re looking to expand our markets and are interested in acquiring companies in regions inside and outside of our current coverage area. If you’re interested in selling, call us.

to calculate storage container deliverability, can be set based on the portable storage company’s number of trucks, truck availability, touch time, distance and average speed. A tool that includes automatic calculations based on charges from mileage, delivery, relocation and pickup can give potential customers a clear understanding of the total cost involved in their portable storage reservation. Having the option to add extra fees in the online quote tool, such as warehousing fees, reservation fees, damage waivers and equipment hire fees, can increase your portable storage company’s revenue. The ability to have the online quote sent to your portable storage company’s management team via email before the customer finishes the reservation process will allow managers to follow up with hot leads if they don’t complete their online reservation. An online quote tool that sends the portable storage reservation directly to your software for approval and conversion can streamline the process for your container storage company. Choosing an online tool that is customizable to your individual business will simplify the portable storage reservation process for your company and your customers. An online portable storage quote system can provide your company with a unique opportunity to differentiate your business and reach new target markets! Bessie Haddaway, Marketing Coordinator at The Storage Group. The Storage Group has over 60 years of combined portable storage and self storage industry experience and a team of Internet marketing professionals who specialize in website design, online marketing, website management services and reputation management/customer reviews. The Storage Group has an online quote tool for the portable storage industry known as ClickandStor®.


At SiteBox Storage, we’re passionate about the work we do and we enjoy providing our customers with everything they need from extra storage space to portable offices that will make their operation more productive and better organized. If you want to be a part of something greater than yourself – and you look good in red – we might be just the place for you. Visit our careers page to view open positions.

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YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE Whether you see it as your baby or a necessary evil, your company’s website is your front door to the world. It’s the first contact that more and more prospective customers have with your company. And first impressions matter. Maybe you designed the site yourself in between all your other responsibilities. Or, perhaps you have a team of experts hovering over it at all times. Either way, there are a few steps you can take to make your website more effective. All you need is the enter key and a few bullet points. Let me explain. As much as it hurts this writer to admit, people don’t read. When it comes to reading on a computer or phone, folks skim. After all, they are staring into a light bulb, which is physically painful. They’re probably multitasking. And they just want the information they need. If we make it too hard to get this information, they will move on – and fast. So what’s a website owner to do? Cut the clutter. And make your site as scannable as possible. This means: • Bulleted lists • Short paragraphs

More white space tricks the reader into thinking that it will take them no time to read. But long paragraphs and huge chunks of text do just the opposite. They send the message that slogging through will take time and effort. And who wants that? Revisit your web copy. Break up those long paragraphs. Aim for no more than 11 words in a sentence. And use bulleted lists whenever you have a series of items. Those bullets give the eye something to reach for – like a foothold when rock climbing.

Does this make you say, “Are you kidding me? One more thing I’m supposed to do online?”

If so, never fear. An editor or content specialist can take a quick pass at your web copy. They can help you maximize your impact while minimizing the effort required of site visitors. Tweaking how you present information is one small change that can make a big difference. It can’t hurt.

Why not give it a shot? Becky Brown is a freelance writer quickly learning all about the storage industry. You can reach her at [email protected].


Gooseneck: Ball Hitch 2 5/16th $29,000 GWW: 26,000 lbs Overall length: 34' 6" Deck length- 26' Overall width: 102" Deck height- 34' Honda Electric Start Gas Engine 13,000 lb capacity hydraulic winch w/ chain drive Chain drive attachments Wireless remote Lowell Krediet, K&K Mobile Storage Inc (605) 761-0165

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Plumbed for wet kit or pony pump $29,000 GVWR 25,900 Electric Start Pony Pump Chain drive attachments Ryan Zimmer, American Portable Storage (979) 820-0713

A big THANKS for all you do!!


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SERIOUSLY, ONE THING? By Phil Herndon, The “Single Site Guy”

In fifth grade, I was nearly expelled for refusing to write an essay on the greatest invention of all time. It was ridiculous to suggest that there was one invention that was the greatest. Finally, in protest, I wrote about the invention of the sewing machine. Obviously, I was never the teacher’s pet. So, now our editor wants the Single Site Guy to write about “One Thing” and this idea stems from the 1991 movie, City Slickers. The elusive Curley haunts Mitch (played by Billy Crystal) with the words “just one thing.” So, if I have to, here is my “Just One Thing.” Passive income is that wonderful phenomenon where you continue to receive income with no or very little effort on your part to maintain that incoming cash flow. Any single site operator with a rental fleet knows what this is. Opening checks from rental customers is one of the most enjoyable things a business owner can do! For that, it receives my “One Thing” award. In 1999, when I started my company, I was just selling containers. It was profitable and I did pretty well, but like most things in life, the easy route is not always the best one. Soon enough, I realized that while I had wonderful relationships and good sales, I was only as good as my last sale; and if the phone did not ring or equipment dried up, I was broke and out of luck. After five years of selling containers, the door opened and I began renting boxes. Thanks to a number of significant factors, our rental fleet has become a great source of revenue and we enjoy those 28 day payments. For years, I have said, “Show me another business where someone pays you to place your company billboard on their property!” The only thing better, would be an appreciating asset that provides passive income, such as commercial property

Dispatch | 26

or a ministorage. If you put the two side by side, the advantages really fall toward the owner’s personal preferences and capital resources.

Asset Appreciation Start Up Costs Service Area Customer Payment Risk Overhead Tax Exposure Exit Plan

Portable Storage Rental None Low Variable Medium-Low Low Medium Easy Sell

Ministorage Yes High Fixed Low Medium Medium Easy Sell

Staying focused on Portable Storage, what could go wrong with this golden goose of passive income?

created between two industries that could have done a better job understanding what customers need.

1. Future customer generations could be less interested in owning things. Imagine a society where we didn’t need to own so much stuff. That would not only impact the people who get paid to store things, but also the manufacturers who make the stuff and the supply chain that moves the stuff to people who used to think they must have it. Almost a doomsday scenario! Thankfully, a shift like this would take many decades to fully impact us.

3. Change is inevitable. We can’t hold onto what works today with any confidence that it will work tomorrow.

2. A more competitive product could replace Portable Self- Storage. While we might think that it would be difficult for this to happen, we can’t help but see how Mobile Self-Storage so quickly came into the space that existed between Portable Self- Storage and Ministorage. For most of us (or maybe just me) it took a few years to understand this industry that was

Risk and the inevitability of change exist for any business venture, but on a comparative basis, portable self-storage is not a bad way to make a living! Not wanting to end on a negative note; as I type, I am reminded that my post office box is being stuffed with rental payments that I am headed out to retrieve! What a wonderful feeling and a real “One Thing”! Phil Herndon, The Single Site Guy. Container Solutions | (800) 506-7368.

• • • •

Financing of Containers Sale and Appraisal of Fleets Advisory Services System Solutions

Ph: Fax: Email: Url:

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415-381-8542 415-329-1773 [email protected]

ARE YOU SAFE? DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE SAFE? IS YOUR INFORMATION SAFE? Eighty-Seven percent of small business owners believe they will not be affected by a security breach. Guess what? They’re wrong. Guess what else? That disbelief could cost them a lot of money and even put them out of business. Security breaches continue to be a massive threat to businesses. Forty nine percent of businesses will be breached in 2017. There are lots of statistics flying around about how nasty a loss of information can be and much of that information is true, but I don’t want you to get bogged down in the statistics. I want you to believe that it is worth taking some time to put safeguards in place. Let’s discuss. What can all of us do to be a little bit safer and not be just one out of a million numbers on a congressional data sheet? What can all of us do to safeguard our information? Are you using two-factor authentication on your e-mail or areas that hold valuable client or personal information? After you read this article, you should look into it. Two-factor authentication requires a second password to be used by the person logging in. Usually, this password changes with each log in. The password can be generated with a phone app, or sent to a separate email or web address with a secondary password to log in. (This method is mandated by law for financial institutions and money transmitters by the New York Department of Financial Services). Why was it adopted? Because it works. Threats can be avoided by defending your information this way. We should all use this method to protect our personal information and the information of those who trust us, our clients! Are the devices that you use, or that employees use, exclusively for business and are personal and business emails used interchangeably? This sounds like an obvious no-no, but still, it is not uncommon to reel off an email from a personal account. What are the objective downsides of this practice? Most importantly, is the issue of control. If an employee is using their personal email, there will be no method of controlling to whom information is being sent. Nor will there be a record of the information exchanged. If an employee is let go, this could become a serious problem. Lack of control and lack of record keeping by use of a personal email can lead to the greater threat of security and hacking. Perhaps you have established virus protection and a comprehensive plan to protect company information, but if employees or principles are using personal email, that protection becomes ineffective. Are you keeping important company information on the cloud? This is another great way to gain control over your company’s data. It is also the best possible way to keep compliant under the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Keep all company and client data on the cloud, and constantly update passwords to make sure only the right people have access. Cloud servers are offsite and have a high level of security that the vast majority of businesses would not be able to afford on Dispatch | 28

their own. Also, cloud services are encrypted and monitored by a team of experts who can inspect and identify any malicious traffic. Finally, there are software solutions available that make it easy for you to specify who has access to what and to remove permissions after employees leave. If you are still confused, you are not alone. The CEO of, Marc Benioff said, “If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.” The safeguards outlined in this article are relatively simple to put in place. Two-factor authentication can be done today. This item alone could save you from a lot of financial pain and anxiety. Another simple rule that should be followed is to control emails that leave from your employees’ computers or received from a client or customer. This may seem like a simple and unnecessary step, but again, it will lower your risk. Lastly, we discussed record keeping in the cloud. This move may require more energy, but will put your business at a much higher level of security. And, security is the name of the game. The risk is real, and hacking is on the rise. I won’t bore you with numbers, but trust me, a few keystrokes and you can easily find that many business owners, large and small, are currently or have been victims of a cyber-attack. This includes mail and telephone order companies the same as it does retail and card present transactions. None of us are immune from an attack, but with a few steps in the right direction, we can all do a great deal to keep our businesses and futures more secure. Burton Carrier, Principal Primary Payment Solutions, Inc. (913) 244-1741 [email protected].

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psa receives numerous hits each week from people searching for storage. If those searching for companies to provide storage in their area do not use the map to find an NPSA member, they contact NPSA directly for us to find it for them. NPSA then forwards the lead to a member in that area.

Over the years, this program has evolved to where members who receive leads outside their service area forward those leads to NPSA, and we then pass them on to members who do service it. By members sending the NPSA their unusable leads, our program has quadrupled in size and has become a tremendous member benefit. We would not be the lead generating force we are today without the help of members passing us their unusable leads. NPSA would like to thank the following companies for helping us and our membership.

Matt Eagle, Eagle Leasing Shannon Doherty, Out-Back Storage Larry Noble, Fleet Equipment Courtney McKinley, A Gerald Carrico, Containers 4 Sale

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Join us at our 2018

Conference & Tradeshow !

The ONLY Event Dedicated to the Portable Storage Industry! •Storage Containers •Storage Trailers •Residential Units •Mobile Offices Dispatch | 31

Hilton West Palm Beach West Palm Beach, FL April 8 - 10 , 2018

THE LATEST SCOOP ON MODIFICATIONS PART 3 OF A CONTAINER MODIFICATION SERIES WITH CARY WATERS When it comes to container modifications, the sky’s the limit. What we can do with containers is ruled only by imagination – and a little physics. There’s a lot going on in the world of modifications. Here are a few projects that caught our eye. More is more Cary Waters of Waters Ag Storage Containers has a steady business creating hunting retreats out of containers. He initially built a retreat for himself and loved it. But it turned out there was a market for the retreats. Now, he’s always rethinking just what a hunters’ retreat can be. His latest innovation is a 53-foot retreat. It features a little bit bigger floor plan than the other retreats and offers a second bedroom. The added space makes the retreat a little less utilitarian and a little more of a welcoming social spot. Eat up! Sometimes a container is a component of a larger space. At Avanti Food & Beverage in Denver, seven 20-foot shipping containers house seven kitchens inside a larger building. Avanti markets itself as “a modern-day food hall.” Each restaurant runs its own kitchen out of a shipping container, and customers enjoy the food in common seating areas. There are central bars, too. Avanti has been called “a restaurant incubator” and “a food court for grown-ups.” But no matter what you call it, it’s incredibly popular. Learn more at

Contained luxury Just how nice can a container home be? Pretty darn nice! There’s a container home in Kansas City that’s currently on the market for $849,000. The luxury home was created in 2009 from five containers. Its 2,600-square-foot layout offers two bedrooms, three baths, and high design. A loft space, den, and pantry make the home extra livable. The house is on Charlotte Street in the heart of KC’s coveted Brookside neighborhood. It has been featured on and in The Kansas City Star. Visit to learn more. Jump in It’s not uncommon for folks to bury containers for use as shelters or storage. But what about burying it for use as a pool? That’s just what Modpools is doing. This Canadian company makes heated swimming pools out of containers. And, like all container projects, Modpools are incredibly versatile. They can be in-ground or above ground. A divider can make part of the pool a hot tub. And lighting and jets can be controlled via smartphone.

Dispatch | 32

Modpools can be set up quickly and moved easily. Learn more at

Storage Protectors The missing piece to your storage contents & damage waiver insurance needs.



• Mobile storage contents protection • ZERO deductible container damage coverage • Increase valuation & revenue without liability or hassle • Renter pays $12* per month retail for $2k of coverage • Container company keeps 50% as admin fee • Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London Insurance services provided by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., CA License No. 0C36861


a FREE iPad! *Container company sets final pricing

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7600 N. 16th St, STE 150, Phoenix, AZ 85020 Phone: (480) 900-8300 Email: [email protected]

2017 NPSA SPONSOR DIRECTORY double platinum Gold Bronze FOR MORE INFO ON SPONSORING, CALL NPSA AT (816) 960-6552

$20,000+ Container Sales CAI International, Inc. (415) 788-0100


$10,000+ Container Sales CARU West Gulf (281) 457-5400 Flex-Box Ltd. (866) 558-1817 Multiboxx Ltd. +852 6625 4342 Seaco (305) 607-3386 Textainer Equipment Management (201) 487-7261 Triton Containers Sales (732) 326-9767


$5,000+ Container Rental Big Dog Containers, Inc. (604) 341-2798 Mobile Mini, Inc. (480) 477-0241 Pac-Van (317) 644-1143

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$1,000+ $5,000+ Container Sales Container Sales BSL Containers Ltd. K & K International, Inc. Container Rental (410) 574-5550 AT&S SeaCube Containers, LLC (816) 765-7771 (732) 223-1368 Best Value Mobile Storage Financial Services Box Credit (417) 859-0736 BigSteelBox (415) 381-8542 Delivery Equipment (250) 448-0036 Landoll Corporation Budget Box Mobile Storage (785) 562-5381 (918) 234-3444 Colorado Storage Systems $2500+ (303) 494-6472 Container Modification Equipment Management Epic Concepts, LLC Services (843) 971-1339 (713) 675-4442 IPME Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage (866) 237-6302 (501) 562-1262 Container Sales Mobile Attic Conex Solutions (334) 678-9562 (310) 378-6070 Container Technology Inc. CR Container Trading GmbH (770) 960-6210 +49 (0)40 32 005 238 Delivery Equipment iCON International Container Contral Container Service (America) LLC Trailer Source (888) 516-8032 (470) 863-5111 One Way Lease Leads Generating eVisionSEM (415) 781-4280 Locks & Security (888) 576-5115 The Equipment Lock Locks & Security Company Chinrose International (866) 565-4887 (888) 887-7553



102”x 45 Wet line or pony motor Aluminum outside wheels $25,000 OBO Harrison Storage Solutions (618) 263-3782 2006 SUPERLINE CONTAINER TRAILER FOR SALE

Tandem Axle, Kohler Engine $25,000 Kevin Whiteside, [email protected] or (615) 469-1707

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The NPSA Dispatch

(866) 777-0635 | 3312 Broadway, Suite 105 Kansas City, MO 64111

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